Jill Opens the Door

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It wasn’t my fault. Not really. I didn’t mean to be rough. You gotta remember I had just come off the rugby field. I was hot, I was amped. I was awash in adrenalin and aggression so when I saw Suzy my girlfriend looking so incredibly sexy in that short red dress and high heels, I just wanted to kiss her, touch her, hold her.

Yeah, I guess you are right. I actually wanted to fuck her then and there, in the back seat of my car, in full daylight and full sight of the crowd who should have been watching the next game. Suzy pushed me away, roughly, angrily, aggressively. I made a grab at her, caught that long pony tail and used it as a handle to bring her mouth around to kiss me.

Well that was the plan. My plan. Hers was much different. As I came up close, she bit me. On the lip. Hard. I jerked back and her teeth broke the skin on my lip. Before I could really react, she had slapped me and was out of the car at and running away from me. The last words I heard were, “You bastard. You utter bastard. We are through, you hear. Through.”

Of course her friends all gathered around, protecting her and glaring at me. I suppose I should have seen it coming, but I was too blind. The kudos of having a huge rugby player already 18 and driving a car were great. Problem was, I wanted more in the way of sex than she was prepared to give. Each date would end with me suffering from blue balls and having to relieve my tensions, alone, at home and by myself.

Prick teaser she was. I suppose our break up had been brewing for some time and I just didn’t realise it. The upshot of her constantly taking me to the edge and then stopping me was, I suppose part of the reason for my strong arm stuff.

Our last date hand ended on such a cliff hanger episode. We had been making out on the couch, she had my cock in her hand, I had my hand up her skirt and I was seconds away from coming when she got up and showed me the door. Completely without warning. I begged, I pleaded to no avail. I went home and jerked off.

So it was that instead of hanging out with her until later that evening I headed on home alone, angry and not good company, forgetting that my mother was having the book club over for drinks and whatever else they do at book club meetings. That book club seemed to spend more time drinking than reading, but who am I to judge them? All I know is that Ma used to come home well tanked and go to bed early to “rest”. Sleep off the effects I would have thought. Anyway, I arrived home in a total fury only to discover that the house was full of middle aged women, talking, laughing and generally have a good time, which I certainly was not.

I tried to sneak in but Ma saw me, summoned me in to “meet the girls”. How she could refer to women her age as girls I was not certain. The youngest of them was half my age again. She was actually rather an eyeful, short black mini, black stockings, see through top that showed off a black lace bra. In the state I was in I was immediately aroused by her.

“Meet Jill.” Ma said and I shook her hand trying not to stare at her boobs and imagine sucking them. She didn’t make it easier by holding my hand longer than was normal and staring me in the eye. If I had not seen the wedding ring, I might have thought that she was coming onto me. That impression was increased by the fact that she ran her tongue over her lips and her nipples seemed to stand out slightly more than they had before we were introduced.

“Put him down Jill. You can’t eat have him.” One of the other “girls” shouted. I fled to the sound of ribald laughter.

I closed myself in my room, but found myself ill at ease with the thought of jerking off with all those women in the house, especially outdoor sex porno as anyone going to the toilets would have to walk past my door. Jill had just added to my frustration and I was semi erect by the time I had closed the door behind me. I lay down on the bed and tried to sleep, but sleep evaded me. I was too tense, too aroused, too amped to do anything but stare at the ceiling and imagine fucking Suzy who somehow became Jill as I became more aroused by the thought.

My cell phone pinged. A long, blistering, vituperative message from Suzy. More or less saying that I was dumb and violent and that if we met in a thousand years time it would be far too soon. I didn’t reply.

Having given up the idea of sleeping or jerking off I decided to sneak into the bathroom and shower. I stripped down and was just getting into the shower when the door burst open and a seriously inebriated Jill staggered into the bathroom. She stared at my short sightedly, swaying slightly.

