Gold Card Ch. 03

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After the surprising events at the bookstore and the wonderful Vietnamese lunch I enjoyed I decided to head home. Since I had been to the bookstore there really wasn’t anything else I needed to get while I was out and I didn’t figure I’d ever be able to repeat my sexual performances from early in the day. I mean I can’t remember the last time I came twice a week, much less twice in a day.

It was an easy drive for a Saturday afternoon, light traffic on the freeway and the road construction was all happening somewhere else. The drive became one of those automatic things, letting the mind drift away from the mundane task of operating the vehicle and to other more enjoyable things. For me, I was picturing the cashier at the bookstore, someone who was attractive, but certainly not anyone I’d ever picture in any sexual situation.

I could see her selling books, perhaps giving a lecture on a famous writer or hosting a dinner party for the rich and famous of the city. Of course she had a sex life, something from her past, elegant nights in exotic places or even slumming it with some hot steamy sex in the back of a Mercedes. Later in her life I might see a romantic evening of wine, kissing in the dining room before a quiet shift to the bedroom, to the bed where a man her age slowly makes love to her, ending in a soft, gentle crescendo before drifting to sleep.

But suddenly, amid the book stacks I see her in a completely different light, her breasts, not the tight, upright breasts of her youth, but the soft, pliant, sagging breasts that still, somehow seemed so perfect. Her short, gray-white hair had once been dark and long enough to cover her breasts, cascading over the firm mounds, but now, the breasts were completely exposed, completely naked to me. They closed around my cock with such incredible softness that I could only celebrate them, splashing them as I came.

Shaking my head I realized I had already passed my normal exit, so I checked the lanes beside me and moved over to the right. Fortunately I wouldn’t need to make a u-turn, I could always take the next exit, it was just a little further drive. It didn’t work out badly, this way I could stop by the local drug store and pick up ataşehir escort bayan a few items. I took the next exit and focused on the driving until I pulled into the drug store.

I only had a couple of dollars cash, but was confident there was enough to pay for everything. It was a good thought in theory, but as I walked into the store I felt very thirsty (the Pho for lunch will do that) but I was also craving something sweet and so in just a few minutes I knew I’d need to use a credit card.

Stepping up to the cashier, I watched as she rang up the purchases and sure enough, I was about five dollars short. I reached for my credit cards and unintentionally (I guess I just got used to using it that day) I grabbed my Gold Card and handed it to her. As she nodded her head and said, “Gold Card, very nice,” I could hear a murmur from the line that had formed behind me.

The cashier got on the loudspeaker and said, “Carolyn, we have a Gold Card user at the front register.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary,” I said, reaching for the bag of stuff I bought.

“Oh it’s no trouble, it’s actually our privilege to do this for you.”

“But I already…,” I stopped just before I announced to everyone in line behind me that I had tittyfucked the cashier at the bookstore and gotten a blowjob from the waitress at lunch. “I can just take my stuff…”

“Here he is,” the cashier said to a homely looking woman wearing a white jacket. Looking at the nameplate I saw she was the pharmacist for the store.

“Please come with me sir,” she said, grabbing my bag of stuff with one hand and my right wrist with the other. I quietly followed her back toward the pharmacy part of the store. Several times as we walked, she turned to look back at me and smiled. As I said, she was what I would call homely, her nose seemed too big for everything else, her cheeks seemed sunken, almost sullen looking and her eyebrows came within about a sixteenth of an inch of meeting in the middle.

Perhaps if she tried a little makeup and took some tweezers to her eyebrows she might be a bit more attractive, but as she was, without makeup she wasn’t ugly, but she simply wasn’t pretty at all, shallow escort kadıköy as that may sound of me. She led me into her office, released my hand, placed my package on her desk and locked the door behind us. Suddenly she looked at me oddly and I realized she was trying to be alluring.

Moving a bit closer to me, she said, “As you know, the Gold Card has some very special offers and you use it a bit more, the offers will get better.”

“I know about the offers, I have used the card already twice today.”

“Oh so you have enjoyed the Gold Card some?”

“Well, it’s just that, I’m like fifty two and I’ve already come twice today. I’m just not physically able to do it any more. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but it just won’t work.”

“Oh, come now, I will be the judge of that,” she said moving closer and closer as I tried to back away. When I finally bumped my back against the door, she squeezed in tight and her hands immediately went to my zipper. Reaching in, she pulled out my limp cock.

“See, it’s not even hard. This just won’t…,” as I was talking she ran the fingers of both her hands over my cock and balls, shocking me with the sensation. All I could do was look down as my cock pulsed and jerked its way to being fully erect.

“There you go, it looks ready to me.”

“What was it you did with your fingers?”

“You mean this?” she asked, as suddenly it felt like the tongues of a thousand women sliding over my cock at the same time.

“Yes, how do you do that?”

“Oh you see, it’s really a liability of my job, we handle tiny pills so often that, well we develop a high level of dexterity. With that dexterity I can do this.”

Damn, there it was again, a feeling so intense, so pleasurable I nearly fell over. If I hadn’t grabbed her shoulders I’d have been rolling on the floor. Pressing her body against me, her breasts flattening against my chest, she pinned me against the door and then did her fingers once again.

My knees buckled, but I didn’t fall, she supported me with her body as I became a dribbling idiot totally lost in the incredible pleasure that simply tingled over my cock and balls. Had she kept up whatever it bostancı escort was she was doing for anything longer than a second or two I would have already come, already come for the third time that day. But this woman, this pharmacist, this incredible goddess was drawing it out, taking me to the point of splashing my cum all over her and then stopping, letting it ecstasy subside and then doing it again.

“Just imagine what you might experience if you made a very large purchase with the Gold Card, you would have the joy of the merchandise you bought and something even better than this,” once again my cock lit up with an intensity of pleasure that I could feel tears running down my face. “And it would last longer than just this,” her fingers, her divine fingers ran over me again, this time not stopping in just a second or two but continuing until, yes… yes, yes, yesyesyes, I came covering her hands and fingers in my hot cum.

But she didn’t stop, the feeling, the sensation was taking over. I was crying, my mouth drooling, but my cock, my cock was hard again, hard and singing to the white angels of cum, singing, singing until the pleasure surged through me once again and my cock, my weary, incredible cock came once again, spurting what little bit of cum that remained in my body into her fingers.

Then she stopped and moved back a bit, letting me gently sag onto the floor. I looked up at her fingers, her hands, her lovely breasts and her face, the most beautiful face I could ever care to see. She smiled to me and said, “Thank you for using the Gold Card. Please clean up at your leisure and return to our shop soon. And, oh yes, don’t forget your package.” Delicately opening the door, I watched as she walked over to the sink, washed the cum that she had divinely inspired from her hands. Looking back once more, she smiled and then walked over toward the counter and began talking to another customer.

I got up, zipped up my pants, grabbed a tissue and wiped away the tears from my eyes and the drool from my mouth. There was a mirror in her office so I looked at myself. My face was flushed red and my eyes were a bit swollen from the crying, but otherwise I looked okay. I grabbed my package, slipped through her door and walked gingerly toward the front of the store.

As I passed through the door I heard the cashier call out to me, “Thank you again for using the Gold Card.” All I could do was limp out to my car and drive the rest of the way home.

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