My French Adventure

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She looked absolutely gorgeous, although it was her breasts that really caught my eye. They looked fantastic. There was no other word to describe them – fan-tas-tic. They looked firm, full, tanned – and extremely desirable. The only thing that puzzled me was how they managed to stay inside the tiny little bikini she was wearing!

Perhaps I should explain.

I was lazing about on the beach at St-Jean-de-Monts, on the Vendee coast of France, enjoying the hot August sun. My girlfriend is French, and she had gone off to stay with her Mother (who loathes me for being English and male, amongst other things) for a few days. So I was on my own, on the beach, very much enjoying the view – and I don’t mean the sea view! The beach was long, sandy and popular. The end where I sat seemed to be favoured by the locals, mainly family groups. The object of my attention was with what I assume were her parents and younger brother.

She looked about 20, five years younger than me, and I – and others – could not take my eyes off her, as she chased around the beach after a Frisbee that her brother was throwing, her body glistening in the sun. She was about 5 foot 6 inches tall, with a slender, graceful figure. Her hair was long and bleached blonde by the sun, and shone as it streamed out behind her in the gentle breeze. She was tanned a golden brown, with a few freckles across her nose. Her mouth was perhaps too wide to be perfect, but her lips were full and looked extremely kissable. Her long, shapely legs ended at her firm, rounded buttocks, which were covered only by her tight bikini bottoms. Her hips were just wide enough so that her body could flare out and then in at her small waist. Her stomach muscles were nicely defined, giving her a fit sexiness. Her breasts were amazing, and sat so proudly on her slender frame. She moved with a subtle hip swinging motion that looked so sexy. I was totally hooked!

“Excuse me”.

I looked up, startled, my mind returning from its wanderings. It was her, speaking with a husky French accent.


She smiled, pointing at the Frisbee that had landed on my towel. I looked up at her. Her eyes were dark brown. I automatically looked down, taking in her deep cleavage, glad I had sunglasses on. I reached for the Frisbee, and passed it to her, still not speaking, my mouth dry. She smiled a dazzling white smile at me. The bulge in my shorts became even more prominent as I watched her walking back to her brother, throwing me a “thanks” over her shoulder.

This happened three more times over the next half an hour. Each time I got that dazzling white smile, and we exchanged a few words. And each time it became that much harder to hide the bulge in my shorts, as I took in her beauty.

Eventually, they sat down, and I settled back to enjoy the sun. I cast glances in her direction as often as I dare, and felt her looking back at me on more than one occasion. As the afternoon drew to a close, I was aware of her family packing up to go home.

I sat up and watched as her Mother held a large towel around her so that she could change. I saw her look in my direction, holding my gaze, as she dropped first her bikini top on to the ground, and then the bottom. My cock sprung up again as I imagined her naked under that towel, praying for a gust of wind to whip it away.

She emerged from under the towel wearing a tight pale green vest, with thin straps, that left her tanned tummy uncovered. Her white shorts were low on her hips, and flared out like a very short skirt, showing off her long legs to perfection. I could just see the outline of her bra and thong through the tight material of her clothes. She looked so, so beautiful.

She spoke briefly to her parents, and then watched as they walked up the beach with her brother. She walked slowly the other way, past me. As they disappeared, she turned in my direction. I watched her walking towards me, entranced by her swinging hips and sexy young body. She held her sandals and towel in one hand, the towel dragging across the sand. My cock lurched again.

“May I,” she asked, pointing to the sand beside me.

“Be my guest,” I smiled, moving my towel so that it covered the more than obvious bulge in my shorts.

She sat down beside me, hugging her legs, and resting her chin on her knees. As we chatted, I was acutely aware of this gorgeous young lady sitting only inches away from me. She asked where I was staying, where I’d been, all sorts of things. I asked about her – what she did, what she liked. Her name was Marie, and she was at University. I told her mine was Andy. It was if we’d known each other for ages.

She stretched out on her towel, lying on her side facing me. She rested her head on one arm, stretching the other arm down along her side.

“Did you enjoy watching me?” she asked, smiling at me.

I felt my face redden, not knowing how to react to such a direct question. She laughed.

“You English are so uptight! I like to watch you, and I enjoyed you watching me,” canlı bahis she told me, “And I like what it does to you.”

