Melissa , Euan Ch. 02

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Lying face down where Euan had lowered her, Melissa felt the hardwood of the bedroom floor pressing against the soft warmth of her body. Still panting slightly, she revelled in the coolness, rolling onto her back to feel it against her heels, her thighs, her bum, her upper back, her shoulders, her elbows. In the darkness, it was purely about touch, about sensation.

After the magic he had worked on her with his fingers and tongue, Melissa shivered with delight imagining what Euan could do to her with his cock. Just the thought of him finally sliding inside her made her tingle with pleasure, and though she’d only just come, Melissa felt the trembling of another orgasm building within her.

This was a kind of madness, Melissa thought, wanting something so much that self-control became impossible, but she didn’t care. Why try and control it when all she would be denying herself was pleasure? Hadn’t that been the whole purpose of her evening, to find a man who wanted her so badly he’d do anything to please her?

Melissa’s eyes slowly adjusted to the weak, orangey glow from the streetlight outside the window. She looked up at Euan as he stood in the doorway, still fully dressed. She found herself smiling uncontrollably. Here she was, sprawling naked beneath a man she didn’t really know, a man who was already spoken for, a man whom she’d just let undress her in a public corridor.

“You ok down there?” he asked.

“Mm-hmm,” she grinned. “But I’ll be even better when you come down here.”

He turned to switch the light on, but she stopped him.

“No, don’t turn it on. Not yet.”

So Euan left the light off, and switched a table lamp on instead. He stood there in the doorway, gazing at Melissa, admiring her as she lay on her back. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, and it appeared he was transfixed by her too. Just being watched by him turned her on, and she sensed the wetness increasing between her legs.

Opening her thighs slightly, Melissa felt her pussy juices mixing with Euan’s saliva, sliding from her cunt, and running down into the crack of her ass. She smiled at how bad she was, displaying herself to him like it was a wildlife documentary, and moved her right hand down over her stomach to touch herself.

“You’re stunning,” he said.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she countered. “At least from what I can see.”

Euan laughed. “Yes, sorry. I’m not being very fair.”

He peeled off his top and kicked away his shoes. Barefoot and bare-chested, he began unbuckling his belt as Melissa’s fingers found her pussy lips and her clit.

He let his trousers fall to the ground, revealing his erection bulging fiercely beneath tight-fitting white shorts. Melissa began playing with herself, stroking the length of her slit, becoming more slippery with each movement. She closed her eyes, expecting to feel his flesh against hers any moment. Her left hand moved to her chest, her brain registering vaguely the contrast between her soft, full breasts and the extraordinary hardness of her nipples.

Melissa looked up again. Euan was still standing in his boxers. She waited for him to remove them, to finally see him naked, but instead he stepped towards her.

Without thinking about it, she shuffled backwards across the floor, away from him.

“Playing hard to get are we?” Euan laughed, cebeci escort and stepped forward again. Smiling, but saying nothing, Melissa moved backwards again. Then she felt the back of her head come into contact with the frame of his bed, and she could go no further. Euan stepped forward again, placing his feet either side of her thighs.

“It looks like you’re trapped, miss.”

She looked up at him, at the shape of his erect penis outlined inside his shorts.

“Are you keeping those on?” she grinned.

“I was hoping you’d help me take them off,” he replied.

Melissa sat up slowly. “It’d be my pleasure,” she smiled.

“Mine too, I hope,” said Euan.

Melissa reached forward, running her hands round the backs of Euan’s legs. Starting at his calves, she inched her fingers upwards, marvelling at how taut his flesh was, the softness of the light covering of hair. She stroked the bare skin behind his knees, then moved up over his thighs until she encountered the fabric of Euan’s shorts. Easing her fingers up under the hem, she slid her hands onto the naked flesh of his bum. How great to grope a man’s arse again, she thought.

