Massage Therapy

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I had never had a massage, or at least a professional one. A thirty-two year old wife and mother of two and I had never had anyone other than my husband even touch my body.

My name is April Pratt; and yes I am the proverbial middle aged wife. I am fortunate that my husband makes enough as a city employee that I was able to stay home and raise our two children. Now at five and seven; with both in school, mom had gotten the idea to get back into shape.

We converted part of our basement to a makeshift gym. Equipped with the weight bench and elliptical my husband Ben loved; and the cardio treadmill and Nordic track I favored; it worked pretty well.

Then the stupidest thing happened. I was getting in a morning workout on the treadmill; when I stepped on my own shoelace. Believe me; I know how dumb it sounds. I have news, when the feet stop moving, but the treadmill doesn’t, it makes for a tangled fall that leaves you banged and bruised.

I was told that I didn’t fracture anything at the emergency room; but that I had bruised my hip and pulled a ligament in one knee. They told me that other than time there wasn’t much to do for my injuries. Ben and I were just relieved nothing had been broken.

To say I was sore was an understatement. I would wake in the morning and hobble around the house, trying to work the kinks out. It was actually Ben who came up with a proposed solution.

He apparently read up on the internet, and yes my generation lives on the internet; that massage therapy could relieve the stiffness and pain until my muscles and bruises healed.

Not one to take many medications, I reluctantly agreed. But, I wasn’t thrilled with just any stranger mauling my body. That was when Ben mentioned my little brother Rick.

I don’t know if you can call a six foot two thirty year old man your little brother; but he was. He was also a nurse, which is what had given Ben the idea.

Apparently, my sweet husband had talked to Rick and they had made arrangements for Rick to give me a twice weekly massage; to see if it would help things.

Did it help? Oh yeah; in ways my poor husband never imagined.

The first time Rick came over with a portable massage table, he worked on my knee and lower legs. By the time he left I had to admit I felt almost like a new woman. God, I could walk again and not cringe every time my right knee bent.

By the third session, I was getting over my nervousness about having my brother laying his hands on me. It was then that things started taking the twist I don’t think Ben, myself, or even Rick had forseen.

Ben had mentioned to Rick, that while my knee seemed to do well, that my hip was still bothering me. He was right; but I didn’t mention it to Rick.

I’ve never been the most assertive person in the world; even though my husband was constantly telling me I was beautiful and sexy; I’ve never really felt that way. What do I look like?

I am about five feet nine inches, and probably weight in around a hundred and twenty pounds. To be honest I don’t like scales so I was never too accurate on my weight. For those of you curious I measure a 36C so I am not a Dolly Parton; but I’m not exactly under endowed either.

Anyway; it was during the third session that Rick mentioned about my hip. I reluctantly admitted that it still bothered me. He suggested we work on it a bit, and without realizing the implications, I readily agreed. If he could accomplish the same results as he had with my leg, I was all for it.

It was when he set the small white towel across my buttocks, and told me to remove my panties; that I realized what all was entailed. I mean, it did make sense he couldn’t properly massage my hip with my panties on; but the idea of basically being nude in front of him set my nerves on edge.

I reluctantly slipped my panties down and off, making sure the towel stayed in place, then tried to relax on the table. Rick started out working on my shoulders and back, slowly working downward. By the time he reached my waist, I was about as mellow as I could get.

I faintly recall him lifting the small towel away, but by then I was so relaxed from the massage, the scent of the oils, and whatever candles he had burning; I never really paid any attention.

Since I was face down, I couldn’t see what he was doing; but I definitely felt when his strong hands started working on my thighs. As he kneaded the pliant flesh, he gently separated my thighs, and when I felt those fingers side along the inside of my thighs, I could barely hold back the moan.

Ben and I have been married for not quite ten years; and as I said I have never been the most adventurous type, even in the bedroom. The fact Ben wasn’t either had fit me perfectly. For us, a good sex session was in the dark in our bedroom, quietly, while the kids slept down the hall. Once in a while we would do a little oral to spice things up, but that was the extent of it.

Something strange was happening kartal escort to my body, and it felt like all my control was slipping away. My brain was screaming how wrong it was, while Rick’s fingers slowly slid in and out between my thighs.

