Mom’s Makeover

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As soon as she left, my heart started beating faster, although with Mom present there I kept looking straight at the wall and didn’t allow either my face or my eyes reveal the excitement. After about five or ten minutes, Anne came back and caught our attention completely.

The beige top was held by thin straps, exposing her shoulders and back completely, and it was so short and tight that the bottom part of her boobs and nipples were clearly visible. To top it off, it had such a deep neck that her voluptuous breasts were almost completely naked.

“Mom, the top’s too small,” was her eighteen-year-old daughter’s instant reaction.

“What do you think, Debbie?” said Aunt looking at Mother, whose brown eyes were staring at the hazel skirt revealing everything except her well-rounded bums.

“Both are so short that you can’t wear them,” replied Mom.

“No, these are fine,” she countered rejecting their protests with the sway of her long black hair and curvaceous hips.

Although my opinion wasn’t sought, I’m sure my wide-eyed look had conveyed the message.

Not satisfied with just standing in a skirt that was exposing her thighs and a top that had her big boobs on full display, Anne decided to walk a couple of steps to check the outfit.

Somehow I was able to control myself from coming and enjoyed the sight of watching my tall and full-bodied aunt standing virtually naked in front of my mother and her own daughter.

After making sure that all of us had a good look at her, she sat down near my mom on the couch and told her that she would like her to try the outfit just for a second, an idea immediately rejected by Mother. My aunt turned toward her daughter and me and asked us to convince her to try them for a second, but we didn’t even have guts to mutter a word.

Next day my uncle decided to cook dinner for all of us, so we got busy with preparations. In the evening when things were nearly ready, he asked Anne about her last evening’s shopping trip.

“I got some tops and other things,” she answered.

“Let’s see them.”

“Wait, I’ll put them on.”

She went with her daughter into the other room to change. My cousin was first one to emerge and it was clear that soon she was turning out to be as beautiful as her mom. She was wearing a blue halter-top under which her breasts were clearly displaying signs of developing as big as her mother’s, while the skirt had a slit that was exposing her left leg and even her smooth thigh.

“Whose choice was that, Gina,” he asked looking at her young blossoming body.

“Mom,” she replied, her blue eyes sparkling with joy.

Then Anne entered the room, wearing that beige low-cut transparent top and under it a light green bra, which was barely covering her nipples, and the skirt was somehow looking even shorter.

“Now, that’s an outfit,” exclaimed Uncle as he got from the chair and gave her a hug and, I think, a pat on her well-developed bums.

“Didn’t you buy anything?” he said turning toward Mom and sitting down back on the chair. Gina joined him and sat down on his leg as he placed his arm across her tight bums and on her bare thigh.

“Debbie’s got a lovely dress, but she’s acting all shy,” claimed Aunt as she sat down next to me on the couch and provided an inside view of her breasts.

They both started pestering Mom to change into the dress, so left with no choice she had to put it on.

While Mother was changing, my eyes were roving over Aunt’s full-figured body and noticing how Gina was enjoying the display of her growing tits and smooth thighs to her own dad.

As I savored the view, I began thinking what a change it has been in just a few weeks. Couple of months back, I was living in school’s hostel when suddenly my parents decided to take me out of there and shift me to my uncle’s house. Initially, I didn’t want to shift to their place, but all regrets disappeared as soon as I moved there.

Ivan, my father’s brother, is tall and well-built and married a woman who matches him physically in each and every way. She’s tall, voluptuous and remarkably beautiful. They are a couple who are physically made for each other.

Their daughter, who’s a year younger than me, was also growing up fast. And although not broad or tall, I was getting there.

One thing that stuck me odd from first day was that while my mother dressed pretty conservatively, my aunt wore what would be considered skimpy when she was inside the house, although outside the house she did take care not to reveal anything, especially her voluptuous breasts.

What I also noticed was that most of the times inside the house she wore shirts with at least two top buttons open and skirts that were always riding up her well-built and extremely enticing thighs.

For me the sight was very unsettling and arousing, because I had never seen her reveal so much skin before.