“Hello. Now this is a lovely surprise.” she said and in two steps had crossed the floor and was making a grab at my cock. Something in my head lost all traction and the frustrations of the day, the week, of Suzy, of my own overpowering randiness just took over. I grabbed her hair, just as I had with Suzy, tilted her head back and then paused. I did not want another bite. I had learnt my lesson. Jill stared at me for a few seconds then,

“Well? What you gonna do now? Stare at me all day? We don’t have much time cos someone is going to notice I am gone fairly soon.”

I didn’t hesitate, brought her face up to mine and kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. My other hand got a life of its own and found its way under her skirt. No panties, and wet. Soaking wet and hot. She grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off, her other hand squeezing my balls gently, then she broke the kiss, pushed me away, turned around and bent over the basin, legs apart. I did not need any more invitation and was thrusting forward into her.

“Slap my ass.” she said. I did, but gently, Suzy’s fury still fresh in my head.

“Is that the best you can do?”

I pulled back, held her by the hair and slapped her hard. She jerked forward, arching her neck as my hand held her hair,

“Ah. Fuck. Yes. Again.”

I hit her again, now seeing Suzy’s furious face. And again, just as hard. Her ass was now red from the slaps. I could see her pussy gleaming, wet and inviting.

“Fuck this for a waste of time.” I thought and spread her ass cheeks wide with my thumbs

“Later Bitch.” I whispered in her ear and thrust hard into her, and again and again. The tension was just too much and I came in a huge spurt. I held her hips against mine so that I could pump my entire load into her and keep it there.

She moaned gently “Too fast, far too fast. Fuck that was good.”

She pulled away from me, stood up, straightened her skirt and her hair. Took out a cell phone.

“Punch your number in there. I will call you.” And while I was doing that she redid her make up. When she was finished, she took the phone, kissed my cheek and left without another word.

I showered and went back to my bedroom and slept like the dead.

The next morning Ma was somewhat hungover but that didn’t stop her from interrogating me.

“What did you do after you left us?”

“Showered and then slept. Why?”

“Jill disappeared during book club and was a way for a time that seemed much too long and it was while you were showering. She didn’t come in and interfere with you did she?”

“Nope. Didn’t see her.”

“She is bad news that woman. Has a kink for being beaten. Likes big strong and violent public agent porno men. I saw her eyeing you.”

“Cummon Ma. She is much older than me and you know I am not violent.”

“Suzy’s mother seems to think you are far too rough. She phoned and really gave me a helluva talking to. What happened?”

I told her an edited version of the story and she stared at me for a while.

“Best you stay away from her then. Bad news. Next she will be shouting rape. And also stay away from Jill too. She is dangerous. And when your Pa gets home, he must talk to you. You are getting too big and too dangerous for me to handle.”

Of course I didn’t stay away from Jill. She messaged me later that day and we had a very hot and explicit chat. She sent me some pictures and I returned the favour.

It turned out that Ma was right about one thing at least. Jill liked rough stuff and complimented me on the bruises I had inflicted on her ass. Told me that she wanted me to slap her ass again.

We agreed to meet later that week.

I must tell you that Ma was not my Ma, but Jenny, a woman my father married after my real birth Mother died of cancer. I suspect that Pa had been screwing Jenny while still married to my Mother cos no sooner was she buried than he installed her in his house just off the river that he plied his trade on.

Jenny was a roly poly big titted woman with a vicious temper and a overwhelming libido. Probably one of the reasons that Pa married her was because she fucked him so good and so often. How, I hear you ask, do I know she had an overwhelming libido? Cos every time my father came home I could hear them fucking from the other side of the house. Ma was what I have heard referred to as a “screamer”. She would let everyone know she what she was up to in graphic detail. So I knew that she would fuck Pa senseless when he came home on shore leave. Ours being a fairly close community I heard whispers around town that she had a lover who visited her regularly while Pa was away. If she did, she was reasonably discreet, because I never caught her at it, but still the stories persisted.

I have found that when things start to happen, they happen fast and mostly together. Incidents crowding together and pressing in on you, leaving you little space to manoeuvre.

In my case, the third and defining incident happened the evening after Jill and I messaged our lusts to each other. I had been playing with automating my laptop to take photographs when it detected movement in my room. Aside from it being an interesting techy project, I also suspected that Jenny was screwing her lover, Charles on my bed so as not to soil the marriage bed. Strange logic, but then people are strange.

