Mom, My Sister, and Me Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

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“Aren’t we a pathetic trio,” my sister said with a laugh, “I mean, my fiancée leaves me four months before our wedding. Your wife,” she continued, looking at me, “runs out on you, and Dad,” she said, looking at mom, “Dad runs away with a woman half his age.”

Mom smiled and raised her glass. “Here’s a toast,” she said, “to all those who’ve been dumped on by the one’s they love.”

I saluted her back. “And here’s to the strength of our family. The strength that will help us all get through.”


When my sister Brenda had called several weeks earlier and told me she and mom would be coming to the West coast for a trade show, they had initially planned to stay in a hotel.

“Why don’t you guys stay with me?” I asked her.

“No, no,” Brenda said, “We don’t want to impose on you.”

Their plans changed, however, when they discovered they couldn’t find a hotel room within five miles of the convention center. Brenda called me back a few days later and sheepishly asked if they could, after all, stay with me.

Initially, I’d had mixed feelings about their visit. Sure, it would be nice to see them again, but I wasn’t sure how comfortable the three of us would be sharing my tiny one-bedroom apartment for four days.

We were sitting in the living room, mom and I on the sofa, and Brenda, my sister, on the easy chair across from us. I got up to open another bottle of wine. With the rest of the family in New York and me in Seattle, it was hard to get together, and I realized I hadn’t seen either of them for almost a year. As they discussed their plans for the next day, I had a chance to study them.

Mom was forty-seven, but looking at her, you’d think she was at least ten years younger. Ever since I could remember, she’d been a fitness freak, always watching what she ate and spending at least two mornings a week at one health club or another. Her waist was trim, and her legs looked firm and well-toned. It was a source of pride with her that she could wear the same clothes she’d worn in college.

She had her blonde hair pulled back behind her head, giving her a formal, sophisticated look. As always, she was dressed stylishly, with a tan skirt and a matching tan jacket over a frilly white blouse. Never a believer in using much makeup, her face still showed no signs of wrinkles.

Brenda was twenty-two. After college, she’d gone back home to help in mom’s business. Being five years older than Brenda, I realized a knew little about her. She was thirteen when I’d gone off to college, and we’d never had the mutual the experiences most siblings had. Like mom, her hair was blonde. Brenda was a couple of inches shorter than mom, and maybe a tiny bit heavier. Not overweight, by any means, but perhaps a little wider in the waist and hips. Looking back and forth between mom and Brenda, I smiled to myself, realizing large breasts was one mutually inherited characteristic.

We’d gone out to dinner earlier, and now, relaxing with wine in my apartment, they’d spent the last hour getting me caught up with what was going on with the family back East.

“I really want to apologize again for this dinky apartment,” I told them, “but when Sallie and I…split up, she got the house.”

“Don’t be silly,” mom said, “we’ll be perfectly comfortable here, and besides, how many apartments have a fireplace?”

“That’s there because I think this place was built before central heating was invented,” I said with a laugh. In reality, I loved the apartment. Before, living in the suburbs, I’d had a half-hour commute to the city. Now, I could walk to work.

“Do you use it?” Brenda asked.

“The fireplace? Yeah, but it’s a chore going out every morning and chopping wood.”

“Very funny,” mom said.

“O.K. If you want the truth, I buy those fake logs at the grocery store.”

“Can we have a fire tonight, Tom?” Brenda asked, “It would be like when we all used to go to that cabin in the mountains with daddy….”

Her voice drifted off and she looked guiltily at mom.

“Brenda,” mom said, “don’t be silly. It’s perfectly alright to make references to your father. I mean, he’s still your father, even if he is an asshole.” She laughed and took another sip of wine.

“Well, mom,” I said, “seems like you’ve gotten over his departure. I wish I could say the same about Sallie and me.”

“It takes time,” mom said, her voice now sounding serious, “It’ll be a year this week for me, and it took me that long to realize life goes on without him. How long’s it been for you? About four months?”

I nodded my head.

“Hey,” Brenda interrupted, “if you guys are going to spend all evening feeling sorry for yourselves, I’m leaving. I mean, I’m the one who’s fiancée left me at the alter, and you don’t see me crying in my wine.”

She raised her glass.

“I propose another toast – to the survivors. The survivor’s of love lost.”