She was always dressed appropriately whenever she came to our house and even in her house she used to button ataşehir escort up her shirts and wear knee-length skirts when some relative or neighbor came but as soon as they were gone, she would open up her buttons and well-rounded breasts would nearly pop out.

In the beginning, I tried not to look — after all she was my uncle’s wife — but when half-covered breasts are in your face all the time, there’s not much you can do, especially when all your hormones can think about is sex.

After arriving at their house, I also noticed that it was my aunt, not Uncle, who was the boss; she gave the orders and he followed them. Still, I thought her husband would tell her to cover up, especially as I was now living with them, but either he didn’t mind or she didn’t listen to him. Whatever the reason, the skin show went on day and night, making me crazier and sexually frustrated.

As my frustration grew, I decided to take some steps and test her limits.

Although the decision was fraught with risks, after all she could tell her husband if I tried something foolish, but with her showing so much skin there wasn’t much I could do.

One day when she came out of shower wearing a low-cut green top and a cream mini skirt, I went and hugged her from behind, with my hands encircling her smooth stomach.

“Are you all right? Come on, let me go. I have to prepare lunch,” was her reaction when she felt me hugging her from behind.

But I wasn’t deterred, so moving my hands from her stomach I cupped her voluptuous breasts, with my palm touching her well-exposed cleavage. When she felt my hands on her breasts and my crotch rubbing against her skirt, Anne turned her head and said: “Now behave yourself”, and with that she removed my hands away from her breasts and went into kitchen.

After this, I was petrified the whole day, thinking that she might tell Ivan, but luckily she didn’t mention it to him when he came home in the evening.

With her deciding to keep quite I knew I could do it again and probably go further. The next day when I got up to go to school, I decided to touch her when she came into kitchen to prepare breakfast because at that time Ivan Gina would still be sleeping, so would have her all to myself.

As soon as she went into kitchen, I hugged her from behind with my hands feeling and cupping her big breasts bursting under yellow T-shirt and began rubbing my crotch against her white shorts.

“What has happened to you? Don’t do all this, or I’ll get angry,” she whispered while remaining calm as my hands caressed her body.

Needless to say, my mind – or more specifically my hormones – was not going to listen to her mutterings. Far from it, my hands were all over her stomach, her beautiful thighs, breasts and neck, taking advantage of the short period I had before her daughter or husband woke up.

After that initial hesitation, I became bolder: Touching her, cupping her, feeling her whenever and wherever I could. Within a month, I had become so brazen that I started to do all this even in front of her young daughter.

Admittedly, Anne didn’t like being mauled in front of her own daughter but since I got a special kick doing all this in front of Gina, so did it more.

As time passed, I wanted to take it further but she was not letting me do anything else, so decided to up the stakes.

One night when she was sleeping next to her husband, I crept into their room and lay down next to her. At that moment my hands were shaking and my whole body was sweating from fear of Ivan sleeping just a foot away, but my cock was ruling my mind and there was no turning back.

I crept beside her and lay motionless for about five minutes, which seemed an eternity at that time, and after making sure that both of them were sleeping, I opened the third button of her blouse with my shaking fingers and then waited to hear any change in her breathing.

Putting my hand inside her blouse, I placed it on her bra, keeping my palm motionless on it for a good minute or so before moving it and feeling her breast with my fingers. While I was doing it, my body was sweating with fear.

I caressed her breasts and then opened another button and parted the blouse completely, revealing her breasts in their full glory heaving under the white bra. The sight of her big breasts inches away from my face with her nipples clearly visible under the white fabric is something I would never forget.

I spent a good time just looking at them and running my fingers over her voluptuous pair while she lay there breathing heavily, whether she was awake or not I could not tell.

As her breathing grew heavier, I decided it was getting too dangerous and rolled away from her and silently and slowly got up from bed and crawled on my all fours back to my room and bed. Before rolling away from her, I did try to button up her blouse, but decided to leave them as they were and hurried back to my room.

That whole night I stayed awake avcılar anal yapan escort masturbating and thinking about her body, while also dreading what she would say when she found out her buttons were open.

