Moms at the Beach Ch. 07

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It didn’t take a lot of detective work to figure out what was happening in the cabin next door. Two good looking couples who rarely ventured out. When they did, their bodies were flush, glowing with the look of someone who’d not just done it, but loved it. They all bore that cat-who-just-ate-the canary grin and shimmered with the unflappably buoyant mood of sexual satiation. “You want to cut in front of me in the supermarket line? Be my guest.”

It was also clear they were pretty new to it. Cindy and I went at it a couple of times a day, but we were at the beach. We went outdoors, we walked on the sand, we went in the water. Those four, all they did was fuck.

The question of whether they were cougars or family was quickly answered. If you’re going to scream, “Fuck your mother you big-dicked horse,” well, you should probably close the window.

It was, of course, Cindy who said, “We gotta get in on that.”

I told her no, but I knew it would make no difference.

So Cindy flirted, assessed. She assumed the boys would have no objection – they rarely did – and Annie, the short haired blond with the killer bod, seemed willing. Hell she seemed up to most anything. Sharon, however, Cindy was not sure about Sharon. But she figured Annie knew her way around her friend – the women were devoted to each other – and so when Cindy sent me upstairs for the picnic fixings the night we grilled, I knew something was up. When I got back down Cindy gave me a wink, a “trust me,” and a “just play along.”

My sister was usually, but not always, right about these things. That evening, thank god, she was.

* * * *

And so, for those of you keeping track, this is where Sharon’s story ended. Cindy asking Annie and Sharon to fuck their sons for a gallery of two.

Sharon, a little coy, a little shy, said, “I’m not sure, fucking your son, for an audience, isn’t that against the rules?”

“Oh honey,” Annie interjected, “you fuck him in front of me all the time.”

“But you’re family.”

It was Steven, her son, who grew tired of the repartee. His impressive dick was already at full staff. He grabbed his mother’s wrists. “Just tell ’em I raped you.”

When Sharon pulled her arms back her son took advantage; he pounced, pushing her back to the floor. Sharon shoved back and two naked bodies rolled across the floor. Suddenly, out of no where, they were really wrestling. Both were in superb shape; you could see their muscles straining as their strong bodies interlocked. Sharon was able to lock her legs around Steven’s torso, but the outcome was foreordained. Steven had several inches and seventy pounds on his mother and he finally rolled her onto her back, pinning her hands to the floor. His cock was stiff and throbbing; the fight with his mother had him deeply aroused.

He looked down to her groin, his intent clear.

Sharon said, “Don’t you dare fuck me,” but her voice was strained with desire, her nipples hard and erect. She wanted to be forced.

Steven tried several times to enter her, but each time she wiggled her ass, preventing him from doing so. Finally, he dragged her hands together, pining them both with one hand. With his free hand he mauled her breasts and, with her focus temporarily diverted, he took hold of his cock and directed it in her wet slippery pussy. He slid in easily, then pushed hard, penetrating her in one rough thrust.

She moaned, “Oooohh no,” but for the moment stopped struggling. She closed her eyes; her pink tongue crept out across her lips; her tight box closed hungrily around the hard meat, nipping and contracting on his tool. Pleasure shown on Steven’s face. He began to fuck her in deep fast hard strokes, not giving her a chance to collect her wits, enjoying her sweet, scalding hot, and very slick box. He looked down to his strong hard prick driving in and out of her hole.

“Good for you, Mom?” he asked huskily, his voice confident.

She blushed, but didn’t open her eyes. Still absorbed in the faux-rape, she whimpered, “Oh, please, no” she whimpered, “take it out, don’t make me do this, I shouldn’t…”

Steven laughed. “Yeah, but you dig it. You love it and you know it. Swing with it babe, relax. After all, you don’t have a choice.”

Steven eased himself down on her, flattening her big tits with his chest. His well-muscled legs forced her sleek powerful thighs wider apart, allowing him to dig his dick deeper into her belly.

Despite her protestations, Sharon could not disguise what was happening to her. She liked the sensation of being taken. She liked being fucked in front of others. She liked the wild turn her life had taken. Her cunt grew hotter and hotter around his meat; cream poured out, puddling on the floor. She started moaning, finally conceding to her desires, sobbing in ecstasy, “Ohhhh, God. I can’t help it, Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck me Steve.” She threw her legs around her son’s waist, forcing his cock deeper into her hungry cunt.

“Fuck meee, ohhh, yesss, fuck meeeee.”

Steven released Sharon’s arms, which he still held to the floor, and shoved his hands under her ass, holding bayan arkadaş her tight against him while he banged into her. It was brutal and noisy. Steven was invested in the fantasy that he was taking her against her will; Sharon loving the feeling of being coerced. Her head fell back; her mouth twisted in a horny little grin. She creamed furiously.

