Meeting Up with an Old Flame

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DISCLAIMER: No, this story is not real. Hell, it might not even sound realistic. The people are real (although the names have been changed), but that’s about it. I’m not big on build-up or character development, so if that’s what you’re looking for, prepare to be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don’t I probably won’t lose any sleep over it…


One of my first girlfriends was a beautiful Brazilian-born girl named Marie. We had only dated for a couple of months, and our relationship was very sexually-charged, although we never had sex at all. Almost ten years later, long after I had moved to another city, I happened to bump into Marie. It turns out she had move into town as well, so we decided to get together.

It was a Sunday afternoon when we met for lunch. Marie was every bit as sexy now as she was when we first dated. She still had her short, slightly curvy figure, and her long, dark hair. I complimented her looks more than once before we finished our meal. When we were done I mentioned to her that I didn’t want our ‘date’ to end, so she invited me back to her apartment for a cup of coffee. We had only been sitting on her couch for a minute or two when I decided to make my move. I pulled her close and kissed her, instantly remembering how soft her lips were. She returned my kiss with even more passion, and my cock instantly grew hard.

“God, I missed this,” she said as we broke our kiss for a moment. I smiled and ran my hand from the side of her face to her chest, gently caressing her breasts one at a time. “Oh my god,” she gasped. “I’m so wet right now. I’ve wanted this for so long.” My hand continued down the front of her body to rub her crotch through her pants. I had to stop for a moment, just long enough for Marie to pull my shirt over my head. I started kissing down the front of her chest, right down to the top of her low-cut shirt. She unbuckled my pants and pulled them off, forcing me to stop groping her for a moment. She sat back on the couch and took off her shirt, revealing a very sexy black bra.

“I always regretted the fact that we never had sex,” she said. I cupped her breasts from underneath, popping her bra up over the top of them, then I began to suck on her nipples. I undid her pants and stopped nibbling on her tits long enough to pull them off. The panties she wore matched her bra perfectly, and I was treated to the sight of her nearly-naked body. cebeci escort She reached out and started to rub my cock through my underwear.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” I told her. She smiled and reached into my underwear, wrapping her hand around my cock and stroking it.

“I love your dick,” she said. I thought back to a day when we were first seeing each other. We had been making out on my bed and she said the exact same thing as she rubbed my cock. “It’s going to feel so good!” I pulled her panties off, pleasantly surprised to see that her pussy was totally bald and glistening with her juices. I took off my own underwear, freeing my cock, then I reached out and started to lightly finger her pussy. She let go of my cock and reached behind herself, unhooking her bra and tossing it to the floor. As I leaned forward to suck her tits, she pushed my head down towards her crotch. I teased her at first, licking and kissing her inner thighs and pubic mound.

“Are you going to tease me like that all day?” she asked. I said nothing as I dove into her pussy, devouring her sweet juices.

“I’ve wanted this hot little pussy for years,” I said. “This is going to be amazing!” I ate her out for several minutes, taking her right to the brink of orgasm and then keeping her there almost the entire time. She was squirming more and more and I decided it was time to ease up on her for the time being. I sat up on the couch and pulled her to her knees in front of me. She grabbed hold of my cock and, looking me right in the eye, took it into her mouth and began to suck on it. She sucked it well, making me wish I had gone further with her when we first dated. Gradually I began to take more and more control, pushing her head up and down on my cock. She managed to fit most of my cock into her mouth without gagging the slightest bit.

“This is making me even wetter,” she said at one point as I let her up for air. I pushed her head back down and fucked her face some more before pulling her away.

“I want to fuck that hot little pussy,” I said to her. I pulled her up off the floor and put her face down on the couch. I ran my hands over her cute little ass as I straddled her. I spread her cheeks apart just enough to expose both of her holes, then I started to ease my cock into her pussy. “Damn, that’s tight!” I said, inching myself in deeper with each thrust. “You’re so fucking sexy!” It took a minute before I was cebeci escort bayan able to fit my entire cock into her pussy, then I began fucking her with long, steady strokes. She moaned into the couch cushions as I started to spank her perfect little ass.

