James: Mr. Nude International Pt. 06

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Leon was wondering what the hell he had done to find himself in the position that he was in. He was kneeling on the ground, naked as the day he was born, surrounded by three women in pink dresses, two naked men, one of whom he knew as a police officer, and a crazy woman in a police uniform who needed to register herself as a lethal weapon. They kept asking him about a diamond, but Leon knew nothing and said nothing.

They searched his clothes and possessions, but found no jewel. But this might have meant that he had already passed the jewel to his connection.

“I think Leon might be telling the truth,” said James.

“Based on what,” asked Fiona?

“Based on the fact that Leon doesn’t swing both ways…at least not to my knowledge. No way he’d allow someone to stick their dick in his ass.”

“Hmmn, good point,” admitted Fiona, “but we can still take him down to headquarters and hold him on suspicion.”

Leon was allowed to dress and he voluntarily agreed to go with Fiona to the station. The way he figured it, this was the beginning of a wrongful arrest lawsuit.

“Someone find the Japanese guy and bring him down to the station and see whether he can identify Leon,” said Fiona as she left the scene with her prisoner in tow.

“I’ll get him,” Kelly said.

“I bet you will,” teased Lisa.

Don and Elena were passionate for each other, which perhaps explains why Elena willingly submitted to his advances. Being surrounded by naked men all day had an arousing effect on Elena – as it would most any woman – and Don was the perfect antidote to the longing sensation that she felt inside her. She cast aside all thoughts other than satisfying her desire with the handsome, virile Don. The other girls could have the donkey-dicked James and the muscular moron Bruno; Don suited Elena just fine.

Don expertly inserted his penis inside Elena’s welcoming vagina, but a few short thrusts later he withdrew in pain, much as Toshi had earlier. He wasn’t bleeding, but he had lost some skin on his penis tip and it was scratched and raw. He didn’t have the benefit of a condom to take the edge of the sharp object which had done the damage. Don made so much bellowing that it attracted attention, and his secret spot was secret no more.

“Don,” exclaimed Kelly, who was first on the scene. “What the…” Kelly was shocked to see that Don had undergone the same fate as Toshi. Lisa, who was next on the scene, summed up the situation, and calmly said, “Okay Elena, you can take out the diamond.”

Elena did. “I took it off of the black man. I needed a safe place to store it…and…” Elena was slightly embarrassed by her nudity, but as the three men who were present were also naked, her embarrassment wasn’t as bad as it could have been. “…I forgot that I had it in there,” Elena continued, breathing a sigh of relief; having a diamond stored in her vagina was not a pleasant sensation. “I was looking to tell you, but I saw Don, and…well, one thing led to another,” she said, sheepishly. “I tricked Leon into thinking that I was his contact.”

It was plausible, but skepticism remained. There was protocol to think about too. Best to let the Captain sort things out.

Elena and Don dressed hurriedly. Leon had been taken into custody by Fiona and was on his way to the police station for questioning. Lisa took the diamond from Kelly and placed it in her pocket. Olga and Bruno looked at each other, although it would be more accurate to say that Olga and a naked Bruno, whose muscles were glistening with sweat and whose penis was glistening with dried semen, looked at each other. They didn’t like the idea of the diamond in the hands of the LAPD. It belonged to Russia. Naturally they thought that it should be given to them for safekeeping, but this was not their turf, so they had to go along with the LAPD’s decision. The wind had kicked up and Olga used her hand to keep her skirt from rising. A naked James was overjoyed to see Olga trying to preserve her modesty. He may not have been too excited about participating in the contest to determine the winner of the competition, but he was very excited now. Simply being in the presence of Olga, in any capacity, had an intoxicating effect on him. Mr. Penis began its slow but inexorable rise to flagpole status.

“This has been an eventful day,” said Lisa. “We may have caught the thief”, referring to Leon, “and we have the diamond, which is the most important thing. Let’s return to the station and celebrate our success.” Lisa was being slightly diplomatic, as Elena was definitely in a suspicious situation. Perhaps she and Leon were in cahoots and he had passed the jewel on to her, perhaps not, but it was up to their superiors to work that out. Their job was done.