I had started trying to make the webcam auto start up for some time but for some reason the laptop did not record any movement in my room. Possibly I was doing something wrong or possibly nothing was happening in my room. I fiddled some more, made some minor adjustment, went off to school, came home, nothing. This went on until the day after my impromptu shower fuck with Jill. I arrived home and when Jenny was well ensconced in front of the TV, I checked the camera directory. This time there was a video. A big one. I started up VLC my video viewer and loaded the video.

There was obviously some delay between the motion detection and the starting of the video camera so that Jenny and Charles were not only in view, but Charles had his hand up Ma’s skirt. I put headphones and cranked the sound up until I could hear her guttural voice that I had heard too often when Pa came home. Charles dropped her on her back on my bed, her head hanging over the edge of the bed and reality kings porno then thrust his cock into her open mouth. I could see the movement of his cock on her throat as he thrust into her mouth and down her throat with Ma taking all his cock down her throat without much effort. I was interested to note that his cock was smaller than mine by half a hand width. He thrust hard and fast, until at last he came with a grunt, Ma squeezing his balls as he stood there, head thrown back, back arched.

He finally pulled out, wiped his cock in her hair and walked out. Ma rolled onto her stomach, shouted “Fucken come back and finish me off, you bastard.”

Then got up and walked out of the room and the video ended.

Now that I had the technique waxed I grabbed one of my Strawberry Pi computers and a tiny camera. Programmed it to auto record on movement, connected it to my network by wireless and then hid it in Ma and Pa’s room.

I got images of Ma masturbating, getting dressed and undressed, generally doing what people normally do in their bedrooms when unobserved. What was intriguing to me was that Ma had a butt plug which she inserted every now and so often. Each occasion was followed by a visit by Charles. I could not figure out the link at first, but one day while in my bedroom, Charles extracted the butt plug and quite obviously stuck his cock in the widened hole. Ma whimpered and moaned and groaned then came hard and long, obviously enjoying the experience immensely. Time passed and I gathered a fine library of porn starring Ma.

One evening after a particularly frustrating day in which I had missed an appointment with Jill because my teacher kept me in for extra classes, I got home, horny, frustrated and ready to kill.

Ma was waiting for me. Seems my afternoons with Jill were not only interfering with my school work but had become the topic of conversation around town. The stories, some true, some false and some somewhat exaggerated had finally reached Ma’s ears.

“What did I say? Stay away from Jill. Seems you don’t hear.”

I pushed passed her and headed from my room.

“Come back here and listen to me.”

I kept on going, she followed me into my room.

“I am talking to you. You don’t walk out on me.”

I ignored her, fired up my video viewer and started a compilation of her more raunchy activities that I had created. It started with that first blow job and went through the whole gamut finally ending up with her being banged up the ass doggy style on my bed. The video showed everything, Charles forward thrusts, Mas ass being pounded and his balls slapping against her pussy, her raucous moans and the slapping of flesh on flesh.

Ma stood transfixed as the images rolled across the screen, not speaking, not looking at me, trapped by the video. Finally her hand started to stray down to her pussy and she started to rub herself. Faster and faster her hand moved, her breathing audible above the sounds from the video.

I slid in behind her, grabbed her breasts, and then her nipples, twisting hard, she grunted once and then her hips pushed back against me, finding my erection and grinding hard, back and forth, up and down on my hardon. I slid her pants down round her ankles, slid a finger in her ass, bent her over and thrust hard into her pussy. She moaned and jerked as I hammered into her, at some point I pulled back, slid my cock our of her pussy and into her ass causing her to cum and dragging me with her.

As I pulled out of her, she sighed, stood up and lent against me.

“You are bigger than your Pa. And harder. Took you long enough to find my pussy though. What kept you?” was all she said.

I still see Jill, but now my step Ma warms my bed regularly only deserting me when Pa comes home and she has to fulfil her conjugal duties keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table. If Pa suspects anything he never says. I don’t have motion sensors on any of my machines. That might be disastrous.

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