With that, she reached over and tugged at my towel. I tried to grab it, but it was too late. The bulge in my shorts was obvious to both of us.

“See,” she laughed, “You really do like watching me!”

I laughed with her, loving her for being so natural.

“Come on,” she said, “Lets get a drink.”

I stood up, and held out a hand to her. I pulled her up, and she stood very close to me. She leant over the few inches between us and kissed me gently on the lips. I might have imagined it, but I’m sure she ran a fingertip lightly over the front of shorts as our lips met.

Her voice sounded huskier, as she suggested we get our drink at her flat. I pulled my shirt on, and grabbed our stuff, as she led the way off the beach. We walked along the sea front, as she explained that her flat was only a short walk away. Our bodies brushed together gently as we walked. I couldn’t help but notice the looks she got – from both men and women, nor the envious looks I received from the same people. She seemed oblivious to all this, as we chatted and laughed.

The walk to her flat seemed to take no time at all. It was on the first floor of a smart looking block, only a few yards up a side street away from the sea front. She pulled the key from her bag, and let us in.

As we entered, the hallway seemed compact. There was a bathroom off to the right, and I could see a bed in the room in front of us. To the left was a lounge, with a small kitchenette to one side. But all this I was to find out later.

As soon as we had pushed the door closed, she lent back against the wall, and pulled me to her. I held her by her hips, and leant forward to kiss her on the lips. The tip of her tongue licked along my lips, before slipping between them. I did the same to her – softly, gently at first, then harder, more passionately, more urgently, thrusting into her mouth.

We took a breath before she leant towards me again, looking into my eyes. She sucked on my tongue, our mouths pressed tightly together. We pushed our bodies against each other. I felt her hard nipples against me, through our thin clothes. She pressed her pussy against my hard cock, moaning softly as she rubbed against my length. We broke away again, breathing heavily.

“Come,” she whispered, taking my hand and leading me into the bedroom.

I followed her into the bedroom. She let go of my hand, and stopped a few feet in front of me. Still with her back to me, she reached for the bottom of her vest with both hands, and pulled it over her head with one graceful movement. She smiled at me over her shoulder, before pushing her shorts down off her hips. Slowly they slipped down, her hips moving seductively, revealing the top of her sexy ass. She bent over, raising her bum towards me, and with one last flourish removed her shorts. She was wearing a thong, the white material disappearing between her firm cheeks. She wiggled her naked, heart shaped bum at me, before turning back towards me. Her white lacy bra and thong contrasted sharply with her tanned body. She kissed me again, before kneeling on the bed, facing me.

“Your turn,” she told me.

I quickly pulled my shirt over my head.

“More,” she said, “Show me more.”

I pushed my shorts down, along with my pants. My hard cock sprung up, released at last. I turned towards her, and watched her lick her lips. I climbed on the bed, and knelt in front of her.

“You’re gorgeous,” I told her, feasting on her body with my eyes.

“And you’re big,” she laughed, touching me for the first time, stroking my rock hard cock.

We kissed again. Our kisses started slowly, erotically, but quickly became harder, more urgent.

“I want you,” I told her.

“And I want you,” she gasped.

She reached for my cock again, stroking it, wanking it, while looking into my eyes.

“I want your cum. I want it here,” she said touching her breasts, “And here,” she sucked a finger into her mouth, “And here,” she finished, running her hand over the front of her thong.

“And I want to give you my cum,” I whispered to her, “Here.” I ran my hand over her lips. “Here.” Over her breast. “Here.” Over the front of her thong.

“And here,” I finished, as I ran by hand between her legs and up to her bum, feeling her wetness through the thin material.

She nodded, and then gasped as I pulled her to me, kissing her with a passion I hadn’t felt for so long. I ran my hands over her breasts, feeling her hard nipples through the soft material of her flimsy bra. I cupped them in my hands, feeling their firmness, their beauty, before sliding my hands to the clasp that nestled between them. I gently undid the clasp, and slid by hands back over her breasts, taking the bra with me. As my hands moved over her silky soft flesh, her breasts were slowly revealed to me in all their glory. They were tanned almost as deeply as the rest of her. They were firm bahis siteleri and taught in my hands. Her nipples were almost conical, perched at the end of her slightly up tilted breasts. They were dark, and very erect.