Bruno went off to get his clothes as everyone tried to figure out how they would proceed to the station. Kelly offered to take Elena in her car, as she wanted to keep the Russian in her sight. Don, gallantly, suggested that he ride with Fiona and Elena. Lisa was thrilled to offer Bruno a ride brazzers porno to headquarters, eyeballing his muscular butt as he headed to the storage area. And Olga…

Olga and James lingered at the spot for a moment after everyone had left. “I guess it’s you and me,” said James, quite aware of the fact that his penis was hovering between 12 and 13 inches. Now that he and Olga were alone, it would not take long for his gigantic cock to max out at 14 inches, so he presumed, and he thanked his lucky star for putting him in this situation. But Olga had a strange look on her face. “What’s the matter,” James asked?

“Olga not happy.”

“Why not? We have the diamond.”

“Something wrong. Don’t know. Olga not happy.”

They left it at that and walked back to the storage area, James’ penis swaying like a pendulum with each step. He hoped that Olga would take notice of it and do something that would lead to an ejaculation. Yes, that’s what Mr. Penis needed. An ejaculation would relieve the tension that was building in his cock.

Unfortunately Olga was not happy, and made no attempt to relieve James’ tension.

James went inside the storage area, but his clothes were gone. He came back out, perturbed.

“Olga,” he said anxiously, “my clothes…where are they?”

Olga shrugged her shoulders. “Don’t know,” she said.

“But…but…you, you were…how can this be?” James felt crushed. He couldn’t return to the police station naked. He’d have to stop home first and get some clothes. But he didn’t have his keys, so how would he get inside his apartment? He could call Kristy…no…wait, he didn’t have his cell phone either. They could drive to the hospital and borrow Kristy’s keys, but how to explain his nude state, not to mention the presence of a pretty young woman in a very short skirt, for he’d have to send Olga inside the hospital to look for Kristy. And as Elena had once said, it’s best not to leave Olga unescorted. In a matter of seconds Mr. Penis was back down to 9 inches.

“What are we going to do,” asked a desperate James?

“You have car,” Olga asked?

“Yes…but…” James was exasperated. “I don’t have the keys. Now what?”

“Come, we go to car,” Olga said. She sounded reassuring, but why? James had no way of knowing that Olga had taken James clothes and possessions and stored them in the trunk of his car.

James’ car door was locked. He peered inside the window in the vain hope that the keys were in the ignition. They weren’t.

“Olga help, okay?” Olga removed a small file from her pocket and within seconds the door to James’ automobile was open.

“Can you start the engine?”

Olga motioned for James to stand back. She slid on her back down the seat and reached under the dashboard. Doing so, however, caused her skirt to rise and Olga’s white panties were exposed. First a slight flash right at the crotch, and then, as Olga strained to reach the wiring under the dashboard, the skirt kept lifting higher and higher until the entire bottom half of her delightful white panties came into sight.

James was captivated, virtually drooling, and his penis, unencumbered by the restriction of clothing, sprung upward rapidly as if it had been shot out of a cannon. Within seconds he was at full mast. Olga knew that she was in a vulnerable position, but she pretended that she was unaware of it. She hadn’t known James for long, but she was already an expert when it concerned his perversions. He better have a full erection when I get out of this position, she thought to herself, and she was not disappointed when she rose up from under the dashboard, the car’s engine purring away. She acted as if she did not know why James had gone from 9 inches to 14 inches; she figured that he’d prefer it that way.

“Drive,” she commanded.

“I can’t get in like this,” James complained, referring to his erection. Olga glared at him sternly. It was a silent message: do as I say or else you’ll feel the wrath of my boot. Actually Olga was looking forward to giving James a hard kick to his testicles. It would be a good test of just how tough a man he was, and she knew it was going to happen eventually. Olga had a yearning to kick James hard in testicles. It had been building up since the days she first saw his mammoth specimen. It was her way of testing a man’s mettle. Under the right circumstances, it could be an expression of her love.

“Where do we go now,” James asked?

“We go hotel,” Olga announced.

“Hotel? I can’t go there naked.” Olga gave him another look that said: do as I say.

James felt awkward as he drove. He’d have been mortified if anyone saw the situation that he was in. Olga sat demurely with her knees together, but her skirt had risen up on his thighs and James was within a fraction of an inch of getting another panty peek.

