My Fantasy Come True

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Big Tits

I was so damn horny and stuck at home with my brother and dad because the rain was coming down so hard outside that you couldn’t see a foot in front of you. I was sitting on the couch between the both of them staring at the TV. I wasn’t really paying any attention to it my mind kept wandering. I kept thinking about how it would be if I could fuck the both of them right here, I had had the fantasy before and had even acted it out a couple of times with some friends of mine, who had taken great enjoyment of taking turns being my “Daddy.” But never had I had the fantasy while I was sitting next to either one of them.

I was pulled out of my fantasy abruptly by my Dad’s voice, “Diane! What in the hell are you doing?” I jumped at the volume of his voice, I was so deep in my fantasy about fucking my dad and brother that I hadn’t realized that I had spread my legs over theirs and was rubbing my pussy. “Oh Shit! I’m sorry. My mind was elsewhere.” My brother Timothy piped in after laughing, “I guess so Di, you were going at it pretty hard there.”

“Shut up! You know you liked watching it.” I said with a smile on my face.

He chocked, “No I didn’t!”

“Whatever, I can see that you liked it!”

“Well, well, Dad liked it too!”

“Very adult of you there Tim.”

But his words had sparked my interested and I looked over at our Dad. He sat on the couch looking at the TV, pretending he couldn’t hear our conversation but the bulge in his pants was proof enough for me that he too had enjoyed my display. I smiled to myself and looked back at my brother. He sat there with a little pout on his face; he could never take my teasing though I loved to dish it out.

“Oh poor Timmy. Are you sad cause I quit. I’ll start back up for you so you can watch till I’m done.”

“No I ain’t sad cause of that, why don’t you just shut up and quit teasin’ me! I hate when you do that!”

I sat up on my knees and came closer to him, petting his arm and smiling, “Are you sure it’s not because I quit Timothy, I’d be glad to start up again, just for you.”

Dad came in this time, “Diane stop it!” His face was red and I couldn’t tell if it was because he was turned on or if he was mad.

“But he started it!”

“You both need to grow up! You still act like kids sometimes. I’m surprised you’re not stickin’ your tongue out at him right now!”

I laughed, “okay Daddy I’ll quit.”

“Oh and Diane, put your skirt down, I can still see your snatch.”

“Do you like it?”


“Do you like to look at my pussy?”

“That ain’t any way to talk to me girl!”

I looked over at my brother and saw a look of pure amazement on his face but his desire still showed through. I thought to myself that if I couldn’t get them both to fuck me at least I knew that I could talk Timothy into it.

“OH! Come on Daddy! I’m so horny, and you interrupted me so the least you can do is finish what I started.”

“You shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place accident or not.”

I knew I was wearing him down; the harsh tones of discipline had left his voice and were replaced by a soft undertone of desire. I took a risk and placed my hand over the bulge in his pants; if he really didn’t want sarıyer escort me to do anything he’d push me away. I began to rub my hand back and forth; he jumped back but didn’t stop me.

“Please Daddy; let me take care of you and Timothy. It would be my fantasy coming true. I’ve often dreamed of fucking both of you. I bet it’s real uncomfortable for the both of you, with your cocks pressing against your pants and all and it was my fault, so let me fix it.”

His eyes rolled back, he was enjoying my touch but still trying to be the voice of reason, “Diane it’s just not right. I’m your Dad, and Timothy is your brother. You oughtn’t go around trying to talk us into fucking you.”

“If it’s because I’m your daughter pretend I’m not. Pretend I’m just some slut you picked up off the street.”


“Hush Daddy, please let me serve you.”

I got up on my knees and undid his pants, his cock jumped straight up. I moaned as I saw a drop of pre-cum already forming on the head of his dick. I bent down and licked the sweet tasting clear liquid from him. I had prepared myself to hear him start yelling again but all he did was moan. I smiled to myself as I took his cock in my mouth.

