Mom’s Progressive Submission Ch. 02

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We returned from Lake George and I could definitely add it to my most memorable trips.

A few days later I stopped by the Village Inn to have dinner with some friends. As fate would have it, I bumped into one of my old girlfriends, Gloria, and invited her to join us. After dinner, it was agreed I would follow her to her apartment where we spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other again. I had to agree with mom that getting my cock wet was a good idea. As it would turn out, spending the night with Gloria was not.

The next evening I could tell mom was upset about something. She had barely said a word to me during supper.

I sat at the dining table working on some spreadsheets, when mom came out of the bathroom after showering, wearing a housecoat, which seemed a bit unusual, as her usual attire had become a light nightgown over her panties.

“I am going to read a bit.” She said, pausing briefly as she passed to her bedroom. “I was thinking, if you’re in the mood, you might join me when you’re finished there? No hurry, honey.”

“I can do this later!” I assured her.

“No! Let me read for about an hour.” She replied.

I watched her walk into her bedroom and remove her housecoat. Plainly, I could tell she was teasing me as she pulled the bedding down, propped her pillows up and, with book in hand, entered the bed, giving me a delectable view of her ass and hairy pussy. I tell you, it was a long hour and I had trouble concentrating on my spreadsheets. Every time I glanced up, which was often, I could see her lying there naked. Finally, the clock told me the hour was up. I switched off the dining room light.

As I entered the bedroom, mom sat her book on the bed table and pulled the chain on the lamp. I undressed in the semidarkness and, as was most common nowadays, I began to rub her feet.

“Why don’t you come up here and lay beside me.” She summoned. “I feel like being cuddled a little tonight. Maybe a kiss or two even.”

Kissing mom? I have to honestly confess I had never given much thought about kissing mom. On the mouth anyway! But, I did as directed and we exchanged a peck or two as I hugged her tightly. Surprisingly, her hand was the first one to explore, quickly finding my cock and toying with it. Her hand caressed my balls and quickly became an uncomfortable vise.

“MOM! Easy there!” I sounded my alarm. “Those things are delicate!”

Her vise grip did not ease and I felt my balls being compressed.

“Where the hell were you last night?” She questioned accusingly.

“What the hell!” I exclaimed. “You’re not my boss! Since when do you care where I go or what I do? It’s not the first time I have spent the night out. Let go of my balls!”

“Tell me where you were and, since you brought it up, what you were doing?” She questioned menacingly, putting a little more pressure on my balls.

“I was with a girl named Gloria!” I readily admitted. “Getting my cock wet like you suggested. Now, let me go!”

“I wanted you to eat my pussy last night!” She exclaimed, maintaining the pressure on my balls. “You’re the one started this. You think it’s right for me to just sit around waiting to you to get horny?”

“No! Of course not!” I agreed, wholeheartedly. “I didn’t know!”

“Of course you didn’t know because you didn’t call, you dumb ass!” She exclaimed.

“I’m sorry! I’ll call the next time I’m going to get my cock wet, like you suggested!” I replied annoyingly.

“You want to be a smart ass?” She challenged. “I crush your nuts if you get cute with me!” She snapped, adding more pressure.

“Okay! Okay! I’m really sorry!” I pleaded. “I’ll call next time. I promise.”

“You’d better!”

The crazy bitch finally released my balls.

“You know! You can be a crazy bitch sometimes!” I exclaimed, as she rolled a way for me. “I thought you wanted me to eat your pussy?”

“Not tonight!” She replied. “I’m upset. I wouldn’t enjoy it and I’m sure as hell not going to get you off, you jerk.”

As usual with mom, I was not going to let her say no to me. I maneuvered close in behind her and began to play with her ass. She removed my hand three times from her ass before she gave up, allowing me to caress and squeeze her ass at my leisure. Extending the middle finger of my right hand, I pushed it between her thighs. She obligingly pulled her right leg double allowing me access and I began to toy with her clit.

“Do you mind if I get my finger a little wet?” I queried, pulling my finger down between her labia, stopping at the entrance to her pussy.

“You’re going to do whatever you want to do.” She said sarcastically. “You’re like every other god damn man I ever knew.”

I slowly pushed my finger into her and began to slowly finger-fuck her, ignoring her comment.

“Are you jealous that I fucked somebody?” I asked.

“No, of course not!” She replied. “If I would have known that’s what you were doing, I would have been happy for you. I just wanted to know, rather than laying here in the dark thinking that you might be fucking one avcılar elit escort of your girlfriends.”

