Legless Ch. 03

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Sunday morning I awoke early and it took just a second to realize that last night hadn’t been a delicious fantasy but that Veronica really was lying next to me. I looked at her with the visions from the previous day filling my head, seemingly an impossible dream, yet there she was asleep in my bed.

I watched Veronica for a few moments while I tried to makes sense of the events that led to her presence in my bed and finally came to the conclusion that it that would never make sense … but also decided that I wasn’t worried. I concluded that while many people might think we were looked an odd pair, Veronica and I needed each other.

I slipped out of bed, careful to avoid disturbing my goddess, pulled on a pair of boxers and a vest and went down to the kitchen and started the makings of tea. While the kettle was boiling I walked to the front door and picked up my Sunday newspaper from the door mat.

As I was pouring my tea I heard the toilet flush. A moment later, hearing movement, I turned, it was Veronica. She was naked. I stared, mesmerized by her beauty.

She smiled. “It’s very flattering to have you looking at me but I think I’d be a little more comfortable if you could find me something to cover myself, something like what you’re wearing.”

I made a face and said, “Aw, that won’t be as much fun …” but nevertheless went into the bedroom and found her a clean pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

As I handed them to Veronica I said, “Would Madam like a cup of tea?”

She nodded. “Yes thank you Dougie, that would be very nice.”

There was an odd formality to our conversation considering our intimacy from the night before. I was new to this situation but I figured it was probably fairly normal behaviour for two relative strangers who awoke to find themselves together after a night of casual sex.

Veronica pulled on the clothes I offered and sat down. I brought her a cup of tea, put bread in the toaster, then sat down at the kitchen table with her. I felt we were acting just like a married couple.

I opened the Sunday paper and maintained the illusion by asking, “Would you like to read the newspaper?”

She sipped her tea and nodded, “Thank you, yes. Is there a magazine section?”

I handed her the colour supplement and took the business section for myself.

For a few minutes we both read silently and sipped our tea and then Veronica suddenly looked up and said, “Dougie, listen to this.”

She read me a story about a dog rescue, I listened and after we talked about the incident for a moment we both went back to our reading. A minute later she started giggling and read me a story about a mugger who fled the scene only to run straight into a police station. I shared in her laughter as I got the toast and put the slices on a plate.

For the next hour we sat in the kitchen, eating breakfast and taking turns reading from the Sunday paper. It was a wonderful start to the day and my fantasy of this being how a ‘normal’ married couple behaved was furthered when once it was warm enough we moved out onto the balcony to enjoy the morning sun.

We viewed the passers-by on the towpath below and spotted a few wading birds on the opposite bank of the canal and it was so wonderfully ‘normal’.

Then the spell was broken when Veronica looked at me and said, “Dougie, I’ve had a wonderful time with you, but I think it’s time for me to go home. I have things I need to be getting on with.”

I slowly nodded my head. The past twenty-four hours had been a fairy tale come true and I didn’t want it to end, but I knew it was inevitable. Veronica was a beautiful woman and a busy lady and I was quite certain she must have many handsome men eagerly waiting for their turn to entertain her. I was a total nerd, a wimpy schoolteacher, and I fully understood that I should be grateful that I had been allowed to spend one wonderful day with this bewitching goddess. Nonetheless, although disappointed inside, I put on a brave face and quietly waited while Veronica collected her things. Once she was ready we went out of the front door, down to find my ‘funny little car’ and then made the drive to Veronica’s apartment in uncomfortable silence. The relaxed, easy going feeling that had existed between us earlier was now gone, the atmosphere distinctly uncomfortable; it almost seemed like an evil spell had been cast over us.

I pulled over to the kerb in front of Veronica’s address and she leaned over, kissed my cheek and said, “Dougie, thank you for a wonderful evening.”

I longed to take her in my arms and cover her with kisses … but I didn’t. I was afraid. Instead I politely said, “It was my pleasure.”

Veronica nodded and got out of my car.

I sat mutely at the curb and watched as the woman of my dreams walked up the path to disappear into her apartment building.

After the front door shut behind her I continued to sit at the kerb. I couldn’t bring myself to drive away. I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t know what else to do so I just sat and stared eryaman rus escort at the view through the windscreen, seeing but not seeing.

My daydream was interrupted when suddenly my mobile rang. I picked it up and heard, “Dougie?”

