Mother Watches Pt. 02

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After Brett Burgess’ mother had watched him orgasm in front of her, he hoped the next step in their relationship journey would involve her intimately touching him. But the unexpected and unwanted presence of his father had put those fantasies on hold. His father had returned from a prolonged business trip. He was about the house constantly and as much as he had interrupted the emotional sharing Brett had with his mum, his father also had disturbed the delicate balancing act that had led to Brett sharing his naked body.

To make matters worse the early heat wave of June had given way to incessant rains. The downpour had left little opportunity for his mother to watch him from the garden even if his father hadn’t been there. Brett had started to wonder if that was for the best. Their relationship had become stronger after he ejaculated in front of her. She had watched through his bedroom window and coyly clapped for his climaxing. He felt satisfaction in the thought that she had seen him exposed. It felt right and complete, like a missing piece of the jigsaw of their mother and son relationship had fallen into place. They both had the memory of that sunny day. He knew that they would both replay it over and over again in their heads. But maybe that was enough. They didn’t need to take it any further.

He fantasized about her taking his penis in her small manicured hands with the sharp nails. He imagined what it would be like if he was to ejaculate on her face. He thought that would be an amazing sharing experience with her. Perhaps these thoughts were better left as fantasies though. There was his father to think about now and he wasn’t even sure if his mum would want to take it further. Whenever conversations with her had turned in that direction Brett would feel his mouth dry out and his tongue feel heavy and thick so that he would wonder if his mother noticed the change in his tone or sense the quickening of his pulse. He never quite knew how much to acknowledge or recognise. They had never properly discussed what had happened. It seemed as though there was another boundary there, one which both of them dare not cross.

All these factors played into Brett’s surprise when he climbed into the shower that morning in late July and he was confronted with his mum’s undergarments. He realised that until that moment in all his twenty years he had never actually seen her underwear before. His mother was prim and proper. She didn’t wear revealing clothes and never left her undergarments so that they were visible in the laundry. He had never actually seen her in just her underwear before, but he had also not seen her underwear by itself either. She had been discreet and modestly kept it from view. Brett had considered her underwear off limits and in general any talk of underwear was done with some embarrassment and awkwardness. He had once or twice wondered what type of underwear she might wear and the sensible silk skin coloured briefs and brassier were exactly what he had expected. He looked at them for a few seconds before reaching over to take them out.

Then he recalled that she had asked him not to handle her laundry after he had been running. She sometimes left clothes to drip dry in the bathroom and didn’t want her sweaty and muddy son handling her delicate items. Brett reasoned that this rule probably especially counted for her underwear. He was keenly aware that he had changed out of his running clothes before coming to the bathroom. She had asked him not to traipse about through the house in his muddy gear. He was now left with the dilemma of moving the underwear out of the shower in which case she would realise he had done so. Or he could go back to his room and change into his wet and muddy running shorts again and call her down to come remove the laundry. Both options didn’t seem very satisfactory. The first option was out because he knew it was these type of small things that really annoyed her and he certainly didn’t want to cause her any irritation, however small. The second option was unattractive because he didn’t want to change back into the wet running clothes again. A thought then entered his head that sent an electrifying pulse surging through his body. What if she wants me to call her down while I am naked, he thought. Could that be possible, he asked himself. Maybe she set it up so that I would be forced to be down here naked while she came in to get the underwear. The thought was at once both unbelievable and plausible. It didn’t seem beyond the realms of reason. She had seen him naked through the window that sunny morning, but the important difference was that there had been a very real physical barrier between them. If he called beşiktaş escort her into the bathroom now, nothing would separate her from his nakedness. It didn’t seem a coincidence either that this just happened to be the time she had asked his father to go pick up a few groceries.

On one occasion Brett had come back from a run and bumped into his mum in the passageway. He had partially undressed from his muddy clothes and was just wearing his running shorts. His mother had been startled at first but then placed her hands on his shoulders and talked to him.

‘I want you to know that I respect your privacy’ she had said. ‘I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed around me.’

‘Thanks mum’ Brett had said shifting his hands across his front. ‘I appreciate that. Privacy is important to me.’

‘That’s good dear, but also…’ she paused momentarily as if thinking how to phrase her words carefully ‘…but also you don’t have to be shy. You are a strapping young man. Any mother would be so proud with such an intelligent and athletic son.’ She ran a finger across his shoulders. She did it incidentally. It was natural. ‘You certainly don’t need to hide.’ She beamed a smile at him. It was a knowing smile. It was also a very naughty smile. ‘I don’t want to embarrass you Brett but speaking as a woman I have every confidence you will make your girlfriends very satisfied one day’. Brett felt his heart beating hard and didn’t trust himself to reply just thinking about what she was referring to. That was probably the most risqué thing he had ever heard his mother say. ‘So I don’t want you to think that you need to hide yourself.’ She looked down his body as she spoke. ‘I am not as prudish as they all make out’. She giggled sweetly. Brett loved to see her laugh. On that day Brett had walked the few steps to the bathroom without daring to look back. He wondered if his mother had watched him walk into the bathroom, he fantasised that she had.