In the morning she acted as if everything was normal and as if nothing had happened last night just inches away from her husband. But I didn’t have the guts to look into her eyes and went to school as soon as I could. After coming back from school, I tried to detect any sign of anger but she was like her usual self.

Once satisfied she wasn’t angry or anything, I reverted to my old ways: Cupping her breasts, feeling her beautiful cleavage, putting my hands on her bums – and all this in front of her daughter.

I knew I had to again pay her a visit at night, and this time took torchlight.

After entering her room, I went toward the end of the bed, sat down on the floor, and with the torchlight peered under her burgundy skirt at her bush, outline of her vagina, her naked bums and everything else the light could shine on.

Satisfied that I had seen everything possible, I proceeded to undo the buttons of her orange blouse, but this time slowly lifted the black bra, forcing one finger inside it and touching her right nipple and the smooth skin of her massive breasts. I continued to play with her nipple with my finger for a few minutes, while she lay there heaving and pushing her breasts out with her breathing. I knew I could take it a step further but with her husband just next to her, felt it was just too risky, so decided to leave it at that and wait for next opportunity.

During the day in front of her husband I was like any nephew but as soon as he was out of sight my hands were all over her. I didn’t even care that her daughter was watching me cupping her mother’s half exposed breasts, or that I was feeling her mother’s lovely thighs under the skirt or sarong.

By this time, I was confident that Anne would allow me to go all the way in a couple of weeks, but as luck would have it my mom announced that she was coming to stay with us for a week or so to see me.

Mother, who is beautiful in a classical way with big brown eyes, long brunette hair, slender legs, extremely soft stomach, tight bums and a good pair of breasts, arrived couple of hours later and I helped her put her luggage in my room. The rest of the evening was spent in talking and eating the dinner prepared especially for Mom and later we all went to our rooms to sleep.

The first few days were uneventful, although I did notice that Mother was not particularly happy with Anne revealing so much skin in front of us.

I think it was on the third day when Mom said to Aunt, who was in kitchen cleaning cabinets with me, that she would look much better in long T-shirts and long skirts rather than in tops and short skirts.

On hearing this, Anne laughed and said she would change into long T-shirts and ankle-length skirts if Mother agreed to wear low-cut blouses and short skirts, something she immediately refused.

Aunt ignored her answer and promised Mom that soon she would make her take off her “granny” clothes for something more exciting.

While I was lost in thoughts, Mother came back wearing a backless green dress that was revealing her figure and cleavage and confirming that there were two fine boobs inside that classy dress.

Ivan got a good look at Mom and then guided us to the table for dinner where I was more interested in Anne and Gina than eating.

After dinner, Mother, Aunt and Uncle took their drinks and sat down on sofas near the TV, while my cousin and I perched ourselves on the carpet near them.

“Instead of wearing those boring clothes you should wear better clothes after all you are not old,” said Ivan looking at my mom.

“Yes, look at me. I dress the way others want me to when I step outside the house, but here I wear whatever makes me happy. Even when I was young, I used to dress up like this even though it angered my father and brother a lot,” added Aunt.

“Your chest is so big that it’s difficult to hide it anyway,” commented Uncle smiling.

Hearing this, Mother and Anne laughed.

“Although I haven’t tried, but feel I won’t be comfortable in low-cut or halter-tops,” responded Mom.

“Look she’s looking lovely in a halter-top,” pointed Aunt at Gina.

Hearing this her daughter stood up and excitedly pushed her chest out, clearly revealing for all to see the curves of her two firm and growing breasts.

“Yes, my little sweetheart, you are looking lovely,” confirmed her dad, who was apparently caught in the excitement because his face was glowing and eyes were fixed on his young daughter’s body.

Just when he said that, my mother caught my eyes salivating over Aunt, who was sitting with one leg over the other pushing the skirt right up to her black panties and was thrusting her breasts out by putting her hands behind her back.

Ashamed at being avcılar bdsm escort caught and unable to control my throbbing cock anymore, I got up and went straight to bathroom where I came within seconds. After washing and changing clothes, went into my room, which I was sharing with Mom, and found her already in her bed.

Later in the night, she asked me what I thought about Anne.