“Here! Here!” mom said, raising her glass in return.

I avcılar grup yapan escort went to the fireplace.

“The urban pioneer protects his women from the cold of winter,” I said as I lit the paper wrapping on a log.

“Could the urban pioneer get us some more wine?” mom asked with a laugh.

As I uncorked another bottle of wine, Brenda stood and turned off the overhead light. The room was thrust into darkness, save for the flickering glow of the supermarket log.

“A fire glowing in the fireplace,” she said, “How romantic.”

“Hah! Romance. Who needs it,” mom exclaimed.

“We all do,” Brenda answered.

“Not when you’re my age.”

“Come on mom,” I said as I refilled everyone’s glass, “you’re still young and attractive, and you’ve always been the hopeless romantic of the family.”

“Me? Never.”

“How about when you and dad used to drag me along to that awful restaurant that was like a big barn and you guys would dance and dance, and I’d fall asleep at the table and you’d have to carry me home, sound asleep.”

“I’m surprised you remember that,” mom said, ” that was a lifetime ago.”

“And sometimes,” I continued, “dad would pull me up from my chair and make me dance with you. I would protest and when I was on the dance floor with all the grownups, I was always a little embarrassed.”

“You were probably only thirteen or fourteen then,” mom said.

I looked at her face, glowing in the flickering light from the fireplace. I thought I saw a little tear form in the corner of her eye. With the back of my finger, I wiped it away and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Hey, there’s a rule here on the West coast,” I said, “no melancholy feelings allowed. Only happy feelings.”

Mom smiled and returned my kiss.

“You’re right,” she said, “I’m ready to feel happy now.”

“Music!” Brenda called out as she took another gulp of wine, “We need some music to get you two out of this maudlin mood.”

I stood and flipped through the CD’s on the bookshelf, barely able to make the titles out in the faint light coming from the fireplace. Slow ballads from the forties and fifties, that would fit the mood tonight, I thought to myself as I slipped the CD into the player.

As the soft music filled the room, I stood in front of mom and put my hand out.

“Would you care to dance with me, madam?”

“I think I can fit you on my dance card,” mom answered with a smile.

She placed her hand in mine and stood. I took her right hand in my left and placed my other hand lightly on her waist and we began to slowly sway to the music.

“You two make a great couple,” Brenda said, “I’m jealous. I wish I had someone to dance with.”

“There’s only one of me to go around,” I said with a chuckle, “but I promise I’ll fit you in somehow.”

“There’s only one fair solution,” Brenda said, “How about we take turns?”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

We were in front of the fireplace now, and mom’s face was illuminated by the soft light. Her eyes were closed, and she let out a short, almost imperceptible sigh as I led her slowly around the room. The song came to an end and mom opened her eyes and looked up at me.

“Thanks, Tom,” she said softly, “That was nice.”

“Hey,” Brenda interrupted, “now my turn for a dance, big boy.”

I let my hands slip away from mom. She sat down on the couch and picked up her glass of wine. I turned toward Brenda.

“What? Are you trying to steal me from my true love?” I asked with a chuckle.

“Look, it’s every man, I mean every woman for herself out here,” she said as she stood.

Brenda put her arm on my shoulder and I took her hand. As we danced, I could feel her breasts gently brushing against me. I drew her closer and she nestled her head against my shoulder.

“This is so nice,” she whispered, “I could do this all night.”

The song ended and we stepped apart. I looked at mom, and she raised her arm and smiled, as if to indicate she wanted another dance.

“It’s been so long since I’ve danced,” she said as I took her hand, “and the way things are going, I better get my fill tonight because I don’t know when I’ll have another chance.”

“I hope you’re starting to get out some,” I said as I put my hand around her waist.

We came together, her breasts just barely making contact with my chest.

“I’ve had a couple of dates recently,” she said, “but it’s hard getting back into it. I mean, dating. I’ve been out of practice for thirty years.”

“I’d think you’d have guys lined up at the front door begging to go out with you,” I said, “You’re smart, you’re good looking, and you’ve got the sexiest body around.”

Mom laughed and pulled me closer.

“Hey, with compliments like that, I’d be glad to go out with you anytime,” she said with a little giggle. I felt her arm tighten slightly around my shoulder and instinctively, I drew her closer to me. Now, I could feel the soft warmth avcılar masöz escort of her breasts as the pressed against me. As we danced, our lower bodies occasionally brushed against each other, her thighs making gentle contact with mine. Mom rested her head on my shoulder and I could feel the warmth of her breath on my neck.

