Hotel Love Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The Dream

As my eyes closed, amidst the scent of sweat and sex emanating from the four naked spunk and love juice covered bodies on the bed, including my own, another gentle odour wafted into my nostrils and stirred my mind into yet more sexual thoughts. Recognising the lovely scent of Eternity I snuggled my head closer into Adele’s neck so as to inhale even more of her sensual perfume. Adele’s skin was soft and welcoming to the touch and I allowed my hand to stray over her body to cup her breast. Adele made no move and the gentle heaving of her bosom told me that she was already asleep. Snuggling even deeper into her neck I began to allow my thoughts to remember the various sex acts that had just taken place on the large double bed beneath me.

Darren and Charles, still naked with the spunk drying on their youthful bodies and the taste of pussy juice still on their lips, were also sliding into a deep sleep. I could feel a soft cock pressing against my leg and a thick pair of fingers were nestled between my inner thighs. Without opening my eyes I could not tell who’s cock and fingers they were. I didn’t care. It felt good either way.

As the thoughts of thrusting cocks, probing tongues and ravaging fingers, not to mention the taste of Adele’s pussy still in my mouth, drifted pleasantly through my mind I began to slip further into sleep; my mind and body totally relaxed and pleasured to the full; the gentle scent of Eternity remained with me as I drifted from reality into dream sleep….

Ten minutes later I was being gang banged.

I was laying, on my back, across a small bed with my head hanging backwards over the side and my hips on the edge of the other side of the bed. My legs were being held up and open and a huge cock was fucking deep and hard into my pussy. A large pair of hands were holding my head and another cock was being thrust into my open mouth as my head hung upside down and my hair dangled down towards the floor. My mouth sucked greedily on the shaft of the cock pendik escort as it fucked my throat harder and faster whilst my pussy muscles tightened around the cock fucking me between my legs. I couldn’t see any faces but was aware of being surrounded, on just three sides, by naked male bodies and stiff cocks. There were men at the head of the bed, but no headboard; and there were men at the sides of the bed but I sensed that there was no one at the foot of the bed? That seemed to be in darkness compared to the very bright lights that shone onto my body. In my dream state I tried determine how many men there were but my vision was blocked by the hairs surrounding the cock that was pummelling my mouth.

I felt a pair of hands on my body and felt the bed move as someone straddled my chest; next moment I felt a stiff cock placed between my tits and the pair of hands held them tight together around the shaft of the owners cock while he started to fuck my tits; slowly at first and then faster and faster as his ardour increased.

The cock in my mouth suddenly spurted and I felt a torrent of hot spunk splash into my throat and I swallowed as my mouth became full of the sticky liquid. The cock withdrew but before I could finish swallowing the cum another cock slid into my mouth and immediately became coated in the remaining spunk. This seemed to excite the cock’s owner as his shaft suddenly became even harder and he began to fuck my throat as if it was my cunt; holding my head still as he pounded into me.

The cock in my pussy suddenly hardened a fraction and then, it too, emptied a gush of hot sperm deep into my body. The cock withdrew a few seconds later and I felt my legs lifted even higher, by my ankles, and the next cock to enter me went into my arse. It hurt. Even in my dream state I could sense the pain of the invading cock; but it was the type of pain I enjoyed and my whole body began to tingle as my arse muscles relaxed and the cock drove in deeper.

My tits were still being pressed tightly escort pendik around the cock that was fucking them and any moment I expected to feel the onslaught of more spunk as it shot out and hit my face and chin. But the cock in my mouth erupted first and again I had to swallow quickly to stop from gagging on the hot liquid. The cock was withdrawn and I expected my mouth to be filled by another cock immediately but, instead, a pair of hands lifted my head up so that I could see the big, muscle covered negro that was fucking my tits so hard. He smiled down at me as he thrust back and forth and I, in return, smiled back at him.

Pushing my tits even tighter around his cock he suddenly shouted at me to open my mouth. Willingly I opened wide and a few seconds later he came. And God did he come. The first spurt hit me in the left eye but the second was aimed more accurately and the spurt of cum went directly into my open mouth, as did the second, and the third. The fourth spurt lacked the force of the first three and a large globule of cum hit my chin and dripped down my neck. I closed my mouth and swallowed the sperm that had hit it’s intended target and, at the same time, I felt the hot cum that had hit my eye slide down my cheek towards my mouth. Again I opened it and delighted in licking my tongue at the white liquid as it dripped into my mouth.

Before I had finished swallowing I felt the onslaught of spunk enter my arse as it’s owner yelled in pleasure at the feel of my tight arse gripping his thrusting cock. Before he had finished coming another spray of cum hit me full in the face and I glanced sideways to find out where it had come from. Another man was stood beside the bed, red headed cock in hand, and another spurt of liquid erupted onto my face as he finished wanking himself over me.

The cock in my arse withdrew and the next one entered my pussy in one, swift movement and buried itself up to the hilt. It fucked me. Long, deep strokes fucked into my waiting slit as my head was allowed pendik escort bayan to fall backwards again and yet another cock rammed into my wet and spunk soaked mouth.

I came.

My body suddenly shook as the orgasm hit me and I screamed in pleasure onto the cock in my mouth and almost bit it.

As my cunt and mouth took the thrusting cocks I felt a hand on my wrist and it was lifted up beside the bed. The cock that was placed into my palm was huge. For a moment I thanked God that this monster was in my hand and not my pussy. I began to wank it. Gripping it tightly I rubbed the foreskin up and down the shaft as I stretched it from the head and down towards the base where the owners balls were slapping against my wrist. Faster and faster I wanked the throbbing cock while my face was being fucked harder and faster; almost in rhythm to the cock fucking my pussy. That one came first. I felt the rush of spunk enter me as I heard it’s owner moan loudly and then, whilst it was still spurting, my mouth again took a hot load of cum that slid easily down my opened throat. Next moment the cock in my hand suddenly released it’s load and the liquid hit my tits and stomach before it started to dribbled down my hand and wrist.

I let go of the cock as the other two withdrew from my orifices and, for a moment at least, I was free of thrusting male members.

I felt a pair of hands grab my wrists and lifted my torso up into a sitting position on the side of the bed. I smiled back at the group of men around me as they stood, naked, with sagging cocks dangling between their muscled legs and huge smiles on their faces. I felt a trickle of spunk slide down from my tits and onto my stomach and lifted a hand to wipe it up. It had cooled but still tasted good as I slid my cum covered fingers between my lips.

The sudden roar and clapping from 200 onlookers startled me as the theatre lights went up to reveal the standing audience as they whistled and clapped and yelled their approval at the scenes they had just witnessed. I felt my face colour to match my red hair just seconds before I woke up…..

I hope you enjoyed my latest story. Please feel free to e mail me any comments.

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