“Like it now Mom, like your son’s cock?”

“Oh, yes, OH YES,” she moaned.

Steven was possessed. What had started as a game had become an idee fixe. Although Sharon was now willing, Steven was unrelenting, as if despoiling her, ramming his aching hard cock into the satin hole. Sharon squealed and her tight slick cunt gripped Steven’s dick as she came. He gave her no time for reflection; he went on pounding her.

“You like it this way slut?” Steven asked, biting and licking his mother’s silky sweet throat while pummeling her cunt with his cock. “You like getting fucked fast and hard?”

Any pretense to resistance was gone. “I like it, yes I like it. I love being fucked by you, any fucking way you want. Take me, bulldoze me, make me yours.” She loved it, loved the savage fuck, loved performing for an audience, loved her son, his dick, his big fat hard perfect dick.

Steven taunted her. “I’m not sure. Maybe you’re right, maybe this is wrong, maybe I should stop.”

“Please don’t. Fuck me, rape me, fuck me darling. It’s true, I love it, no matter what you do, I love every second of it!”

He did not respond. Instead his hands went to her tits, squeezing the fat firm sweaty flesh, grasping and crushing the ample mounds. Sharon whimpered in pleasure and pain. Her obscene moans inspired him. He fucked her harder, whipping his cock in and out, trying to drive her through the floor.

Sharon, her cunt slimy with fuck-cream, was up to the assault. Her ass arched off the floor to meet each of his thrusts. She pulled and twisted on his thick cock, trying to tear it off, wanting it forever imbedded in her sex. He fucked her so hard it must have bordered on the painful, but she was soaked in sweat and panting in delight. She climaxed, then climaxed again.

“You love cock, don’t you?” Steven asked. She didn’t respond; he bit her throat. Sharon squealed.

“Hard cock, it turns you, your son’s hard cock, shoved up your hot pussy, it turns you on, doesn’t it?”

This time Sharon responded instantly. “Yes, I love cock.” She moved her legs down, wrapping them around her son’s tight ass, urging him to drive deeper into her cunt.

“I love your hot, hard cock! You drive me crazy with it!”

“You like it when people watch you fuck, don’t you slut?”

“Fuck yes,” she moaned.

“You like being a slut for your son.”

“Yes, that’s what I am, my son’s slut.”

Steven dropped his mouth to a hard nipple, took it between his teeth, nibbled on the flesh, switched to the other tit. He took hold of the breast he’d just spit from his mouth, clutching it so the skin bulged between his fingers.

“You can’t get enough of this. I bet you could fuck cock all day. Tell me Mom, say it, you’d love to spend all day being fucked by cock, wouldn’t you?”

Sharon clawed at her son’s back; her pussy clenched around his battering ram; she shook and shuddered through another climax.

“Yes, yes, that’s what I want,” she hissed.

Steven pinned her hands above her head and crushed his lips to hers. Sharon relished the helplessness, her sudden immobility. She loved the dirty, exciting things her son was saying to her. She came again and she tightened her legs around Steven’s muscular ass; her hips surged upward, welcoming the mind shattering fuck-thrusts. Sharon felt dirty and slutty and vile. She felt sexy, alive, vibrant. When Steven bit her tit, she pressed her chest to his face. Steven crushed her tits together with his upper arms and bit her nipples, gnawing on them like a desperate hungry child.

“What if Lisa and Cindy wanted to fuck you with big rubber cocks? What if they wanted to slide one between your pretty tits? You’d love that, wouldn’t you, whore?”

Sharon yanked her hands free and clawed Steven’s back. Another orgasm exploded within her. Steven grabbed her ass and pulled her into his brutal cock thrusts. The room shook with the sounds of their bodies slamming together. Steven was a man possessed. He folded his fingers in her hair and held her head tightly in place. Again, he crushed his lips to hers.

It had started as a show, mother and son fucking for a few close friends, but it had gone far beyond that. Sharon and Steven were possessed by the game, trying to fuck each other into insensibility. Steven’s kisses devolved into small bites; Sharon writhed desperately underneath her son’s powerful body. He was relentless, fucking his cock into her until she couldn’t breathe and couldn’t think. The wet sloshing of his prick and the impact of his hard crotch into her sweet soft ass masked all other sounds.

Then, for the umpteenth time, she was coming, coming in every cell in her body. Steven pillaged her so savagely that pain flowed up her back with bayan partner each thundering impact. Sharon gasped and pleaded and bayed, near out of her mind with pleasure. She was being brutalized by her teenaged son and it was driving her wild. She felt defiled, beyond redemption, living only for what Steven was doing to her. Her cunt was boiling, out of control.

