Full Moon Beach Party Ch. 04-05

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04. The after party.

While Phoebe tried to get the attention of the bar tender without falling off her seat, Michael arrived.

“My beautiful Rose, definitely not a wall flower,” he said with a smile.

Ashley greeted him with a hug, pressing her bare breasts against his chest.

“Hi stud. Having fun?”

“Sure. It’s a good party. Beautiful girls.”

Michael sat down next to her, and ordered himself a drink too.

“How many girls did you have tonight?”

“Many. I don’t know. All I know is that I have been saving the best for last.”

“And what would that be?”

“You, of course.”

“I am the best?”

“Absolutely. I noticed that right away.”

“How so?”

“It is just, when you see a rose, from a distance you can tell it’s beauty already. It just stands out from the rest of the flowers. And when you come closer there is the smell, and you can see the perfection of the details. The flawless shapes and colours, the soft feel to the touch. You are exactly like that, Rose.”

She smiled, it was always good hearing compliments, even when she had doubts about his sincerity, after all he was a customer and she was an escort there. But that did not matter much to her, it still sounded nice.

“What do you think about Alicia?” she asked.

“She’s pretty drunk, isn’t she? Impressive victory, too.”

“She said you’re good.”

Ashley saw his face turn red, he obviously did not know how to deal with this situation well. He fucked her girlfriend, she knew about it, and asked him how it was. That was uncharted territory.

“Really, thanks. She’s good, too.”

“I know she is. Especially when she really gets going, an unstoppable sex machine.”

“You OK with me fucking your girlfriend?”

“Of course, why not. It may not look like it, but we’re working here. She’s just doing her job. And won us a nice day to the spa in the process, so who am I to complain.”

She had a good sip of her drink, and suggested, “How about we go somewhere more private?”

Michael of course happily agreed. They got up, and slowly made their way out of the party.

Ashley looked around at the other people. Some were dancing, others were just hanging around, chatting. They walked away, in the dark. Ashley spotted one of the large-breasted women having sex with two men, doggy style, sucking off one while being fucked form behind by the other. She was obviously not the only one interested in a little after party.

They walked more, further away from the party, until they nearly reached the end of the beach. It was rather quiet there, they could hear the chirping sounds of insects over the noise of the music. The moonlight gave the beach a very romantic atmosphere. Michael stopped, and hugged her again.

He whispered, “It looks like we finally have some private time, I’ve been looking forward to this all evening.”

Ashley felt the bulge in his Speedos pressing against her, and returned the hug, pressing her body against his firm chest. She felt herself melt in his arms, somehow he just felt wonderful. She wanted him so badly, and finally she got him all for herself, and without any time pressure. After hugging him for a while she moved down her fingers, and hooked her thumbs into the garment.

“You won’t be needing these now,” she whispered, and started to push them down to the ground, releasing his already mostly hard cock from its tight confinements. Michael stepped out of the small garment, and pushed it aside.

Ashley stayed on her knees after undressing him, and focussed her attention on the cock that was right in front of her face. She grabbed it with her hands, gently starting to masturbate him. She looked at how his cock grew even more, feeling it hardening in her hand.

His dick was an average size, nothing really special about it. She noticed he completely shaved, and realised that this was the first time today that she actually had a good view of this dick. From previous sessions she thought already he may be shaved, but only now could çatalca escort she see it for sure.

She pulled her hand down his dick, pulling down his skin, exposing his purple head. She licked the head, and unexpectedly it jumped. She laughed seeing his reaction to her tongue, and licked him again. Not much of a reaction this time, apparently it was mainly the surprise that made him jump. She took the head between her lips, and sucked him softly while rubbing her hands along his shaft. He tasted nice, feeling the soft head of his dick in her mouth was nice.

She moved one of her hands to his balls, shaven and smooth, and played with them. He reacted strongly to the stimulation, but she was not too worried. He had come at least twice already that day, so he could not possibly do it that soon again.

Softly she suggested him, “Why don’t you lie down. It’s more comfortable.”

He lay down on the sand, and Ashley climbed on top of him. She sat down on his thighs, his hard cock sticking out from under her and teasing her belly. Her legs straddled him, she felt his hands run over her legs.

She felt his chest, played with his nipples, running her hands over his broad chest. She marvelled at the muscle she could feel there. He felt so strong, she knew he was much stronger than she would ever be. She felt safe with him, and she knew that they were going to have great fun together.

