Her Special day

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This is the first erotic story i wrote. I nearly didn’t upload it but after a fair amount of prodding… I apologize, I think it’s a rambling mess. But apparently its “more than enough”.


You wake slowly as the lips march up your left leg, keeping your eyes closed you wait as they slip over the inside of your thigh. You know what is going to happen, your back arches as… the lips crest the curved ridge. Pulling the covers off you watch as his eyes meet yours and his lips continue down to your ankle. You watch as his tongue drags across your clit and you push towards him.

With one lick from the base of your pussy to the top you fall into the spell of his eyes. Then you feel his strong hand around your waist and you moan. Then, his tongue is gone, opening your eyes you see him right in front of you, then you are pushed back into your pillows as the kiss starts, sending pleasurable jolts through your body.

Feeling his hardness pushed against you as he kisses you deeper than you can remember being kissed. Pulling back slightly he kisses along your cheek to your ear lobe. “All. For. You.” You can hear the lust and want in his voice and your eyes snap open again as you feel a finger slide slowly inside your wetness. Pushing deeper and deeper until you feel the palm of his hand against your clit.

Without moving his finger, he grinds his palm into you, rubbing your clit, faster and faster until he slides a second finger inside you. Still the fingers won’t move and you see that devilish smile again and you move your hips backwards and forwards, aching to feel something move inside you. With a quick kiss he stops your movements, and moves back to your ear without stopping his palm from grinding.

“You need to wait. It will happen… slowly.” With another quick kiss on the lips and a flick of his tongue against your teeth you lie back and enjoy it. While his palm grinds and two fingers are deep inside your wet depths his mouth descends onto your hardening nipples. The second hand appears and squeezes your breasts as he licks, sucks and nibbles on your beautiful breasts.

Smiling up at you as your breathing starts to quicken you feel his fingers pull out slowly then slide back in, curling up at the last instant. Holding your eyes, it happens again, faster this time, then faster and faster until you start to feel the first orgasm just about to break over you. Then his mouth is on your clit again, flicking over it, his breath tickling over your lips as your orgasm hits and your spine bows and you cry out.

Just as your body recovers he pulls his fingers out, spreads your legs and licks from the very base of your pussy all the way to the top, then does it again. Spreading your lips with his thumbs he licks again, the tip of his tongue slipping inside slightly. Looking up he can see you watching, taking your hands in his he puts them on your glorious breasts and resumes licking you, tasting all of your juices. Then he kisses up your belly, between your breasts and to your mouth.

Then along your jaw line to your ear, “That’s one.” Without warning he rolls your over, crawls up between your legs and starts to massage your neck and back. You can feel the hard thickness of him as he leans forwards to push deeply on your shoulders and you moan and push back against him. Pulling back, he gives you a light spank on the ass but doesn’t move himself away from that glorious ass.

Sliding tighter against you he works himself so he slides against your wet lips, teasing you with every movement and positioned so there is no way he will slide inside until he wants to. Moaning you grind against him, feeling the thick shaft move against you. Then his hands slide down to your amazing ass. Caressing you, running fingers down between your cheeks and spreading your lips until he pulls back and pushes inside.

Filling your pussy completely and making you moan as you push back, Then you feel his thumb push against your ass, not going inside, just teasing you with the possibility. Leaning forward he kisses between your shoulder blades. You know you want it, ever since you woke up to his kisses you’ve wanted him to take you. Feeling his thumb against your ass pushes you over the edge and you start pushing against him, begging him to fuck you till you both collapse.

With escort ataşehir a smile you can’t see he grips your hip with his spare hand and thrusts to meet you, pushing deeper inside. With a shudder you know your second orgasm is close, as your walls start to tighten he takes your right hand in his and lifts it to your clit and he starts to rub you while he fucks you. Then it hits and you feel yourself gushing around his cock as it pumps in and out of you, his hand has left yours rubbing your clit and he’s holding you as your second orgasm washes over you.

Then with no warning his thumb pops inside, just a little, so you feel yourself penetrated in both holes and the feeling pushes you over the edge. Imagining how you look you thrust back harder, thinking about your breasts heaving, being fucked from behind as you play with your own clit and you have a thumb in your ass pushes you closer until he pulls out. With a moan of loss you aren’t prepared to be flipped over again, pulled to the edge of the bed so he can stand up as he fucks you.

Tugging a pillow down to put under your ass you can watch every thrust, every time the thick, hard cock, covered in your delicious juice drives into you. Pulling your legs up so they are running up his chest he spreads you again, grips your waist and starts fucking you as hard as he can. You can feel your juice leaking out around his cock and you know he feels it to. Watching as he fucks you, enjoying every thrust more than the last, revelling in how naughty it makes you feel, your next orgasm takes you by surprise and just as you hit the top of your climax he pulls out and dives between your legs, eager to taste you straight from the source.