And then the bad weather had started. At first Brett thought it would clear within a couple of days but it had set in as a steady drizzle. He had continued to go out running even in the rain. The first time he had come back from a run when it had been raining he headed straight for the shower. He found a white blouse hanging to dry. He realised that his mum was forced to drip dry the more delicate clothes in the bathroom as they couldn’t hang outside in this weather. He carefully hung it outside before climbing in. This happened a few more times until his mother eventually asked him to call her to collect them instead. She said she would prefer to hang them up herself and Brett thought nothing of it and guessed that her sweaty son handling her clean laundry wasn’t the best idea. The next time he called her to collect the laundry he handed it to her with his head sticking around the door. It gave him an exhilarating rush thinking that the door acted as the only barrier protecting his nakedness. She had thanked him but said that next time she could come in and collect it herself.

The next time turned out to be when he had found her skin coloured underwear. It hadn’t been missed upon him either that his mother had sent his father to the shops again.

As Brett considered whether or not to call his mother down he remembered her saying that he mustn’t be shy. She had said that he needn’t hide from her. So maybe with all the rain she had in fact devised this opportunity in the place of watching him from the window. She could be waiting for me to call up this very second he thought breathlessly. Then again, he thought, maybe this would be crossing a line that he really shouldn’t cross. Maybe she wouldn’t expect it at all. What had happened in front of his window had been a bit of fun and most importantly there had been the very real and physical barrier of the window between them. If he called her down now he would be fully exposed in touching distance. Perhaps she had meant that next time she would collect it herself not expecting Brett to be fully undressed. There would be nothing between her and his naked body now. He felt a stiffening in his penis at the thought.

He stood there motionless weighing up his options for some time. And then eventually he called out.

‘Mum,’ he tried to sound calm ‘I see there actually is some laundry in the shower after all’. Oh my god he thought to himself. I have said it now. Oh my god. He covered his groin out of reflex. He waited. But there was no reply. Maybe she hadn’t heard he reasoned. But maybe she had heard and was pretending not to. Maybe his father was back early.

He called for her again, a lump in his throat.

‘Mum’ beşyol escort he shouted this time.

‘Yes’ she replied right away. Suddenly he heard her footsteps. ‘Yes dear’ she called. Brett stuck his head out of the bathroom door and could see she was walking down towards him.

‘Um’ he mumbled. Still time to back out, he thought again.

‘Is everything ok?’

‘Yes, it is just this…laundry’ he said at length.

‘Oh I completely forgot about that’ she said walking down towards him, his head still tilted out of the doorframe. Thoughts suddenly flashed through Brett’s mind that of course his mum was too nice and sweet to have devised this whole scenario. How stupid of him. The chair of the local church board would not do such a thing. He was betraying her trust. All the strong bonds of their relationship would break. She would wonder why her son had called her into the bathroom while he was completely naked and she wouldn’t fail to notice that he was semi hard now. How would he be able to explain it?

‘I will just pop in to get it if that’s ok?’ she asked. Brett held the door half closed so that she could only see his head.

He had frozen.

‘Is everything ok son?’ she asked. ‘Are you maybe not completely decent in there?’ she said with a warm knowing smile. It was a smile that robbed Brett of all his senses.

‘Yes’ he stammered.

‘That’s ok honey. I can come back.’ She seemed to turn. Then hesitated. ‘Only…only remember what I said to you about not being shy?’

Brett nodded.

‘Well you don’t need to be shy dear.’ she said with a girlish laugh. ‘If it will make you more comfortable why don’t you cover up with your hands in front while I am in there’ she said demonstrating with her hands at the top of her legs.

Brett’s head was spinning so fast. He felt a stream of precum dripping down his leg. He didn’t know what to make of this new turn in events. He had invited her down for this very reason. But now that it was happening he felt genuinely scared and embarrassed. On the one hand he felt intimidated, and on the other he felt confused and unsure. Maybe he was the only one getting terribly excited. Maybe his mother was just being a normal mother and it was perfectly natural for her to come in and see her nude son. Where was the harm in that? Maybe the only harm was that she would see that he was excited and that wouldn’t be ok.

‘Ok mum’ he said at last. ‘Just give me a second.’ He closed the door and looked himself over in the mirror just to see how much his hands would cover. She would just see his pubic hair around the sides of his fingers. But with his erection he realised he wouldn’t be able to cover all of himself. She would of course have a clear view of his buttocks in the mirror if she looked that way.

‘Brett?’ she called. ‘Can I come in dear? There is nothing to be embarrassed about.’

‘Ok come in’ he called. She stepped in straight away her eyes immediately looking at his groin. But at the last minute he had chickened out and covered himself with a small hand towel.

‘Ah sweetie’ she beamed coyly. ‘Show your mum what you have under there. It is ok.’

Brett couldn’t say anything. He stared at his mother’s well-groomed face. Her hair tied back in a bun. The librarian glasses and her lips thick and red with lipstick. She had a pearl necklace over her blouse, it was the one that had been drying in the shower a few days ago.

