Making My Girlfriend Want Sex Again

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What should we do when sexual relations between a loving couple becomes so rare that both partners feel shy about suggesting some action? Contact had all but stopped between my longstanding girlfriend and I. We’d talked about it, and agreed that it made both of us frustrated and uncomfortable, but we’d reached a line in the sand that was difficult to cross. But – whenever we did get over our inhibitions, we were the same as when we first met — it just happened far too rarely.

So, I decided to take a direct, but different, approach. Alone in the house one day I composed some cards and printed them out. Put them in my wallet and waited for us to go out for the morning, knowing I’d be using them on the bus home from town. And this is what happened.

We were chatting normally on the bus until, five minutes from our drop off point I produced the first card and passed it to Caroline. She took a look and blushed bright red. The card read:

“Straight up to my room when we get home.”

The bus was getting closer to home and I gave her the next card:

“For hard sex with our clothes on.”

She was definitely aroused now, I could tell. The next card came out:

“I’ll push you on the bed and pull your knickers down. Then etlik escort I’ll watch you play with yourself while I rub my cock through my jeans.”

She was smiling. I imagined her pussy becoming wet with her juice, and wondered if I could detect a faint aroma of the scent of a woman. My jeans were tented out, my dick rigid with anticipation. I shifted in my seat to give it a chance to move over in my pants. Now it was sticking straight up the front.

Two more cards to go. The bus was getting closer now. Two cards left:

“Then I’ll push my jeans and pants down and let you play with my stiff cock and balls.”

She stole a hand over my crotch and squeezed my balls gently. There were people nearby on the bus and the thought of discovery made me harder than ever. The bus was pulling up at the stop, and I gave Caroline the final card.

“And then I’ll fuck you hard and fast. Make sure you make a lot of noise while I stick my prick inside your cunt and come as quick as you like. I’m going to shoot my load inside you as quickly as I can.”

“God, Jeremy,” she breathed as we staggered off the bus, my hard-on more visible than it should be in public on a 45 year old. “Get me in that room now!”

She etlik escort bayan actually ran up the stairs ahead of me, and into my den. I’d left the room ready — couch decent, lubricant at the ready. I kissed her hard, once, and then pushed her roughly onto the bed on her back. I disregarded her whimpers of affection and pulled her belt from her Levis, undoing the front of her jeans and pulling them roughly down her leg, her knickers travelling with them and stopping at her ankles. Her shoes were staying on.

As she stuck her middle finger into her pussy and started to frig her clit I switched on the music player, and the raucous sound of James Brown filled the air. The room was virtually soundproof anyway, but I wanted her to make noise without fear — she is a loud girl anyway!

Keeping my part of the deal, I rubbed my fat cock and balls through my jeans while she frigged herself. Only for a minute, though — this was too good ‘n’ nasty to last long. Caroline was showing signs of coming to a peak already, and I wanted to be inside her when she came for the first time. Her face was bright red, always a sign she’s on her way to an orgasm, and she was telling me in a low tone how close she’d been to cumming escort etlik on the bus home.

I unbelted and unbuttoned my 501s and shoved them down, freeing my rampant prick at last. My shirt and shoes were staying put — I wanted a fast and dirty fuck with my girl now. I pushed Caroline’s bra up so I could briefly play with her stiff nipples, but the foreplay was already done, and I wanted to feel her cunt wrapped round my cock, quickly. I put my damp cock-head at the entrance to her splayed wet cunt and steadily pushed my way in. She was hot and wet, and ready to receive me, but her cunny has always been tight, and the friction was great. I muttered a reminder to Caroline to remember my balls (I’m a big fan of girls pulling my nuts) and she reached under me as my thrusting started in rhythm inside her, tugging and squeezing my balls.

“Oh Jesus!” she yelled as we both surged towards a massive orgasm. Give it to me harder, Jeremy. I love you! Aaaargh!”

I grunted loudly as I felt the final build up inside me and then let go with a yell of my own as Caroline came off in sympathy. My spunk sprayed deep inside her belly as my head snapped back in ecstasy, before I collapsed over her, our arms reaching instinctively for each other in embrace.

Not only did we get it on in spectacular and super-horny fashion that day, but the following weeks were like a dam had burst — the simple change of approach to asking for sex had opened us up to each other again. I recommend it to anyone who’s sex life is stale!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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