It was Veronica.

I quietly said, “Yes.”

“Why are you still parked in front of my house?”

Embarrassed by the sharp tone of her voice, I stammered,. “Yes, I’m sorry Veronica. I’ll leave immediately.”

“No, don’t go, I’ll be right out.”

“I ahh…”

“Dougie, please stay there. I’ll be down in a second.”

Suddenly the front door opened and she stepped out holding her phone to her ear. For a moment she stood on the doorstep staring at me. Then she ran down the path to my car, came around to the driver’s side, pounded on my window and said, “Dougie, get out of the car.”

I opened the car door and stepped out. As soon as I was standing in the street Veronica threw her arms around my shoulders. As she hugged me she said, “Why did you let me go?”

I didn’t know what to say.

Veronica held me and said, “Dougie, please don’t leave me.”

I put my arms around her and said, “I thought you were bored with me.”

Veronica shook her head. “You silly, silly boy; I’ll never be bored with you. You’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.”

For a long time we just held each other and then Veronica whispered, “Dougie do you have anything you have to do today?”

I shook my head. “No, not at all.”

“Could we spend the afternoon together?”

I laughed, “Yes, nothing would make me happier.”

Veronica grabbed my hand. “Good, come upstairs with me. You can start the day by giving me a bath.”

I smiled as Veronica walked me up the path to her front door and thought, what a wonderful change in fortune, a moment ago I was in the depth of depression and now I felt like I was back in my ‘happy place’.

Veronica straightaway led me into her bedroom, turned her back to me, and said in that commanding tone of hers,. “Unzip me Dougie.”

I didn’t hesitate. I pulled down the zip and she stepped out of it, handed the dress to me and in the same tone said, “Hang this in the wardrobe and then go and run me a bath.”

Veronica’s manner had changed, she had gone from being sweet to becoming very dominant. I was excited. She watched me as I obediently hung her dress in her wardrobe and I’m sure she must have noticed me as I lovingly smoothed the creases before I went into her bathroom. As I adjusted the taps to fill the bath she called out, “Legless, there’s bath gel on the shelf, choose something nice.”

I looked at the shelf which held different coloured bottles. There were no labels to indicate the flavour of the contents so I picked up the lilac one, gave it a sniff and poured a gloop into the bath. The water immediately bubbled up and the sweet scent of violets filled the air. I hoped that I had chosen wisely.

As I stirred the water with my hand Veronica’s voice broke my concentration, “Dougie while you’re waiting for the bath to fill you should get undressed. If you’re going to be my slave, then I think it’s appropriate for you to be naked while you wait on me.”

A little thrill rippled through me, how exciting,. Veronica used the word ‘slave’. I quickly began undressing and was just stepping out of my boxers when she walked into the bathroom, she was naked and I forgot what I was doing and I stood stock still looking at her.

She laughed to see my reaction, “Right answer, it’s always good for a slave to appreciate seeing his Mistress.”

Veronica took my hand and I helped her step into the bath. She settled down beneath the bubbles and nodded toward the sponge on the bath side and said, “You may wash me now.”

Oh my goodness, I was beside myself with excitement as I set about complying with her command and gave her a long slow luxurious wash down and discovered, for the first time, that bathing a beautiful woman is an incredibly erotic experience.

Veronica didn’t say anything as I washed her, she just moved from time to time to allow me to sponge her beautiful tits or lifting herself so that I could better wash between her legs. Not a word was spoken until she considered we were done and she stood up and told me to get the large fluffy bath towel from the heated rail and to hold it open to wrap around her while she stepped out of the tub. I stood to one side expectantly and she said, “You can use the water to have a quick bath yourself, I want you clean. When you’re done, empty the bath and come back to my bedroom”.

She went into her bedroom and I stepped into the bath, pulled the plug and had a quick wash down while the water drained away. I quickly wiped around the bath as instructed and as soon as I was dry I joined Veronica.

She was sitting naked on the edge of her bed and before I had even made it through the door when she saw me she smiled and said, “Dougie get down on your knees and crawl, I want you to lick my pussy.”

I obeyed immediately. My entire body ankara etimesgut escort bayan tingled with excitement as I dropped to my knees, crawled over to my beautiful goddess and buried my face between her legs. I was living out a long-held fantasy.