His hands found her ass and massaged her lightly before running up alongside her body and down again. The tingling in her body increased, it felt good. She turned around on his chest, and slowly moved her ass backwards towards his head. She bent over, grabbed his dick in her hands, and started sucking him. Her ass was hovering near his face, she could feel his breath on her exposed pussy.

He started sucking her. Sucking her good, very good. She moaned on his dick, feeling her arousal grow very fast. She continued to suck his dick, sucking it a bit harder. He sucked harder, too, she felt her juices started to run freely. She must have been dripping by then.

She let his dick slip out of her mouth, and moved her mouth to his balls. She sucked them gently, revering the smooth skin, moaning on his continued ministrations.

Suddenly she felt a jolt of pleasure from her pussy, as he got hold of her clit and started sucking it seriously. She let out a loud moan, and let the balls slip from her mouth, arching her body up. She pushed her pussy harder in his face, clamping her legs holding his head.

He continued to suck her hard, her pussy was on fire. Just seconds later she exploded in a big orgasm, screaming loud. It was very good, it lasted long, and when her orgasm finally subsided she simply let herself fall down on the beach next to him.

Michael turned around so they were lying head to head again, and gave her a big hug. She just enjoyed the moment, feeling completely spent and out of energy after what he had done to her pussy. She needed some time to recover, but was already fully intent on returning the favour.

He played with her breasts, gently massaging them, playing with her nipples, licking and sucking them lightly. She started to feel her energy come back, pushed him back on his back, and climbed in between his legs.

She started sucking his dick, it did not last long until he was standing up hard again. She let him go, moved up, turned around and took him in her pussy. She fucked him hard, moving up and down him fast, holding his legs for support. She felt his hands on her waist, running along her sides, and massaging her ass while she was riding him hard. Her pussy was getting very wet again, his dick felt so good.

After a while he grabbed her hips, held her tight against his pelvis with his dick deep inside of her, and pushed her forward. Ashley dropped on hands and feet, and felt him hold her hips while he started fucking her from behind. His hands moved along her body, and she felt him grab her swinging boobs. He massaged her, played with her sensitive nipples, esenyurt escort and all the while fucked her hard. It couldn’t get any better.

He really lasted long. She was wondering if he would ever stop, whether he could stay hard for another hour or so without coming. She had never been fucked this long, and he did not show any signs of slowing down.

Just as she was wondering that he pulled out, put her on her back, he pulled her legs on his shoulders and started fucking again. Ashley was feeling like she was in heaven. She reached another orgasm, her voice was getting a bit hoarse from her screaming. She just could not help herself, it was so good, and she just could not stop herself from screaming out more.

Shortly after her orgasm subsided he pulled out and lay down next to her, hugging her.

Ashley said, “That was incredible, thank you.”

“I promised you I’d last long, and so I did,” Michael replied. “And by the way, I’m not done with you just yet. I only need a break.”

Ashley was very surprised by his comment. She lifted her head a bit, looked at him with big eyes, and said, “You mean you still didn’t come yet?”


Her surprise turned into a smile, and she said, “What’re you waiting for, then?”

“As I said, I need a break, I’m also just human.”

He climbed on top of her, pushing her on her back, and started to suck her nipples. She started to react instantly, her nipples were so sensitive now. Her arousal came back quickly, and she moved down her hand grabbing his cock, which was still soft. It also felt sticky, that must be her own juices. She felt him slowly getting hard again, such a lovely feeling, how a man’s dick becomes hard on her touch.

When he finally was hard again, he stopped sucking her. She was dripping again and he effortlessly slid his dick back into her pussy. He started fucking her, deep and hard, with urgency. She was so aroused, so sensitive, it did not take much for her to feel another orgasm build.

She started moaning louder again, and heard him starting to moan too. He was fucking her harder and harder, it was almost uncomfortable but at the same time it felt wonderful. She wrapped her legs around his ass, pushing him in harder as she started to reach her orgasm.

He was also getting close now, finally, she thought. She felt him grow in her pussy, stimulating her even more. Her orgasm came and caused her to clamp down hard on him, sending him over the edge too. She used her legs to keep him deep inside of her, and when he was done coming he crashed down on top of her.

She hugged him, and was feeling very satisfied.

She smiled at him, “Thanks, that was wonderful.”

He replied, “I’m the one to say thanks, you’re wonderful, beautiful Rose. This was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“It was. A wonderful party, with a perfect ending.”

