First Time Sex

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Hello you naughty girls and boys.

It occurs to me that girls are often as eager for their first sexual experience as boys are. However where boys are likely to be quite pleased with themselves, girls are often disappointed in one way or another. Take Angela here for instance. She developed her chest earlier than some other girls and they quickly grew to above average size. You might think a young, pretty girl with big boobs is sure to have an advantage when seeking sex, and you’d be right; but you’d also be wrong.

Sure it gives her attention, but as Angela has already discovered it isn’t always, or maybe often not, the sort of attention she desires. Angela has already had sex a few times with a few different boys, each time looking for a better result than the ones she’s received thus far. Being a smart and confident girl, she has decided to take measures into her own hands to ensure she can get some of what she wants and not always be suffering the foolish boys.

And that brings us to this story. Angela has found herself a prospect, and has plans to ensure her next encounter goes in her favor. In fact, her plans include a look to the future and maybe she can set herself up with a nice boy that will treat her the way she wants to be treated. She may have to get a little creative and be a little bad, but it’s all for her greater good.


Angela picked out Tommy soon after his arrival. He had arrived on campus just in time for the fall semester. Angela had also quickly surmised that Tommy’s parents were a strict religious type and that they probably thought fun of any kind was a sin.

Tommy was shy and quiet but he wasn’t bad looking. He also seemed to be rather book smart even if his social I.Q. was in the single digits. And he was a genuinely nice guy.

Angela had watched him for a few days as she made these observations before finally making the first move and introducing herself. It was lunchtime in the cafeteria and Tommy had just sat down at a table in the corner with no one else immediately around him. She set her tray down and took the seat across from him.

“Mind if I sit here? I need a little peace and quiet.”

“…Sure…I mean, no one else is sitting there…have a seat.”

Tommy knew he probably sounded like a moron, but he just wasn’t expecting such a pretty girl to sit across from him, much less speak to him. And boy was she pretty. She had long dark hair and she wore a small pink bow which seemed to have no real purpose other than as decoration. She had beautiful blue eyes and a pretty face. Her skin was rather pale with hints of pink. And then there was her top.

It was a whitish, cotton color piece with some ruffles and lacey sleeves. It also didn’t look as though it was up to the task of holding in her rather large, well-formed breasts. The top also provided a well scooped neck which allowed for viewing of her accompanying cleavage. The sort of cleavage he only dreamed about but never got to see ‘in the flesh’.

“So, you’re Tommy right? You’re new here? I’m Angela.”

“Uh, yeah I’m Tommy; Tommy McLemore. I’m from Wisconsin. This is my first semester.”

It was cute. He was not only surprised to see her sit across from him but a brief look and he was trapped staring at her boobs. Like a moth to the flame he was enthralled by them and he probably would have spent his whole lunch staring at her chest and never touching his food if she hadn’t snapped him out of it.

She had filled out early but the real surprise was how they just kept growing. Lots of other guys had noticed them too but many of them were just jerks and those who seemed to have grown up a little only were after a grope and make out session with them and didn’t really care about her. So Tommy’s doe-eyed appreciation of them was a nice change.

While he was lost in his infatuation, Angela had taken a moment to look him over as well. He had brown hair; not so special, rather average looking. He had a sort of shy face; that would be the best way she could describe it. And the most important feature of his face was his deep brown eyes. He had puppy dog eyes and she just wanted to take him home. Of course he could do better with how he was dressed and how he handled himself, but she could see a lot of potential underneath.

“Hey are you any good at science? I’m having some trouble with this latest chapter.”

“Um, yeah, I guess. What sort of trouble?

Angela picked up her book, stood up and moved over to sit beside him. She took a few moments to flip through the book looking for the area she needed ‘help’ with. She made a show of not quite getting it at first and then beamed when she suddenly understood. Actually while she already knew the answer she had to admit his explanation made more sense than what she had heard in class. That was a bonus.

