First Five Private Lessons

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Paul and his fellow coaches at his wrestling school had begun working with a new batch of students; most of them showing some great potential for the business.

He had also started the valet and managers’ program once interest had been shown by many potential students who sought non-wrestling roles. Many of these students were women, though a few of them also wrestled, such as Toni Wade, a well-built beauty from Washington who had come south right out of high school to train and make her dream come true as a star in the world of wrestling.

Toni was good in the ring with her mat skills, but many of the instructors were beginning to complain that when it came to promos and her valet/manager skills, she was stiff as a board. A few of the instructors even said in hushed tones that she ‘really stunk,’ and maybe should just stick to wrestling, others joking she kept that hot body with those nice big tits of hers, she could even get a deal with Playboy. The men often traded fantasies about the younger females, but never in front of Paul (he’d probably kick their asses if he didn’t fire them first), nor did they ever follow through with such fantasies. They all had girlfriends or were married.

One day, when Toni had really blown it in a class, the instructor had gotten fed up. Sexy and an excellent wrestler or not, this chick was about as charismatic as a wet towel. He then went to talk to Paul about Toni to see if he could fit her in with some private instruction; Paul had worked with some students in the past privately in areas where they had been awful and turned out, after quite a few lessons, to be more proficient. The teacher was hoping the same result would occur with Toni.

At only eighteen, Paul knew Toni was one of the youngest students and likely nervous to make a good impression. He checked with his assistant, Julie, and found he had two hours open that afternoon and asked her to send Toni back to see him around that time.

Later at the appointed time, Toni had come into the private instruction/workout room Paul had for such lessons with his students. He told her about how her other instructors had expressed concern about her weak managing and promo skills, and how he wanted to help her get better.

Toni’s voice got serious as Paul heard her say, “You know, I’m really not that experienced with the promos and the stuff like that. I want you to teach me how to get better so I don’t flunk out and my boyfriend doesn’t get pissed off because he spent all that money for nothing.”

“Well, for one, you have to be more relaxed in front of the crowd. You need to loosen up more, Toni. Otherwise, you’ll cut bad promos and won’t be believable as a manager, either.”

She licked her lips. “So can you give me some lessons on how to relax now?”

It wasn’t lost on him; he already had a different type of ‘private lessons’ in mind for her as he got up and locked the door so they wouldn’t be disturbed. He had been horny for a long time, and getting his son’s otherwise also always-horny girlfriend alone for some more hot, raw sex wasn’t an option, at least for now.

As for Mary, she hadn’t wanted to make love again since the night they had gotten engaged until after the wedding, even though they still shared a bed, and he was climbing the walls with lust…and jacking off wasn’t doing it for him anymore.

Which left him with this hot eighteen-year-old with naturally large 38D breasts.

“I hope you don’t mind, but you’ll need to undress for these ones,” he said, his back to her. “Don’t worry, I have a fiancée and daughters, so you don’t have anything I haven’t see before.”

Without hesitation, Toni had already stripped off her practice outfit and her thong underneath it, knowing exactly what he wanted–what all men his age usually wanted–and she hadn’t had sex with her own boyfriend in some time and assumed he was cheating on her. Besides, she had always fantasized about fucking Paul from the moment she had started training at his school. It had been her biggest fantasy while she masturbated (which was often lately), and now it looked as if it was about to come true!

When Paul had turned back around from locking the door, he saw Toni now fully naked on one of the larger training tables, totally on display for her teacher. Paul then went back over to her, sliding off his own clothes as he approached.

Thrilled topkapı escort that he had also wanted her, Toni slid her hands down his stomach and began to tease his eight-inch cock. One of her hands grabbed his balls, Paul groaning his approval.

Toni continued to caress his balls with her hand, as she began to stroke his huge erection. She started low on the base and worked her hand up to the head, then back down. She slowly, she picked up the pace, pumping her small, soft hand up and down the shaft. Soon, Paul found himself arching his back as Toni picked up her pace and pumped faster and faster. She fondled his balls more vigorously, sometimes squeezing gently, and pulling firmly toward the table. Within a few seconds, his hot seed had sprayed all over, some of it onto her soft hand.

Without saying a word, Toni wiped her hand with a nearby towel, then dipped down and began to clean up the rest his explosion off his cock and balls with her tongue.

“Damn, baby, I’m sorry that happened, but I haven’t been with a woman in awhile. By the way, where did you learn to give a hand job like that?” Paul muttered as Toni lay down next to him.

“From lots of heavy petting in the back seat of cars when I started having sex at fourteen,” giggled Toni.

“Jesus, whichever guy taught you that, you were a damn fast learner! My fiancée won’t even give me a hand job. Of course, she’s kind of bashful when it comes to certain parts of sex anyway.”

“So what are the lessons that we had to get naked for?” she asked, teasing.

“Never thought you would ask, baby. Okay, it’s time for your first lesson on how to relax more. Just lay back, spread your legs, and let me do the rest.”