My eyes slowly opened as Rick worked my flesh, lying on my side I found myself staring right at his waist as he leaned over the side of the table.

Not exactly his waist, more right at the large bulge in his white slacks. It looked HUGE to my hazed eyes; and I just lay there staring at it. Without even realizing what my body was doing, I shifted my legs slightly apart, inviting his hands in further.

When I felt his thumbs glide right next to my now swollen lips, I swore to God I saw that thing twitch and grow.

“Turn over” I heard him tell me.

Silently I rolled over onto my back, knowing that I was now totally exposed to my brothers’ eyes. I watched that monster grow even bigger as I knew he was looking down at me. I have to tell you, it does fantastic things to a woman’s ego knowing she is making a man raging hard for her.

My breathing was more labored as Rick worked my sore hip. I could feel the heels of his hands pressing just off to the side of my mound, and I could feel the growing wetness as it leaked out of me.

One hand was still massaging my hip, while the other slowly slid over my belly. I sighed in contentment. I wanted to reach out and grab that throbbing thing; but I was so afraid.

When I felt both of his hands gently massage along my belly, and just up to my ribs; I closed my eyes.

“Higher” I whispered.

I felt his oil slick hands slide up; to just under my jutting breasts. So close, my body screamed; while my mind raged at what I was doing.

“Higher” I whispered again.

“April” I heard Ricks voice above me.

“Please” I almost whimpered.

Then, I felt those powerful hands cupping my aching breasts, holding one in each hand.

“Oh God” I moaned.

My eyes fluttered open and I watched as my brothers hands kneaded and molded my breasts to his grip. Each time her squeezed them, my diamond hard nipples stood proud.

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me; I had never been this sexually aggressive before in my life. It was like I suddenly couldn’t control myself any more.

I reached up one hand and gripped his wrist Staring up into his eyes I slowly slid his hand down my flexing belly, until his fingers tangled in the fine downy hairs of my mound.

“Don’t stop” I gasped.

I pushed his hand towards my sopping pussy, and he quickly got the idea. His fingers began slipping between my thighs to glide over my swollen lips.

“Oh God Rick” I moaned.

I felt one finger slip over my now pulsing clit, and my entire body shuddered. Releasing my grip of his wrist; I brought my hand back up. But this time I slid it over towards his bent form

My fingers found the bow knot of his sweats, and tugging I opened the small knot. As his sweats slipped down to his ankles, my hand shot out and wrapped around what felt like was perfection.

Ben was no slouch in the sex department. He was average thickness and about fix inches long. Rick was so thick I could barely get my fingers around him and God it was so fucking LONG. As I slid my fist along his length I watched a drop of pre cum drip from the tip.

“April” I heard Rick grunt.

“Fuck yes” I moaned as a thick finger slid inside me.

“Oh shit” Rick moaned.

I began to pump my fist along his full length, feeling his veins scrape along my palm. I had never been unfaithful to Ben; I had never considered myself capable of such an act. Now I lay here like a wanton whore; while Rick fingered my cunt.

I could hear the wet slurp as a second finger joined the first, stretching my walls. Fuck it felt good. Part of me kept saying how horribly wrong this was; and yet every fiber in my body screamed at how good it felt.

I felt his fingers pick up speed as my hips arched up. My hand sped up to match his motions, my eyes never leaving his throbbing cock. Wet sucking noises between my thighs matched the rhythmic slap of my fist along his skin.

I could feel him throb in my grip, and then begin to swell. I knew what was going to happen; and God did I want it. I was going to make my little brother, my little Ricky, blow his hot seed all over my naked body. The thought caused a total short circuit on my brain and every moral warning signal simply shut down.

“Give it to me” I heard a voice husk; and realized it was mine.

“April” I heard Rick moan.

My eyes rose to his face, and I stared at the look of sheer pleasure as his face almost glowed. I had never seen a man cum before, I was totally infatuated with the idea my brother was about to cum for me.

My eyes dropped back down when I felt his cock throb and then swell in my grip. I pulled my wrist down, aiming that thick pole at my breasts.

“OH fuck” I heard Rick kurtköy escort grunt.

I watched as his piss hole expanded and then a thick wad of white cream explode from the tip. It arched through the air and splattered across my breasts.