“Well, I’m glad you’re my date tonight,” I whispered.

“Lucky guy,” she said, “you’ve got two girls tonight.”

“No, Brenda’s our chaperone, to make sure we don’t do anything outlandish.”

“Don’t worry, I haven’t done anything outlandish in years. And besides, I’m not sure I’d trust her as a chaperone,” mom said with a giggle, “the way she’s been putting away the wine.”

“I think we’ve all had more than our fair share tonight,” I said.

The music slowly died away, and mom gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank, Tom, that was nice,” she whispered as she stepped back and turned toward the couch.

“Me next!” Brenda exclaimed. Apparently, the pattern had been set, I thought to myself, it was to be alternating dances between the two of them. I put out my hand as Brenda approached, but instead of taking it, she put both her arms around my shoulders, leaving me no option but to put both my arms around her waist.

As I led her around the room, our bodies were in tight contact, and sister or not, the friction of her body against mine caused a reaction, and I could feel my cock slowly coming to attention. Maybe she could feel it pressing against her, I thought to myself, or maybe not, but one way or the other, I realized I didn’t really care. She was a woman. Mom was a woman. I was a man, and no one could blame me for having a natural reaction to such close contact.

The artificial log was making its final flicker as the song came to an end. The only illumination in the room came from the moon, high in the sky, shining through the window. Brenda’s arms dropped from my shoulders.

“Brenda, maybe we’d better call it a night,” mom said, “before we wear Tom out.”

“Please, wear me out,” I said, “What more could a man ask for?”

“Sleep, maybe?” mom laughed.

“Alright,” I said with a sigh, “if it has to be that way. Stand up, mom, and I’ll get the sofa bed ready.”

She stood and I lifted the front of the sofa and unfolded the mattress.

“You know where the bathroom is,” I said as I turned toward my bedroom, “I’ll let you guys get changed.”

In my bedroom, I changed into a pair of cotton shorts and pulled on a t-shirt. I was ready to crawl into bed when I heard mom calling out my name from the living room. I opened the door and in the darkness, I could barely see her, sitting in the chair. As my eyes became adjusted to the darkness, I saw that she had changed into a white nightgown. Brenda, apparently, was still in the bathroom.

“Tom,” mom said, “would you be a sweetie and open one more bottle of wine for me?”

I uncorked another bottle and refilled mom’s glass as she held it up in front of her. She raised it to her lips and took a big sip.

Suddenly, she leaned forward in the chair and turned her head toward the speakers against the wall.

“Oh, no. I don’t believe it!” she exclaimed.


“Nothing…nothing,” she said, her voice sounding strained, “it’s just that this song…it was special for… for us….”

I hadn’t even noticed, but the music was still was still playing softly. I wasn’t sure how to react.

“Do you want me to turn it off?” I asked.

“No, I want to hear it,” mom responded in a halting voice, “it brings back so many memories.”

There was a pause, then mom looked up at me.

“Would you do me a favor, Tom?” she asked softly, “one last dance?”

She put her wine glass down and stood in front of me. In the dim light, I could see her breasts, now braless, swaying under the fabric of her nightgown.

I took her in my arms and we danced, slowly, her breasts brushing against my chest, my arm around her waist. Unconsciously, I felt my arm tighten around her and I drew her closer to me, her breasts now pushed hard against my chest, our bodies united, moving as one. Mom rested her head softly on my shoulder as we slowly moved around the room.

“Thank you,” she whispered as the song ended. I lowered my head to kiss her on the cheek, and mom’s head turned toward mine and our lips inadvertently brushed against each other’s. Now, our mouths were just inches apart and I could feel her breath against my face. The moonlight coming through the window reflected off mom’s eyes as she looked up at me.

There was a pause, then slowly, I felt my head moving down until my lips again brushed against hers. A second passed, then two seconds, then mom’s head moved ever so slightly toward mine until our lips touched again, and then slowly, our mouths came together, and I felt the warmth of mom’s lips against mine and our mouths opened wider and I felt my tongue meeting hers as our bodies pressed against each other avcılar otele gelen escort in the darkened room.

