Illicit Desires Ch. 01

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He had never, ever looked at the maid with those kinds of intentions. But increasingly Sundar had found himself struggling with the way his body felt when she came in the morning and wished him in the morning. And then today happened.

Sundar was 72 years old and had daughters who were older than the maid. She was just a 19-year-old girl. She was a city-bred girl who had been to school till her 8th class and merely followed her mother’s footsteps in working as a maid.

It started with the girl being indiscreet in managing her clothing so that one many occasions as she swept the floor near where he was sorting out his bills and papers.

She was all sweet innocence and had looked back up at him staring at her and smiled. “What, anna?” she asked laughingly, using the term for elder brother.

Sundar just shook his head and said, “Just do your work,” and continued to look at her. And with that simple exchange she went back to her work and he went back to gazing at her breasts as they hung inside her loose top.

She was sweet, beautiful and dark. So it was with her breasts as far as he could see them, down the front of her dress. Her skin was uniform in its color, like deep rich chocolate. He watched them jiggle as she vigorously swept or swabbed the floor. He never wanted to see more. There was no inner wish to see her nipples. No secret desire for sex.

Just the simple pleasure of seeing this sweet, innocent girl and her firm, lovely body.

Mekalai, in her innocence, was unaware that her body was on display or indeed that Sundar anna was drinking in the sight of her young, lush body.

The contact increased in steps. One day it was hands touching as she handed him bowl of cut fruit. On another day it was her breast pressing against his arm as she reached across him to pick the day’s newspaper to pass it on to Sundar’s wife.

Finally, today happened. There was something about the day she had dressed herself today. The young man to whom she promised was in town and on such days Mekalai always seemed more radiant than ever. She was better dressed. Her eyes, always dancing had a special sparkle on these days.

And there was something a tad more sexual in her gait. There seemed to be a sway of hips not present on other days. And on this day, her actions as she swept and swabbed had a cadence that was decidedly sexual. It was as if, when on her knees, she could as well have been atop her fiancé, and her actions canlı bahis were of smearing herself on him — not sweeping and swabbing.

Sundar felt the usual mild arousal and fascination with the young woman’s body cross the usual thresholds. After years, he had an erection hard enough to satisfy a woman. He stretched out on his easy-chair and curled his toes, feeling the fresh, full feeling in his cock. A frisson ran through his upper thighs and he knew he needed to get up.

He could not afford for Mekalai to spot Sundar anna’s hard on. And he was pointing upwards and hard — there was no mistaking what was happening here.

Mekalai kept glancing towards to him as she did on all working days when she was in the same room as him. Sundar did not dare press down on his hard-on with his palm, as he would have liked to; she was sure to spot him.

One of the reasons Mekalai was easy around him and careless with her clothing was because Sundar maintained a strict decorum and the girl never felt threatened. Sundar was not about to blow that. He wanted this simple, enthralling pleasure of the feast for his eyes to continue.

Besides, was she not younger than his youngest daughter? And she called him ‘anna’ or brother, too.

He shivered as he wished he had not imagined her as any of those things. Then, perhaps like the exploits of his friend Suresh he too could have indulged in this girl. Suresh was his oldest friend and over the years, he had heard from Suresh of his sexual trysts.

In the younger years, Suresh’s women were all older ones from his neighborhood. Now, in the recent years, they were all younger women. Sundar often wished he had Suresh’s flair for this. He had never been able to figure out if it was his sense of decorum or his inability to organize the rendezvous. “I do not have the guts to make the first move,” he thought to himself often.

Sundar got up from his easy chair and moved to the sanctuary of the bath. He sat down in the tub with his lungi on. His hand gently gripped his cock and he closed his eyes.

The image of Mekalai’s smiling impish face, breasts showing flooded his mind. He needed nothing more to stroke himself. He did not want to think beyond in any case for he did not want thoughts about his daughters or the maid’s age interfering with his pleasure.

He thought of those lovely breasts, imagining them to be creamy as warm chocolate would be on an ordinary Indian summer day. Just the bahis siteleri thought of those treats and his hand ran up and down his rock hard shaft.

“Mekalai,” he whispered, lovingly.