“Oh god yes,” she whimpered, and started to shake. The muscles of her legs, wrapped around her son’s waist, quivered. Steven had ceased taunting her, his words had been replaced by low grunts that exploded from his solar plexus. Then, suddenly, the pitch changed, jumped up an octave. He lurched forward.

Sharon shouted, “Give it to me, GIVE MAMA YOUR CUM,” and Steven exploded inside her, dumping his seed into her pussy, saturating the place from whence he came. His mother joined him in a violent orgasm. Her legs and arms shot up, then flailed around, randomly striking the air, the floor, her son. Steven, however, was too far absorbed in the sensations powering through his muscular physique to notice. He sagged and rolled off his mother. The two of them lay side by side, sucking in the sea air. Steven took his mother’s hand in his.

“Un-fucking-believable.” It was Annie’s voice.

“Yeah.” It was Andrew.

“I don’t think we’re going to outfuck that,” she said.

“It would be tough,” her son agreed.

“I have an idea. Girls, help get us ready.”

Annie and Andy lay on their backs, offered us cock and pussy. They propped themselves up on their arms so they could watch: Cindy licked up and down Andy’s cock; I bowed my head to Annie’s sex. It was soaked. It couldn’t get much wetter. I took my time, focusing on her pussy lips, wanting to arouse her, but not push her over the edge.

“Use your fingers on me,” she said.

I pushed two fingers, into her, lazily running them along the roof of her fuck tunnel. She twisted her body; juice dripped around my fingers.

This went on for several minutes. Around deep happy sighs she said, “Damn girl, so nice. Now use your fingers, lubricate my anus.”

Cream dripped across her perineum and into the crack of her ass. I accelerated the process, pushing the froth down with a finger. After I’d throughly coated the opening of her ass I drove my pinkie into her, carrying lubricant along with it. Annie took long shallow breaths ending in gasps of pleasure; she murmured words of delight and encouragement.

My pinkie was soon sliding in her ass with ease. Annie reached down with both hands, slid them under my shoulders, lifted me. She rolled over and stuck her butt in the air.

“Use your tongue on me, please.”

I spread her ass cheeks with my hands, opening up the brown puckered asshole. The light reflected off the juice. I licked the length of the crevice several times, before focusing on the opening, brushing it hard, letting spit drool from my mouth. I curled my tongue and tried to force it inside, but Annie’s hard muscular ass was impervious. I placed my thumbs by the sides of her asshole and pulled it open, then drove my supple tongue into her, coating her shit chute with spit.

Annie purred. “Oh yes honey, that’s it.”

I reached for her cunt, captured some juice on my fingers, then pushed the wet fingers into her ass. Squealing in delight, she clamped down. I twisted them inside her anus, marveling at the strength of her muscles..

After half a dozen thrusts Annie swivelled her head, looking at her son, most of whose cock was buried in my sister’s face. “Okay Andy baby, I’m ready, it’s time to fuck Mama.”

Cindy released his cock. “Make the bitch howl.”

Andy’s response was a big grin. He rolled over and kneeled behind his mother, drove his cock into her pussy, and twisted his hips, rotating his penis around inside her. Then he pulled out. It was a lovely sight: big and stiff, shaft red, head brown, and coated with Annie’s pussy cream, Andy’s pre-cum, and my sister’s spit.

He entered her again and Annie cried in delight, then moaned in disappointment when he pulled out.

Andy grinned, “You want this back inside you?”

“Oh yes lover,” Annie whimpered, “Oh yes my darling son, put it back inside your mother. Fuck her.”

“All right,” he said, “let’s have us some fun.”

He slotted his big cock against the tiny bud of his asshole and pushed. His dick was slick, but it was still enormous. Annie and Sharon had told us they’d only taken up anal intercourse in the last few days. I imagined the pain Annie was feeling as her son forced his fat instrument into her tiny tight asshole. Her sleek muscled body went rigid; her bright green eyes glazed over.

Andy pushed the over-sized head of his prick past his mother’s sphincter, eliciting a sensual pop as he forced it through the outer ring of Annie’s asshole. Three inches of his meat were shoved into her shitter. The blonde beauty must have felt as if her insides were crammed full of fuck-meat. He sank further into her butthole – her asshole’s natural lubricants replaced the cunt cream on his cock – spearing and spreading bdsm escort her guts

As he buried his cock in his mother’s beautiful hard ass Andy jeered. “You love it, don’t you Mom? I’m gonna give you every hard inch. And then I’ll fuck you silly.”