You grip his hair and push him harder against you as you grind his face for all you are worth. Tongue fucking you as a finger slides into your ass again making you scream with lust as he finger fucks you to the edge, then over it. Sliding his other hand around you as he slides up and pulls you close, so he can feel your body quake. Then without warning you are on top of him, his cock teasing your entrance, brushing against the opening as he massages your breasts.

Pulling you down on top of him so he slides inside you he whispers, “Good morning princess. Sorry I woke you,” then just leaves himself inside you as you fall asleep. Warn out from the exertion of being woken up early.

Later on he would take you out, taking you to enjoy a lunch in the sun, opening doors and pulling out chairs for you. Making sure to stroke his fingers over exposed skin, then flicking his finger tip over your nipples whenever he gets the chance. Keeping you at that state of readiness. After ordering he will take your hand and lead you to the bathroom, tug your panties down and lift your skirt to get access to your wet cunt.

Running his fingers over your pronounced clit then removing his cock from his jeans. Then as he swirls a finger in your pussy he’ll take you, slamming that cock inside you. Pulling your hair to expose your throat. Kissing over your neck, up your jawline and to your lips as he hammers into you. Nothing like a quicky in a classy restaurant bathroom. You lean forward and bite his shoulder as you cum so you don’t cry out.

Then he will finish inside you, spraying his hot cum deep inside you. Watching your eyes as you feel it coat you. Holding himself inside you, sharing a deep, passionate kiss before pulling out and helping you to clean up. Then you would make a stately procession back to the table, smiling at the memory of having your cunt stretched In a public place.

Sitting down you let out a little giggle, looking glorious with the slight, “just fucked” flush. People are watching, the flushed faces and the touchy feely attitude, everyone just knows you had your sweet pussy full of cock in the bathroom.

After a long lunch with a lot of stares and wanton glances you are led back to the car. Driving out of town you hop into the back seat, you know what he wants. With the time that has passed and the clean up job before you don’t taste of cum so he wants to eat your pussy. You remove your damp panties, hitch up your skirt, then masturbate for him. Three fingers slamming in and out of yourself he changes his mind.

Instead of licking that tasty cunt he kadıköy escort lifts you up, coats his cock in your juice, then slowly slides it into your perfect ass. You throw your head back and shudder as you have both holes full, your cunt full of fingers and your tight ass full of hard cock. Scrambling forward and around so you have your back to him so you can finger fuck yourself, while you bounce on his cock as you start taking him deeper as you start enjoying it.

Pretty soon you are impaling yourself on the thick cock as it is buried in your ass. He kisses the back of your neck and plays with your breasts while you use him to fuck your as your cunt drips with your delicious juice. Every now and then you pull your fingers out and let him lick your fingers. After you squirt over the backseat and he fills your ass with cum you roll off so he can lick your sweet cunt.

Loving as he watches your eyes as he licks and sucks your clit and pussy entrance. Feeling naughty because your ass is full of cum. But loving it. You start moaning and squirming, the look in his eyes begging you to squirt again, and you do, with a yell you release and spray his face and chest with your juice and he licks as much of it up as he can.

Then you pull him up so you can taste yourself on his mouth. Rubbing your cunt as you taste your juice. Finally, sweaty, coated in your juice and you dripping cum, the two of you lie there on the back seat, spent and smiling. Then a small, exhausted fist bump. A job well done.

After dozing with a small amount of touching he wakes up and pulls clothes back on and jumps into the front seat to drive back to your house. You look up and see him watching you and you smile. Pulling yourself around and spreading your legs you start playing with yourself. Sliding a finger down on either side of your clit you pinch it between your fingers.

With your right hand engaged in clit play your lick the fingers on your left and slide 2 fingers into your sweet pussy. You hear him groan and you spread your legs further and finger yourself faster. Looking down you see that you are having quite an effect on him. With a snarl he pulls over and tears the right back door open. You start smiling then squeak as he grabs your legs and pulls you to the edge of the seat and rolls you over.

Exposing your ass. it he growls again and says, “You need to be punished,” he slaps it again, “You need to be punished, fucked hard and left coated in cum and your juices,” with that he runs his hand up your pussy, coating it in your juice. Then he lubes himself up with it and shoves his thick cock inside you. You grunt as it fills your soaking cunt to the brim and smile. Looking up you see cars driving past in the evening light as you are getting savagely fucked.

Smiling you spread your legs and let it happen, enjoying the pounding and arching your back. He pushes you back down and slaps your ass hard. You shiver, the pain just adds to the pleasure and you know he won’t hurt you. You start to pant, the hard thrusts combined with the spanking is driving you closer, you know he won’t stop though, you’re in for it now.

