Indulging Myself

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You never know who you’re going to catch up with when you put one of those social group pages up on the internet. Melissa, my younger daughter, made me do it. It was the only way, she insisted, that anyone would ever find me. I did it mostly to humor her.

Tom showed up on my page a few months after I’d put it up. We’d gone to grade school together. He was my first date in high school. Nothing much had ever come from the few dates we went on – just a few chaste kisses at the door and one time he’d let his hand slip down and hold my bottom. If he’d known what I did in bed with myself after our dates he might have tried to do more. I’m sure I would have let him. But, well, nothing ever came of it. He was just too polite, or shy, and so was I.

It was nice to know that he had done pretty well in life, but sad to know that his wife had died in a car accident about the same time Jack left me. Both of us had left our home town and settled down in other cities. We’d post little comments about life on each other’s pages now and then. Nothing much, just old friends being nice to each other.

About a year after we’d been posting and sending the occasional note to each other, I got the opportunity to go to a training session in Tom’s town. My boss approved the travel, providing I’d get one of those cheap, stay over Saturday night air fares. That didn’t bother me too much as I’d always wanted to see the city where the training was, and since the training ended on a Saturday morning it wasn’t too much trouble to stay the extra day. I made the arrangements to go.

About a week before I was scheduled to leave I made a decision. Since Jack had left me I hadn’t dated, and the only sex I’d had was between me and my vibrators. It hadn’t felt right to really date much with the girls growing up and everything, but it was five years now, and Chris graduated from college last year and Melissa was in her junior year. They were both more than old enough to deal with me deciding to start dating again.

But my decision wasn’t about dating. It was about sex – about going to another town, seducing a man, having passionate, animalistic sex, and then leaving and never looking back. I don’t know where the idea came from, or why I would ever think about doing such a thing. Up until then I was pretty boring, and pretty conservative, or at least shy, when it came to sex. For me things hadn’t changed much since high school. Jack wasn’t my first, but there hadn’t been many, and I’d been faithful to him during our marriage. And it had been five years since I’d been with him, or any man, for that matter.

The idea scared the hell out of me. I had to do it.

I was going to go to the training, get in touch with Tom, and seduce him. If it worked, great. If it didn’t, well, I could always do what I did after the dates he and I had gone on in high school and what I’d been doing when I got horny for the last five years. A few nights later I sent Tom a note, and we arranged to meet Friday night. I also made sure he had Saturday free, although we didn’t commit to anything.

The night before I left I was packing and Melissa was sitting in my room talking with me about what she would do while I was gone She didn’t pay much attention as I packed my underwear, even though I was making an effort to pack matching sets and did pull out a set of underwear I had bought especially for this trip – a low-cut red bra, matching tiny thong (it wasn’t the first thong I’d ever owned but I’d have to shave off most of my pubic hair if it wasn’t going to look absurd since it barely covered my vulva), and a garter belt that completed the set. She didn’t even notice the red stockings and the red pumps with four inch heels I’d thrown in as well.

She did notice the red wrap dress. I’d bought it especially for the trip. It was modest – at least it came down my knees and didn’t show a lot of cleavage (not that I have a lot to show), but it was silk and it was bright red.

“Mom!” she exclaimed. “Where did you get that? And since when do you wear red cocktail dresses?”

“Since before you were born, and at Belinda’s, where do you think?” I replied, a lot more casually then I felt.

“But Mom, why are you taking it to the training?”

“Because sometimes folks go out afterwards, and I want to have something nice with me in case that happens.” My voice was shaking a little.

“Oh.” Melissa accepted my answer, but I knew she wasn’t totally convinced.

Things at the conference went pretty well, but all I could think about most of the time was Tom. I’d never been as horny as this that I can remember. But it seemed whenever we got a break, or when I was alone, or even when my thoughts wandered a bit, it was to Tom and how I was going to seduce him and how his body would look and what I would do with him. And I kept getting wet…I had to wear a panty liner I was lubricating so much and so often.

I was scared to death about the whole thing, but I kept getting ridiculously excited.

