Jacuzzi Ride

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I was over at my best friends’ house, and his parents were gone. As is typical, we were having a party. We were not of the popular crowd, but we did have our friends. His parents had a very nice two story house with a Jacuzzi. No pool but it did have a Jacuzzi. Even though we were all under 21, 18 to be exact, there was plenty of beer and wine. We drank, sat around and chatted. Nothing special happened during the party, except a good time.

My girlfriend did show up as I knew she would. Her name was Shannon and she was half American-Irish and half Japanese. Petite and in my eyes very attractive. About 5’2”, 105 lbs, black hair about shoulder length, small pert breasts, and a very tight ass. She was what I call conservative and had always worn a one-piece swim suit. I had encouraged her to buy a bikini, but she always scoffed at me saying her body wasn’t right for one.

After about an hour and a few drinks, she decided to disrobe and get in the Jacuzzi. She had told me before that her suit was on underneath her blouse and jeans, so I didn’t mind as she stood next to the Jacuzzi and started to unbutton her blouse with others around. As I watched the buttons fall and the blouse open, I was shocked to see what I first thought was her in her bra. I then quickly realized that it was a white bikini top. The small, white triangles covered her breasts and I could faintly see the outline of her small nipples. My mouth fell open.

I watched, as did the others, as she unbuttoned her jeans. Having a few drinks in her, she had lost any inhibitions she had about herself. With the last few buttons, her V shaped bikini bottoms became visible. I was getting very aroused as she pushed her jeans down, and kicked them off. The straps rode high over her smooth hips. I know for a fact that she must have shaved prior because the deep V should have revealed hair that I had seen just 2 nights prior.

Doing my best to maintain my composure, I commented to her how great she looked and helped her into the Jacuzzi. As we sat and chatted with our friends, we caressed each others thighs under the bubbles. I was rock hard at her touch and the feel of her smooth skin added to the excitement. Once I tried to go further up past her thigh but was rebutted.

One by one the other guest left. At around midnight it was just Shannon, myself, my friend and his girlfriend. bangbross porno And as luck would have it, they retired to his bedroom. That left us alone in the Jacuzzi. Shannon wanted another drink so she went inside to get 2 more beers. I watched as she walked into the kitchen, and she looked great in her new bikini. I couldn’t wait to get her home and get her out of it.

It was then that I realized that she hadn’t been out of the Jacuzzi since she got in. It clung to her when wet better then saran wrap. As she walked into the kitchen, the suit sucked its way into her ass. Her ass was round and firm and her tight cheeks were now well defined by her suit. I was definitely getting hard at that point.

I watched as she returned with a beer in each hand. The suit, while not transparent, could have been. Her nipples had become erect from the cold air and were clearly visible as was every bump of her areolas. But my eyes were fixated between her legs. I could now see the puff of hair she had left for me, small and round. The rest of the suit had sucked up and revealed her smooth, shaved lips. Hard is not the word to describe my state at that point.

She slipped back into the water and I moved in real close. We started kissing passionately. Our hands roamed each other under the hot water. Her touch and smooth skin excited me even more. I pulled on the tie string on the back of her bikini. As I did, her tongue went even deeper down my throat. I then reached up and pulled on the string around her neck. Freeing her top, I tossed it on the side of the Jacuzzi. I slid my hand down her back and around to her breast. I caressed her small, firm breast and pinched her hard nipple. She let out a gasp as she reached down for my hard cock through my swim trunks. Our lips parted and I stood up and took my swim suit off freeing my raging hard-on. Then I slid her bottoms off, and there we were, naked in my friends Jacuzzi while he was upstairs boning his girlfriend.

Her hand went back to my cock as my mouth sucked hard on her tits. Gently biting her nipples, making her moan. I slid my hand between her legs and ran my fingers through the circle of pubic hair she had left me. Then, down further I went, parting her lips with my fingers. Water or not, she was soaked. I started pumping her with my fingers while I sucked her tits and she stroked bangbus porno my cock. Her humping hips and firm grip on my cock made me want to cum. And cum I did, unleashing a torrid of jism into the water. She stroked and stroked while I cam. All the while I pumped her cunt with my hand biting on her nipples.