Your orgasm smashes into you, then 30 seconds later another follows as you scream, your body giving in to the pleasure and your mind pulling back to enjoy it. He doesn’t stop, your scream of lust driving him on. He puts one foot on the lower door frame of the car, with the new angle he pushes down and into you. Changing where the head of his cock pushes into you.

He pulls you tighter so he needs to pull back quite far to piston into you. Your cunt is dripping onto the seat every time he pulls out and he spanks you again. Looking up you see that it is getting darker, cars are using their lights now. You look over your shoulder and see him, covered in sweat with his eyes running over your body. He sees you looking at him and he rolls you over while balls deep inside you.

The spinning of his cock tears another orgasm from your over sensitive body. He smiles and slows down. “One more, I promise,” he said. You nod and reach up, he leans forward going in deeper, your eyes open as he pushes against your cervix. As you curl your legs around him your hand touches his face and he pushes in as deep as he can go.

The head brushes your cervix again and maltepe escort bayan he cums. The deepness and the force of his cum spraying into you pushes you over the edge and you head starts to roll back. He kisses you, locking eyes and lips as he pours more and more cum into you as your body quakes with the orgasm. After he calms and pulls out he smiles, “Told you there would be one more,” he said. His voice a deep purr. Your body shivers and you moan again. He laughs, knowing the effect his ‘post-sex’ voice has on you.

“We need to get you in a shower, I’ve filled you with a lot of cum. Especially in your tight ass…” his hand flexes and his cock hardens at the mention of it. It’s your turn to laugh. You love how your body effects him, the sex is amazing, but the compliment of how he loses control just looking at you is even better. He breathes deeply several times and closes his eyes. With a smile he gets dressed again.

“Let’s get you home princess. If anyone sees us you are going to have to answer some awkward questions,” his eyes rove over you again, “You also came a lot. We are going to have to get the car cleaned,” he said with a laugh. Leaning forward he kisses your clit, careful to only get your juice on his lips. Then he kisses you again, transferring the juice to your mouth, then the kiss gets deeper and you grab him by the shirt to pull him closer, then you push him away.

“Take me home… my cunt needs more but I want to be on top… in our bed,” you say. Then you busy yourself wiping down with wet wipes and getting your spare panties out of a duffel in the boot. “I’m glad we keep this clean up kit in the car. I’d hate to wear these panties again,” you say, holding up the ones you had put on this morning, “they are soaked through,” you say with a devilish smile. Hopping into the front passenger seat you lean over and kisses him, “I love when you make me squirt,” you say.

Once home he allows you time to have a shower, coming out wrapped in a thick towel he looks you up and down, drinking you in. Then he moves, the speed he crosses the room takes your breath away. You are on the ground stretched out over the towel and his head is between your legs. Looking down you see his head moving around as he licks your clit and pussy.

You grip his head, mashing him into you. Arching your back both in pleasure and knowing how much enjoyment he gets from eating you. Moaning as you cum, your sensitive clit buzzing from the attention it has received today. You wrap your legs around his head, pulling him in tighter. Then he stands up, your shoulders braced on the ground as he holds your weight and eats you while looking down at you.

“Fuck me…” you whisper. His smile broadens, “Fuck me please…” you say again. Your voice slurring around the pleasure. “Please… fuck me. I need you inside me. Please…” you say. He pulls back from your dripping cunt and you see your juice on his lips. You shiver as he puts you down on the ground and watch as he strips, moaning and reaching for his hard, thick cock.

“Put it in me…” you pant. He smiles and kneels between your legs, gripping himself he runs the head of his cock around your entrance, pushing it against your clit. You hit your clenched fists into the soft towel under you, “JUST FUCK ME!” you scream at him. He leans forward and kisses your lips, you melt into him, tasting your sweet cunt on his mouth and then you jerk as he thrusts his cock inside you.

Melting further you fall back from his lips, smiling deeply, “Thaaaank yooou,” you whisper, your body jerking with each thrust. Then his thumb is on your clit and his tongue is whipping across your nipples and you are done. At the last second his left hand pulls the towel up to catch your juice as you squirt, then he’s back inside you, quickening his pace. You know he can’t last much longer as he starts to pant.

You know you shouldn’t have let him lick you for so long. Your pussy is his kryptonite and tasting it directly from the source pushes him closer than your mouth on his hard cock ever could. With that image, his thick cock fucking your mouth plastered across the inside of your mind you cum again, and he plasters the inside of your sweet cunt as your twitching cunt pushes his over the edge as well.

Lying beside each other you smile again, revelling in the feeling of his hot cum dripping inside you. “Now I need to shower again, you always make a mess of my pussy,” you say, your smile evident in your voice. You feel his softening cock twitch inside you and you moan, “Down boy, that’s enough for now,” you say.

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