I rubbed each nipple gently with my thumbs, feeling them pucker and tighten under my touch. She moaned softly, and then louder as I took each nipple and rolled it softly between my thumb and finger. I dipped my head, and took her left nipple into my mouth, kissing it softly, rubbing it gently with my tongue. I sucked harder, taking more of her into my mouth, and gradually eased her down so that we were both lying on the bed. I reached for her other breast, caressing it. She held my head in both hands, pressing it tighter to her, urging me to suck harder on her nipple. She pushed my head across to her other breast, begging for the same treatment. I kissed and licked between her breasts, all around her breasts, moving from one engorged nipple to the other, sucking them softly and then harder, teasing her, pleasuring her.

I ran my hand over her slim midriff, pausing to tickle her belly button. I slipped my hand into her thong, gasping as I felt her total smoothness. I ran a finger lightly down her pussy, feeling her wetness. She opened her legs wider, moaning at the attention she was getting, the attention she was wanting, demanding. I rubbed her clit softly, then harder, in a circular motion. Her whole body was writhing beneath me, my hand on her pussy, my mouth on her breasts.

She cried out as her orgasm hit her. Her body froze momentarily, then her back arched, and she cried out again. I moved to kiss her hard on the mouth, our tongues intertwined. I slid a finger deep into her pussy, fucking her, feeling her hot wetness, taking her over the edge again.

She pulled me tight to her, laughing at her release. We rolled over, so that she was spread eagled on top of me. We kissed, and laughed some more.

“Now it’s your turn,” she warned me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth again.

We kissed some more, before she slowly started to slide down my body. She kissed around my neck, and under by chin, and onto my chest – soft, delicate kisses that sent a tingle through me. She moved further down, all the time keeping her breasts and hard nipples firmly against me. She licked my nipples, then bit them hard, and then kissed and sucked them better as I cried out.

She moved down to my stomach, kissing me as she went. My cock slid between her breasts as she got lower. She dipped her head, and gently licked the tip of my cock. Her tongue poked at the eye, flicking away my pre-cum.

She slid lower still, taking the head of my cock, and then much of my length, into her warm mouth. She sucked on me, and licked me, and then teasingly started to slide back up my body. She rolled across and lay at my side, reaching for my cock. She held me in her hand, gently stroking me up and down. We kissed deeply, passionately. Her strokes became firmer, faster. My breathing became harsher, as I thrust against her hand movements. She moved, and knelt over me, her hands never stopping. With a cry I came, my cum shooting out in an arc, landing on her breasts.

She squeezed my cock between her breasts, into a sexy valley made wet and slippery by my cum. She pumped me harder, ensuring that she took all I had to offer. Finally, she leaned over and sucked on me, drawing out the last drops of cum.

She lay back down beside me, my cum dribbling between her breasts. I leant over and licked her breasts, tasting my cum on them. I drew some cum onto my tongue, and then kissed her again, sharing the taste. She reached for my cock. I was still half hard. She seemed determined to improve on that. I reached for her – cupping her breasts in my hands, and then teasing her erect nipples.

I slid my hand back down her body, while taking her nipples into my mouth, sucking on them, licking them, biting them. I reached down and teased her clit, rubbing it through her silky thong. I slid a hand inside, and slipped first one, and then two, fingers inside her. She pushed her hips up to meet my fingers, urging me to do it harder. I thrust my fingers into her, sucking on her nipple at the same time. Our movements became more urgent as yet another orgasm shot through her. She arched her body, and pulled me tight to her, her pussy squeezing on my fingers, her hand gripping my already hard cock.

As she sank back down to the bed with a luxurious sigh, I kissed her mouth and sucked on her lower lip, before moving down the bed, to kneel at the end between her outstretched legs. I looked at her, taking in her beautiful sexiness as she stretched out before me, her body glistening slightly, her breasts still slightly flushed from her most recent orgasm. She flashed a gorgeous smile at me. I knew I just wanted more and more of her.