Shannon wanted to fuck and cum so bad, she was almost in a frenzy. But I had just lost my load and hard-on, but not my lust. I looked into her eyes and said I have an idea. I withdrew my fingers from her hungry pussy and moved around to her side. She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I wanted her to be satisfied so bad. She stood next to me in the Jacuzzi, water dripping off her erect nipples. Lay back in my arms I instructed. I reassured her as she laid back into my arms, one hand under her back the other on her ass. I took in the beautiful site of her naked body half in the water. Her small breasts, hard nipples, flat stomach, glistening pubic hair and hard clit. Lift your legs over the edge of the Jacuzzi I instructed, as I floated her towards the edge. Her legs went over the edge as I positioned her as if she where sitting on her back.

I kissed her deeply as the hand that was on her ass moved around to her front. I parted her legs and started to rub her clit as I held her floating in the water. Still kissing her, I slid my fingers back into her aching pussy. With my palm on her clit I gently pushed her hips down until I felt the rush of the Jacuzzi jet part her ass cheeks. Our lips parted as I sat up. Her eyes widened as I pushed down further and the jet forced water over her tight virgin ass hole. Another inch and I was there.

“Oh MY GODD!” she screamed as I felt the thrust of the jet force her pussy open, filling her cunt with water. She tried to breathe while I worked her clit all the while the jet ramming gallon after gallon of water into her throbbing hole. After about 30 seconds she started to cum. Bucking in my arms she fucked the side wall of the Jacuzzi. I was getting hard again watching her get off this way.

“Holy Shit!” she exclaimed, still taking the jet between her legs. Then it happened. Her head started trashing around as another orgasm hit her. But this one didn’t let up. I swear for almost 3 minutes she shook, shuttered and bit her lip to keep from screaming out. I held her fast in place beurette tour porno while she took in the monster water cock deep into her. She looked so fucking hot with her tits popping in and out of the water as she got off in my hands.

When she finally finished, her legs relaxed and she slid off the wall of the Jacuzzi. Floating in my arms we kissed again. My cock raging hard again. I could tell by her kiss that she wasn’t done yet. She stood up, panting, and again I fixated on her firm breasts and rock hard nipples, water dripping from her points with delight.

“I want the real thing!” Shannon exclaimed. She wrapped her arms around me as we kissed with a wild inhibition. Her breasts firmly pressed against my chest. Then she wrapped her legs around my waist. With her only weighing 105 lbs, and being in the water, she was easy to hold up. With a couple of care full bouncing motions, I was able to position my cock right at the opening of her cunt. And one good bounce later, my cock reamed its way to its full depth into her sloppy loose hole. The jets had opened up her walls as if she had been nailed by a baseball bat. It was unusually arousing feeling a cunt that loose and deep as opposed to the tight grip of her lips that I had the pleasure of deflowering.

She locked her fingers together and put them around my neck, and my hands were firmly on her tight ass. She leaned back to allow me the best position to fuck her as deep and as hard as possible. And fuck her hard I did. With the water splashing and her small tits bouncing, I rammed her as hard as I could. Slam after slam my cock ripped into her hungry pussy, and with each pump, her legs clenched tight around me.

Shannon was whimpering uncontrollably as my orgasm built. The once loose cunt was getting a better grip on my cock with each pump, a sure sign she was about to get off. Then she pulled herself up, locked her legs around me and let out a giant gasp. Her cunt locked hard onto my cock. The messaging of her pussy on my hard member made us cum together. The water, the splashing, the cum, the moaning… Oh my god.

Pump by pump I filled her pussy with my cum. God I didn’t want to stop. Her vaginal muscles milked me for everything I had, and we loved it.

Finally we rested. Falling apart but staying together. We cuddled for a few minutes naked in the water, enjoying the feel of each other. I finally helped her out of the Jacuzzi and we started to get dressed. I drove her back to my house where we quickly feel asleep, relaxed from the alcohol, Jacuzzi and sex. The next time we went to a Jacuzzi would never be the same…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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