When the hot sticky fluid touched my skin, the knot in my belly let loose. I felt my body spasm and my gut wrench as my orgasm was set free. I had cum with ben before, but nothing like this.

“Rickkkkkkk” I moaned.

My hips bucked; my eyes rolled back sightless; as cream pumped from between my thighs and soaked my brothers’ hand. His fingers never slowed; and it felt like the waves would never end.

A second splatter across my heaving breasts was matched with a flood that soaked the towel under my ass. I had the most insane thought, of what it would feel like to have that pump deep inside me.

As quickly as everything had occurred, it vanished. I relaxed my grip as his cock slid free. My body settled on the massage table as those fingers slid from between my thighs.

I lay there catching my breath, as silently Rick pulled his slacks up. He didn’t even gather up his supplies; he simply left without a word. I stared shocked up at the ceiling as I heard the front door close upstairs.

I slid off the massage table, gazing around the exercise room where we had set up. I blew out the candles, and gathered up the drenched towels from the table.

I was stunned, I had just let my little brother finger my pussy to a massive orgasm; and I could feel his dried jism cooling on my skin. My brain tried to logic out I had not cheated on Ben because we never really had sex; but I knew better.

Even as shame started to fill my mind; it couldn’t crowd out two realizations. One was that I had just had the most massive orgasm of my thirty-two years; the other was that I wanted more.

I threw the soaked towels into the wash and headed for the shower. As I slipped under the warm spray, I wondered how far this was going to go, and could I stop it. What amazed me even more; was the fact that I was walking as if I didn’t have a sore muscle or bone in my body. Like it or not, Rick’s ‘special therapy’ had certainly done the trick.

Three days later Rick returned for our next session. I felt like a hungry and caged lioness. I knew Rick was having second thoughts when he didn’t ask me to remove my panties; so I solved it for him by pulling them off before I got on the table.

I admit it shocked me how I was acting like a common hussy for my brother; but by this point I was just going with the flow. Twenty minutes into the massage, and Rick had done everything perfect, including not sliding his fingers between my now spread thighs.

I was frustrated; and horny as hell by that time. After almost a half an hour of watching the muscles in his upper body ripple with every movement, seeing that huge tube steak straining at his slacks; I lost it.

Fuck this shit, my body screamed; while my brain kept saying no don’t do it. Rick was working my hip now, standing at the side of the table; that huge package just staring back at me. I reached out and pulled on the knot on his slacks.

“April” Rick’s voice questioned above me.

I ignored him and wrapped my slender hand around a very hard cock as it slid into view. I tugged him closer, hearing him shuffle with his pants wrapped around his ankles. When he was close enough, I turned my head; and swallowed the biggest cock of my entire life.

Like I said, once in a while Ben or I would throw oral in to change things up. I was never an expert at sucking cock. It wasn’t that I was against it; I had just always considered it a prelude to the main act.

This was different. As Rick’s smell assailed my nostrils; and I felt him stretching my mouth wide, I attacked his cock. His veins pulsed as they slid over my tongue and I heard him groan above me.

I wanted more and I was past waiting. I couldn’t believe how aggressive I had become when I reached my free hand down, and once again gripped his wrist. As my lips slid up and down his shaft; I pushed that hand lower, across my belly.

“Mmmmmmmmm” I hummed.

I felt his fingers slide through my pubic hair, and then down over my swollen pussy. I spread my legs wider, inviting him; and Rick didn’t miss a beat.

One fat finger slid between my lips; followed by a second finger as he plowed into my swamp of a pussy. I would have screamed in pleasure if I hadn’t had at least eight inches of hard cock stuffed down my throat.

I felt his other hand rest on the back of my head, his fingers tangling in my hair. That’s it, I thought; fuck your sister’s face. Sure enough his hips began to pump as he drove his cock in and out.

Juices soaked his fingers while pre cum coated my tongue. I should mention that like I said, oral sex had always been just a prelude. Meaning, I had never ‘finished’ the act with a man. Right then there was no way I was releasing that monster from my mouth maltepe escort until I drank every drop.

Like some street hooker, I sucked my lips tighter, my hand pumping along his base as I tried to pull his balls through his cock. I grunted when he rammed those fingers deep, and I felt my belly spasm in response.