Paul pulled her sexy body tightly against him and could feel her huge breasts pressing against his chest. He brushed back the long blonde hair from face, and began to kiss her softly.

Toni’s warm, full lips parted as he gently slid his tongue into her mouth and their tongues began dancing around each other in a sensual, oral ballet. Paul straddled Toni and began to cup her large, firm tits in his hands. He gently squeezed and pulled her breasts toward him, simultaneously bringing his fingers together, ending up at her pink erect nipples each time.

He leaned over and began to circle one of Toni’s hard nipples with his tongue as he rolled the other nipple between his thumb and index finger. Toni closed her eyes rocked her head back and forth on the table as her hips began to pulsate beneath him. He slowly slid between Toni’s legs and began to grid his raging hard cock against her vagina. Toni’s body stiffened as she felt it rubbing against her and she reached down and fondled his dick for a moment. He continued to slide further and further down, kissing and licking Toni’s firm, young body as he went.

As Paul’s head slid down between her legs, he began to smell the wonderful musky aroma of her young womanhood. He opened his mouth so he could meet her moist lips, and as he touched them, began to lick the outsides of her cunt. As soon as his tongue touched, Toni let out a long moan and he knew she was really getting off. Toni was so hot and wet for him; he was in heaven. He spread the inner lips with his fingers and began to run his tongue up and down her inner lips, up to her clitoris, and then back down.

Toni began to move her hips back and forth as he inserted his tongue into her pussy. He stuck his tongue into her as far as he could and then pulled it back out and slid it back up to her clit.

He began to make small, firm circles around her clit, and as he licked it directly, he felt her entire body jump. He sucked her button between his lips and Toni began to moan. Paul slid his tongue back into her pussy over and over. He then moved it back to her inner folds of her and began to lick faster and faster. He moved back to her clit and sucked it between his lips and gently nibbled it.

Toni’s breaths were coming in short pants now and her hips were pulsating up and down on the table. Toni’s body stiffened as he began writing the alphabet on her clit with his tongue. Within seconds, he felt her body shudder, her legs began to quiver, and finally, she let out a yelp as she came.

He slid to his knees and rubbed himself up and down the inner lips of her hot snatch. Toni drew her legs against tuzla escort her body as he inched closer to her. He pressed the head of his erection against her clit and rubbed it back and forth for a moment and then he slid into her waiting, tight pussy. Toni was warm and very eager to fuck him.

“I think someone else had been neglected in bed for awhile,” he commented as he went deeper into her. “No wonder you’ve been so tense in the ring out there, baby.”

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned in response. “Please…fuck me….I want to feel all of your big hard cock inside me…”

“You’re on something, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yeah…the pill,” Toni moaned, knowing what he meant.

Thank God, he thought. He certainly didn’t need the worry of getting Toni pregnant and his figuring out how to explain THAT to Mary.

“That’s good, baby. I wouldn’t want you in trouble with your boyfriend,” he said as he began to fuck Toni.

Paul then put his arms under her knees and pulled her legs back toward her head. Toni was very limber and soon he had her legs pressed back over her head. He feverishly fucked Toni, each stroke getting harder and harder.

Toni began to moan again and he felt her coming. She began to thrust back against Paul with her hips and he increased the rhythm of his strokes to match her pulsation. Soon they were both uttering dirty words as they engaged in hot sex and suddenly, he felt Toni’s body quiver again.

“Oh God, Paul, fuck me harder!” she squealed as she began to explode.

“Shit, Toni, I’m getting ready to come!” he also called out, grabbing her ass cheeks and thrusting even harder. Within seconds, Paul let out a loud moan and joined her in orgasm, filling her cunt with his seed.

He lowered her legs and continued to slide in and out of Toni’s hot pussy for a few more minutes before pulling out and collapsing on top of her.

“By the way, baby, that was lesson number two,” he said as he sat up on the table.

Toni looked at him with a sexy grin and said, “If that was lesson number two, I can’t wait for lesson number three.”

Paul explained to Toni that her third lesson was her sucking him off. “You’ve sucked cock before, haven’t you?” he asked

Toni nodded, seeming very eager and didn’t need to be asked twice. She kneeled down between his legs and swallowed him whole, slowly bringing it back to life using her warm, wet mouth.

Soon, his erection was rock solid. Toni made loud slurping noises, then she began to run her tongue around the head, tracing firm circles from the base of the head like a corkscrew to the tip, and then back down to the starting point, before totally deep throating him.

Not long after, Paul was nearing orgasm again and had Toni slow her assault to prolong the ecstasy. Over and over, he had Toni bring him to the edge, but not quite ready to come.

When he couldn’t stand it any longer, he finally shot loads of his semen, and obviously not put off that he had exploded in her mouth, she greedily drank down every drop of the warm liquid he had sprayed into it until the last shot of cum squirted out of him and he went limp.

