From a Dream

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I had the day off and no big plans. My roommates were gone, so I figured I would try to spend the day with having fun with a girl. I posted on CL “Looking to please a petite girl.” Luckily, I got an answer from a beautiful 5’2″ 105lbs, “A” cup Asian girl named “Tanya.” We exchanged pictures and she came over.

In person, she was as sexy as the mostly clothed pictures she sent me. Tanya was wearing a light blue, almost shear dress, tight lacy black panties and a snug tank top with no bra. Best was that her hair was still slightly damp from just taking a shower. We sat down and talked for a few minutes. She was a very experimental girl. I didn’t expect it due to her small size, but she greatly enjoyed anal sex, and wanted to start off with that.

We start kissing and removing each other’s clothes on the sofa. Tanya was very eager and without much delay, had my clothes on the floor. She was a bit more playful about me undressing her. I make sure not to touch her breasts tuzla escort as my hands slid up and down her body. She my have been a little shy about her small breasts, but as soon as my hands were on her ass, she lifted up so I could slide her skirt off. Once her skirt was off, I could see through her panties that she was well shaved and excited. Again, as my hands slid up her legs, she lifted her tight ass and let me slide off her panties. I took her by the hand, and pulled her up and led her to my bedroom. She pulled back for a second, and removed her shirt. While small, her breasts were perfectly shaped and firm.

We fell onto the bed together with me on top. Our kissing and foundling each other continued. She was freshly shaved, very wet, and responsive to my touch, as I was to hers. I gently pressed a finger into her pussy, and it quickly accepted it. As I went to slide another finger in her, she reminded me of her desire to have anal first. She rolled over, onto all fours with her tuzla escort bayan ass in the air. She was so clean and smooth, that I had a feeling that I wanted to taste her. I kissed the small of her back, then her right check, her left, and then down the center. Each time my lips touched her she jumped with excitement. My lips were now close to her anus and she was pushing into my face. I pressed my lips to her ass, and even slid my tongue out of between my lips onto her anus. To my surprise, she didn’t smell or taste bad at all. I licked her a few more times, then my tongue entered her anus just a little bit at first then more.

Tanya couldn’t take it any more. She pulled away and told me to enter her. I applied a little lube to her warm and wet anus and took position behind her. My cock easily entered her. I took my time pressing my hard cock into her ass, slowly pressed into her, then easing out. It wasn’t long before my entire cock was inside of her. Slowly, I continued to escort tuzla trust into her ass, taking me time to let her enjoy the feeling of my cock inside. We speed up a little, but nothing rough. This continued for a few minutes until I felt like I was about to cum. I pulled my cock out, rolled Tanya over, and stroked my cock until I came. I aimed my load at her chin to her tits. As I didn’t masturbated in a few days, I was full of cum and almost covered her chin and gave her tits a good coating.

After cumming on Tanya, I laid down on top of her, feeling my cum between us. I kissed her and felt her hot, firm, and perfect breasts and her hard nipples. They felt great with my warm cum on them, and so slick as my hands traveled about her chest. We then rolled over, and she straddled my hips, opened her pussy, and slowly took my cock inside of her. I’d never been a fan of touching my own cum, but as she rode my cock, my hands felt every part of her, covered in my cum or not. Tanya did not need much to get herself off on my cock. Her orgasm was intense, causing pussy to get very tight and her legs to try to crush me. She collapsed on me and stayed there for a few more minutes taking in the feelings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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