Fatal Industrial Accident

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Amanda was at the company’s Kamloops plant, covering a maternity leave. In the few months she’d been there, she’d gotten to know the people of the plant and come to appreciate them. She was in the lab with two other workers when over the radio came the worst news any of them could ever imagine. A worker was screaming that one of their own was pinned against a wall by a piece of heavy machinery. The worker was calling for the emergency response team and for someone to take Jason away. Jason was the worker operating the heavy machinery. The worker was screaming “If someone doesn’t take that stupid texting addict away from here, we’re going to kill him!”

Amanda and her two companions quickly went into the general area and saw a flurry of activities. She told one guy she could could remain calm to go get Jason and bring him directly to her office, telling others she’d keep an eye on him. Then she saw the plant manager, heading towards the plant door and she intercepted him “Mike, want me to contact the regional office for you?”

Mike looked at her and said “I might take you up on that but not just yet, let me get more information first.”

He started to walk away and then stopped himself and turned to Amanda “You know the protocol for this?”

Amanda nodded “I’ll keep Jason in here, don’t worry.”


And he walked away, going to assess the situation. Within minutes, Jason was being brought up. All around, workers were yelling insults at him, accusing him of killing the other worker. Jason was yelling back, matching insult with insult. Amanda grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards her office.

“Jason, please sit down. And keep quiet.”

Then, turning to others, she asked “Who is going to be his union rep?”

There was a lot of shouting and protest and the conclusion was that nobody wanted to do it. Jason stood behind her and yelled over her head “I need a union rep, you can’t refuse to represent me, that’s what I pay union dues for!”

Amanda turned around and sternly said “Sit down and be quiet. Now!”

When Jason tried to protest, Amanda raised her hand to stop him and again said “Kid, sit down now and be quiet. There will be no discussion about this.”

Amanda then asked one of the workers in the general area to call the union president, who was on his days off, and appraise him of the situation and ask if he would come in to represent Jason. Then, she discreetly asked the payroll clerk to call in the company that does drug and alcohol testing, as per the policy that states that all people involved in a safety incident must be tested. She also requested that the clerk make a copy of everything in Jason’s file and add documentation of all safety meetings Jason had attended, including the one from the previous week when they’d all watched this AT&T video about texting and driving.

When she got back in her office, her phone rang, it was Mike. “Frank Young just died of his injuries. The authorities are on their way and I don’t have time to call the region myself. Witnesses say that Jason was texting while operating the equipment and didn’t see Frank waving at him to stop. That’s all I know for now. You’re still okay with making the call?”

“Yes Mike, I’ll make the call. And I’m also following the policy in case of serious safety incidents.”

“You mean you called the local testing agency?”

“I got Sarah to call them in.”

“Thanks Amanda.”

After she hung up, Amanda turned to find one of the workers at the door.

“We called Stan. He says we’re done with Jason. He’s been warned enough and doesn’t deserve a union rep if he killed Frank with his constant texting. Sorry Amanda, nobody wants to sit next to him.”

Jason protested “I have the right to a union rep, they have to provide one!”

Amanda shut the door to her office and opened up her drawer and took out the phone book. Handing it to Jason, she said

“Listen kid, you do have the right to a defence and if nobody here will provide it, the only thing I can tell you is to şişli rus escort keep your mouth shut and not say one more thing. Now look in the phone book and find yourself a lawyer, you’re going to need one. Now I have to call the region and let them know what’s happening.”

Jason then said he’d use his cell phone.

Amanda held out her hand and said “You can’t use that, it’s evidence. Hand it over.” Seeing Jason go to put it away, Amanda swiped it out of his hand and put it in her drawer and locked it. “Kid, I”m not going to argue with you. That phone is evidence and by company policy, I have the right and the obligation to seize it. It will be returned to you later. Now find yourself a lawyer.”

Amanda sat and dialed the regional office number and asked to be connected to the regional VP. She was told that he was at the plant where she normally worked, participating in safety day there and that the president of the region was also there.

Amanda then called her plant manager and asked him to gather the VP, the president as well as the regional safety people who were also there. When she got all of them, she explained the situation and was told they’d be on the next flight in.

Amanda hung up and saw Jason stand up. “Where are you going?”


“No. You can’t. You must sit here until tested. You know that’s the policy.” She stood, went to block the way to the door and crossed her arms.

“Sit back down. Now, call yourself a lawyer.”