She continued to run through the chapter asking questions and allowing him to peer down her top which she pretended not to notice. Before their lunch was over she had asked him to meet escort izmit her after her afternoon class to go over some more homework and studies. She even felt a little guilty knowing she wasn’t going to show and he would be waiting for her.

But then she found him the next day and made her apologies. She explained how she wasn’t able to make it but that next time she would be there. He agreed to meet her again and they had a few study sessions, which although brief, were a means to reel him in while also ensuring he was someone she wanted.

Over the next few weeks she teased him along. They had study sessions in the cafeteria and in the library and one time they even reserved a private room at the library. She also invited him to meet her at a party but soon after he arrived they left to grab a bite somewhere else. And that was the night she kissed him on the cheek goodnight. She didn’t stick around for him to think about it, she just gave him a quick kiss and stepped inside her dorm and closed the door behind her.

She could only guess but if she had guessed it made an impact with Tommy she was right. He had never been kissed by a girl before and he was in a state of stupor the rest of the evening, occasionally caressing his cheek as if he could feel the imprint of her lips.

He knew college would be different and he had hoped he might find a girl and god willing, he would find some friends and form some social ties. But he was still shocked at his luck in meeting Angela and how easy it was to spend time with her.

All of this had set the scene for the big day. Angela wasn’t sure just how far it would go today but she had a rough plan and much more control than Tommy. Tommy was just excited that he was still able to spend time with this beautiful girl, which seemed against all odds. He figured at first she just wanted him to help her pass tests and do her homework, but more and more he felt she actually cared about him and he enjoyed being around her.

So they were both upstairs in Angela’s dorm room. Boys weren’t really supposed to be in the dorm rooms, just the lobby and commons area, but before curfew it was still fairly common if frowned upon. Still for Tommy’s benefit she made out like it was a big deal for a boy to be allowed in her room.

Once they were both inside, Angela closed the door behind her and locked it. She then gave Tommy a big kiss on the lips. He was too surprised to kiss her back and when she finally let go of his face she could see him turning red. She pretended not to notice.

“Well we have a lot of studying to do. I usually lie on my bed to be comfortable. You can lie on it too; just take your shoes off.”

Tommy didn’t quite know how to describe how he was feeling. He was both excited and nervous. Angela had just kissed him for the first time on the mouth and it was so unexpected he didn’t know how to react. He should have kissed her back but that opportunity had passed. Now he was actually being told he could lie next to her on her bed. Maybe it shouldn’t have been a big deal, but it was.

While he took off his shoes and looked for a place to put them, Angela removed hers and kicked them into a corner. She then peeled off her short white socks and tossed them towards what must have been a laundry hamper. She then reached for the buttons of her blouse and stopped. She had a look of confusion or perhaps decision making and Tommy was wondering what she was thinking.

“You don’t mind if I get naked do you? I mean I’m usually in here all by myself and I like to do my studying in the nude.”

Tommy was in a state of shock. He knew he should say something and in fact he was just slightly aware that he was making some sounds but they were more like a litany of vowels than any coherent answer to her question. Eventually he was able to respond, though staggered and stuttering, that she should do whatever made her comfortable.

Angela allowed herself a giggle, though she was laughing much harder on the inside. It was so precious to see his reaction and she knew it was only going to get worse for him as she undressed. If it didn’t go any further than this, the day would still be a success.

“Thanks. I thought I could talk you into it. Since this means you’ll be able to see all of me, I think you should remove your shirt for my benefit.”

She said it with a mischievous smile and Tommy felt not only was this the best day of his life but it just might get even better. He wasn’t anxious to remove his shirt but it was a small price to pay to see Angela’s naked body. So focusing on her and not himself, he pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor.

Then lying on her bed he watched as she began to slowly remove her clothes. It wasn’t a striptease but she was watching him watching her. She undid the buttons of her blouse and slowly pulled it open and off her shoulders. Tommy noticed her large bra with the lacy patterns and for a moment pondered how much weight it could support.