“You know that makes absolutely no sense at all.” I stated rather than asked.

“I know. But I was horny as hell last night.” She replied.

Our conversation ceased, as she rolled to her back, forcing my finger out of her, which I immediately eased back in as I kissed her passionately. She took possession of my cock in a much more friendly manner and began stroking it as I pressed it against her thigh.

I slid my wet finger out of her pussy and began to rotate it around her clit, causing her tongue to dart into my mouth. For many long minutes, I alternated massaging her clit and fingering her.

“My clit! Stay on my clit.” She pleaded.

I did as directed and her ass began to move. I, as usual, found her moving ass to be extremely erotic. A feather-light stroke or her clit, I knew, would bring her quickly to orgasm, but for a few long moments the movies of her ass was intoxicating.

” Yes! It’s! It’s good! Right there! There! Yes! Yes! Yessssssssssssssssssss!”

Her body stiffened as the orgasm flowed through her. As her body relaxed, I slid my finger back into her wet pussy and began to finger-fuck her with a rapid rhythm.

“Hard! Do it hard!” She demanded. “Oh fuck yes!

Mom had only ceased yanking on my cock during the short moments that the orgasm froze her body. She was now stroking it with conviction as I reached over her body to grab her ass. I humped her thigh passionately, as if I had my cock in her pussy.

“Come for me, Paul.” She coaxed. “Shoot that cum all over my leg!”

Those few words were all it took for me to erupt, ejecting my warm, milky white cum over her thigh. After a moment or two, I was aware of her left hand smearing that cum over her thigh and then into her pubic hair.

“You like that stuff a lot, don’t you?” I queried. “You’d better be careful and not get any cum in your pussy.”

“Get some cum on your middle finger.” She directed. I did as directed. “Now, push that finger into my pussy!”

I did hesitate a moment to push my semen covered finger into mom’s pussy, a very short moment as she laughed and called me chicken.

“You don’t think I’d let you do that if it wasn’t okay!” She laughed. “My tubes were tied with you, sugar. Your dad was mad as hell! I love you, baby, but I didn’t want another child by him or any other son-of-a-bitch!”

I pulled my semen-coated finger out of her and lay on my back beside her. It seemed that every time I was intimate with mom that something new emerged. I was beginning to wonder if I would regret ever beginning such a relationship with the crazy lady. And then I was surprised once more.

“I don’t see any reason why you should not sleep here with me, do you?” She proposed.

“Fine with me, mom.” I replied. “It would be more fun just grabbing your ass to initiate sex or you grabbing my cock, rather than all of the verbal fencing.”

“I agree.” She replied and asked. “I did you fuck your girlfriend, Gloria?”

“Gloria likes her occasional cock.” I replied. “But she’s a bit straight-laced. Can you believe she doesn’t like her pussy kissed?”

“You’re joking?”

The weeks passed by and mom and I were intimate at least twice a week. I remembered to call whenever I was going to get my cock wet and it did not seem to have any ill effect on our odd incestuous relationship.

Mom continued to rub my cum through her pubic hair, and requesting that I stick my cum covered finger into her pussy. The pleasure she seemed to get from it fascinated me. She could never explain to me why she found it so pleasurable, and she admitted she had never found a man’s cum so fascinating.

We had played our incestuous game in virtually every room of the apartment, on various furniture and all kinds of positions. She seemed to really enjoy being on her knees on the edge of the bed, or bent over a chair, her ass up in the air, while I stood to one side of her and fingered her pussy and clit. I really enjoyed standing in front of her while she massaged and jerked my cock, while I imagined that she wanted and would eventually put her lips around it. I figured, with her fascination with my cum, she certainly must want to taste it.

One evening, mom wedged herself between the kitchen table and me, sitting at the table. She wiggled her ass, teasing me, and I lifted her skirt and began to play with her naked ass, as she had no panties on. After long moments of her teasing me, I said;

“You trust me?” I asked.

“Hell no!” She promptly replied.

“Lets try something new!” I said, standing and lifting her to sit on the table.

I positioned her on the table with her bare ass close to the edge of the table, placing her feet on the edge of the table. I left it up to her to spread her thighs. I unbuckled by shorts, letting them drop, and pushed my briefs down, stepping out of them. “Fear not, dear lady, I’m not going to stick it in you, so calm down. I’m going to rub avcılar escort your clit with the head of my cock.”