“I really need to pee. What am I going to do, pee in my pants?”

“You’re not a child. Hold it in. I cannot let you go anywhere. Now I suggest you get yourself a lawyer and otherwise keep quiet!”

Jason grabbed the phone and angrily dialed a number from the phone book.

Amanda exited her office and closed the door behind her, standing in front of the door to prevent Jason from leaving and prevent others from entering. Soon, she was joined by a police officer, who, having been appraised of the situation and the company policy regarding testing, agreed to wait before taking Jason into custody. Within half an hour, the drug and alcohol testing company people arrived and took Jason to the washroom to obtain a sample of his urine and blood. The plant manager came back to discuss with the police officer and they agreed that Jason would be taken to the police station along with the cell phone which Amanda handed over. Then, the police officer took Jason away and Mike went back into the field.

Amanda proceeded to start typing everything she’d witnessed and done. Then, she started interviewing others and documenting all conversations. By the time regional people showed up that afternoon, Frank’s body had been taken away to the medical examiner’s office and Amanda greeted them with the latest developments. Handing them all necessary safety gear, she took them to the incident scene, the first time she went there herself. There, they met the plant manager.

As they discussed what needed to be done, someone told them that the media was at the plant entrance requesting information or at least a statement. It was agreed that the president, the vice president and the plant manager would all face the media together. They started to leave but Amanda stopped them. First, she tucked in the VP’s tag at his neck, then went to straighten the president’s collar.

“Your husband constantly need this too?”

“Not married.”

“Too bad, you’d make a good wife.”

For a moment, there was a connection there or so Amanda thought but she couldn’t be sure.

The plant manager, straightening his own collar added his two cents “Or a good mother!”

They all smiled, knowing that laughter wouldn’t be appropriate but all appreciating the comedic release.

In the afternoon, after meeting with the press, the regional people met with the workers to discuss the situation and what would happen in the next few days. Daniel, the president of the region said he’d stay a few days while the other regional people would şişli türbanlı escort go back to the office and that his few days would be spent meeting with each and every one of them individually and discussing what they could all do together to avoid other incidents in the future. Then, he sent them home and told them to hug their families.

Although most others left, Amanda stuck around. After verifying that someone would drive him to the hotel where company visitors stayed, Daniel sent other regional people to the airport. After the police and other officials left, Daniel, Mike and Amanda continued documenting all the information they had gathered. At one point, Amanda figured they should call the hotel to reserve a room so, grabbing the phone book, she called the hotel. She was told the hotel was sold out. So, she called another place, and another and another, only to be told the same thing everywhere: Sorry, no vacancy. Tourist season had begun in Kamloops and that night was Rocky Mountaineer night.

Amanda went back to Mike and Daniel and told them the bad news: She could not find a room for Daniel. Then, she offered the pullout couch in the apartment they were renting for her.

“My brother slept in it when he came to visit a few weeks ago and he said it wasn’t too bad.”

Mike offered “You can also sleep on our couch but we have a very colicky baby and a cranky three year old. Your best bet is probably Mandy’s couch.”

So it was that after having a quick meal at a nearby restaurant, Amanda took Daniel to her apartment. The apartment was small but efficient. The one bedroom was in the front, the living room and dining area were in the middle, the bathroom and kitchen, in the back. They quickly set up the couch into a bed and Amanda gave Daniel a fresh set of towels.

Daniel stopped Amanda and, with his hands on her upper arms and said “I’m really proud of everything you’ve done today. You showed amazing poise and organization and handled everything like a pro. I wanted you to know that it’s been noticed and appreciated. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Daniel looked at her for a moment longer and then stepped aside. “Guess we should get some sleep, tomorrow is going to be another long day.”

“Yes, I’m sure it will be. Good night and sweet dreams. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask or to look for it!”

“Thanks, sweet dreams to you too.”

It was around 2 am when Amanda woke up needing to go to the washroom. She hesitated, knowing it could wake up Daniel but there was no way she could hold it until morning. She tiptoed to the washroom and did her business. Then, she shut off the light before opening the door and trying to tiptoe across the living room back to her room. Suddenly, she walked into something big and hard and inhaled sharply, totally shocked.

“Amanda, it’s me, it’s Daniel. I’m staying on your couch, remember?”

He was holding her, stroking her back and her hair tenderly.

