Handyman Gets the Cold Shoulder

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It was day two of my long weekend with the house to myself since my wife was away on a week-long business trip, my two strapping, young adult sons were on an extended camping trip in the mountains, and my sexy early 20s something daughters were each working and then having sleepovers with friends.

Like many guys, I’ve certainly fantasized about engaging in wild orgies, but it was truly a first for this 5′ 8″, 52 year old, funny, flirty, handyman with a “dad-bod” to end-up enjoying a poolside fuckfest with two naughty nieces and my large-breasted, exotic, ebony neighbor.

I dispensed with my standard practice of grocery shopping in business casual clothes with a detailed list. This was a deliberately casual and non-structured weekend of going against the grain. Sporting my bathing suit and a tee shirt, I arrived armed with a plan to simply wander about randomly until something delicious caught my eye enough to entice me to explore it more closely.

Now I’ll admit, my conscious mind figured that simply meant food shopping but my already over-active, and recently incestuously inspired libido, obviously convinced my subconscious to also enjoy window shopping the plethora of attractive female shoppers as well.

It didn’t take long before my meandering had me exchanging flirty smiles and striking-up multiple small talk conversations with a few extremely attractive, friendly strangers. I also enjoyed allowing the tent in my shorts to steer my cart in the distant direction of various enticing womanly shapes only to pleasantly discover that several were actually women I knew as the wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters of various friends. And yes, of course I generously offered gregarious hugs and kisses to all, because in addition to often being referred to as “handy”, I think I’m probably best known for being friendly.

It was a great start to a great weekend, with the distant promises of potentially getting even better after a few of those lovely ladies made casual comments about possibly swinging by for dips in my pool, or to drop-off food for me upon hearing I was “bacheloring it” for the next several days.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise came from one mature but extremely voluptuous MILF who kissed my cheek and whispered that she’d been meaning for the past few years to discreetly drop by to return “a box of XXX-rated movies” her son had borrowed from me for another friend’s bachelor party before his untimely fatal heart attack. Now, I do indeed love a good porno from time to time but I had to stifle a laugh as I was well-familiar “THE Box”, as it was affectionately referred to, after attending several parties with my late friend. But, discretion being the better part of valor, I refrained from informing his mega-sexy momma that the videos were in fact, all actually his.

After nearly 30 minutes of “shopping” I only had two small items in my cart but I was having a blast. Little did I know, things would get even better once I rounded the corner onto the next aisle.

“Wow, what a body!” I thought to myself as I slowly, edged closer to the increasingly familiar statuesque, sultry, siren standing sideways and bending over to reach a lower shelf. kartal escort It was none other than my sweet neighbor, Shelly, whom, as I just learned yesterday, is also a surprisingly sexy, seductive, swings-both-ways, cum-loving slut!

She was wearing a full-length, light beige, tube top style maxi dress with a side slit seem cut full up to her shapely hip! The bright sunlight spilling through the store’s wall of windows and doors behind her, made the thin, light colored fabric of her dress nearly translucent in contrast to her light ebony skin from my vantage point. It was similar to the optical illusion of a properly lit theatrical scrim, leaving absolutgely no doubt that she was braless. Even more noticeable, and especially arousing to me, were her magnificent nipples!

I afforded myself the luxury of admiring her silently for several seconds before it dawned on me to see if I could preserve her mouthwatering sexuality by discreetly snapping some pictures of her with my iPhone. I managed to saunter-up beside her, still completely unrecognized, while feigning interest in items on the middle and upper shelves in front of her. My cock grew to full hardness as I realized that last time she stood in a similar position near me it was to inhale me until exploded rope after rope of warm cum down her throat.

I grew increasingly tickled that she was so engrossed in her label reading that she still had not detected my presence. I decided to “accidentally” drop a coupon in front of her to see if I could subtly win over her attention.

To my complete amazement, the coupon did not fall as I anticipated it would. Instead, it fluttered and and swooped as it descended until it wafted to a slow motion landing atop her mountainous tits.

That did the trick. She glanced curiosity down upon her chest and then turned her head sharply to the left. Because I was standing so close, and because my throbbing cock was tenting so prominently in my swimsuit, her face literally brushed a crossed my swollen member, catching me completely off guard and making me giggle, which in turn is what officially gave me away.

I apologized for standing so close and she laughed as she rose-up to give me a long, hard hug. I made it a point to “accidentally” brush one of her breasts, deliberately dragging two fingers across its massive nipple while retracting my arms from our hug. I am guessing by her flirty smile she knew and approved.

I playfully teased her about the amazing nutritional value of the contents of her cart which appeared to be nearly full with only snack-type items and some finger foods. Shelly explained she decided to organize and host a special birthday party for her cousin since her mom (Shelly’s aunt) had been called out of town last minute on business.

After a few minutes of small talk she said she needed to excuse herself to go pick up some wine coolers and beer for the party.

Bingo! Fortune favors the bold! This store was well known for its large, amply stocked, walk-in adult beverage cooler. So, ever the helpful, handyman, I volunteered to escort her and keep her company as she decided upon the correct combinations and quantities of beverages maltepe escort bayan to buy. In reality, I was eager to observe the anticipated effect of the frigid air on her already prominently protruding nipples.