“OOUUuuuu!” She moaned and cautioned, as she lay back, spreading her thighs, willingly. “You make damn sure you’re careful not to poke it in me! I’ll cut the damn thing off.”

I proceeded to tease her clit with the head of my cock, which caused my cock to reach a firmness one could marvel at, being so close to mom’s fuck hole, but knowing she was probably serious about cutting my cock off should I violate her treasure.

She placed her hands behind her head, lifting her head to watch me wiggle my cock over and around or clit. Occasionally, I would push it up into her thick bush, playing peek-a-boo and making her laugh.

“AAgggggggg! That feels good!” I moaned.

“It’s kind of exciting, isn’t it?” She quarried. “Knowing that my tight little hole is just an inch away. You know, they say that a woman who has not had intercourse for seven years is pretty much a virgin again.”

“So you’re telling me your pussy is virgin tight?”

“It must be!” She replied. “It’s been such a long time since anybody’s stuck a cock in me.”

“Not even a dildo?” I queried.

“I’m busted, I suppose.” She admitted. “I bet it’s still tight though.”

“You shouldn’t tease me like that, mom.” I chastised. “One quick little shove and it would all be over. No more games.

“AAaagggggggggg!” She moaned, as I poked the head my cock repeatedly into her clit as if fucking her. “Damn, that’s good! Don’t stop!”

“One quick push and my cock would be inside your belly. Inside that wet pussy!” I suggested the possibility.

“We’re just talking here, right!” She challenged. “You’d better be just talking!”

“One quick little shove and my cock would fill that pretty little snatch of yours.”

“Then you would be a real mother-fucker!” She moaned lustfully. “You want to be a mother-fucker, don’t you? You would like to get your cock wet, big time!”

I continued teasing her clit with a head of my cock, poking and stroking, as I gazed on her most delightful, thick-bushed treasure. I left her to her thoughts as I began to believe I could come like this, if we continued long enough.

I was moaning as much as she was, but she was not aware of my state of arousal and she came too soon, for me anyway.

As her orgasm subsided, I began to stroke my cock in earnest, much to her glee.

“Oh, hell yes!” She shouted encouragement, as she lifted her head to watch me, jerking off. “Beat that stiff cock! Shoot that cum all over my pussy!”

“EErrr! EEErrr!’ I seethed, yanking on my pod. “You ready! EEErrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

“Yes! Do it!” She exclaimed. “Look at it shoot out. Damn! I love it!”

Our erotic, incestuous play caused me to ejaculate in less than a minute of mom reaching orgasm. As I came, I positioned the head of my cock in the middle of mom’s thick bush and we both watched the milky white semen course through her pubic hair. Then, as mom often did, she massaged the area, covering her fingers and palm with my cum.

“You are so bad!” She accused, teasing me.

“What do you find so fascinating about my cum?” I questioned once more, standing there between her legs.

“I don’t know.” She replied. “The taboo of it all, I suppose.

“As hard as my orgasm was, I suppose you might be right!” I agreed. “I never wanted to fuck a woman as bad as I do you. Why won’t you let me fuck you?”

“You fuck me all the time.” She retorted. “With your tongue. With your finger covered with cum.”

“It’s not the same. And you know it!” I replied.

“The day I give in and let you stick your cock in me I’ll become just one of the girls you’ve convinced to spread their legs for you. All of the taboo and incestuous desire will be lost forever. Do you want that to happen? Are you not at all happy with the way things are?”

“Yes! I’m extremely happy the way things are, mom.” I assure her.

“Then, let’s let things continue as they are.”

Two weeks later would find us 400 miles from home visiting mom’s sister, Alice.

A 936 square foot home with a woman and three kids was not my idea of a vacation but mom had not seen her sister in 8 years, and she insisted we go. Her sister’s husband had left the household at about the same time that dad had left us.

“Why in the hell have you not seen her in eight years?” I questioned.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Mom replied. “A squabble between sisters.”

The two authentic bedrooms were allocated to the kids, two boys, 7 & 9 respectively, and one girl, 11 years old. Mom’s sister’s sleeping quarters, a day room spanning the width of the back of the house, consisted of a double bed and a sofa at right angles to the bed. At the entrance end of the room stood an icebox, dryer and freezer. Noisy as hell, really! Two rather large windows by the sofa allowed a significant amount of light from the full moon, that was present, to make reading a book possible.

To my surprise, it was agreed that mom and avcılar eve gelen escort I would sleep in the double bed and Alice would sleep on the couch.