On the Wednesday and Thursday night of the conference I masturbated bagros porno the minute I got back into my room after dinner. In real life I might masturbate once a week or so and some weeks I don’t even think about it. Those two nights, well, I was pawing at myself the minute I got into the room, thinking about what I would do with Tom. I’d brought my favorite vibrator with me and it got a good workout – in both my vagina and my ass (that’s my little perversion – I’d only had a man in my ass a few times, but I love anal sex.) On Thursday night I even got in the tub, put my legs up on the wall and let the water from the faucet run down on top of me until I came…twice. And then went at it on the bed with my vibrator until I came twice more.

Part of it scared me to death. I’d never been so horny an out of control about sex. And I was scared about even seeing Tom – one part thinking it would be just like in high school and I wouldn’t have the courage to let anything go beyond a nice, chaste kiss, if even that, and the other part worried that I’d rape him in the lobby.

The training class ended Friday about 4:30, and Tom was coming at 7:00. We had one more class Saturday morning, so both of us knew it wasn’t going to be a late night. We’d agreed to have dinner in the hotel. I’d wanted to touch myself all day, but I resisted. I was in a training class, for God’s sake. What would these people think of me if someone caught me rubbing myself in the ladies room?

I went back to my room to get ready. First I called Melissa, so she wouldn’t call me right in the middle of anything. Then I showered and washed my hair and shaved. I’d shaved my pubic hair off the weekend before so I wouldn’t look ridiculous in my new thong, and I touched myself up down there. I’ve only shaved my pubic hair once before in my life, and that was early in my marriage when Jack and I were being adventurous and spent a weekend in a nudist resort. When we got there we saw that most of the folks were shaved, so the first night we were there we’d shaved each other. Since then all I’d ever really done is trim it so it wouldn’t show around my bathing suit.

After I’d finished I rubbed some special woman’s after shaving lotion in down there, and it was all I could do to stop myself from sticking the fingers of one hand deep up inside me and rubbing my clit with the other hand. I was still scared about the idea of seducing Tom, but my clitoris and everything else down there was not thinking the same why my brain was. I shuddered and almost called the front desk to have them intercept Tom and tell him I was sick and couldn’t come down. I resisted, but I was shaking.

I dressed, trying to keep my hands off myself. The thong, the garter belt and the hose, and the low-cut, push up bra. I wrapped the dress around me and tied the sash. It was a bit much, but it did make me feel sexy.

When Tom called from the lobby I was ready. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized my new bra pushed me up more than I had thought it would, but even though you could definitely see my cleavage it wasn’t too much for polite company. Except for my nipples – they were poking through the thin fabric of my bra and dress. Oh well, there wasn’t much I could do about that now. I slipped into my new, four-inch red heels – which were definitely intended to send a message – put my room card, a lipstick and a few other things in the little red clutch I’d bought to round out my outfit and went downstairs.

“Wow!” Tom exclaimed when he saw me. “You look incredible.” I admired the fact that, after glancing up and down at me once, he kept his eyes on mine.

I blushed. “Thank you.” The fact is that I’ve got what most folks would call an unremarkable figure. I mean, no-one turns and looks at me when I walk through the mall or anything. I’m not bad, but at 5’7″, 130 pounds and with a 32c bust I just don’t stand out that much. Still, in that red dress with my boobs pushed up by the bra and the rest of my sexy underwear I did feel kind of special that night, and Tom noticing made me feel good about myself.

He looked really good. He was wearing a nice grey suit with a crisp white shirt and a red tie. His shoes were shined and glossy. I shivered a little…there’s something about the way he looks that just gets to me. Tom’s got a little paunch, but at 45 he was every bit as sexy to me as he was in high school.

If I were going to seduce him I needed to start now. I took a deep breath and gave him a little kiss on the lips and hug. “You look great, too,” I told him. “It’s so good to see you after all this time.”

“Thanks,” he said. He seemed a little surprised at the kiss. I took his arm and stayed close to him as we walked to the dining room, brushing up against him know and then. I give him credit for not flinching. I was trying not to be too obvious, and not to shake out of my shoes or even just trip in them, but the main goal was to make clear to him that I was interested in more than just dinner and conversation.

We talked about our families and life and bangbus porno what we’d done during all the years since we’d seen each other. I sat down beside him at the table rather than across from him and during the meal I’d reach out and touch him. I even let my knee drift over a little at one point and touch his. It didn’t seem like long, but it was 10:00 when I glanced at my watch when the waiter offered to refill our coffees. Tom looked at me to see if I wanted more.