Melissa began to knead and massage him, scratching him with her nails, pinching him with her fingertips, then she grabbed hold of the fabric and tugged his shorts down. Deliberately, she exposed only his arse to begin with, clasping his buttocks with her hands, reminding herself of the pleasure of a man’s naked bottom. Then slipping them back inside his underwear, she started moving her hands round his waist.

Edging slowly across his hips, Melissa hooked her thumb over the elastic of his shorts and uncovered a little more of him. As she did this, Euan’s knees bent a little, and he moved closer towards her. Whether it was involuntary, Melissa couldn’t tell, but the proximity of his groin to her face was too tempting. She pressed her face into his crotch, nuzzling Euan’s staff through the soft, thin cotton of his shorts.

He groaned quietly, then Melissa slid her hands across his flanks to touch him. Euan moaned again as her fingers encountered his dick. With her fingers inside his shorts and her mouth outside, she explored his manhood, committing him to memory. If this was a one-off, Melissa was going to make damn sure it was good.

She pushed her fingers through his pubic hair, cupped the pouch of his testicles, stroked the length of his shaft, mouthed and nibbled at him through the fabric. Then she slowly pulled his shorts down.

Melissa leant back to watch as she unveiled him. She couldn’t remember admiring a man like this before, of simply enjoying the sight of a hard cock in front of her. Euan’s dick was beautiful. Maybe it had been too long since she’d had an aroused man in front of her, but he seemed perfect. He wasn’t huge, but he was big enough that another wave of pleasure pulsed through her at the thought of him inside her.

She reached for him with her fingers, marvelling at the velvety smoothness of his shaft as she stroked him, of the fact he was so hard, so proudly standing to attention. Kneeling in front of him, Melissa leant forward and began kissing Euan’s manhood, enveloping him with her lips, running her tongue across his cock head, tasting the musky, salty tang. The taste of a man’s sex again, new yet familiar, cebeci escort bayan a flavour of arousal and pleasure.

Wrapping her fingers around his shaft, Melissa slid as much of Euan into her mouth as she could. Then she slowly slid him out again.

As her mouth left his cockhead, Euan grabbed Melissa’s bare shoulders. She looked up at him, then took his hardness back into her mouth again without breaking eye contact. Euan closed his eyes, and Melissa felt his hands run up the back of her neck and into her hair. Twisting her tongue round his cock, she savoured his surrender. So easy to make a man yours, and so enjoyable.

Her fingers clasping his shaft, her lips embracing him, Melissa knew it wouldn’t take much more to make Euan come, so she gently released him and moved backwards onto the bed.

“I don’t want you to come in my mouth,” she said, perching on the edge of the bed, showing her waiting cunt to him once more. “Or at least, not right now.” Then she lifted her feet up and rolled round onto her back.

Euan stepped forward onto the bed and in an instant was on top of her. Melissa shivered with pleasure as his cock pressed into her belly, so tantalizingly close to the wetness of her pussy. She grabbed his arse and pulled him even harder against her.

Euan reached across to the bedside table.

“Fuck,” he said.

“Yes please,” Melissa instantly replied.

“No, fuck!” he repeated, and she twisted to look.

“What is it?”

He picked up a box of condoms and she watched as he tipped it open. It was empty.

“Poor planning, I’m afraid.”

“You didn’t plan to take me home and fuck me tonight?” Melissa teased.

Euan laughed. “Clearly not.”

They lay there for a moment in silence. Then, feeling the slickness in the crack of her ass again, Melissa had a thought.

“There is another way…,” she smiled, and twisted out from beneath him, rolling over onto her front. “…If you’re gentle.”

Euan sat up as Melissa moved, kneeling above her, with his legs either side of her hips. Melissa’s delicious ass was the merest distance from his raging hard-on. Euan looked at her. “Are you sure?” he asked.