While I was licking Veronica’s cunt I thought about the fact that we were in the same bed that she’d shared with the guy (a co-worker, she said) who had been with her the previous afternoon. I remembered that yesterday that man had been allowed to fuck my goddess, that it had been his spunk on the sheets. As I pressed my tongue into Veronica’s pussy I wondered if I would ever be granted that glorious privilege.

I gave Veronica two orgasms, it may have been three, she certainly made all the right noises. She pushed my head away and I remained patiently on my knees letting her get her breath as she relaxed for a few minutes. I think that I satisfied her for she opened her eyes, looked at me on the floor at the side of her bed and said; “Dougie, you’re a wonderful lover and now it’s your turn. Get up here”

I got to my feet and lay next to her and she straightaway wrapped her fingers around my erect penis. Her gentle touch sent shivers up my spine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wonderful sensations as she slowly massaged my tiny cock with her fingertips.

It was no surprise to me that despite my best effort to control myself that I came quickly. Veronica continued massaging me while I orgasmed and let my semen dribble all over her hand. Once I was done ejaculating she stared into my eyes and licked my fresh cum off of her fingertips.

Afterward she had licked her fingers cleans we lay together enjoying the sweet afterglow. While we cuddled I quietly whispered. “Veronica will I ever be allowed to make love to you?”

She rolled over so she was facing me and with a frown said, “Dougie, don’t be silly, we just made love for over an hour.”

I shook my head. “No, that’s not what I mean.”

Veronica sighed. “You’re asking if I’ll ever let you fuck me?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“First of all Dougie, the men that fuck me don’t have to ask.” Veronica paused to think for a moment and then she continued. “Legless, you’re penis is so small and you cum so quickly that I think it might be too frustrating for both of us if I were to let you try to fuck me. Sweetie, I think it’s much better if give you handjobs. That way you can cum as quickly as you want and you don’t have to be ashamed of your tiny little willie.” She stared at me. “You enjoyed yourself this afternoon didn’t you?”

I quietly said, “Yes I did.”

Veronica noted the tone of disappointment in my voice. She kissed my cheek and said, “I also promise to give you the sweetest little blow jobs you can possibly imagine.”

I smiled.

She grinned at me. “Yes, you remember what I did for you last night don’t you?”

I smiled back at her and slowly nodded my head.

Veronica leaned over, softly brushed her lips against my ear and said, “Of course you have to earn those by being a very obedient little boy. You are going to be a very obedient little boy aren’t you Dougie?”

I quietly said, “Yes Ms. Waterman I am.”

We lay quietly in each other’s arms with our naked bodies pressed against each other, enjoying the intimacy that follows sex.

Veronica was the first to make a move, she sat up and said, “Dougie, can I stay at yours tonight?’

I looked at her and with no hesitation said, “Of course you can.”

She stood up. “I have to pack a bag. I’ll need work clothes to put on tomorrow morning.”

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, I have a small suitcase in the hall cupboard, bring it to me.”

I brought Veronica her bag and she quickly filled it with the things she would need for the next day. As soon as she was done she said, “Let’s get dressed and go back to your flat.”

I carried her case and we walked out to my car and made the short journey back to my place. It was late afternoon by the time we got back and Veronica sat at the kitchen table where she sipped a glass of red wine and watched while I made a simple dinner. She didn’t say so but I think she was suitably impressed with my culinary skills and after pushing away her emptied plate she went through to the lounge while I cleared up the kitchen. She didn’t offer to help with the chores, it was just assumed that I would do them.

When the work was done I joined Veronica in the den. She was lying on the sofa watching a chat-show on television. She smiled at me as I walked into the room and said, “Dougie, I’m feeling quite worn out, come over here and give my feet a nice rub.”

I went over and kneeled next to the sofa and massaged Veronica’s feet while she continued looking over my head at the television. The programme finally ended and she pulled her feet away leaving me kneeling on the floor. She sat up and said, “That was boring …, ” hastily adding, “… not you, the TV. I’d like to do something a little more exciting, how about we have a chat-show gölbaşı rus escort bayan of our own; how about we take a look at Internet together?” She winked at me. “They have better shows there and if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

“I thought we did that yesterday in the bookstore,” I quipped.

Veronica shook her head. “No Legless, we did it last night in your bedroom. I’m not sure I want to do that again.”