“Damn, baby, it turns me on when a woman swallows cum,” he panted when she finished. “You give one hell of a blow job.”

She flipped back her hair. “It’s pure protein; it can’t hurt anything. Besides, I swallowed my boyfriend’s come all the time when we did it.”

After they had rested for awhile he asked her, “I want to make sure you really know how to relax, baby. Are you ready for lesson number four?”

“Of course I am,” she grinned, knowing she needed to get him hard again first.

Toni took him in her mouth again and began to deep throat him back to life. It didn’t take Paul long to regain his erection and this time, once he had pushed Toni’s head off his now-hard cock, he rolled her over onto her stomach, her ripe, young rounded ass in the air.

He then put his head down, licking her from the front of her wet slit all the way back to her pink, puckered anus. Toni moaned in appreciation as his tongue worked on her, getting her hotter and wetter for him. He then got some oil out of his bag by the table and rimmed her for a few minutes before applying some of the oil to both his fuck tool and gently sliding a greased finger in and out of her ass, preparing her before pendik escort he mounted her from behind.

Toni was nervous about what was to happen; she had only had anal sex twice in her short life, and she hadn’t enjoyed it either time. Paul sensed she was a little apprehensive, and he rubbed her firm ass cheeks as he gently and gradually slid his cock into her backdoor.

“Just relax, baby,” he soothed. “It will be okay.”

She wasn’t sure if it was the lubrication, Paul’s obvious experience in this area of sex, or both, but Toni was amazed that it hadn’t hurt this time to have a man take her anally. As she adjusted with him in her ass, he gradually picked up his strokes, bringing around a free hand to rub her clit as he fucked her ass.

“You’re so tight and so hot back here, baby,” he panted. “God, I love fucking your ass!”

With that, it hadn’t taken long for Toni to really get into it from there and she bucked her hips back towards him in time with his strokes, reaching another climax very quickly.

Her orgasm had sent him over the edge; Paul soon followed by depositing a hot load of cum deep into her bowels before slowing pulling out and collapsing back onto the table.

“Oh my God…thanks so much for that! Another thing my fiancée won’t let me do is fuck her in the ass,” he panted. “And I want to so much.”

Third time had been a charm as far as anal sex went; Toni had found she had enjoyed it as much as he did. Maybe she could try it with her boyfriend again sometime…or maybe another guy. Perhaps Paul again another time?

After a few minutes, he reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as he once again grew hard. “So are you ready for your fifth lesson on how to relax, baby?”

She nodded eagerly, wondering what was in store next.

This time, it was her turn to be on top, he said, climbing off the table and then lying on a vinyl mat on the floor, his erection straight in the air, waiting for her.

Her favorite sex position!

Within a few seconds, Toni was quickly on top of Paul, then slowly guiding his very hard cock into her soaked vagina. Toni slowly lowered herself fully onto his shaft. Then, she sat there for a few minutes. She slowly raised herself up to the tip of him, and then slowly lowered herself back down.

Toni slowly continued this as he caressed her breasts and massaged her pink, erect nipples. She slowly increased the tempo to a comfortable pace, but then she stopped and sat on his cock, only moving her hips gently in a circle. Over and over again, she would fuck him, then stop..

After doing this five or six more times, Paul thought he was going to go crazy.

“God, don’t tease me like that, baby….ride that monster and show how you can give a good fuck!”

Toni then began to rock her hips back and forth, pressing herself into his hips. She began to pump up and down on his fuck pole at an increasing pace, this time not holding back. He met her downward thrusts with upward thrusts of his own and Toni began to ride him harder.

“God, you are one hot, slutty little bitch,” he grunted as she continued to ride him. “If I could, I’d fuck you all day and night long!”

Soon, Paul was close to ejaculation and he could tell that she was also nearing orgasm. He kept massaging her breasts and nipples, and soon she began to shudder. He thrust harder upwards to keep up the pace as she began to lose control. Within seconds, he came again, shooting streams of seed deep into her hot body, and Toni collapsed on top of him, out of breath, her body soaked with sweat.

“Damn baby, for a woman not yet twenty, you really know how to satisfy a man!” he praised. “You may need to learn how to relax, but you got fucking and sucking down real well!”

Then he and Toni lay beside each other on the mat for a long time, cuddling, kissing and caressing each other.

Paul then looked up at the clock and then at her, saying, “It’s about time for me to leave and you to get to your next class before someone comes looking for you and wonders why the hell our appointment went over, or worse, my fiancée shows up looking for me.” He then got up and began to dress. Toni nodded her head and as she also got up off the mat and put her clothes back on.

Once they had completely dressed, put the mat away and he had wiped the table of all traces of evidence of mixtures of cum and sweat, she turned and asked, “Is there going to be a lesson number six?”

Paul squeezed her sexy ass, smiled and told her, “You can find that out the next time we have a session. See Julie on the way out for another appointment.” He then kissed her passionately and left.

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