Library Lust

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“I read your manifestos and your strange religious tracts You took me to your library and kissed me in the stacks” — the Magnetic Fields

Friday afternoon at the Westshire College Library was predictably slow. Lydia appreciated this as she was tired of fielding endless sometimes rather inane research questions her patrons posed her day in and day out. It was November and was already getting dark out at 4 o’clock. Lydia scanned the room. Only a couple people reading newspapers or using the Internet. Sighing contentedly she pulled out one of her comic books and settled in her chair at the circulation desk and proceeded to get lost within the panels.

There was something about her style that vaguely reminded one of a 1950’s pinup. She wore modernized shirtwaist dresses, mary janes, cardigans and a sweet face framed by glasses that curved out slightly at the ends, chin length dark hair and pearl earrings. Her clothes were supported by her shapely hourglass body. Underneath her bookish trappings she always wore lace-topped stockings and provocative garter belts that nicely framed her tight little upturned ass. Her equally nice bras barely restrained her firm perky breasts. Her breasts mattered little to her although she realized men were attracted to them but she secretly longed for a man who wanted to take advantage of her pert ass. Even feeling her garter straps sometimes slip at the side of her hips would make her feel sexually distracted. But in all her 22 years she had yet to find anyone who would stop paying attention to her tits and find her true erogenous zone.

“Umm excuse me”, a slow deep voice pulled her out of her reading. She looked up and their gaze met. Her patron had unusually large intense brown eyes. He had the appearance of one who hasn’t slept in a long while and needed someone. His brown hair was slightly in his eyes and it made one long to brush it out of the way, not because it was bothersome but because it was endearing. ataşehir escort bayan He looked strong despite his slight frame. He shifted his weight on his heavy steel-toed boots and smiled slightly. Lydia’s eyes quickly darted over his crotch and immediately entertained visions of playing with the line where his pubic hair would begin. Shaking her head she smiled politely pushed up her glasses and played the role of the helpful asexual librarian.

“How can I help you?”

“I was wondering if you could help me find this manuscript in special collections. I am working on my thesis that involves the development of fonts and I would really like to see some of the library’s specimen sheets. Also from what I understand the Kelmscott Chaucer is on loan here from Cornell?”

Daniel was tired. He had been devoting all his time to his thesis, averaging three or four hours of sleep a night. He felt relieved that he didn’t have to find the manuscript himself. His sex life since he started his research had been limited to furtive masturbation breaks and nothing else. While they chatted about ancient manuscripts and politely exchanged names he couldn’t help but notice the way the buttons on her cardigan pulled a little at her breasts and the charming way she pushed up her glasses. Besides there was something about Lydia that awakened him. Her knowledge of typeface from the 18th century was impressive.

He stood up taller and followed Lydia obediently down the musty stairs to the special collections section of the library. Watching her from behind gave him even more pleasure. He could just barely make out the outline of her garters and her hips swayed seductively without her realizing it. His eyes could not help but follow the curve of her ass.

Lydia was aware that he was checking her out. Or at least hoped he was. She mumbled a bit to herself as she located the desired specimen sheet.

“So lets see the call number for this escort kadıköy is BX 1200…oh I wont be able to reach that…let me get a step ladder…could you hold the ladder steady while I reach for the text?”

He steadied the ladder and noticed with admiration her nice thick gams. The kind he would like to gnaw at. Hesitating slightly at first he rested a hand on one of them. Like a warm flush Lydia experienced a swell in her pussy. Trying to keep her breath steady she dared not move in fear that he would take his hand away. For a moment nothing happened. For a moment they were just two strangers pretending that they didn’t notice his hand inching up her stockinged leg. He looked up and peeked at her sexy garters and the way the straps were held tautly over her thighs. He breathed deeply and inhaled the warm aura of under her dress. He could feel himself stiffening, his penis fighting against the restrictive cut of his jeans. Lydia could feel her pulse thudding in her vulva…

“umm…” she faltered and poked her ass out a little further as an open invitation to fondle it. Accepting her offer he slid his hand all the way and snapped her garter against her ass. Roughly grabbed it while he nibbled lightly at the back of her knee. Lydia knew that she simply would not be able to balance herself on the rickety stepladder much longer. Her whole body was aching to be pushed and pulled and fucked senseless. Sensing this he grabbed her by her hips and swung her down. Kicking the stepladder out of the way she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him deeply and hungrily. Her hands quickly moved towards his belt and she deftly unbuckled it and yanked down his pants and boxers in one go.

The line of his pubic hair was as tantalizing as she had imagined it just moments ago. Her fingers snaked around the line and grazed his hips. Kissing him she shoved him roughly across the room where she would find the condom dispenser in the bathroom. bostancı escort Grabbing a condom she stepped back and looked him over. He was strong and had the muscular build of a swimmer. His cock was thick, pulsing; she could see a thick drop of pre-cum dribbling from the perfectly shaped head. Smiling wickedly she opened the wrapper with her teeth and knelt down. Holding the condom expertly in her mouth she rolled it on to his steel hard cock while digging her nails into his own well developed toned ass.

Daniel gasped and steadied himself. He wasn’t ready to come just yet. He wanted to make her squeal.

Brusquely he turned her around and bent her over all twenty volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary. She whimpered in pleasure as he yanked up her skirt and pulled down her drenched panties. Holding her face against the dictionary he picked up a nearby hardcover book on a re-shelving cart. He lifted the book up and brought it down on her ass several times. Hard enough that her left cheek stung slightly with pleasure and immediately turned a deep rosy pink. He bent down and licked the book marks he had caused on her ass. Lydia’s puss was swollen and ached to be fucked. The spankings were almost enough to make her come. Noticing that she was sopping wet he knelt down and wiped up her deliriously musky sap with two fingers. With his fingers well lubricated he eased them into her incredibly soft tight ass. Lydia’s mewly sounds of pleasure turned into outright load moaning. Scarcely aware of her own body outside of her cunt and her ass she began to feel the first heat waves unto orgasm. Taking cue Daniel slammed his cock into her pussy, keeping his two fingers in her asshole. His other hand was in her mouth as she bit down hard as a horse would do to a bit. His cock was perfect for Lydia’s finicky puss as its head stimulated her g-spot to the point of distraction. She bucked against him and felt her vaginal muscles contract wildly as they had never done before. Daniel came as strongly and the two of them managed knock over the entire heavy Oxford English Dictionary. Gasping and smiling in a melee of body parts and books they remained until Lydia calmly handed over the Kelmscott Chaucer text he had requested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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