She then laughed and reached up to stroke his shoulders.

‘It’s ok. I am not upset’ she said. She walked passed him then and grabbed the underwear from the shower. She did it quickly and Brett could just see a touch of sadness creep across her face. A shadow had moved over her cheerful features when she had seen that Brett had resorted to a towel. She probably thinks I want to keep her out, he thought. This is something that makes her happy and I also really want to show her. Why am I being so scared he thought.

She was just making her way back out of the bathroom when Brett called to her.

‘Where should I put this towel?’ he asked holding the towel above his head. The other hand attempting to cover some modesty.

His mother’s face lit up. She smiled her wonderful smile at him. He knew she would be able to see his buttocks in the mirror and she could see most of his genitals now. She was staring unabashed. There was a look a rapture he had never seen on her face before.

She took hold of his upper arm and moved it away so his erect penis swung clear from his hand. They stood there in this pose for breathless moments.

‘My, my’ she said at last and lifted a dainty beykent escort hand to cover her mouth. Brett’s mother always kept her hands well-manicured. She filed the nails into elegant tips and applied clear nail varnish. They were small feminine hands.

‘Are you going to shower or not dear?’ she said after sometime.

Brett didn’t answer at first. He couldn’t. He just stared at her and felt a flow of precum leave his penis, both him and his mother watched it slowly drip out.

Brett somehow found the ability to move his legs and turned back towards the shower. His backside was now on full view to her. He felt her hands on his shoulders as she pressed up against him.

‘Your shoulders have really filled out. They are toned and strong.’ Her hands moved off his shoulders and down his back and eventually across his buttocks. She took them in her hands giving them a squeeze.

‘These are so firm’ she giggled. Brett couldn’t believe this was happening. He couldn’t comprehend that his mother had just stroked his back and grabbed his backside. He felt her finger trace down his spine and then slip until she found his butt crack. She hesitated there momentarily and then moved her well-manicured fingers all the way down until they were resting on his anus. Brett felt his whole body twitch and tingle. And then her hand slipped around under him and gripped his balls.

‘Your father really is a boar, thoughtless and selfish’ she said to him. ‘But you are so sweet and considerate. Being close to you like this makes me feel so good. I am so proud of what a man you have become’.

Brett didn’t know what to say. He stood there with his blood pumping loudly in his ears. His whole being was quivering.

‘Do you mind if I touch you dear?’

‘No…no. Of course not.’

‘Will you share with me what you are feeling? When I take hold of you like this…’ he felt her filed nails dig into his ballsack ‘…do you feel shy? Does it make you feel good?’ In that moment Brett was overcome with sexual energy and felt as though he would ejaculate any second. Just when he thought he would erupt she pulled down hard on his balls, pulling them away from his body. The exquisite pain brought him back from the brink.

‘Talk to me dear’

Brett opened up and shared his longing for her to touch him. He told her that he wanted to physically connect in the same way they emotionally connected. She told him that was very pleased to hear that. She said he was a very good boy. She slipped her hand around his penis and began to vigorously pump. Her nails dug into his flesh. She bent his dick up towards his stomach and then pulled it downwards hard so that he felt that it must surely break. Precum splashed out over fingers. Brett cried out. He was beyond all self control and new that he couldn’t last much longer. He hadn’t expected her to be so rough. He had expected her to be timid, to be conservative. But this new wild sexual being had emerged and he loved every violent pump. As he thought he would finally cum he felt her finger expertly inserted into his anus. It went straight in with almost no preamble. He felt her dive deep inside him until she pressed down on something indescribable. It immediately stopped his orgasm his whole body convulsed.

‘Not so fast’ she said turning him around. ‘I want this load in my mouth.’ Brett couldn’t believe he had just heard his mother say that. This was the modest prudish woman who had never really spoken about sex or bodily functions openly. She was now inches away from his engorged penis. She was a sexual creature after all. Under that conformist persona was a woman capable of erotic fantasies akin to some of Brett’s most depraved thoughts. She too has lusted after this he thought. His mouth had gone completely dry and his left leg and was shaking out of nerves and excitement. When he turned around she had fallen to her knees in front of him. Her elegant make-up, pearl necklace and pressed blouse were incongruous with her wide gaping mouth. She gripped Brett’s penis with both hands and in two quick strokes he came.

‘I am so proud’ she said just before he released his load all over her face. The first spurt came out fast and hot and went into her eyes and hair and then from deep inside himself Brett trembled as thick and heavy spunk went into his mother’s mouth and rolled down her chin. All the time she smiled approvingly.

‘Thank you dear that was truly wonderful!’ she said swallowing. ‘That makes me feel…’ Brett ejaculated one last time into hair ‘…it makes me feel so much better’.

Brett wiped his penis along her face to finish off. She watched him shakingly sit down. His limbs quivering. She licked off the cum around her mouth and licked her fingers clean. She spent sometime removing the rest of the stickiness.

‘I will leave you here to clean up’. She was about to close the door and they could hear that his father had returned. She blew him a naughty kiss and left.

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