My Co-Worker Emily

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Emily was my buddy and one of my most favorite co-workers. Every time Emily and I would work together I’d spend nearly the entire shift joking around with her, making her laugh, and sometimes, Embarrassing her.

I loved every minute of it and for the most part, So did she.

Emily was such a cutie. She was just eighteen when she was hired on. She is a fairly short girl with a thin but kind of stumpy body. Her face is a little chubby but cute like a doll’s face.

Her tits were kind of on the medium side, but they were nice. I’d say that Emily weighed in at about One Hundred Twenty five to One Hundred Thirty pounds. If I made her laugh a little too much when I’d joke around with her, her cute little face would turn bright red for a long time.

Emily and I hit it off fairly quickly after she was hired on. I remember the first time her and I ever worked together. A few other girls had been hired on that week and I walked over to the register where Emily was working and I simply said:

“Which one are you?”

As soon as we started talking that day we didn’t stop for the rest of the night.

I don’t know why, but within only a week or so of meeting her, Emily asked me if I wanted her phone number.

“If you’d want me to have it, I’ll take it.”

I told her.

When I said that however, Emily had this look on her face like she was even sorry that she asked me if I wanted her number. She did end up giving it to me after all. Even still I only texted her on a few occasions, and called her once.

One night while Emily and I were working together she asked me to do something that made me feel good. It wasn’t anything sexual or anything like that, but it canlı bahis was something that no one outside of my family ever asked me to do.

She asked me to scratch her back for her.

She turned around and said:

“Scratch my back for me.”

I scratched her back and I felt great for doing it. I didn’t feel good in a sexual way, it was the fact that a girl I knew was letting me touch her even in such a stupid way.

It didn’t take too long before our conversations would turn to sexual topics. However, they wouldn’t be about anything specific.

One night, Emily and I were talking and she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I started telling her about my childhood friend Jessie who is the closest thing to a girlfriend I’ve ever had. I told Emily that Jessie is the only girl I know personally who admitted that she wanted me to fuck her.

I also told Emily about how, in the Summer of 2010, I went to visit Jessie and I ended up eating her Pussy.

“You didn’t finger her?”

Emily asked.

I told her that I did, and asked why I wouldn’t have when eating fingering a girl and eating pussy usually go together.

Emily asked me about the details, and I told her that it was kind of a two on one thing with her and her husband.

“That’s nasty!”

Emily yelled at me.

I assured her that I didn’t do anything with Jessie’s husband, and he didn’t do anything to me.

Emily wanted to know more so I told her every little detail. I tried to win a little sympathy from Emily by telling her that Jessie didn’t even let me cum.

I quickly learned that Emily was a bit of a story teller. Apparently, Emily would tell other co-workers stories that bahis siteleri she never told me. My other co-workers told me that the stories Emily told sounded a bit too bogus that they couldn’t be true.

I kind of thought that what they were telling me was bullshit, but I soon realized that they may have been telling me the truth.

Every week or so, Emily would tell me that she broke up with her boyfriend. She’s never really seem all that broken up about it when she would tell me that so I started not believing it.

She’s tell me that her and her boyfriend broke up, and a day or two later, I’d see Emily in the store with him. I’m sure that maybe they might have had a little argument or something, but as far as breaking up all the time, I doubted it.

My one other co-worker Katelynn and I were talking about how Emily always says that her and her boyfriend broke up, and we decided that it was probably their way to keep things interesting in their relationship.

One night, Emily told me that she needed my advice on something. She tells me about how the night before, her and her boyfriend were having sex and she thinks that maybe he came inside her.

“Plus all of the pre-cum too.”

She told me.

She told me about how worried she was about being pregnant. The entire time she was telling me this, she was smirking and smiling. I even questioned her on why she was smiling and she told me that she was happy because she wanted a baby, but she was still too young to have one.

I wondered if the story she was telling me was true or not.

In October or 2014, Emily attended my Birthday party, along with a handful of other co-workers.

I had told everyone bahis şirketleri that I invited to the party that it was a costume optional party. Emily and I were the only ones who had dressed up. Emily was dressed as a sexy cop, and she looked great.

The sexy cop outfit has a short skirt, but she had worn a pair or black leggings under the skirt. It was whatever she had on under the costume shirt that made her look great. She must have had one some kind of push-up bra, because her normally medium sized tits were almost triple the size as they usually were.

Emily was one of a handful of girls that I invited to go on a trip to California once I finish restoring the 1958 Plymouth Belvedere I’m currently working on. She told me that she wanted to go, and she gave the same speech every teenager gives about wanting to leave her hometown.

If the trip ever really happened, I think Emily would be the only one of the five girls that I invited that I’d potentially be able to fuck.

As much as I like Emily, I really don’t have a fantasy about her. I do however have my opinions, and I always use my imagination.

To look at Emily in her normal street clothes, I can tell that she has one of those plump fat pussies. I think that it may be either completely shaved, or just a little patch of hair.

The way Emily’s personality is, I think she may be a little bit of a squirter, and that she probably likes the man to be in control.

I like Emily a lot, and I would love to be with a girl like her. However, for some reason, she is one of only a few girls who I’d love to treat like a whore during sex. I have no animosity toward Emily, She never talked shit about me. (that I know of) and she doesn’t owe me money, like some of the other girls I know. But…

I would love to throat fuck her and listen to her gag and hack while I do it, and when I’m done doing that, I would cum all over her face.

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