They lay silent for quite some time, just watching the night sky, before Michael finally got up. He collected his Speedos and put them back on. He helped Ashley stand up, and slowly they walked back to the party area, and sat down at the bar.

They had a drink, sitting there silently, as both of them had nothing left to say for the moment. It had been great, Ashley was really happy about the evening. They looked at the other guests partying, dancing and having fun. Out on the beach two or three couples could be seen making out under the moonlight.

They sat there for about an hour until the party started to die down. The bus collected all of them. First the men were dropped off at the mansion.

“Sleep well, and thanks again. Bye!” Ashley said to Michael when he got off.

“Same to you, thanks, and bye,” he replied, and got off the bus.

She watched him walk to the mansion, and the bus drove off, to take the women to the entrance of the park, from where it was a short walk to the cabin. Arriving at the place, many memories about the Hunt returned to Ashley.

She quickly pushed them aside thinking about Michael and etiler escort the party they just finished, put her arms around a very drunk Phoebe, and helped her to the cabin. She took the two of them straight up the stairs, not bothering about searching for clothes, and dropped down on the bed. Phoebe drunk, Ashley exhausted, they both fell asleep instantly.

05. Epilogue.

The next morning when Ashley woke up, most other women were awake already. Phoebe was still deep asleep next to her, further down the bed she saw a few more sleeping women, mostly dressed in their underwear. She and Phoebe were the only ones that were still naked.

She walked down to the kitchen, finding a few more women having breakfast. All were dressed again, Ashley found the bag with her own clothes and put some clothes on too. She chatted a bit with the other women about the party, and had her breakfast.

Half an hour later there was still no sign of Phoebe, so she went upstairs again to have a look. Phoebe was still sleeping. Ashley woke her up, telling it is time to get up and have something to eat or to drink.

Phoebe groaned, she slowly opened her eyes, looking pretty bad.

“I’m sick,” she complained. “Bad, bad headache. Everything hurts.”

“Get up, have a drink, and you’ll be better soon,” Ashley advised her.

She helped Phoebe get up, and down to the kitchen. Phoebe got herself dressed, and sat down with a big mug of coffee, trying to wake up and to fight her hangover.

“Now that was quite a party,” she said. “The parts that I remember were very good, but I have the feeling I’m missing some bits.”

“No surprise. You remember you won a day to the spa?”

“Yes I do, I am the queen.” A smile returned to her face, and she lifted her arm, making a V-sign with her fingers before letter her arm drop down on the table again. “Queen Alicia, queen of the bracelets.”

“At least you remember that part.”

“And how were you with that black haired guy, what’s his name, the one you were so intimate with.”

“Michael. Yes, he was fun.”

“More than just fun, huh? I saw you two sneak off after the party.”

“True. We had a good time.”

“Good. Now you have another coffee for me?”

Phoebe obviously was coming back to life, and after her second cup of coffee and something to eat she was mostly OK. Ashley suggested her to join her for a swim in the pond near the mansion, they both were in need of a thorough cleaning up.

A few more women were in the pond, soaking in the water, chatting. Ashley and Phoebe got undressed, and went in the water. Ashley just soaked her body in the water, and closed her eyes, thinking of what had happened last night. How many men she had sex with, how many orgasms she had, and of course her encounter with Michael. He was good. She smiled lightly thinking of him.

Looking next to her she saw Phoebe was doing the same. They soaked their sore bodies for about half an hour, then got out of the water, dried themselves and got dressed. A few more women had entered the pond as well, they were obviously more energetic as they were splashing each other with the water.

Back at the mansion some were playing volleyball in the yard, others were on the roof terrace sitting in the deck chairs, soaking in some sun. Ashley and Phoebe did the same, and the rest of the afternoon they just relaxed.

Mid afternoon Angel came to the cabin. She told the girls they were leaving in about half an hour, the plane was on the way to pick them up. She talked a bit with the girls on the roof terrace, congratulating Phoebe and the other two winners again with their prize.

The trip back home was routine. On the flight Angel addressed the girls again, telling them she was very happy with the party, and that the men were very happy too. Overall they were in very good spirits this morning, if not too hung over that was, of course. She handed out the cheques to all of them, and upon arrival all got back their phones and watches.

Ashley went home with Phoebe, and stayed for the night before going back to her own place. They discussed what happened on the event, and both were positive sooner or later they would be joining another one.

They had a good night sleep, looking back at a very good weekend, and looking forward to the day to the spa that Phoebe won for them.

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