Rick lost it first as I felt his hips shove forward, driving his cock deeper. The first hot rope shot deep into my throat, and I swallowed with a noisy slurp. I pulled my head back and wrapped my lips around the crowned head and waited. A second thick wad spewed into my waiting mouth, this time coating my tongue and taste buds.

I had this vision of me lying on my back on the table; spit and cum oozing from the corner of my mouth; while Rick fingered my hot snatch. I groaned into a mouthful of cock as my hips jerked.

Rick expertly mashed the heel of his hand against my pulsing clit, and my belly erupted. As I tried to drink down the flood of hot seed filling my mouth, my floodgates opened.

I felt my juices erupt from between my thighs, spraying against his invading fingers; my mind almost blanked for a moment as I realized I was actually squirting for the first time in my life.

For what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few moments, both of us shuddered through an intense shared climax. As the thick flow slowed in my mouth, Rick slid his cock free of my lips. With an obscene sucking sound his fingers pulled out of my clutching pussy.

I just lay there trembling as once again he gathered his slacks and silently left the room. I heard the front door close behind him a second time.

Was I feeling shame? Hell yes; but I also was feeling the after-shocks of the most intense orgasm of my life. I could still taste that tartness on my tongue as I slid from the massage table. I stood on shaky legs as I regained my strength. The interesting thing was, I didn’t hurt in a single spot.

Four day later, exactly a week from our first sexual encounter; Ben told me Rick had called him; that he wasn’t feeling well and would probably not be here for our session.

I knew Rick was feeling shame, and having second thoughts; hell so was I. I also wanted his cock more than I wanted anything in my life.

After Ben left for the office I picked up my cellphone. Dialing Rick’s number I waited until he picked up on the third ring.

“April” I heard his soft voice.

“Please come” I didn’t waste any time.

“April…I can’t” Rick said hesitant.

“Why” I almost cried.

“April; you know what will happen?” Rick asked me.

Did I know what would happen? Yes, without a doubt. Did I WANT it to happen? Yes, without a doubt.

“Yes, I do.” I answered. I was shocked at how calm my voice was.

“And you still want me to come?” my little brother asked.

For a split second I thought of his wording, and how appropriate it was. Did I want him to come; or should I say CUM? I shuddered as my mind went down that path. What kind of woman had I become? Hungry, needy; all the things I had never felt before. For the first time in my life, I took command rather than be a passive passenger.

“Yes, I want you to…cum.” I whispered into the phone.

“April…” Rick started to say; but I cut him off.

“I want you to cum on my tits” I breathed. “I want you to cum in my mouth” I told my little brother. “I want you to cum deep inside me.” I told him.

“Jesus” I heard Rick whisper; and then the phone went dead.

I tried calling him back, but I didn’t get an answer. I worried I had frightened him off with my direct approach; but at the same time it was as if I couldn’t stop myself.

I tried his phone again as I wandered aimless about the house; again no answer. I was really getting worried about what he was thinking; or if he would never talk to me again.

After another ten minutes, I heard the front doorbell. I slowly opened the door to find Rick standing on the front porch. He was dressed in his tight white shirt and loose massage slacks. The thick rod filling the front of his slacks was more than obvious.

I stepped to the side without a word; my eyes never leaving his form as he entered the house. When he started to head for the stairs leading down to the exercise room; I finally closed the door and spoke.

“No” I said softly.

Rick stopped walked and turned to face me. I could see the concern on his face. Had I changed my mind?

“Upstairs” I told my little brother. “The table won’t hold both of us.” I said simply.

Ricks’ eyes grew wide at my words. I had not only just acknowledged I was well aware of what was about to happen, I had all but told him I wanted it to happen.

I laced my fingers in his and slowly led the way up the stairs. When we entered my bedroom, I released my hand from his. I stared into his eyes as I slid my robe free, letting it fall to the floor.

“You’re beautiful” Rick chocked out.

I looked at him, I mean this time I really looked. After ten years of marriage, and not a bad marriage; I had never seen the look in my husbands’ face I now saw in my brothers’. He wasn’t looking at me as his sister. It wasn’t even the look of a wife or mother. There was an almost feral hunger in his eyes as he stared at my nude body.

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