F.A.M.S. Addiction and Recovery

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Please note: the following is FICTION. There is no such company and no such products.


Men, are you frustrated because your wife or girlfriend is no longer the person she used to be? Perhaps she has gained weight or let herself go? Maybe she doesn’t give you the appreciation and respect you deserve, or has terrible mood swings, or has a tendency to nag? Negative behaviors such as these are often a cry for help. FAMS (Female Addiction to Masturbation in Secret) is most often the cause.

In women, self-gratification triggers the release of certain hormones. As few as one episode of secret masturbation is capable of creating an imbalance that can quickly spiral out of control. As she struggles to manage her addiction, her shame manifests as emotional distance, frequent outburst, and other unbecoming behaviors. Left to her own devices infidelity, unemployment, and even criminal behavior have occurred. Your woman is relying on you to step in and rebalance her. But how?

You’re in luck! BSI, the company that provides women around the world with the kits they need to fulfill some of their wildest birthing fantasies, is proud to announce the release of several new products that are sure to correct your woman’s hormone imbalance and dangerous addiction issues through the use of orgasm denial and masturbation prevention. At first, the idea may seem cruel, but in fact, it is tough love such as this that quickly rekindles love, passion, and mutual respect that couples often thought had been lost. Read on to discover the product that works best for your needs.

*** New and Improved NO! ***

We are so excited to share the news! Our best seller, NO! Desensitizing Cream has been reformulated for a longer lasting effect. Made using real Novocain, a small smear directly on the clitoris for as little as two minutes before wiping clean will now allow women to enjoy up to 4-5 hours of complete and continuous numbness. It’s a fact! New and Improved NO! Desensitizing Cream is not like any other topical cream. It is quickly absorbed deep into the skin, locking on at the nerve level, and effortlessly rendering the clitoris obsolete. Though physical and mental arousal is still possible, no skillful finger manipulation or powerful vibration will be able to bring satisfaction to your woman’s wanton pearl. Guaranteed or we’ll double your money back!

Imagine, no more exhausting interrogations. No more trespassing tendencies. No more tears of apology. Imagine your attraction to her restored as she begins to resemble someone you can once again trust. You can have all of this, and it all starts with a quality purchase from BSI.

For best results, apply only to the clitoris and reapply after every bathroom visit. Use a cotton swab to apply. Never use ungloved fingers. Thoroughly clean the product from her body before any sexual activity. Not intended for use on any other body part other than described.

Contact us for a free sample, while supplies last.

Available in a variety of sizes from 0.5 ounces and up, the 36-ounce size is the best value and makes a great gift!

Log on to our website and share your praises of this fantastic product and you can be entered in a drawing for a free case of New and Improved NO! Desensitizing Cream. See sweepstakes page on our website for full details.

*** Kitty Paws ***

Help her into a new kind of luxury. Kitty Paws are small leather bags that snugly secure her hands into a fist position. Artfully designed buckles fasten around her wrists to keep the garment in place until you release her. This is what satisfaction looks like. Only sustainably sourced, top quality leather is used. Hand sewn by masters in their craft, Kitty Paws are designed with a snug fit as a one-size-fits-all accessory. Available in a variety of colors and styles.

Kitty Paws are perfect for pet-play and masturbation prevention. tuzla escort But they are also so much more! Gone are the days where she claims she is “too busy” for sex. Simply bind her hands and suddenly her schedule frees up. Never fear, her chores will still be waiting for her once your needs are met.

Kitty Paws pay for themselves by keeping your woman home away from shopping opportunities and out of your wallet. She will no longer have the ability to take over your TV remote, snoop through your phone, or misplace your belongings. What’s more, women appreciate that Kitty Paws prevent them from accessing snacks in the evenings when the temptation to blow her diet is at its highest. Kitty Paws are a MUST for every household!

There is no better way to complete her ensemble than with a matching leather collar, available with your choice of an engraved tag or a hand crafted artistan bell. Each sold separately.

*** Clit Caps ***

Search high and low and you will find no product like Clit Caps. Recently patented, Clit Caps are tiny dome-shaped barriers that attach directly to the clitoris rendering it off-limits. Pre-glued and oh so hassle free, Clit Caps are a favorite among men and women for complete coverage that is guaranteed to prevents “accidents”. Only BSI could design such an innovative enclosure so incredibly comfortable, she will forget she is wearing one.

