Fresh or Frozen?

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She sees him in the frozen food aisle and picks him as her next “victim”. Their eyes meet and she lowers her gaze and then quickly looks at him again. A small grin plays on her lips and she licks them with her wet tongue as she shakes her hair from her face.

With a graceful movement, she finds herself bent over the frozen vegetables, her breasts in full view and pointed in his direction. The cold temperature reacts with her nipples and they are promptly hardened. She circles her nipples with her fingers and breathes out slowly. She idles over to the bread section and waits.

She fluffs her hair and unbuttons her sundress to show a little more cleavage, braless of course. She also unbuttons the bottom portion of her dress allowing a nice breeze to settle on her bare pussy. Men are so gullible she thinks to herself. Show them some skin and they are butter in your hands.

As if on queue, she sees him coming around the corner and stops in his tracks when he sees her. She boldly looks at him, decisive in her plans. She puts the loaf of bread in her buggy and steps in front of it, her eyes never leaving his.

They are approximately six feet from each other. She winks at him and pouts her lips and gives him a kiss over the distance. Her stance is confident as she begins lifting her skirt, parting anadolu yakası escort the layers of fabric. His eyes are wide and unblinking as her dress nears her pussy.

Her buggy hides her from the back and his body is shielding her front from the view of others. She looks at his bulge and smiles at him. With her right hand she completely lifts her skirt while her left hand strokes her pink pussy. She is extremely wet and horny and obviously he is too based on his erection.

He is frozen. His mouth is open and he has an astounded look on his face. She probably could have pushed him over with one finger to his chest.

She quickly lets go of her dress and looks intently at the hot dog buns as she sees a slightly overweight woman start down their aisle. He turns as well with a startled look and hides his hard cock. They both look at each other, still very much horny. The woman continues walking away.

“Wanna fuck?” she mouths to him. Still in shock, he nods his head methodically up and down.

She starts walking and he follows her, a puppy for her bidding. She swings her hips from side to side in a slow manner, knowing he is staring at her ass.

She has to stop her buggy quickly in order to avoid a collision with another shopper and ataşehir escort her movement makes him run right into the back of her. She feels his erection and circles her hips into his for a moment. She can hear him moan almost silently as he removes his hands from her hips.

She walks into the restroom area and chooses to go into the men’s side. He follows her inside and she makes her way to the last stall. Luckily, nobody else is in there.

Before he can close the door behind them, her dress has been removed over her head. She is naked and she turns to look at him. She grabs his hard cock and starts pumping it as he takes handfuls of her breasts. He grazes her nipples with his teeth and she groans. Their breathing has escalated and she turns and leans over the toilet, baring her ass to him.

He finally takes over the scene and places his cock head at her pussy lips. He slowly rubs his cock over her wet slit a couple of times, and then plunges into her, all the way, in one motion. Her head jerks back and her hair falls onto her back, the ends very close to the penetration.

“Fuck me,” she whispers.

He grabs onto her hips and slams into her and pulls back out, never removing his cock from her pussy. He fucks her hard, the wetness making slight noises as the ümraniye escort friction between them increases.


“Ahhhhh, fuck me harder,” she moans as the action speeds up. “If you want this pussy baby you’ve got to TAKE IT.”

He is plunging his throbbing cock at a frenzied pace. Before she knows what’s going on, he spins her around and pushes her down onto her knees. His hands go to the back of her head and he briefly looks into her eyes before fucking her open mouth.

She immediately tastes her own juices and starts deepthroating him. He is fucking her face and she has no choice but to take it all. She can feel him down in her throat fucking her at a steady tempo. His head is back and his mouth open in obvious pleasure.

He quickly removes his cock and as he does he sprays his first contraction of an orgasm on her nose. His cum continues to squirt and her face is covered in his thick creamy cum.

He rakes off a large portion of it with his finger and sticks it in her mouth. She cleans it with her tongue. He continues until her face is again clean.

He lifts her up and sticks two fingers inside of her. His fingers are playing a tune in her cunt and before long her knees are weak. He crams them deep inside her and she leans onto the stall while her orgasm overtakes her.

Afterwards, she dresses in a flash. Before long she is at the check out paying for her food with a flush on her face.

When she cranks up her car to leave she sees him walking out of the store. Their eyes meet and she winks again.

She realizes grocery shopping will never be the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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