“Keep eyes on driving,” Olga said, and she was right. James was spending more time staring at her milky white thighs than he was on the road, but eventually they reached the hotel without castingcouch-x porno incident and entered the underground parking lot.

Olga said, “you wait.” James watched her pretty little bottom as she walked to the elevator. Man, was she sexy. His penis was a slave to her eroticism. As he waited, James absent-mindedly began to slap his cock around, receiving pleasure as it stiffened. He’d be 14 inches by the time she returned. And then James had an idea. He’d stroke himself to the point where he was moments away from cumming, and then, as soon as Olga returned to the car, he’d greet her with a massive blast of semen. He had done it to Kristy a few nights ago, and now it was Olga’s turn. In James’ mind, this was a way of expressing his love.

Olga returned to the car sooner than James had expected. His timing was a little off, and when Olga opened the car door he was not yet ready to spurt. However, his cock was monster-sized and he was stroking it ever harder, trying to make up for lost time. He was getting close to the point of no return.

“You pervert,” Olga said, not enchanted with James’ display of love. It was a statement, not a question. “Too much…” and Olga used her arm and hand to make the universal sign for masturbation. That was a buzz kill, and James immediately stopped his jerking and left Mr. Penis unattended, twitching and pulsating, clearly begging for some relief.

Olga went around to James’ side of the car, and without warning pulled him out of his seat and, before he knew what happened, she punched him hard in the stomach. It knocked the wind out of him. James slumped down on his hands and knees, gasping for breath. Olga stepped in behind him and reached down and grabbed his balls. She had no trouble finding them, as they were extra-large, befitting a man with a penis the size of James’. Olga squeezed them just hard enough for James to know that she meant business, and she followed that by increasing the strength of her squeeze until James cried out. That’s when she released her hold, as she now knew his breaking point. That would come in handy later. It was also fortunate that there were no other people around in the underground parking garage.

“No more, that…” and Olga again used her hand and arm in place or words. You’d have thought that she would have learned how to say ‘masturbation’ by now, after hanging out with James for a few days.

When James was finally able to stand up his cock had shrunk back down to 9 inches, but it was still feeling the effect of having been so close to orgasm. It wasn’t drooping straight down, like it usually did when it was flaccid, but rather was extending out a little. Olga handed James one of her skirts that she had retrieved from her hotel room.

“Olga, I can’t wear this,” said James, embarrassed, “it’s too small.” Olga reached into her bag and pulled out a pair on her panties and handed them to James. They were the same shade of blue as the ones she was wearing yesterday.

“Here,” she said. James knew that there was no way he could get her panties over his massive cock, even in its 9 inch state, but he did take the opportunity to caress them with his hands. He brought them up to his face and sniffed them see whether he could detect a feminine odor. Alas, they had not yet been worn. But nonetheless, James’ penis was starting to grow again. Just having her panties in his hand was an incredible turn-on.

He handed them back to Olga. “Thanks, but I can’t wear them.” He then took her skirt and stepped into it, gingerly manipulating his cock to where it could be covered up. As it had begun to stiffen again, he pressed it against his body and tried to secure it to the waistband of the skirt, hoping that it wouldn’t flop out. He watched Olga as she watched him. God, she was so beautiful. James never desired a woman the way he did Olga…uh oh…

A bulge had formed out from the outline of the skirt that he had on, and the bulge quickly turned into a tent. “This isn’t going to work,” he said to Olga.

“Get close,” Olga ordered, and she strode off to the elevator. James rushed to get in step behind her. He still looked like and felt like an idiot, but at least his erection was hidden from plain sight.

They strode through the hotel lobby. What an odd couple. A woman in a strange military-styled, police uniform, closely followed by a man who was naked except for a woman’s mini-skirt that barely covered his private parts. James pressed against his cock with his hand, desperate to prevent it from flopping out. The scene was so bizarre that it may have helped them, because onlookers were too bemused to say or do anything.

Luckily the elevator came quickly and they rode up to Olga’s room without any other passengers.

“Whew, that was close,” James said. The first thing he did upon entering Olga’s room was to remove the skirt that he had on. Now that he was safe he began to relax, and his cock was being stimulated at the thought of being in Olga’s hotel room. The last time he was here clips4sale porno he had four orgasms. Mr. Penis had a good memory and was responding favorably to the stimuli.