His concern was sweet, but Melissa hadn’t felt so certain of anything in a long time. Her need to feel Euan’s cock inside her was overwhelming, and her ass would do just as nicely as her cunt. Melissa had always been up for anal, especially when the guy knew what he was doing, and she had no doubt Euan was one of those guys. The slight fear of the unknown only served to heighten her anticipation.

“Well if you don’t want to…” she smiled, but she knew he wouldn’t decline.

Euan leant forward to kiss her bum.

“I’d like nothing more,” he whispered, “than to fuck your gorgeous arse.”

Euan then leant back across to the bedside table.

“And though I may not have any condoms,” he continued, “I’m not entirely useless.”

As he grabbed hold of the lubricant, Melissa smiled again, and turned away. She didn’t need to see what happened next, she just wanted to feel it.

Euan’s face pressed into her, and she closed her eyes as he began exploring the slipperiness between her crack and her asshole. His tongue insinuated itself against her tight little hole. She felt him moving round, the tip of his tongue escort cebeci pausing in every crenulation of her asshole, his attention sending pulses of pleasure through her whole body.

With his thumb, he began circling her asshole, smearing her with lubricant, massaging it into her opening, before easing the tip of his thumb inside her. Melissa gasped, the walls of her ass contracting, and Euan paused. She relaxed, and he pushed in a little further. Twisting his thumb gently inside her, Euan leant forward again to kiss her bum, letting his saliva fall into her crack as he did so. Then he applied more lubricant, and continued moistening her, readying her.

Then Euan slid his thumb from her ass, and Melissa waited. He grabbed her waist to hold her, and she shifted up onto her knees. Pushing her feet back against the frame of the bed, she thrust her ass as high in the air as she could, spreading herself for him, offering herself to him. She waited. Then she felt the head of his cock against her opening.

Melissa spread her legs wider as Euan rubbed his cockhead against her asshole, and with a slight forward movement, pushed the beginning of his shaft inside her. Almost as soon as he started, Euan stopped, only the tip of his cock inside Melissa’s ass. She pushed back against him, needing him, and he seemed to understand. In a single, slow movement, he eased his manhood into her fully.

If Euan’s cock had been any wider it might have been painful, but Melissa thrilled at the tightness of him filling her ass.

Euan pulled back till he was only just inside her, then thrust forward again. The slickness of her ass welcomed him so easily that Melissa bit her lip as Euan repeated it. A third time, a little faster, a fourth time, a little faster, a fifth time, faster, and now he was sliding in and out of her asshole with extraordinary ease.

She reached under to touch herself, and knew it wouldn’t be long.

“Harder,” she ordered him, as she began playing with her clit.

Euan began to fuck her ass a bit more aggressively.

“Harder!” she demanded, and he obeyed.

“Harder!” she screamed, throwing her head back to look at him over her shoulder.

The eye contact was enough, and Melissa came. She rocked and bucked as her orgasm coursed through her, and she felt Euan thrust himself as deeply inside her asshole as he could, and hold himself there. He made a noise somewhere between a groan and a growl, and then suddenly she felt him explode, twitching as he emptied his load into her with a furiousness that only intensified her cumming.

Lost in her own pleasure, Melissa was only distantly aware of Euan sliding quickly out of her ass after three or four convulsions. He grabbed hold of his jerking shaft and Melissa felt him fire the final few ribbons of cum over her ass cheeks. His cum slid down into the small of her back, then he pressed his still-twitching cock into the cleft of her ass, into the slickness of sweat and sex, and they collapsed into the bed together.

For a few minutes they said nothing. They simply stayed as they were, revelling in their bodies’ contact. Pinned beneath him, Melissa loved the sensation of his hot hard cock between the cheeks of her ass, of his cum oozing out of her, of the wondrous, primaeval feeling of having been fucked. Her arse might not forgive her in the morning, but that could wait.

As Euan lifted himself from her body and got up to retrieve her clothes from the corridor, Melissa found herself wondering about his girlfriend. She knew she should feel a little guilty, but the only emotion that came to her was envy. She was one lucky girl.

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