Mirror Beach

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I spent the summer living with my twin, Marie (my name is Lee, which rhymes, because mothers are “so” original), in a small town in Idaho. We shared a one-bedroom apartment near the university, where I could bike to work and she could walk to her classes. At the end of August, I heard the news that my husband, Fred, would be going on leave! I had not seen him for over 6 months and I was aching with the desire to make love to him. My only release was with some vibrators and dildos, but those were just cold comfort. At night in my shared bedroom I would silently fantasize about his caress, and his tongue, careful to not disturb my sleeping sister.

Marie and I decided that the best way to celebrate Fred’s homecoming was to have a vacation on the lake. We booked a small, secluded cabin with the south facing the water. When Fred arrived we picked him up at the airport and drove straight to the beach. Marie drove so that Fred and I could spend the whole drive catching up. Even phone calls, e-mails and letters are not enough when you are separated from your lover. He wanted to know if I had been working out, and what movies I had seen and what was the news from anywhere other than the military. He had gained muscle tone and his skin was that terra cotta color that it always turned in the sun. He had also gotten bolder, leaning in to wrap his arms around me and press his lips on my own. His celibacy was worse than my own, as he had even less privacy in the military. We were oblivious to the car and driver as we explored once familiar mouths and bodies. I couldn’t wait to see him naked.

The slowing of the car interrupted our reunion embrace. “Hey lovebirds, guess what? We’re here!”

The cabin was tinier than I had initially imagined it to be, maybe a little larger than the shared apartment, but the view was amazing. Trees separated the beach from other properties and the ankara escort lake had crystal blue waters. We brought our things from the car and I mentioned we should swim before dinner.

I changed into a bikini with a rainbow bandeau top and boy short bottoms, Marie wore an aqua/brown paisley halter with brown hipster briefs and Fred wore olive green cargo trunks. Fred ran to cannonball into the cool water, while Marie and I took out the sunscreen. Marie suggested we apply the sunscreen onto each other, and as she was rubbing the cold white fluid into my shoulders I pointed to some people off into the distance. “They’re naked!” Marie observed, she sounded shocked at first then intrigued, “You think we could? I mean Fred already knows what I look like.”

It was true, since we were identical the only difference between her and I was that she had an inch or two on me, her breasts (34 B versus my 34AA) and ass were slightly bigger and her blonde hair was shoulder-length, while mine was dyed a light brown and was shorn in a pixie cut. She finished rubbing in the sunscreen then pulled my top over my head, and I discarded my bottoms before beginning applying the sunscreen to her now nude body. As I put the sunscreen on her legs I noticed her arousal glistening on her shaved mound, I already felt wet from the car ride and this glimpse of intimacy only intensified it.

“Hey what’s taking so—” Fred noticed us and his jaw dropped. I pointed over to the group of people who had been our inspiration. I could see a tent in his trunks, and he was frozen in place.

“Let’s have a little fun,” I said and Marie and I started doing sexy poses for Fred. We leaned on each other, wrapped our arms in an embrace, then finally we pressed ourselves close and moved our lips close, tantalizing Fred at the brink of taboo. But we were teasing ourselves as well, warm juices flowed onto escort ankara the opposite’s legs entwined as part of the pose, and our lips drew together with magnetism. I closed my eyes and let my lips and tongue read the emotions coming from my mirror. My passion removed me from any logical thought, my hands felt curves that were familiar and my body felt a rush that was not.

Fred watched Marie and I, as a hunter watching the Greek goddess Athena bathe. The sagacity of our formation was beyond the mortal world. Fred waded back to the sand, stripped his trunks and crawled over to us and began kissing our feet. Our passion only intensified. Marie squeezed one of my breasts, and threw my head back and moaned at the unexpected pain. My exposed breasts were now open prey for Marie to nibble and suck, and my fingers found their way to my clit. Fred grabbed my fingers before they could reach their destination and shoved his tongue to clean up my dripping pussy. Marie moved to straddle Fred’s chest and began to thrust her hips into him while continuing to play with my reddened tits.

If Fred was in heaven before, then this was levels beyond that. He grabbed Marie’s hips and pulled them back, covering his pulsing head with Marie’s fluids before spearing her. Marie groaned into my breasts, and gave one a small bite, I shrieked in response. I fell back into the sand and watched them for a bit. It was similar to an out of body experience: I was fucking Fred, and yet I was not. I stuck my fingers in the back of my throat, before crawling over to reach Fred and I massaged his anus. I prodded one finger in, but it needed more lubrication so I took it out, and fingered myself before trying again. I got a couple fingers in before Fred pushed Marie off so that I could suck cum that was spurting out of him.

Fred’s semen mixed with Marie’s fluids in my mouth in the perfect cocktail. ankara escort bayan I turned to share it with Marie while Fred prepared himself for the next round. Our hands were bolder this time and we rubbed each other’s slits intent on sharing the experience completely. It didn’t take long for Fred to harden again and he came up behind me and pressed his cock on my rosebud. “I have been waiting forever for this,” his desire saturating his whisper. He spat in his hand to add more lubrication and slowly penetrated my tight ass. My head reeled. I was feeling his pulsing cock in me for the first time since February and it made me drunk. Marie was stunned, “You do anal?”

I nodded, “Do you?”

She shook her head, “No.”

“It can be amazing!” I was gasping with Fred’s cock filling me. I motioned for her to turn around, then I stuck my mouth in her crack.

By licking and sucking, I made Marie moan and lubed her up for my fingers. I gently slid my middle finger into her ass and wiggled it around to prepare her for more. Her ass was full of shit, so I knew she wouldn’t be ready for Fred’s cock at this moment, but in time she might be. I slid my finger out to lube up another finger and it was covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate. I sucked on it, and it was musky and not unlike my own taste, most likely from our similar chemistry and diets. I once again prodded my twin’s anus with my fingers.

Marie groaned louder with the addition of the second finger and I noticed that she was frigging her clit as I penetrated her. This added to the intensity of my own ass getting pounded and I felt my pussy pulsing on its own. My orgasm shook my whole body and it was all I could do not to collapse. Fred eased his cock out and slid it into my mouth, where I had another taste of earthiness. I sucked his dick clean before jamming it down my throat. Fred groaned at the slimy velvet encasing him and a second round of cum squirted causing me to gag and choke. Marie had continued to masturbate during this and was reaching her orgasm. We all fell back into the warm sand and imagined what the next round would hold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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