First-time users should begin by purchasing the Starter Kit. In it, you will find demo caps for making sure you have exactly the right fit for her unique clitoris. It is imperative that you do not skip this step. Once you determine what size she will need, proceed with your Clit Caps order.

To use: pull back the wrapper to expose an individual applicator and it’s contained Clit Cap. Doing so will also expose the adhesive already within the cap, therefore do not open until you are ready to apply. Next, open the small vial labeled Curing Solution and insert a clean cotton swab, not included.

From a laying-on-her-back-position, your woman should bend her knees and drop them open, displaying the work area. Use one hand to spread the labia, holding it taught. It is imperative that the entire clitoris is exposed. Using your other hand, withdraw the moistened cotton swab and use it to vigorously clean the clitoris. Do not return the used swab to the solution. This first step not only sanitizes the area, but residual chemicals will marry with the adhesive in the cap, resulting in a bond that lasts up to 7-10 days.

Next, center the Clit Cap over the clitoris. Press into her firmly and hold for 5 seconds. Your woman will squeal with delight as the chemicals bond, creating a very cold sensation. Some women describe this as an unpleasant stinging. Others may become concerned that the fit now feels too tight and may notice their pulse within the barrier. These observations are all normal and will pass after a few minutes.

Disengage the applicator, then release the labia. The Clit Cap should only be slightly visible, deep within the folds of the skin. Dispose of the cotton swab and the applicator. Return the lid to the Curing Solution.

Never tamper with an attached Clit Cap. Attempting to remove it by force or with a solvent will only cause damage and possibly chemical burns to the flesh. Allow the Clit Cap to loosen and detach naturally. Long term use of Clit Caps on the clitoris may result in calloused skin, making it difficult to achieve orgasm until healing can fully occur.

You may be surprised to learn that Clit Caps can also be purchased to fit your woman’s nipples. Roll the nipple between your fingers, manipulating it to an erect state, then use the demo caps found in the Starter Kit to determine size. Attach in the same way as described for the clitoris.

A growing number of woman are able to bring about orgasm with nipple stimulation, therefore barriers pendik escort on all her erogenous zones are highly recommended. Long term use of Clit Caps on nipples may result in a permanently erect shape, which can be aesthetically pleasing to many men. Never use on women that are lactating or plan to breastfeed within 30 days. Never tamper with an attached Clit Cap. Allow it to loosen and detach naturally.

Confidence. That’s what Clit Caps give her. By taking away the ability for your woman to disgrace herself, you gift her with abstinence to be celebrated! Sleek, discreet, very low maintenance, and surprisingly economical, Clit Caps are quickly becoming the number one way to deny a wayward female. With 12 natural colors to choose from, Clit Caps come 24 in a box, which is approximately a 6-month supply.

Tiny coverage. Huge protection. Clit Caps. The only thing she really needs to wear.

*** The Shield ***

BSI has a long, proud reputation for producing quality products that thrill and satisfy women and couples alike. The Shield is no exception. A hook-shaped implement that rests both inside and outside of her body, the ends squeeze together causing the implement to clip in place until removed. The external portion has an inward-facing mesh cage that incases the entire clitoral area. The longer internal end has a firm bulbous head, an inch in diameter. With every move, she is both stimulated and blocked, creating a perfect storm.

The clip can be easily removed by you, however, removal is not necessary. Intercourse can occur and is in fact recommended with the clip in place.

Although this hook-shaped clip can be worn as a stand-alone denial tool, it’s “Shield” title actually comes from the piece worn over the clip. The Shield attaches to the clip, blocking its removal. Then, a web of elastic bands are fed through the Shield, around each leg, around the waist, and converge through a small buckle behind her lower back. This buckle is locked and unlocked by you using a keyless rolling-number design similar to your briefcase, which you set to your desired combination. The elegant brass plate, custom engraved and bearing your name, gives The Shield that classy touch you deserve.

Vigorously tested by hundreds of couples, The Shield received high ratings because of the level of control the man had to remove the device and cause an orgasm on his terms. Additionally, when penetrating a woman from behind, the sensation of the bulbous end resting inside her created a pleasing pressure on the front of the penis.

Women also enjoyed The Shield and reported that the fit was very comfortable and that the structure of the device forced continuous arousal while preventing shameful self-gratification. Designed with a “sports fit” for the most athletic of women.