I felt the cushions of the couch move as Timothy came closer, he had been waiting to see if I could talk Dad into it or if I’d invite him upstairs. He lifted my skirt up around my waist and I felt his tongue slip in between my lips to find my hard bud. I moaned and took Daddy’s cock deeper into my throat as my brother began to flick his tongue across my clit. I could feel the orgasm that had been on pause start to rise again and my body began to shake.

Timothy moved his tongue, not wanting me to cum so quickly. I whimpered at the loss of my orgasm again but soon I felt him begin to insert his tongue into my ass. He pushed in as far as he could and began fucking me with it. My moans were loud but muffled by Daddy’s cock.

Timothy moved again and took of his pants. I wanted to turn around and take a look at his dick before he began fucking me but Daddy’s cock felt too good in my mouth to let it go. Timothy slammed his cock into my throbbing cunt and I let out a scream of pure ecstasy that maybe Daddy’s dick jump in my mouth from the vibrations of my voice.

Timothy began to fuck me so hard that it was hard to keep sucking Daddy. I took his cock from my mouth and began to stroke it. “Oh Daddy! Your dick tastes so good! I love to suck it and Timothy feels so good in my pussy! He’s going to make me cum!”

Daddy said nothing but placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed it back down. He held my head in place as he began to pump his hips into my mouth. His balls hitting my chin as he fucked me so hard in the mouth that my lips began to hurt. I couldn’t swallow my own spit and choked on it several times as Daddy’s cock hit the back of my throat.

Soon Daddy pulled me up by my hair, popping his dick out of my mouth, and made me look at him. “Timothy you should really feel our little slut’s mouth, it’s great.”

“Oh yeah? You should feel this pussy, it’s amazing! So wet and tight.”

“Really? Then come here Diane and sit on your Daddy’s cock!”

I moaned at the sefaköy escort harsh tone he had used. I had never really been bossed around before and I enjoyed it immensely.

I moved and sat down with my back towards Daddy. I slipped his cock into my pussy as Timothy came and stood in front of me, placing the head of his dick to my lips. I licked all round his cock, loving the taste of my own juices on my brother. Daddy began to thrust his cock in my sopping cunt and I moaned as I took Timothy’s dick all the way down my throat.

“Mmmm…you were right Dad, her mouth is amazing!”

“I know and this pussy is wonderful. Never thought I’d enjoy fucking my girl so much.”

Listening to their words made me cum. My pussy tightened around Daddy’s dick as my juices began to spill from me.

“Oh Yes! That’s it baby girl cum all over my cock! Get it nice and wet so I can fuck that ass of yours!”

I moaned at the thought of Daddy’s dick fucking my tight little asshole.

“If she keeps on sucking me like this I’m going to cum.”

Daddy grabbed my hair and pulled my off of Timothy, “I don’t want him cumming to quick. I have other plans for you. Now stand up!”

I smiled and did so, “you know Daddy for someone who was so against fucking me, you sure are enjoying it now.”

He grabbed my chin, “well, honey I wasn’t aware that you were so good at it.” He gave me a little peck on the nose before shedding his pants and telling Timothy to lie on the couch. He then instructed me to mount my brother. I sat down on him, sliding his cock in slowly as I did so. He moaned as he felt his cock going deep into my pussy inch by inch.

Daddy came up behind me, and pushed me so that I was laying flat on my brother. I felt the head of his dick near my hole, and thought that he’d never be able to get his dick in me with Timothy already filling me up.

He pushed and worked at it for a while until the head of his dick began to slip inside of my pussy. I gasp as he moved the rest of his cock inside of me. The feeling of my cunt being stretched over both my Daddy’s and my brother’s cock was wonderful. I began to cum as Daddy thrust into me.

“Oh my God! That feels so good. Oh shit! I love both of your cocks so much!”

