Jason vs. The 50ft Woman

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This is a commission for one of my Patrons who has been a supporter from the start, as a little thank you. It’s short and sweet, and also contains Jason & Katie! It’s a spinoff in an ‘alternate-commission-universe’, so it’s not part of the main storyline for the couple, but I enjoyed the idea all the same and put it to page. Enjoy!

Tags: Hyper Cock, Hyper Balls, Hyper Boobs, Giantess (GTS), Excessive Cum, Human Dildo


The earthquake-like crash rocked the city for miles, and also sent the truck Katie was driving into a little spin which she skillfully recovered. “Are you sure the government needs you for this?” She shouted back to Jason on the flatbed portion of the truck, who was currently sitting on his enormous nuts and swiping through the urgent message the city council sent him on his tablet.

“Yep, they said they need me specifically. Apparently she’s complaining she’s too horny, and they need someone who can ‘calm’ her…” A vocal shout almost deafened the couple as Katie drifted into the city’s main square, as the woman shouted out across the city. “Please, someone just fuck me!” Katie slammed the brakes and brought the truck to a stop, and the duo looked up at the unbelievable sight in front of them.

Towering 50 feet above them was a beautiful and entirely nude woman. She seemed to be proportioned much like a regular woman, with her long ginger locks rolling down to her waist and her breasts on the larger side for most, but her height canlı bahis made her look rather uncanny. Even though she’d probably only be an E cup if she was regularly sized, with her scale each boob was bigger than Katie’s combined! Jason looked up at her, mouth agape as she used some piece of corporate art she’d ripped from the ground as a makeshift dildo. “Jeez, she must be strong!” Jason commented, reaching around his balls to pick up a megaphone. “Hey! Lady! You need to stop, okay?” He yelled up at the towering woman through the device, attracting her attention with ease.

“Whoa, look at you…” The woman spoke, her voice booming across the city with her enormous lungs, and she dropped the smooth, silver piece of art onto a truck under her feet. Without another word, she reached down and picked up Jason abruptly, lifting him by his rapidly hardening cock and lifting him to her face.

“Good luck!” Katie shouted up to her rising boyfriend, and as she watched him go she tried to hide the jealousy in her voice. The thought of this giant beauty fucking him didn’t sit well with her.

“You’re a handsome little guy, aren’t you?” The giantess whispered to Jason, using a finger to brush his hair a little and her other hand to cup his balls. Amazingly, even with the woman’s size his balls filled her palm, like two tennis balls. Jason blushed briefly before he felt himself fall, the woman lowering him down to her pussy without warning. He felt like she was on a rollercoaster bahis siteleri as his body dropped, before the woman forcefully shoved his 15 foot monster cock into her pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me little man!” She yelled in pleasure, shattering windows in the surrounding buildings with the sheer power of her voice. Jason was happy to oblige as she gripped his dick like a human dildo, shoving his member in and out of her dripping cunt with ease. After seeing how tall the woman was, Jason felt some pride in being able to satisfy her properly.

She yanked him back and forth for several minutes, one hand on his cock and the other gently squeezing his balls, until her knees wobbled and she screamed in ecstasy. Down below, Katie covered her ears and ducked for cover as the 50ft woman came, squirting girlcum all down her thighs, all over Jason’s member, and onto the square beneath her. She panted and used her strength to keep using Jason until her climax petered out, and she pulled him from her pussy and smiled warmly at the relatively tiny man.

“Aw, you didn’t get to finish. Let me handle that…” she cooed seductively, lifting Jason to her mouth to suck him off. His shaft was coated in her juices and his own precum, creating a delicious mix for the woman as she gave him a blowjob that looked more like sucking a lollipop than a sex act. As she fellated him she sat down on the ground, crushing a little hatchback under her mammoth ass and she spread her legs to slowly bahis şirketleri run her fingers across her clit to eek out some of the remaining aftershocks of her climax.

“Oh, I’m getting close…” Jason groaned through gritted teeth as he felt the woman’s gigantic tongue slide around his cock and tease his head, and she could tell he was nearly there just from the throbbing and pulsing of his cum-cannon. She made sure to seal her lips around the trunk and suck hard as he started to unload, emptying his overwrought cumtanks into her waiting mouth.

He came solidly for minutes as the woman sucked it all down as if it were a stream of thick yoghurt, until she started to tire from the unending deluge. She unsealed her lips and pulled him out, quickly realising that the lack of suction wouldn’t stop him from shooting his loads. His fuckstick just kept going, painting her giant face with rope after rope of goopy spunk that gummed up her hair and almost blinded her eyes.

Eventually the flow stopped, leaving Jason exhausted as he dangled in the woman’s grasp like a ragdoll, and she giggled softly at the sight. “Aw, all tired are we?” She asked quietly as she leaned back against the facade of the town hall and nestled Jason into her warm bosom. Surrounded by the soft flesh and dripping cum, Jason quickly fell asleep in the embrace of the giant woman and unconsciously squeezed her breast as his cock belched a leftover load of jizz.

Across the square, standing on the flatbed truck, Katie frowned and crossed her arms over her expansive tits. “You think you can take my boyfriend? Hmph…” She muttered, staring daggers into the 50ft woman as she snuggled Jason into her cleavage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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