Once inside the massive cold cave, I followed dutifully as she patiently perused the first of several shelving units. This location positioned 5′ 10″ Amazonian physique facing the entrance door to the cooler. I realized this meant that the shelf effectively shielded all but her beautiful face and hair from view by shoppers in the main part of the store.

I “accidentally” knocked over a small, decorative display. This provided the reason for me to bend down to gather and collect-up the promotional material from about her feet. This in turn provided me the opportunity to thrust my head deep inside her thigh-high slit seem and soon after make contact with her pantiless pussy. Jumping and shrieking slightly more out of shock than protest, it did not take long to overcome her initial resistance once my nimble fingers successfully located her gorgeous clit.

Mmm, she was already damp. It looks as though I was not the only one inspired and aroused by our chance encounter. She stifled her moans with a cough while spreading her stance to help increase my access to her hairy cunt. I was thoroughly enjoying my playful, public, probing of her pussy. Within a few minutes my hand became drenched and I felt her body actively tremble as the first orgasmic wave struck her.

Then, sound of the dastardly sound of the cooler door opening meant we’d soon have company, so I reluctantly withdrew my well-lubricated fingers and stood back up.

As feared, the people entered and proceeding directly towards the same shelf so I nonchalantly meandered through the next several shelves until I found myself in the very last row. I silently motioned for her to join me. She did.

As she arrived I gestured randomly towards the top few shelves. Taking the hint, she pantomimed a more slow and deliberate examination of the various stock items there. As she did so, I slid in behind her, taking pleasure at the wider range of vision that row provided as well as the increased privacy.

Now able to more fully view the activities and movements of other shoppers and employees around us, I stepped in close, reached around the front of her and yanked her tube top dress down to fully expose her magnificent breasts. I then immediately cupped each heavy breast in the palms of my hands while using my nimble fingers to simultaneously begin, stroking, touching, playfully tugging and twisting on her nearly 1.5″ long, finger thick, beautiful, dark chocolate colored nipples.

She briefly protested but my torturous, tantric assault on her soon enticed her to surrender and submit.

Her incredibly sensitive nipples and the presumed excitement of our bold, public taboo soon rewarded her with multiple waves of gushing organic joy.

This heightened both my arousal and boldness culminating in my decision to step in tightly causing my erect cock to drag across her backside. Her nearly two inch height difference significantly reduced the realistic option to fuck escort pendik her from behind while standing, but it did definitely afford me the wonderful joy of darting my left hand away from her left titty, back into her skirt and directly into her sopping wet pussy. My right hand continued to enthusiastically fondle and tease her breasts while my left hand frantically frigged her enormous, swollen clit to a series of progressively more powerful orgasms.

Without a word and with the speed, strength, and surprise of a ninja, she jutted her bulbous, bubble butt backwards causing me to lose my balance and stumble backwards. She then pivoted, snatched my wrists and raised them up and out before letting go of them to allow them to rest on the counter before me. Before I could fully comprehend what just happened, slid her hands to my sides and then collapsed downward. As she rapidly disappeared from my sight, she slid her hand down and yanked my swimsuit to my ankles in a single tug. Faster than my eyes could blink, I then felt the hot, wet, deep sucking sensation as her amazing mouth and tongue complexly engulfed and sensationally assaulted my throbbing cock. Alternating rapidly between kissing, licking, and sucking me, she engulfed me in a cloud of ass clenching, knee knocking, ball tingling intense pleasure, the likes of which I’ve never experienced before.

She deliberately left her massive mocha melons exposed and used one hand to assertively tug and twist her nipples while her other hand disappeared deep inside her pussy to vigorously frig herself. She looked up at me and stared deep into my eyes as she simultaneously sexually satisfied the both of us. I heard a soft guttural moan mixed with a hint of gagging sound emerge from her sultry and slutty mouth signaling we were both on the verge of exploding into powerful orgasms!

I could feel the freight train of pure pleasure boiling up in my heavy balls when I heard the familiar sound of the cooler door begin to open.

3-2-1- Ignition! I felt the euphoric eruption. Step. Pump. Step. Pump. Step. Pump. Step. Pump.

I sprayed intense jet after jet of my salty liquid love into her waiting, wanton mouth. I felt one of her hands lash out to steady herself as her body literally convulsed in writhing pleasure. And I saw her beautiful golden-brown eyes flash with unmistakable joy before rolling back into her head like the amazing, Angela White.

The volume of the approaching steps increased as if almost in synch with the spasms of our outrageous orgasms.

I had a visual. It was a petite but well endowed redhead whose braless boobs bounced and swayed with each large, determined step she took. She was was waiving a small envelope said she’d been looking all over the store for me after seeing it fall out of my mother’s coat when I hugged her”.

I nodded and smiled and said a soft, “Thanks” as I grabbed the envelope from her.

“Hugging my mom… ha, which one? I hugged at least five different foxy mommas in this store this morning… wait… what is that?” I thought to myself as I felt an object inside the envelope.

I opened it up and found what appeared to be a front door key, “now how in the world am I supposed to know which… wait, is that writing on the key? It is! But what does it say? Wait, I think it’s upside down… well what to do know! I never saw that coming… better stuff this in my trunks pocket before Shelly comes out from behind that back shelf…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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