“My last seminar starts at 7:30 tomorrow,” I told him. “I hate to cut things short, but I really need my beauty sleep.”

Tom got the check and a few minutes later we were up the elevator and standing outside my room. I stepped close to him and gave him the “kiss me” look. He got the hint, put his arms around me, bent down and kissed me. I held him tight, opened my mouth a little, and slipped my tongue into his mouth. It was like being sixteen again only I was even more nervous than I was back then on a date. I broke the kiss and looked up at him.

“Come in for a minute,” I said. “I hate going into a hotel room by myself. And besides, I’ve got something to show you.”

“Ok,” he said. He didn’t look reluctant.

I unlocked the door and we walked into the room. As hotel rooms go it was pretty nice; my company doesn’t normally pay for suites, but it was all this hotel had. There was a nice sitting room and the bedroom and bathroom were behind it.

“Make yourself comfortable,” I told him. “I’ll be right out.”

Tom sat down on the couch and I went back into the bedroom.

Ok, I couldn’t stop to think about it, I just had to do it. I took off my shoes and dress, adjusted my breasts in the bra, straightened my stockings, garter belt and itty bitty panties. As I looked in the mirror I stepped back into my red, nasty-message sending pumps. My nipples were hard as rocks again and poking through the fabric of my bra. I opened the door and walked back into the sitting room.

“Laurie!” Tom exclaimed, standing up.

“Tom,” I said, a lot more calmly than I felt, “I didn’t buy this underwear just to look at myself in the mirror.”

“It’s incredible,” he replied. “You’re incredible. Every man’s dream.”

“Tom, I want to do something for you that I thought about all those years ago when we went on dates. I know it’s late and that I need to get to bed, but you look so good, and I feel, I feel the way I do. So please let me do this.” I was shaking, but I got it out.

And then I knelt down in front of him and started running my hands up and down his legs.

“What?” he kind of mumbled as I undid his zipper, reached into his pants and pulled out his cock and balls.

“Oooh, nice” I said, stroking his cock and watching it grow. He did have a nice cock. Not too long, but nice and thick. I moved my head closer to him, held his cock up to my lips and licked all over the head. He tasted wonderful and male and I felt myself starting to lubricate yet again.

“Laurie,” he moaned.

“Shhh,” I said. “Just enjoy.”

I slipped my mouth over the end of his cock and slid down as far as I could. I used my tongue to massage his length as I moved my head up and down. I had one hand at the base of his cock so I could control it, and with the other I played with his balls. They were big and heavy in my hand and his scrotum was deliciously soft. I rolled his balls back and forth in my hand as my mouth and other hand moved up and down his shaft.

Tom undid his trousers and they fell around his ankles. I stopped for a minute and pulled his boxer briefs down as well and went back to sucking him. Tom wasn’t saying anything, just moaning and panting a little bit. I could feel that I was soaking wet and my nipples were so hard they ached. I put both hands around behind him and grabbed his butt, pulling him to me. I relaxed my mouth and felt his penis against the back of my throat. My nose was pressed up against him.

I’d never done anything like this before in my life, not with anyone. But I couldn’t get enough of Tom’s cock. I sucked harder at him, and he moaned, loudly this time.

Looking up at him I released his cock from my mouth for a moment, but I grabbed it and kept stroking it. The head of it was purple and angry looking, and just the littlest bit of precum was glistening at its tip.

“Come in my mouth. Come in my mouth, Tom and let me taste you.”

I sucked him back into my mouth, tightened my lips around him, and tried to move faster than I had been before. Tom’s hips started moving.

“Oh god, Oh god Laurie, I’m going to come. Suck me, suck me hard!”

I sucked harder and he thrust into me so hard I almost gagged. I willed my throat to relax and he started thrusting harder.

“Oh yess! Oh hell yessss!” Tom cried and he pushed even deeper into my mouth and even down my throat a little and exploded. I started swallowing as much as I could, and it seemed like he just kept coming forever and ever.

Finally he finished, and slipped out of my mouth. I licked him all over, cleaning beurette tour porno him up. He was still erect when I pulled his underwear and pants back up, zipped him up and fastened his belt.