“She’s OK. She treats me well and I don’t have problems here.”

“No. What do you think about her clothes?”

“She wears them at home, not outside, so there’s no harm in that.”

“What would others say if they saw her like this?”

“Well, she wears them only when she’s inside the home, so there’s no chance of others saying anything.”

I don’t know if my mother wanted to ask me whether she should wear them or not, but she did go silent and I drifted into sleep.

The next day was Saturday and everything was normal until afternoon, but then Mom went to take a shower and came out wearing Gina’s halter-top and sarong, which was so short that it was barely covering her thighs and was completely revealing her leg. The halter-top was no better as it was clearly struggling to hide Mother’s fuller breasts, leaving her cleavage exposed and the shape of her nipples visible.

As soon as she came out, Gina called Anne to look at what Mom was wearing. A large smile spread on Aunt’s face when she saw my mother.

Going near Mom, she asked her how she was feeling.

“I’m feeling odd.”

“Don’t feel odd, even he likes the new you,” said Anne pointing toward me.

All this time, I hadn’t moved or said anything and was simply staring at my own mother’s beautiful ripe breasts, her smooth stomach and her long and sensuous legs, her thighs and the curve of her bums.

Aunt turned toward me and asked for my reaction. First I tried to speak, but my mouth had gone so dry that I wasn’t able to say anything, but then managed to mumble that Mom was looking good. At which Aunt arched her eyebrows, looked at Mother and told her that she was looking really beautiful. Mom sat down on the bed, while I sat down in front of her on a chair.

Aunt and Gina got busy with chores, while Mother and I sat alone in the room, with me looking at the floor all the time.

“Do you think I’m looking awful? Be honest.”

“No, of course, not.”

“Then why are you looking at the floor? Are you ashamed?”

“No, Mom, I’m not ashamed.”

She patted the bed and motioned me to come next to her. Putting her hand on my shoulder, thus revealing her breasts more in the process, she drew me toward her, with my face directly looking down at her cleavage. While she was stroking my head resting on her shoulder like a mother, I was busy peeking at her boobs and etching every moment in my mind.

Just then Anne came, smiled at us and sat down in front of us. When I saw her coming, I immediately sat up straight. Aunt told us that she had phoned Ivan and had told him that Debbie has finally decided to grow up, adding that he had replied it was “about time” and he can’t wait to see the new her.

On hearing this, Mom panicked and said she will change into something else before he arrives.

“I’m not going like this in front of him,” she said.

“You can come like this in front of us but don’t have the guts to show him how beautiful are? You were a prude and will remain one all your life” said Anne angrily crossing her arms over her stomach. With that, she stormed out of the room.

I knew Aunt had put Mother in a spot, but would she take the bait?

After sitting silently in her halter-top and sarong, she got up and went to Anne who lectured Mom on opening herself. (No pun intended)

After lots of raised voices and cajoling, Mother finally relented, saying she’s only doing this because she wants her to. Then we waited for Ivan to come, who arrived in the evening with a big smile on his face.

Anne, who had instructed Mom to remain in her room, took her hand in her hand and told her that Ivan was dying to see her, and took her to Uncle, who was sitting with anticipation on the couch.

When he saw her enter the room, he got up from the couch and watched her as she went and stood in front of him with her legs apart and her hands on her hips. He stood there looking at her exposing half of her boobs, her nipples poking out from under the thin fabric, her bare stomach and her naked thighs.

“What do you think?” said Anne watching her husband admire Mother.

“She’s looking just amazing, too beautiful.”

Mother tried to cover her body with her hands, but she was revealing so much that it became impossible to hide everything.

Coming close to her, he asked her to turn around and got a good look at her tight, round bums and then hugged her from behind, with his crotch pressed against her bums, and his arms were around her smooth stomach.

Then he drew her back to him and rested his face on her slender shoulder, giving his eyes a full view of her breasts. I could sense that his cock was dying to enter Mom’s bums through the sarong and his hands were itching to cup her boobs under the halter top. Of course, with us present in the room, he wasn’t able to take it any further, although he did ravish her with his eyes and tried his best to shove his crotch into her ass.

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