“I know you’re here! I just didn’t expect you to be up, that’s all! Sorry I woke you up.”

“You didn’t. I’m having a bit of difficulty sleeping.” He was silent for a moment and so was she.

Then, he added “Your hair is really soft, how come you never wear it down?”

As he asked that, he was running his fingers through her hair.

“You keep playing in it like that and you’ll soon find out.”

“Really? I might just do that.”

Amanda closed her eyes and leaned into him, allowing him to continue. As he played gently in her hair, Amanda relaxed and bit her lip to stop from moaning. When Daniel managed to touch a certain sensitive spot in her hair, Amanda shivered and let out a low moan despite her attempts to hold back. As he continued to caress her hair and, with his other hand, her back, she started caressing his skin and when he made her shiver again, she started kissing his chest gently. Her breathing was shallow and she was holding on to him as if not to let her legs buckle beneath her, trailing şişli ucuz escort little kisses all over his chest.

Then, she felt her head being pulled back and felt the softest lips on hers. Parting her own lips, she allowed him access, melting in his arms even more than before. He continued to play in her hair while he plundered her lips and mouth, enjoying the response in her, understanding that she was powerless to stop him. They kissed for a long time, savouring each other, enjoying the connection and the sensations.

She felt his hand go lower than her nightie and pull it up, caressing her soft skin along the way. She wanted to take the nightie off and feel his skin against her own so she pulled away and quickly took the nightie off and went back into his arms, resuming the kiss. Their hands roamed, touching every part of each others’ bodies as they could.

Wanting more, Amanda broke the kiss and started kissing a path down his chest, kissing and teasing both his nipples before continuing the downward path. Her hands were ahead of her lips, pushing down his boxers as she headed towards her target. Kneeling in front of him, she pushed his boxers all the way down and gave him a chance to get his feet untangled before wrapping her hands around his length. She used both hands for a few minutes and then took him into her mouth. It was his turn to moan softly and she used her tongue to caress him and tease him.

She felt him wrap his hands in her hair, pulling it gently away from her face. Within minutes, he could barely hold back and pulled her up saying “Tell me you have protection. I cannot risk getting you pregnant. Please have some protection.”

“I do have some, in my room.” and with that, she led him into her room.

There, after she reached into a drawer, got a few condoms and put them on the night table, they kissed again, caressing each other. He pulled away. “I need to be inside you Mandy. Tell me what you need to be ready for me.”

“Oh, I’m ready Dan, I’ve been ready since you first started playing in my hair.”

She reached for a condom, broke open the wrapper and slid it down his shaft. Then, she got onto the bed and he followed. He leaned over her and kissed her again as he lowered himself on her and pushed against her. Adjusting her hips slightly, she then tilted up to receive him. Both of them broke the kiss and gasped for air together, strongly reacting to the intensity of the feeling. He filled her up with his length and his girth.

“Oh, Mandy, you’re so tight baby.”

Amanda moaned in response and started moving her hips back and forth. He joined her in this action while propping himself up on his elbows and caressing her face and her hair once more, kissing her softly and lightly as he moved between her hips.

After a minute or two, he stopped and pulled out. “If I keep going this way, I’m going to come way too soon. Come on top of me for a while.”

Amanda didn’t argue and got on top. She rocked herself on his hardness while he played with her breasts and teased her nipples. Up and down she rode him for a while, enjoying every moment yet wanting what he wanted: him on top, plunging into her.

“I don’t care if you come fast, I want you on top, Dan, I really want you on top.”

She lay herself flat on top of him and they rolled together until he was once again on top between her legs.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, take me. Take me hard.”

He did. He plunged deep into her and barely withdrew before plunging again and again, making her moan in pleasure. It didn’t take long and he was at the point of no return. She felt him tense up and pulled him deeper into her, saying “Come big guy, come inside me.”

Daniel only needed to be told once and groaned as he came inside her, taking her with him over the edge.

Later, as they lay together in her bed, Daniel nudged her neck and said “Do me a favour?”

Amanda turned her head slightly his way.

“Make sure you braid your hair really tightly as soon as you get up. I can’t have it distract me until we get back here tomorrow night, okay?”

Amanda smiled but didn’t answer. She only cuddled tighter and fell asleep.

* * * * *

A/N: This is a work of fiction. However, the video mentioned does exist and is well worth watching. Don’t text and drive. Don’t text and operate heavy machinery. Please.

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