I laughed. “Yes we did, and I loved every minute of it.”

Veronica stood up, leaned down and patted my face, just as if she was petting a dog. “I know you did and maybe we’ll do that again a little later on, but right now I want to see what sites you like looking at. You know the ones I’m talking about; the ones you have bookmarked as favourites.”

I nodded and felt myself blushing at the thought. I got to my feet and said, “Umm, OK, wait here, I’ll go and get my lap top.”

“No you won’t, I’ll come with you. I looked into your Den yesterday and saw that you have a computer on an impressive looking desk and it looked as if there was a very comfortable desk chair.”

She was referring to the antique oak desk of my father’s that I had inherited, it filled most of the small room leaving just enough space for the chair and a bookcase. I made an excuse, “Yes, but that’s the only chair in the room.”

Veronica gave me that icy stare, “Why would we need another chair? It’s just going to be you and me isn’t it?”

“Well, yes…”

“Then one chair will be plenty. You can kneel on the floor next to me or maybe under the desk, there looked to be enough room.”

She gave my back a shove and pushed me in the direction of the Den, “Come on Legless, it’s time to go and look at some of the sites where you read about what women like me get to do to wimpy little pussys like you.”

We got into my office and I woke up the computer. While I was waiting to log-on Veronica stripped off her jeans and panties, nothing else. She handed them to me and said, “Fold these up and lay them neatly on the desk. When you’ve done that, take off your own clothes. I’ve decided that it is time for ‘show and tell’ after all.”

She giggled, “Show and tell, Yep, I like that. I’m going to ‘show’ you my pussy and then I’m going to ‘tell’ you to lick it.”

I backed out into the hall and quickly undressed, much too excited to fully appreciate Veronica’s joke.

As soon as I was naked Veronica wiggled her finger at me and said, “Legless, come over here and kneel underneath your desk.”

I did as I was told and wriggled my way into the well beneath the old desk. Once I was in position Veronica sat down in the leather desk chair and rolled it up toward me, suddenly her naked cunt was directly in front of my face.

“Dougie, before you start licking me, tell me how do I get to your favourites, I’m not used to Apple, I’m a Windows girl.”

I thought for a moment and then told her where to click on the screen. I heard her gasp and say the word ‘cuckold’. I had no idea what she was looking at … or maybe I did.

The moment she said it, she looked down at me, “That is one is your favourites? Oh my, that is interesting.”

I was suddenly embarrassed to think what site she was looking at and I’m certain my face blushed.

Veronica observed my discomfort and reached down and patted my cheek. “It’s okay sweetie, I know exactly what the word cuckold means and it makes me very happy if you like looking at sites dealing with that…” She gave a snicker and added, “… well, I would have to say that, wouldn’t I?!”

I looked up at Veronica and could see that she was being sincere and my embarrassment turned into excitement. I took a deep breath and said, “Ms Waterman, may I please be allowed to kiss your pussy?”

Without taking her eyes away from the screen she said in a breathless voice, “Oh yes Dougie, I think that would be very nice.”

I leaned forward and put my head between her spread thighs. I heard her gasp when she felt me press my lips against her moist cunt. For a moment I just kissed and then, feeling bolder, I slowly pushed my tongue into the cleft of her pussy. While I was licking her, I heard the sounds of the mouse clicking and her typing the keyboard.

After a moment she said, “Dougie, you are a naughty boy, just look at all the different sites you visit. I like this one, Cuckold Stories, we’ll have to read some of those, and, oh, here’s a section on feet.” She giggled, “Looks like you visit that section from time to time, doesn’t it, you wimpy footboy?”

I looked up and gave her a knowing look before moving away from her cunt to try to kiss her toes.

She playfully slapped my head. “Keep your tongue in my pussy footboy, I’ll let you know when I want you to kiss my feet.”

I pushed my tongue back into Veronica’s cunt. She was very wet.

She sighed when she felt me licking her again. “Oh yeah, that’s much better.”

She leaned over to look closer at my computer. “Let me see, what else is here? Oh my, cream pies.” Veronica rubbed my head. “Pussyboy, do you like the idea of licking another man’s cum out of my cunt after he fucks me?”

Again, I knew what site she must be looking and I stopped kissing her pussy for a moment. The thought got me so excited that I started shaking. An involuntary reaction. I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t stop.

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