She then reached behind izmit darıca escort her back and soon the bra was sliding down her arms and off of her magnificent breasts. He wasn’t aware that he had stopped breathing but he was aware of her perfect tits. He noticed the tone and coloring and imagined their softness. He observed her nipples, large and inviting. He was lost. It was only when he became aware he needed to breath that he realized she had paused after letting her bra slip to the floor, allowing him to take in her bare beauty.

He started to say something; some comment on the magnificence of her beauty, but he only croaked out an unintelligible sound and gave up. He tried to clear his throat but didn’t venture to speak again, but instead waited for her to continue.

She smiled at him, reveling in her ability to hold his attention. Then she began to slowly, one by one, unbutton her pants. She slowly pulled the front open and then began to slide them over her hips and down to the floor. Thus she revealed her lacy pink panties for him to see. She then turned around and bent over to retrieve her jeans and toss them towards the hamper. She didn’t have to see him to know that his eyes were fixed on her well rounded cheeks and the string of material which ran between them.

Standing she turned back around and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the last article of clothing she wore. Then inch by inch she pulled them down. As they approached her knees she started to bend over and his eyes began to dart back and forth from her crotch to her hanging, swaying boobs. He eventually lost sight of both as her hair fell forward and he could see the top of her back as she stepped out of her underwear. She picked it up and ran it over one of her breasts before tossing it to the hamper as well.

Time was lost to Tommy. A part of him was sure this couldn’t have taken that long; yet another part of him felt like hours had passed as she removed her clothes. And he noticed that his own clothes felt uncomfortable and he felt a fool when he realized his growing and cramped erection was the cause of his discomfort. He tried to be subtle in his attempt to adjust himself and she appeared not to notice or care. She then laid down on the bed next to him, looking into his eyes.

“So shall we start with biology?”

“Yeah. Biology. Great subject. Too bad we aren’t studying mating habits and reproduction.”

He was trying to sound cool but even as he said it he felt like an idiot and was worried about how Angela might react. He was in unchartered territory and he desperately did not want to screw anything up. Thankfully she sensed his concern and helped to put him at ease.

“That would be something now wouldn’t it. Relax Tommy. It’s just you and me here.”

Relax isn’t something he could do but it was reassuring to hear her voice and know she wasn’t put off by his comments. He found his eyes wandering the length of her nude body before returning to her blue eyes. He had involuntarily swallowed several times.

“My books are at the foot of the bed. Why don’t you get one of them.”

Strangely it was a sort of relief. He was on female nakedness overload and while he didn’t want to lose this moment, he needed a five second break to process the sights and sounds he had experienced. Slowly he took his eyes from her as he got up and stepped to the foot of the bed. He reached down and scanned the books, finding the biology textbook. As he was about to stand up he noticed Angela once more.

She had rolled over being somewhere between on her side and on her back and he was now looking up the length of her body. He looked into her pretty face and then found his gaze drawn lower to her chest. Then as appealing as that sight was he found himself going lower still until his eyes rested on the hairy triangle below her waist. He could still see skin beneath her hair but now he was trying to discern her lips beneath the hair and between her thighs.

He had never seen a live pussy before. He had no real way to judge but he was sure hers was perfect. He couldn’t believe this was really happening. A part of him told him to wake up, it was just a dream. But a more primal part of him demanded that if it was a dream then he should never wake. He wanted to stay here forever.

He couldn’t say how long he had been lost in her pussy when he felt something at his side. It took another moment to realize it was her foot and she was sliding it against his waist. When he realized it was skin on skin contact he closed his eyes and focused on the sensation.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

He opened his eyes, brought back to the present. He looked at her, looked at her breasts, and looked again at her inviting pussy. She smiled at him and blew him a kiss. He was aware he had never really kissed her only been kissed by her. And she deserved a kiss; a special kiss. He looked at her and looked at her pussy.

Slowly he bent over placing his hands izmit rus escort on the foot of the bed. He continued his descent at first looking at her and then switching his gaze to her pussy and keeping his focus there. He drew closer and closer and soon he could see the hairs blowing in the wind of his breath. And then his lips touched hers.

