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Janice Griffith

Footsteps…I heard your footsteps outside the bathroom wall, along the apartment hallway and felt heat between my legs…I look at my watch—you’re right on time, 7:45. I marvel at your timeliness when it matters, at your masculinity, at the effect your footsteps have on my body. I turn off the lights and run naked to the bathroom.

“Baby? You here?” The acoustics cause your voice to echo through the hall, to the bathroom, causing a slight ripple in the water. The low octave of your voice gives me chills. My nipples harden. I wait in anticipation to be discovered. You walk down the hall, placing your briefcase on the hall table and your raincoat on the coat rack. Arriving in the living room you look lean against the back of the couch and gaze at the great city skyline as you remove your shoes. From the periphery, you notice flickering that seems to be coming from the bathroom. You smile to yourself and begin to shed your suit as you pick up the pace and turn left down the hallway. You skulk down the hallway, like a cat burglar looking to score a great bounty. In only your socks, your dreams of my moistness cause your member to rise, and you coax it’s rising with soft strokes. You arrive at the bathroom doorway. You peek around and watch me.

I kadıköy escort pretend you aren’t there; the candles around the bathtub smell of magnolia and sea breeze and the smell is erotic. I move my hand underwater to stroke my lower lips and moan as I find the place that you have tasted many times. You watch me lazily pleasure myself and throb in response. You still feel to be the voyeur and watch me move my other hand over my breast, up my neck and against my cheek. You can’t take anymore and when you notice my eyelids relax to close, you move into the bathroom. I smile, sensing your presence and turn to be greeted by your cock.

I wrap my hands around your ass and slide you towards my mouth. I love feeling you in my mouth and lovingly lap at the head and shaft. I move down your shaft until I connect with the musk of your pubic hairs; you moan loudly and twitch in my mouth. I gaze up at you sexily as I move up your shaft, circling my tongue in the upswing. I slowly stroke your cock as I flick at its opening with my tongue. My repeating motions: tongue, fingers, lips, pressure, they act in rhythm with your moaning and bring you to heightened pleasure. üsküdar escort I lap at your dick and moan at the chance I am given to pleasure you. I feel you twitch repeatedly in my mouth and know what will soon be next if I continue….

You moan my name over and over, panting and grinding your hips against my face. You caress my hair and over my cheeks and quickly withdraw from my warm, wet mouth. “Baby, I don’t want to cum yet, the night has just begun…” you kneel down and kiss me. “Please, join me,” I smirk and pull you to join me. You remove your socks and step into the steamy tub. You sit in the water, still hard and I stand up so that you can get better positioning. I slide back into the tub, positioning my knees on the outside of your thighs and my pussy against the tip of your cock. I move an inch down, letting only the head into my warm wetness. You sigh and place your hands against my hips, waiting for me to slide further down your shaft. I tease and move off you—you try to pull me to you but I wiggle away. You grab my waist and place me on my feet as you rise to yours. You pick me up and over your shoulder and walk towards the bed. You slap my wet ass and I laugh, but gasp as I feel your finger tuzla escort rub against my anus. Surprising to me, I feel flush as you continue to rub your thumb across my asshole.

We get to the room and you throw me onto the bed. You spread my legs wide and pull me towards the edge of the bed. You kneel at the bedside and place your hands on each side of my lips. Parting them, you lap upwards towards my clit and circle it, applying pressure with your lips. I writhe in response; you move toward the nightstand to get my vibrator. Turning it on, you slide the vibrator into my pussy while licking between my lips. The feeling is uncontrollable and I am ready to release. “Please,” I gasp “please, baby, oooh…” You buzz a spot deep inside me with my vibrator (you use it so much better than I ever could) and I’m gone, I cry out, locking my fingers in the bedsheets and arching my back. You slide against me, pull me to your chest and roll onto your back. My favorite position…hmmm..

I straddle your hips, and slide down your pole. I move my hips back and bounce my ass up and down rhythmically, like a native dancer in a love ritual. You flick your fingers against my nipples and arch your back to meet my hips…”baby, baby,baby….I’m cumming!”

I roll off of you and you roll onto your knees, you release onto my stomach and I rub your erotic lotion into my skin, watching it glisten in the city lights…we kiss, I jump up from the bed and give you a sexy take the cue and rise from the bed (literally and figuratively) as I run to the bathroom to wash…I think I might need some help…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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