Just Friends?

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“We can’t do this…”

I groaned with disappointment. I hadn’t gotten laid in over a month and my dick was literally two inches away from penetrating your tight slit. I stood up and struggled a bit to tuck my penis back into my pants as you pulled your skirt down and collected your panties.

Flashback earlier that day: I returned from college and the first day I went to see you. We had broken up but were still really close friends. We were also very lonely and masturbation simply was not cutting it for either of us. The sexual tension made seeing you all that more difficult. There were many references to previous encounters along with some light teasing. The fact that you chose a short skirt and stockings to wear turned me on even more.

It started with an unexpected kiss as we sat on your couch. You pulled away from me and we stared at each other briefly before I moved in to kiss you again. The heat and the passion rose very quickly. I was on top of you grinding my constrained dick against your pussy. I bit your lip and you gasp, and returned the favor by slipping your tongue into my mouth and teasing mine. I miss down your cheek to your neck which I know drives you crazy. And as I nip and suck on those sensitive spots on your neck, my hand slides underneath your shirt and finds your nipple which I pinch and twist, sometimes a bit painfully. You love it anyways. You moan and writhe under my touch and tell me how much you want me. Your hand finds it way to my pants, undoing them and pulling out 7.5″ of hard cock.. I know you love my dick… it’s the perfect size for you. You stroke it up and down, feeling its heat and it throb in your fist. I tear off your panties and kiss my way down your leg towards your hot center. I spread fake agents porno your lips with my hands and dive in, pushing my tongue into your hole, then sliding it up to your clit. As soon as I hit your clit, your hips jerk upward and you push my head down, grinding your hips into my face. I love the way you taste as I lap at your clit, occasionally circling the tip of my tongue around it which makes you unbelievably horny. You beg me to stop and fuck you hard and when I finally do stand up, I find that I have gone slightly limp. Without saying a word, you sit up, and lean forward, taking my cock in your mouth and begin bobbing your head on it. I moan loudly as you do this and within no time I find myself hard again. Unfortunately, when I’m finally about to fuck you… your senses return and you tell me that we can’t.

A few days later: We had talked about that day and sorted things out a bit. We both knew why but I was still upset by it. In the few days since then, I had jerked off many times, and I know you rubbed yourself to orgasm thinking about it as well.

When I saw you a few days later, I saw a familiar situation. You, once again in a short skirt, but with no stockings, and us on the couch. I tried to keep sex off of my mind since I didn’t expect anything to happen. That was until you suddenly straddled me and planted your moist pussy right on top of my crotch.

“Rob, I’ve been thinking about that day nonstop and I can’t take it. I need to have sex with you.”

“I’m not going to hold back or stop this time Jenna, I won’t be able to…”

“I don’t want you too. I want you all the way inside me and I need you to make me cum.”

With that, you lean down and kiss me. I fake angets porno reach around you and drag my nails down your back, causing it to arch against me, and then I bit down hard on your neck. You gasp and moan as you grind your hips against mine, making me rock hard. You slide down until I’m on the couch and you’re on the floor, and unzip me, freeing my dick. I’m ready to explode by the time your lips wrap around me and it takes a lot of strength to fight off my orgasm. You keep eye contact as you slowly slide up and down my shaft, sucking harder as you reach the head. My hands run through your hair and I know you love having this much power over me. Seeing my eyes roll into the back of my head and feeling my hips buck uncontrollably beneath me. No one has ever given a better blow job than the ones you give me.

After what seems like an eternity, you return to my lap, this time placing my penis between your pussy lips and sliding up and down. We both are in complete ecstacy; you love the feeling of my hard dick against your clit and I love my cock sliding between your soaking wet lips. It becomes too much… you look at me as you line me up with your tight hole and drop all the way down to the hilt.

“Fuck Jenna, you’re soaking wet… you’re so fucking tight too.”

“I wonder why Rob. You do this to me… I had forgotten how big your dick was.”

I have you lean back slightly and use my thumb to rub your clit as our hips undulate together. Suddenly, I wrap my arms around you and roll you over on the couch so I’m on top. By doing so, my dick slides even deeper into you and you moan loudly.

“Do you want me to talk dirty to you?”

“Yes, please, do it!”

“Mmm, baby, fake cop porno your pussy is so tight. I love fucking it. Do you like my cock in you? Do I stretch you out?”

“Oh god yes Rob, you know you do. You’re fucking huge.”

“This is so wrong Jenna, we’re only supposed to be friends. We shouldn’t be fucking each other.”

“I don’t care. I’ve been so horny and you turn me on so much. It feels so wrong and naughty and I love it so much. I want you to keep fucking me for awhile.”

I pick up the pace as I thrust in and out of your dripping vagina. My big dick stretches you out since we haven’t had sex in so long. Your tits bounce wildly from my thrusting

“God you’re so tight that sometimes my dick gets sore.”

“Oh, you’re making my pussy hurt from fucking me so hard.”

“Do you like that though? You love getting fucked roughly.”

“I do, I love it. You know I loved getting fucked hard… I’m going to cum… oh my god Rob, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Your body pauses for a split second before your orgasm completely hits you. Your pussy clamps down on my dick which is too much for me to bear and I beginning to expand and spasm deep inside you. This causes your orgasm to hit you even harder as your hips begin moving in frantic ways and you clamp your hand over your mouth to stop yourself from screaming. I fall onto you as my orgasm begins to subside, and I feel my cum dripping out of you. After I pull out you go to clean up, but before you do, you slide your finger all the way inside you, and seductively bring it up to your mouth to taste our juices together. My jaw drops and you smile, loving how it tastes.

“Jenna, please tell me we aren’t done for today…”

“Oh, we’re done for today. But tonight, I think we might be able to have some more fun… I mean… we haven’t had anal sex in awhile have we?”

You smile and wink at me as I almost pass out at what I just heard. You just laugh and grab my soft dick and give it a tug, causing me to jerk.

“That is, if you’re up for it…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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