“Your dick is so big,” she gasped. I leaned forward, changing the angle of my cock so that it rubbed against her g-spot. A minute later she was screaming obscenities as she came. When her orgasm subsided I continued to fuck her, this time grabbing a handful of her long, dark hair and pulling back on it.

“Take that cock, Marie!” I said in her ear.

“Oh my god!” she cried. “It feels incredible! I love your cock Jared!” I kept grinding my cock into her for a few more minutes as her second orgasm approached. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming Jared! Holy shit!”

“Come with me,” I said, pulling out of her pussy. I stood up, helped her to her feet, then led her over to the large window that looked out of her second-story apartment. It was still mid-afternoon, so there were a few people walking by outside as I bent her over the window sill. Being as short as she was, as well as being bent over, meant that the pedestrians below wouldn’t be able to see much of her if they looked up. However, there was always the chance that one of the tenants in the building across the street might look out their window and be treated to a very sexy sight. I stood behind her and quickly rammed my dick into her pussy, then started fucking her hard.

“Take that dick, baby!” I said. “Take it up that hot little pussy!”

“It feels so fucking big Jared!” she cried. “Slam me with it!”

“You feel so fucking good, Marie! I can’t wait to cum for you!”

“I’m so wet for you baby!” she gasped. I reached around her hips and started to rub her clit with my fingers. I fucked her hard, filling the apartment with the sounds of sex; our bodies slapping together, her cries and my grunts and moans.

“Oh my god Jared!” she cried a few minutes later. “I’m cumming again!” I pushed deep into her, letting her ride out her orgasm before pulling out and rubbing my cock. She tried to turn around, but I pushed on her lower back to keep her bent over the window sill as I rubbed my cock.

“I want to see you covered in my cum,” I said. “I’m going to cum any second now!”

“That’s it baby, cum for me!” she said. “Let everybody see it!” Just a few seconds later my escort cebeci cock exploded, shooting cum all over her ass and back. “Give me that cum baby! Cover my ass!”

“You’re so fucking dirty!” I groaned as my orgasm continued. It took a bit for it to fade away, after which I rested my cock between her ass cheeks. “You look so sexy like that,” I said to her. “I wish I had a camera!” She straightened up and turned around, then went into the bathroom. Emerging with a towel, she used it to wipe the cum off her ass and back.

“Think you can get it up for round two?” she asked with a smile. I smiled right back and we went into the bedroom.

“Lay down and show me that pussy,” I said to her. She climbed onto the bed and spread her legs as I gave my cock a quick rub, confirming its hardness. I got on the bed between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy once again, then began fucking her with long, hard strokes. I supported myself on my arms so that I could see her small tits jiggling with each thrust.

“I’m all yours baby,” she said. “I want to make you cum again.” I continued to fuck her like that for several minutes, eventually stopping and pulling out. I flipped her over onto her hands and knees, then knelt behind her and started to fuck her from behind. As I slammed into her I pushed down on her shoulders so her face was in the pillow.

“That feels fucking good!” I said. “I want you to cum again for me.” She reached back with one hand and started rubbing her clit as I pounded into her.

“Make me your slut!” she said. “Fuck my cunt, baby!” I started to spank her ass again, and she came hard just a couple of minutes later.

“It feels so fucking hot when you cum!” I said to her. I kept pounding into her hard, making her cry out loud. After several more minutes of my assault on her pussy, she came once more, gasping for air.

“Shoot your hot cum on my ass baby!” she cried. I pulled out and started to stroke my cock.

“Look at that tight little ass!” I said to her. “It’s going to look even better with another load of cum on it!” Seconds later I fired off my second load of the afternoon.

“God I love that feeling!” she cried.

“I love this fucking ass!” I replied as my cum continued to squirt.

“Give me that cum baby! Cover my ass!”

“Take my cum, Marie!” I responded. I was shocked that my cock was still shooting small amount of cum. It wasn’t a lot, but it certainly lasted for a while.

“I feel so fucking slutty!” she said as the last drops landed on her ass. I flipped over onto my back on the bed as she collapsed forward.

“I wish we had done that eight years ago!” I said to her. She smiled as we both relaxed in our post-coital afterglow…

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