A little whimper sounded in the back of mom’s throat and I pulled her even tighter against me, until I could feel her breasts flatten against my chest. We held the kiss for a minute, maybe two, until suddenly the room was flooded with light

“Hey, no fair dancing without me,” Brenda said as she stood in the bathroom doorway, its bright light glowing behind her.

I slowly lowered my hands from around mom’s back, our lips parted, and we stepped away from each other. I looked at Brenda, silhouetted in the light. She had changed into a nightie; a light blue top with matching blue panties. The nightie was made of a silky, semi-transparent material, and with the light beaming out of the bathroom behind her, the outline of her large breasts was clearly visible through the material. Lower, her panties clung loosely to the contours of her full hips,

Suddenly, I remembered what I was wearing – a pair of loose cotton gym shorts. I glanced down and as I’d feared, with no underwear underneath, there was a large bulge where my erect cock pushed against the front of my shorts. Thankfully, Brenda reached up at that moment and flicked off the bathroom light.

“Did you save a dance for me?” she asked as she slowly stepped toward me in the darkness, “after all, we agreed. Every other dance, right?”

Her body bumped against mine and I put my arms around her. As my eyes became accustomed to the darkness again, I saw that mom had moved to the chair. She sat, her legs crossed, watching us.

Brenda and I moved around the room to the slow beat of the music. She felt so warm and soft against me, and as we danced, my hands slowly moved down to the small of her back, and then gradually lower, and lower still, until my hands were cupped over her asscheeks, pulling them tightly toward me. She let out a soft little moan as I caressed her ass, my hands molding and squeezing her asscheeks, pulling her hard against me until my cock was pushed tightly against her, her body swaying against mine.

The music slowly died down, and the track ended. Brenda gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek. “Now mom’s turn,” she said in a husky voice.

I took both of mom’s hands and led her to the center of the room. We put our arms around each other and began our slow dance steps. Feeling her body move against mine, I realized I’d lost all sense of proportion, all sense of reality. As if in a dream, I felt my hands slowly raising the back of her nightgown, until it was balled up around her waist, and then my hands, as if they had minds of their own, slipped under the top of her panties and slowly reached down until they were cupped against the soft, smooth, warm skin of her ass.

And we danced like that, slowly, my hands caressing her ass, her arms around my shoulders, her breasts pushed tightly against my chest, my hard cock pushing against her. I looked down into mom’s face, and her eyes, reflecting the moonlight, looked up into mine. Our lips came together again and our mouths pressed against each other and our tongues met as we swayed to the slow rhythm of the music. And then the song slowly came to an end, and our lips parted.

Mom stepped back and turned away. She took a step toward the chair, then looked back at me.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Meanwhile, Brenda had moved in front of me.

“My turn now,” she said softly.

I took her in my arms, and we started to dance. As her body pressed against mine, I could feel my cock, hard and throbbing, pushing against her as if ready to explode. Holding her tight against me with one hand, my other hand slowly moved to her front and slid down across her stomach, and then lower, until I held my hand against the front of her panties, her pussy directly underneath. Her panties were wet under my hand as I massaged her pussy through the silky material.

A little whimpering moan escaped from my sister’s mouth, and my hand slowly moved up, then slid under the hem of her panties. I a ran my fingers through her soft pubic hair, then my hand slid lower, until my fingers made contact with her pussy, stroking up and down against the wet lips on either side of her opening.

I slowly pushed one finger, then two, into her cunt, and Brenda let out a long, low moan. As my fingers moved in little circles around her clitoris, her breathing turned into little high pitched gasps. I gently pinched her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and suddenly I felt a slight tremor go through my sister’s body. The tremor became stronger, and her head fell back and a long, low moan came out of her mouth as her entire body stiffened and shook against me.

Gradually, her body relaxed and she fell limply into my arms. I held her tight as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Her arms slid off my shoulders, and she took a step back and collapsed onto the bed.

I turned toward mom. She was sitting in the chair looking up at me, her nightgown resting high on her thighs, her white panties exposed. She stood. I stepped toward her and we silently faced each other. I reached down and took the bottom of her nightgown in my hands, then slowly inched it upward, up over her thighs, then to her waist, then higher, across her stomach, and she raised her arms, allowing me to pull the nightgown completely off.

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