Completely safe to wear for weeks or months at a time, The Shield is a definite win. As with all our products, shipping is fast and free. Count on The Shield.

*** X’s and Oh!’s ***

Unfortunately, not all women are willing to accept help for their addiction. X’s and Oh!’s Herbal Supplement is a perfect product to help them through the denial stage. A 100% natural product taken once per day, these capsules can be taken along with her other daily supplements, or the capsules can be opened and the contents emptied into her food or beverages with no residual texture or taste.

Within 2-3 days results begin to be evident. After 5-7 days, the supplement will be at its full effectiveness. Unlike NO! Desensitizing Cream that numbs the clitoris, X’s and Oh!’s Herbal Supplement will literally shut off the pleasure receptors in her naughty groin area. The clitoris and labia will become as sexually unresponsive to her naughty fingers as the skin on her elbow. In fact, women who try and force arousal may experience a slight burning sensation which can occur when prolonged friction aydınlı escort is applied directly to the clitoris.

Caution! Scheduling of X’s and Oh!’s Herbal Supplement must be closely monitored and discontinued as soon as she is willing to accept other forms of rehabilitation. Once she is through the withdrawal stage, and now clearly sees the benefits of masturbation prevention, BSI highly recommends switching to a numbing or barrier method. Long term use of X’s and Oh!’s Herbal Supplement is not recommended. After 6 months of continued use, the clitoris size and functionality will have reduced by 10%. At approximately 12 months, 50%. After 24 months, 95%. In test subjects who discontinued use, only 10% of women experienced a slight reversal of this phenomenon.

To avoid or delay this side effect, we highly recommend 1-2 days per month when X’s and Oh!’s Herbal Supplement is not administered. For this reason, bottles are only available as a 29-count. During this time she may experience spontaneous orgasms that can occur with little or no warning and are capable of being quite intense. This is why X’s and Oh!’s Herbal Supplement has received the nickname “The Roulette Pill”. Carefully schedule her off-days when she will not be driving or operating heavy machinery.

Other side effects include increased energy, decreased appetite, weight loss, improved completion and a night of more satisfying sleep.

Recommended only for the most stubborn of women, X’s and Oh!’s Herbal Supplement can be the key to her acceptance. This product can also be self-administered by women who want to kick-start their recovery or by women using a barrior method who find withdrawal symptoms unbearable.

*** Denial Schedule ***

Scientists recommended orgasm control for ALL females, whether committed or single. THIS is the secret that makes women content, healthy, and balanced. However, long term use of denial products may cause orgasm to lose its attraction. Therefore it is highly recommended that you take a short break from denial training a few times per year to mandate at least one orgasm from her. With a cycle such as this, women remain at the peak of happiness and obedience.

As a reminder, please download BSI’s FREE app “Denial Schedule” for your phone. Using a short survey, this app will calculate the severity of her imbalance and use her body’s natural rhythm to determine the most appropriate orgasm schedule. Then, you will receive alerts when such allowances should be required. In most cases 1-6 times per year is more than enough to develop a quality woman with a pleasing personality. It is not recommended that you exceed the quantity, or deviate from the timing determined by the app.

Always remember: her withdrawal symptoms can be disruptive and often painful. Fisting or anal intercourse can be a welcome distraction. Do not succumb to her begging, manipulation or tears, as she is likely to push your every button in order to regain control over hers. It is not worth the progress you will have made! Stay strong and deny her the inevitable shame of self-gratification.

Men, don’t suffer in silence anymore! A quality purchase from BSI can be the powerful first step to bringing back harmony to your home. Take the steps necessary to give her anxious clitoris a reprieve from this treacherous disease. True, she may protest at first, but after her initial withdrawal passes, and she sees your dedication to see her through the difficult rehabilitation, she will come to admire and trust you for asserting this necessary imposition.

Even the strongest of women are susceptible to this serious addiction. It can develop subtly and quickly ruin families and relationships. Single women are urged to understand this illness and embrace the products and resources made available by BSI. If you cannot afford the products or if you struggle to manage your addiction unsupervised, BSI may be able to help.

Men, do not wait until your relationship is troubled. Join the growing population that understands what it takes to build a firm foundation for a happy home. Establish boundaries today!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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