Tom pulled me to my feet and kissed me long and hard.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked him when we finally stopped kissing.

We made arrangements for him to come by at eleven, after the training ended.

It was hell getting out of bed and dressed professionally the next morning, but I did it, participated enough in the training so no one could say I was any kind of a problem, and couldn’t keep my mind off Tom’s cock no matter how hard I tried. It was well after 10:00 a.m. when I got back to my room, and I couldn’t get out of my work clothes fast enough. I kicked off my sensible black pumps, stripped off my pantyhose and everything else and ran into the bathroom. A quick rinse under the shower and a little simple makeup later I was standing naked in front of the dresser, pulling out my pale blue strapless bra and a pair of matching silk bikini panties. I slipped into them and then pulled on a strapless white sundress with a little blue trim around the bottom of the skirt. I was shaking again, but this time I couldn’t tell if it was from excitement or nervousness. Looking back, it was probably both.

I was just in time, because as I slipped on my sandals Tom’s knock came on the door. I let him in, got my purse, and a few minutes later we were downstairs and in his car.

“I’m going to take you someplace special,” he told me. “It belongs to some friends of mine, and I think you’ll like it.”

We drove for not quite an hour out into the countryside. Tom slowed down after going around a curve. We were on a small side road deep in a forest.

“It’s right around here,” Tom said. I didn’t really know what to say. It seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere in some state forest or something. A minute or two later I saw a little dirt driveway off to the left just ahead.

“There it is,” he said. We pulled into the driveway and drove about a half a mile back into the woods.

“Am I ever going to be heard from again?” I asked him as we quickly lost site of the road.

He reached over and took my hand, glanced over at me and said “Of course. It’s just a little further.”

We held hands the rest of the way down the road, up a little hill, and around a corner.

I gasped. It really was breathtaking.

There, in the middle of the woods, was a small cottage looking out over a pond. The water reflected the green of the trees and the puffy white clouds in the blue sky. There was a little beach and a picnic table. You could see kingfishers diving into the water near where a creek fed into the pond, and just as we put our things down on the picnic table, a fish jumped.

“It’s lovely, Tom. It’s so beautiful.”

“I thought you’d like it,” he said. “Jane and Mark had a party out here a few months ago and I thought of it last night when I was driving home. I called them and they said it would be fine to come out here since they weren’t planning on coming out this weekend.

Tom had brought a little cooler and some food, and we set it out on the picnic table. There was a nice bottle of white wine in the cooler, too.

We sat down at the picnic table and Tom opened the wine. I set out the cheese and crackers and we sipped the wine and talked. It was nice to be with him. Every once in a while I’d look at him, and remember little flashes of what I’d done with him the night before would run through my mind. About the third time it happened I knew I wanted him inside me soon.

After we finished our wine Tom said there was nice path around the pond and suggested we take a walk.

“Let me use the toilet first,” I asked him.

“Ok,” he said and led me into the cottage. I used the bathroom and washed up, and then he did.

When he went into the bathroom after me I walked back outside. It was really an incredible day – it was warm and there was a soft breeze. I thought about being with Tom, and how I might get things started. I started shaking again.

“Ready for our walk?” he asked when he came back outside.

“Let’s go for a swim instead,” I said to him.

“What?” he said. I don’t think he was as surprised as the night before, but I could tell he was a little shocked at the suggestion.

“I want to do it in the nude,” I said to him, standing up and pulling my sundress up over my head. “I’ve never skinny dipped and I’ve always wanted to.”

Staring openly at me he asked “Is all your underwear that nice?” as he stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt. I was pleased I wasn’t going to have to beg him.

“Of course,” I said. “Sure, I’ve got plenty of cotton panties and plain bras, but only for working out in the yard or stuff like that. I enjoy having nice underwear.” I did a little turn for him, and then reached behind me and unfastened my bra.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said, staring at my breasts. Like I said before, they’re nothing special size-ways, just 32C. My nipples are light brown and kind of high on my breasts though, so even though my breasts sag some at 45, the nipples point up and not down. My waist isn’t as slim as I’d like and I’ve never had much in the way of hips. Still, Tom seemed to enjoy the view.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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