I held her look, our eyes locked together, as I ran my hands under her firm bum. I pulled her thong down, over her hips, her thighs, and off. For the first time she lay naked bahis şirketleri before me. I looked down at her pussy, nestling between her legs. She pulled her legs up, and put her feet on my shoulders, exposing herself to me. Her pussy was totally naked of hair, totally smooth. It stood out as a white triangle surrounded by suntanned flesh. The wet entrance to her body split her slightly plump mound. Her clit stood out proudly, red and engorged from our lovemaking, standing out against the white flesh surrounding it. Her pussy lips were small; almost shy in the way they seemed to stay hidden. She pulled her knees higher, exposing more. I looked down past her pussy, to the tight little entrance to her bum, knowing that soon that would be mine to take as well.

I knelt lower and ran my tongue along her pussy, savouring the taste of her juices. I flicked my tongue over her clit, before licking softly downwards, back over her pussy to her bum. I rimmed her gently, loving the feel of her wriggling against me, loving the sighs and moans I was hearing. I pushed the end of my tongue into her, before sliding back up to give her pussy the same treatment. I sucked on her lips, on her clit, before fucking her hot, wet pussy with my tongue.

She cried out urgently.

“Fuck me.”

I knelt back up and held her hips, pulling her towards me. My cock was rigid, longer and harder than I think I’d ever been before, the head red and hot with lust. I let my cock run over her pussy, the length of me sliding along her slit, before letting the head slip inside her. Her pussy was tight, holding my cock head hard. I could feel the blood pulsing through her. She pushed her hips higher, urging more of me into her. I pushed against her, letting her pull all of my hard eight inches into her tight, wet body. Her pussy throbbed against me as I rested my cock deep inside her. I pulled out slowly, until just the head of my cock was inside her. I slipped back into her, then out, gradually speeding up my movements, our movements, as she pushed back against me.

Our teasing changed to lust, as our actions became more urgent, more demanding, and more wanton. I fucked her harder, holding by the hips, my cock driving deeper and deeper into her pussy with each thrust. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, threatening to erupt out of my cock. As I cried out, she shouted out urgently.

“I’m cumming … fuck me harder, cum for me.”

I slammed into her one more time, my balls tightened, and I flooded her with cum. I carried on pumping into her as my cum gushed out of my cock, jet after jet pouring into her. Floods of almost painful pleasure rushed through my body. She cried out as her orgasm hit her. I pulled her to me, driving my cock deep inside her one last time. I held her tight, feeling the exquisite throbbing of her pussy against my softening cock. With a sigh of pure pleasure I collapsed on top of her, taking her in my arms, kissing her. We rolled onto our sides, and lay there holding each other, the length of our bodies touching, my cock still inside her.

I awoke with a start, wondering for a moment where I was. I was snuggled up behind her, my cock resting between her tight buttocks. I grinned to myself as I recalled the last few hours. A glance at the clock told me it was 11pm – we’d been dozing for a couple of hours.

She stirred, wriggling her bum back against me. My cock reacted immediately. I reached round and cupped her breast in my hand, rubbing her nipple with my thumb. Her nipple reacted as my cock had. She rolled over, and smiled up at me. I reached for her, running my hand instinctively over her body. She looked amazingly innocent in her sleepy state, her gorgeous body lit only by the moonlight streaming through the window.

“Hi sexy,” I greeted her.

She smiled again.

“Sex makes me hungry. What about you?” she asked.

Suddenly I felt starving. She climbed off the bed and went to the window. She stood naked in the moonlight, before drawing the curtains. I stood up, and held her against me. Despite our hunger we decided that a shower would feel good – both our bodies were covered in dried cum and pussy juice. I followed her into the bathroom. The bath looked so inviting, so I ran some water while she went and grabbed a bottle of wine. We both sank into the bath, with her lying back against me so that I cup and caress her breasts. We drank our wine, and chatted.

She told me that she had only made love to a few other people, the last over nine months ago. She went on to say that as soon as she had seen me on the beach she knew she wanted me, that her pussy had moistened almost straightaway, and that the more she felt me looking at her the wetter she had got. That was why she had stopped playing on the beach, and had got changed. I told her of the effect she had had on me, of my attempts to hide my bulging shorts, and how I’d wanted her the moment I saw her.

As the water cooled we washed each other bodies, paying lots more attention to some parts than others. It was amazingly sexy running my soapy hands over her wet, slippery body. Then we climbed out, and dried each other with huge white towels. She led me naked to the kitchen. She passed me an apron before slipping one on herself.

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