The muscles that ringed Annie’s asshole expanded, stretched, resisted, then capitulated.

“Tell me you love it,” he said, as he buried the last two inches in her backside, his balls nestled in the crack of her pussy. “Tell me you love it, mother.”

Annie was breathing hard, concentration evident on her face, her conscious mind consumed, near overwhelmed, by the sensations in her rump. Then, remarkably, she locked her jaw and flexed the muscles of he abdomen and butt, clamping down, massaging the redwood jammed in her back side. She started to move, undulating against the tool.

“I love it,” she gasped. She twitched and shuddered. Pleasure overrode the pain on her face. Annie, savoring the conflicting sensations, let us know there was no cock-hungry bitch more cock-hungry than she. “Andy, I love your big, sweet prick fucking my asshole!”

Andy played to the audience. “Keep it up Mama! Squeeze your asshole around my cock. Show these nice people what a fuck machine Steven and I’ve turned you into. Squeeze your tight hot ass around my cock.”

Annie, the focus reflected in her countenance, continued working her strong abdominal and ass muscles on a prick that must have felt like a baseball bat shoved into her backside. And each time she flexed the muscles of her ass, tremors of pleasure flowed through her body, causing her cunt to spasm.

Slowly at first, but gaining speed, Steven began fucking his cock in and out of his mother’s clasping asshole. Cindy and I, Steven and Sharon: all stared in fascination at the spot where they joined together; her straining shitter tightening and relaxing around the huge cock pummeling her gut.

Then, without warning, Andy stopped, leaving only the head of his instrument inside Annie’s ass. She groaned in disappointment and tried to push back, but Andy, employing his strength and superior leverage, held her in place.

She knew what he wanted to hear. She looked over her shoulder. “Please son, fuck my ass.”

Steven complied, slamming his cock back into her ravaged asshole in a single sharp motion. Ann screamed, tossed her head from side to side, shook uncontrollably. Steven fucked her hard and fast, hammering her tiny shitter. Every muscle in Ann’s amazing body was tight and taut as her son tore into her asshole. She bucked and moaned and thrashed, absorbing everything he gave her. Her body was covered with a sheen of glistening sweat and her crotch soaked with juice. She was no longer a rational human-bring; she had only two functions, to give pleasure, to receive pleasure: happy pleasure, joyful pleasure, brutal pleasure, painful pleasure.

Annie groaned. Her clit was on fire and her mind grew fuzzy; lust subdued all her senses. She loved the feel of her son’s cock buried in her rump, loved the smell and sound of their intermingled bodies, loved fucking freely and openly, loved doing it before old and new friends.

My sister urged Andy on, “Fuck her, Andy, fuck your cock up her asshole until it comes out her mouth, tear your mother apart with your dick.”

Annie trembled and her son fucked her even harder. Annie felt as if she might split in two as he rammed every inch of his wonderful member in her asshole.

But, somehow, Annie kept going and urged him on. “Fuck me, keep fucking me.”

Andy entangled his fingers in her short blonde tresses, holding her head in place. Annie’s asshole and cunt spasmed in time with Andy’s penetrations; slippery fuck juice covered her quivering thighs. And still, somehow, they went on; Andy hammering into Annie’s ass; Annie, dropping down to her forearms, using the leverage to push into the invading cock.

They continued, they were ferocious. Then Annie cried out and Andy, digging his fingers into her torso, pulled her back into him. She was coming. Her body, pushed to its limits, shook through a series of powerful spasms. Her clit buzzed wildly; she fucked back against her son; her tight ass cheeks quivered with tension and excitement; her muscular legs vibrated.

And still Andy was unrelenting, driving his cock in and out of his mother’s ass. Annie bounced from orgasm to orgasm, her asshole clamped down on Andy’s cock. He had to use all of his considerable strength to force his cock through the vice like grip. It was all too much. His eyes rolled back in his head and he screamed, “Fuck me, Mama,” pulling his mother onto his cock as he plunged into her asshole. He shouted, “Squeeze your magnificent ass mama-whore-slut.”

Annie screamed, buried her face in her forearm, raised herself on her hands, “Fuck me! Hurt me, fuck me, hurt me, fill me with cum.”

Andy grunted from deep inside his chest and came, unloading the broth of his balls in the dark recesses of his mother’s rectum. Annie yelped as the slimy stuff filled her; every muscle in her spent body taut as overpowering lust coursed through her. Her eyes glazed with passion and her big tits, the nipples fat and hard, swayed under her body. Andy continued blasting a second, then third, load of sperm into his mother’s ass. Exhausted, Andy dropped to the floor, his cock sliding effortlessly from his mother’s dilated asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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