“I can’t believe she didn’t think of it!” I said with disbelief. “Don’t you think it would be better if you and Alice slept in the bed?” I asked my mom.

“She didn’t suggest it!” Mom replied. “If you remember when you were young, you and I always slept in the same bed. I guess that’s what she was thinking. Her mind is not in the gutter like yours! And you don’t actually think we’re going to fool around while we are here?”

Mom and Alice stayed up late talking the first two nights of our five day visit, and I was asleep when they eventually came to bed, so my objections to the sleeping arrangement would have been silenced, had they been a little quieter coming to bed. It was a mystery to me how they could talk for hours and then continue their jabber after snuggling into their respective beds.

“Ladies, if you had not finished talking why didn’t you stay in the living room?” I complained on the third night.

“We were disturbing the children.” Mom replied.

As I lay with my back towards them, I had the distinct notion that mom’s voice did not come from directly behind me, but from the sofa.

“So, you two figured it would be better to come back here and disturb me?” I chastised.

“Well, Alice didn’t think you would mind all that much.” Mom replied with a giggle. “She been talking about you for two nights and I’m tired of hearing about how cute and manly you have become. To put it bluntly, she hasn’t had a man in quite some time and wanted to know if I thought you’d be receptive to the idea of you two getting together?”

Now, Alice was mom’s older sister, by about seven years. A plain Jane, mother of three, type of woman, Alice was at least 60 pounds heavier than mom, the two being the same height.

“She is scared to death, Paul.” Mom continued, trying to contain her sound of amusement. “It took a lot of persuasion on my part to get her in bed with you. Well, actually not that much persuasion! I did promise I would stay for moral support. Until she relaxed.”

“I’m sorry, Paul!” Alice said nervously. “Your mom talked me into this foolishness. Alice, get over here where you belong!”

I could feel Alice starting to rise from the bed and maneuver quickly to halt her escape.

“Alice, don’t be so hasty.” I said calmly. “Pay my smart-ass mom no mind. That’s it, come here and let me hold you. There is no need to fret. I’ll be more than happy to take care of things for you.”

Alice was shaking like a leaf as I held her close. I looked over her shoulder at mom, who, I could see in the bright simi-darkness, was grinning from ear to ear at her matchmaking.

“Is it safe?” I mouthed twice towards mom before mom nodded a confirmation.

I pulled slightly away and kissed Alice softly on the lips as I gently pushed my right knee between her heavy thighs and tight against her surprisingly naked crotch. I felt her pubic hair against my knee and started to rub my knee against her naked pussy, ever so lightly.

“Mom, don’t you have somewhere else you can be?” I broke the kiss to make the request.

“I promised Alice I would………….”

“Sis, it’s embarrassing! Certainly you don’t want to watch!” Alice exclaimed.

“Oh! But I do.” Mom replied unapologetically. “You remember when you spied on me and then told mom. If mom had told dad, he would have killed me. If you want my son’s cock, then you’re going to be content with me sitting right here watching ya’ll

“Make her go, Paul!”

“You know how stubborn she can be.” I said, in a defeated tone. “Just forget she is here. She can be our guard in case the kids come this way.”

I felt Alice’s left hand push at my briefs and I helped her remove them. She wasted little time getting a hold of my cock, which had been at attention from the beginning of this bizarre scene.

For mom’s benefit, I pushed the bedding down with my feet as I helped Alice remove her light nightgown. Completely naked, Alice and I explored each other’s bodies as mom sat quietly watching.

Alice’s tits were easily more than double the size of mom’s, with tiny nipples, but they seemed to be much more sensitive than mom’s, as sucking on a nipple caused Alice to moan and attacked me lustfully. I believed she was indeed a sexually deprived female and she was not having much difficulty forgetting that mom was watching.

I wanted my cock wet real bad but I also wanted to show Alice a good time. Give her something to remember. In that vein, I worked my way slowly downward, kissing her belly and running my nose through her ample bush. Maneuvering her over, I nibbled at her substantial buttocks. Then, turning her to her back, sliding my hands under her large, meaty buttocks, I gave her pussy a quick study and then went to work on her.

“Aaaaaaaa! YYeessssss!” She moaned lustfully. “That is so damn good! Please, don’t stop!”

I had no intentions of stopping. I could only imagine mom sitting behind us. Was she playing with her pussy, or was she just sitting there watching us?

Alice was not a passive lover. Her ass humped my face as her hands applied pressure to the back of my head. When my tongue darted into her fuck hole, she lifted her heavy legs to give my tongue full access to her treasure.

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