Sundar found his hips moving up and down and he grunted as he imagined himself fucking. No! Not Mekalai! Just a woman, any woman.

Every time he said “No” in relation to Mekalai his pleasure rose up quickly. It was not as if he needed to focus on her as the focus of his desires. Even thinking of her in the negative was enough.

“No. No. No,” he repeated to himself silently as he imagined the young girl on top of him. He remembered those breasts jiggling and imagined himself exactly under them, his face in them. This time when he whispered her name there was urgency to it.

“No,” he whined as he imagined himself reaching for the forbidden breasts. His cock reared up magnificently and he seemed ready to cum; except he wanted to prolong his desire. He slowed down.

“How will she feel if I sank into her?” he thought, methodically setting up a slow, steady rhythm.

Hot and bubbling? Or tight and resisting from being a virgin? He groaned as he felt his crisis rising in his cock. He vigorously pumped his fist wanting to feel pleasure and hopeful that he could stop before he came.

“No, I cannot want someone so young!” he told himself. He imagined himself nudging himself into her virgin pussy and initiating her to the feeling of hot hard flesh inside her. Would she call out to him as ‘anna’ (big brother) in her ecstasy?

He felt his cock lose some hardness as the conflict inherent in his desire showed its impact. He brushed aside thoughts of that.

He wanted to fuck her hard. “She must not be a virgin,” he reasoned. Her fiancé was bound to have fucked her, going by the comings and goings when the young man was in town.

This thought allowed him to ram his cock harder through his clenched fist even as the fist became her cunt. He fucked her with abandon in his mind as his hand pleasured himself, as only a man knows how to pleasure himself.

“Mekalai!” he hissed as his cum spurted out and he gripped his cock harder, catching the flow in the cloth of his dhoti. He repeated her name over and over again. These were guttural groans of a man cumming in his woman’s arms.

With one hand he pinched his nipple, as he felt desperate for the young woman’s hot, young body. His other hand mimicked whatever he wanted to do in bahis şirketleri Mekalai’s pussy. He stroked himself vigorously and he flowed till the cloth was soaked through and he felt his own cum on his hands.

It was not his nipple; he was twisting and pinching her nipple as he continued to thrash in his orgasm.

It was not his hand but her pussy sliding up and down his cock as he came in torrents. Could she take him in? All the way? And handle this vigor of fucking? Would it be her virginity or would it be the limits of her pussy’s dimensions that might make her so tight? He was sure she would fit like a tight glove around his cock. As tight as his hand was on his cock right now…

“Mekalai!” he sobbed, wanting her so bad, right now, right here.

His cumming never seemed to stop as he drenched himself in cum. He wanted that to be the moment he was pressed hard against her, his pubic hair meshed with hers; his groin grinding against her groin.

As his cumming slowed to a dribble he imagined this to be the moment when his chest would come to rest on those tender, chocolate breasts.

“I will, I will!” he promised himself. “I will take her.”

And then it was over. The pleasure receded and with it the intense need for the young woman.

He reflected on what he had just done.

“No need to feel guilty,” he reasoned. “Whatever I did was in private. I did not actually fuck her.” In fact, the sense of control he now felt told him he was doing the right thing. Else, he felt maddened enough with lust to take the girl aside and fuck her.

“She is out there doing her own thing and none the wiser,” he told himself.

Actually she was not out there doing her own thing.

She thought she heard her name being called. She had opened the bath door when Sundar anna was at the height of his cumming. She had watched him repeat her name. She had watched him thrust pointlessly into where her pussy might have been.

She saw his clenched fist and imagined what was within, just as he had imagined her breasts and pussy. She saw the wet, sticky mess on the cloth in his hands. She felt her breasts swell and other feelings that scared and confused her.

Sundar sensed someone’s presence. He turned around and saw Mekalai standing there, her mouth agape. Her face was flushed and her eyes were radiant as ever. Standing up, her dress was as modest as ever. But she was the same sweet, innocent Mekalai he had just fucked in his imagination.

In his hurry to pleasure himself he had forgotten to latch the door!

He was about to sit up when the young girl shut the door and left him to imagine and worry about what might happen next.

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