My words were lost as my orgasm hit me full on. I couldn’t breathe as my body began to shake so hard that Daddy had to hold my hips in place so that his and Timothy’s cocks would stay in as I began to squirm.

“Mmmm…that’s it baby. Such a little slut, taking both of our cocks at once.”

Timothy brushed the hair out of my face as I began to calm down.

“You’re awful quite Tim, don’t have much to say? I would have figured as much as you talk that you’d be the one who couldn’t keep quite.” I smiled; I couldn’t even stop teasing him as I was fucking him. He gave me a light playful slap on the cheek, “I’m just amazed sis. Never really thought you’d be such a little vixen or that your pussy would feel so damn good.”

“So, you’re enjoying it?”

“Hell yeah!”

I had no time to respond, I felt Daddy taking his cock out of me, and placing it on the opening of my tight puckered hole. I had been fucked in the ass before but I still braced silivri escort myself for the initial pain that would run through my body as Daddy began to push himself in.

Timothy moved his hands and spread my cheeks so that Daddy could get in better and I took a deep breath as I felt his cock entering. Once all the way in he stopped for a moment, letting my skin stretch around his cock.

He began to move slowly at first and Timothy took the same rhythm as he pumped his dick in my pussy. The feeling of both my holes being filled by them was almost too much. I felt the stirring of another orgasm deep within my belly.

“Fuck! That feels good! Fuck me harder! I’m going to cum! Oh Yes! Just like that. Oh God! Make me cum!” My voice was strained with my passion, and my words became one long loud scream of pleasure.

Daddy and Timothy couldn’t hold out any longer and at the same time they yelled out that they were going to cum. “Cum in me! I want to feel both of my holes filled with it!”

I felt the first squirts as they both began to cum and it sent me into another orgasm though not as hard as my last one. “Mmm….yes, yes, yes! Fill me up! Oh God that’s wonderful!”

Once they had both emptied their seed into me they pulled out. Daddy moved and I stood up, I shook as I felt their cum dripping from my well fucked holes, and mingling together to slip down my legs.

Timothy sat up and Daddy sat down on the couch, “come here girl and clean off my cock!”

I went down on my knees and began to lick Daddy’s cock clean. The taste of myself on him, made my pussy begin to throb again. I moved my eyes to the side to take a look at Timothy and saw his cock growing hard again, watching me lick Daddy. I took Daddy’s cock from my mouth, “Timothy, do you want to fuck my ass now?”

“I’d love that!” He moved off the couch and came behind me. Sliding his dick into my stretched out hole. I moaned, and began to shake again; my ass was still very sensitive from Daddy.

I took Daddy’s cock all the way into my mouth, and felt it grow stiff again as he watched his son fucking my ass.

“Oh shit Di, your ass feels so good wrapped around my cock!”

I moaned in response. Daddy pushed my head away from his cock and began to stroke it, “I want to see that pretty face covered in my cum.”

“Oh God yes! Cum all over my face Daddy!”

“Oh Timothy your cock feels so good in my ass! You’re going to make me cum!”

As soon as my words were out I felt Daddy’s hot spunk hit my chin. I opened my mouth wide and felt the next squirt hit my tongue. I moaned at the taste of Daddy’s sperm. He pushed my head back down and I close my mouth around him, swallowing the rest of his seed.

Timothy pulled out of my ass, “turn around Diane. I want you to swallow my cum too.”

I turned around and placed my brother’s cock in my mouth. He emptied his load down my throat, and I tried hard to swallow it all but some escaped, seeping down my lips.

I sat back on my heels when he was through. Daddy stood up, “I’m going to go shower.” As he left he patted my head, “you were such a good girl baby. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome Daddy.”

“I’m going to clean up too.” Timothy said he kissed my forehead before going up to his room. “Thanks sis.”

“Welcome bro.”

I lay down on the couch, trying to catch my breath before going to clean myself also. I smiled, what I thought would be my own fantasy forever came true and I knew that it would keep coming true for a long time.

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