It was the lightest of kisses and he felt a shock run through his body. He kissed again. He had never done anything like this. He hadn’t really kissed a girl much less kissed her pussy. He knew he was a complete novice but he didn’t want to disappoint. He felt another kiss was in order but while he was apprehensive about what to do and how, he felt he had to give her a real kiss. She deserved a real kiss. So the next time his lips met hers it wasn’t light like a butterfly but rather he pushed his lips hard against her finding his nose coming in strong contact with the hairs above.

“Oh Tommy. I thought we might have sex one day but I didn’t think it would be today. Please don’t stop. Show me you love me.”

That was all he needed to hear. Tommy’s instincts took over and his lips and tongue went into action. His kisses turned into licks which turned back to kisses. His tongue split her lips as he traveled up and down the length of her cleft. He pulled one of her lips into his mouth and sucked on it.

As he continued his oral attack on her pussy he soon found her pussy pushing back against him. It was like an erotic wrestling match between her pussy and his mouth, each trying desperately to pin the other. It was a game he enjoyed playing and one he was determined to win.

He became aware of his own labored breathing along with sounds of her breathing and muffled moans. He was doing something right. He didn’t dare stop. He took another deep breath and continued his assault. Back and forth he worked his tongue, licking here and there and everywhere.

“Oh yes Tommy, yes! Keep going!”

Tommy would never forget this day. It was still a dream but he hung on to it refusing to let go. He didn’t know how he had gotten so lucky but he was so thankful and wanted to deserve all she had offered him. He wasn’t going to quit. He wished he knew exactly what do to, but either way he was going for it. If he just kept at it, then he felt he would be a success.

He was focused on her pussy. He kept his tongue moving. He would occasionally suck this part or that. He tried pushing his tongue deep inside her but didn’t feel like that was working so he went back to licking, kissing, and sucking. He was tiring but he remembered her words and he just kept going.

Angela allowed herself a little release but she held back. She could have continued on and given him a flood of her juices but this wasn’t the time for that. He was new and she didn’t want to scare him off. His tongue and technique were not of high skill but his enthusiasm along with his naiveté had her wet from the moment he started.

“Oh god yes! Yes! That’s it! Ooooh!”

By the sound of it, Tommy had been successful in his first attempt at eating pussy. It was like nothing else he had ever done and he would surely be thinking about this all night long. He was just happy now that he hadn’t made a fool of himself do to his inexperience. Now he took a moment to catch his breath.

He was still staring into her pussy and noticed how it pulsated in front of him. He found another part of him was pulsing as well. His dick was throbbing in his pants and while his mouth and tongue had done their duty, his dick had yet to put in a performance.

Given how well things had gone and how pleased she was with him, he decided to go for broke. This was already a monumental day and the only thing he could think of to top it, was to lose his virginity and put his dick in the lovely, sweet pussy in front of him.

He got up on his elbows and then stood at the end of the bed and took off his pants. Angela’s perfect chest was rising and falling as she brought her breathing under control. She looked at him, surprised he was ready to continue. He was ready. He would show her he could satisfy her, beginner’s luck or not.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to put it in.”

“You’re going to put what in?”

Surely she had to know what he was talking about. After all he was the beginner here. He felt sure she was more experienced than he was. Or was she? Maybe she didn’t know. She was still waiting for an answer so although he felt weird having to say it, he gave her his reply.

“I’m going to put my dick in your sweet pussy.”

Hearing himself say those words sounded awkward and painful. There just wasn’t a good way to say it and he wasn’t comfortable talking like that. But the awkwardness and discomfort he felt for what he said was nothing like what he felt a second later.

“You’re going to rape me? You mean you just came over to rape me? I thought we were friends and might have a relationship and you just wanted to sneak into my room so you could rape me?”

Tommy was in shock. Where did this come from? He never had any intention of raping her; why would she think that? He thought he was doing everything right and it all seemed to be going so well. But now Angela was clearly upset. He had to do something.

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