James’ cock sprung out and stood at attention as soon as the skirt had hit the floor. He let down his guard as he stepped out of it, and thus he did not see Olga gearing up to attack him. But she did, kicking him somewhat forcefully in the shin. It wasn’t her best shot, but it was sufficient.

“Hey,” James cried, hopping on one leg. Unfortunately for James, this left him extremely vulnerable, and Olga swiftly went in for the kill, kicking him as hard as she could in the testicles. She scored a direct hit, like the pro that she was. Olga beamed with confidence following the landing of a near fatal blow

James quickly crumpled to the floor, moaning in pain, grabbing his balls like they were about to fall off. Olga stood over him, triumphant, not saying a word. James slowly waited for the pain to subside. When it did he feigned a move to make it appear that he was about to stand up, but instead of doing that he reach up, grabbed Olga’s skirt by the hem and pulled it down as hard and as fast as he could. Olga’s skirt stayed on, but the momentum caused her to stumble, and she tripped over James’ body and fell over him on to the floor in a face down position. Her skirt flew up as she did, and James’ face was inches away from white panty heaven, as her backside was completely exposed!

James was no slouch in the self-defense department, and he pounced on Olga, turning her around and pinning her shoulders with his knees. This was fun. James’ balls might have been a little sore, but his cock was rock hard, and he raised himself up and leaned forward so that the tip of his penis was pressed against Olga’s mouth.

“Suck it,” he demanded. But Olga pressed her lips together and refused to open them. It appeared that James was in a superior position, but Olga knew that he was a pervert and that time was on her side. So she laid a trap for him. She stuck out her tongue and delicately licked it back and forth across the tip of James massive penis. It felt like a jolt of electricity was pouring through his body. James leaned his head back and was content to enjoy the moment, losing himself in the pleasure that was being given to his bone-hard penis. That, as it turned out, was a big mistake, for as soon as Olga sensed that he had lost his concentration she lifted the bottom half of her body, which was enough to tilt James’ position, and one knee came off of her shoulder. That was the opening she needed. Moving like a cat, she was able to use her free arm to yank James off of her. As she was doing so she simultaneously she bit down on James’ cock as hard as she could.

Before James could even let out a cry of pain Olga had reversed his advantage. He was now lying face down on the floor. Olga had him expertly pinned, with one knee in the small of his back and the other bearing down on the back of his neck. With her free hand she reached under James, grabbed his boner and pulled it straight back, using the weight of James’ body to secure it on the ground, pointing backwards, in what must have been a very awkward and painful position. James felt as if his penis was about to break off. If only he didn’t have a boner. But he did; for once he was the victim of his own perversion.

“Okay Olga, you win,” James pleaded. “I give up.” Olga stood up over him but kept one leg on his back, in a classic victory pose.

“You do as I say, ja?”

“Yes, anything,” he meekly whimpered.

“Get on hands and knees,” she ordered, and he did. Olga went to the closet. James wondered what his punishment was going to be, but he was optimistic that it would eventually lead to ejaculation. Olga might not know it, but his wildest fantasy was about to begin. From the minute he met her all he wanted was to be dominated by her. He had tried to break her, but she was too wily for him, so instead he would become a willing participant in whatever crazy plan she had for him.

Olga returned with a riding crop. James was on his hands and knees, facing away from her, so he had no idea what she was about to do. The first thing Olga did was to whack him hard on the butt with the crop. James bit his lip. He was determined to not let Olga know he was in pain.

Olga reached down and spread on of his legs. This enabled his testicles to dangle down, and Olga made sure that the next whack of the riding crop made contact with the back of his balls. That hurt, and James winced, but he tried to accept his punishment as best he could.


Three rapid strokes in succession, and James felt as if he might pass out. The riding crop was far more painful than the paddle, at least when used a precision-like manner, in the hands of a capable dominatrix. But despite the pain, the humiliation of the situation was arousing, and James quickly regained his erection. This was about the fifth or sixth time today that Mr. Penis had risen up to its 14 inch status, and still no relief. James could feel his cock swell with un-ejected love juice. He wished that he could have a release. He needed a release. He hadn’t had an orgasm since early in the day, when he jacked off inside the storage tent, and that felt like a lifetime ago.

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