My Girl and Her Mom

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I was introduced to incest a little differently than most people. My first “incest is best” experience was actually not incest for me but for my girlfriend at the time. Her name was Kate and she was sexy as could be. She wasn’t beautiful or elegant or anything like that, but she just had a look that was dead sexy. Kate was 5’8″ with fire red hair that hung down to the middle of her back and bright green eyes that sparkled like none I have seen before or since. The only thing that kept Kate from being beautiful was her lack of curves. She was very skinny and did not have much in the way of breasts or ass but she still looked good. When I first saw Kate I knew she was going to be fun. She just had the look of a girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it and give as good as she got. I didn’t know at the time but I was in for more fun than I could imagine, and believe me that is one hell of a lot of fun. At first we did the regular stuff two people when they first meet, we would grope each other up in the movies, maybe a little oral in the car, you get the picture.

About two weeks into our relationship we finally had actual intercourse and it was great, a little too great to be truthful. I know, how could it be too great? Well I guess I was the first person to make her cum during intercourse and she loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. Still don’t see the problem right? Well her wanting it all the time led to us doing it in some risky places, places where we ran a serious risk of getting caught. And get caught we did, by the absolute last person I would have wanted to catch me, Kate’s mom. We were in Kate’s room after school and I had her 18 year old ass bent over her vanity with her faced pressed into the mirror pumping her pussy hard and deep as I held on to a fist full of her bright red hair. She was wailing for me to fuck her harder and faster and some other things I could not quite understand and we were both well on our way to orgasms of cosmic proportions when something else entirely moved the heavens, the sound of Kate’s door being slammed open.

I turned my head so fast I should have broken my neck and there in the doorway stood Kate’s mom wearing a most unusual expression. Kate’s mom, who’s name was Ann, was pretty hot also. Her hair was a light blonde with a hint of red and shoulder length. Her breasts were bigger than Kate’s and she also had more hips and ass than Kate. She was basically an older curvier version of Kate. That older version of my girlfriend yabancı escort now stood there staring at me as I was in the middle of her daughter’s love center. A million excuses ran through my mind and all of them died unused on my tongue. How do you explain this, what excuses can you give you give to a mother for having your rod buried hilt deep in her daughter’s baby maker? Well as it turned out no excuse was necessary as this was part of the plan all along. Kate looked at her mother and yelled “you couldn’t have waited five more minutes so I could cum!?”

Her mother replied “How exactly am I stopping you? I did not say a thing you two just keep right on going, I’m just going to sit down over here and watch for a few minutes.” I was in shock, first of all that Ann wasn’t cursing me and beating in my brains with any one of the many available heavy objects lying around the room and secondly that she just gave us the green light to keep on going.

I was snapped out of my silent wonderings by the sensation of ass bone being rammed into my hips, Kate’s signal that she was ready to renew our screwing. “Fuck me Allen, come on make me cum.”

At this point Ann pulled up her dress and slid her panties off, as she tossed them on the floor she said “you heard her Allen, fuck her good, give me a show.” With that she sat on the end of Kate’s bed, spread her legs and began to work on her own orgasm. I was still in shock but the sensation of Kate moving her warm tight twat on my dick quickly brought me around and I returned my attention to fucking her good. It was not long before she was screaming that she was coming and that was when this experience really got going. I felt Kate’s snatch tighten around my cock and then I felt a tongue on my balls and a hand on my ass. Ann had moved over from the bed and had buried her face between Kate and I and she was licking Kate’s juices off my balls and off of Kate’s snatch. Now I was in shock, I had never fucked a girl in front of someone else before, let alone had sex with two women and the fact that these two women were mother and daughter was really messing with my head. However; between the huge orgasm that Kate was having and the tongue that Anne was running along my balls and shaft I quickly lost control and started to cum inside of Kate. After I was done Cumming I leaned back and Ann pushed me out of the way and buried her face in Kate’s twat and started licking up the combination of our yeni escort juices. She was not waiting for it to run out on its own either. She jammed her tongue deep into Kate’s red furry mound and slurped up our juices with loud noises of pleasure.

Kate moaned and came again as her mother lapped the juices from her pussy. She stood the rest of the way up, turned around and removed the dress from her mother’s shoulders, leaving Ann completely naked, and then she began to kiss her mother deeply on the mouth. It took me a second but I realized that Ann was sharing her plundered prize with her daughter as they kissed. This was something out of my wildest fantasies and it was happening right in front of me. The two of them kissed for what seemed like forever and they both seemed to be completely oblivious to my being in the room the whole time they were tonguing each others mouths.

Finally they both came back to reality and looked over at me standing there drooling at the sight before me. Seeing as how I had blown a load five minutes previously, my cock was limp and I was unprepared for action. Ann made note of this by saying “look Katie, your boyfriend isn’t ready for me yet, I guess you’ll have to keep me warm until he gets that way.”

Kate smiled seductively and led her mother to the bed and put Ann in the top position of a 69 with Ann’s ass facing towards me. I had a birds-eye view of my sexy girlfriend licking her mother’s golden furred twat. As Kate ran her tongue back and forth over her mother’s clit and rubbed a finger over her asshole, Ann’s cries of pleasure built along with the blood pressure in my cock. In a matter of two minutes my soldier was ready for battle. I stepped up to the edge of the bed, placed my knees to the inside of Ann’s, leaving Kate’s head directly below my ball sack and I slipped my cock into Ann. Her pussy was warm and wet and soft as silk. I never told Kate this but her mom’s pussy was tons better than hers. Not only was it warm, wet and silky, but it was also tight and Ann knew to contract and loosen the muscles at the right time to drive me crazy. As soon as I slipped into Ann she screamed for me to fuck her hard and I complied by driving my cock into her with brutal force. Kate concentrated her tongue on her mother’s clit, but would occasionally lick on my balls when I would stop slamming her mother’s twat long her for her to do so. Then suddenly Ann told me to stop, climbed off her daughter and rolled Kate yenibosna escort over. As she did this Kate got up on her hands and knees and started sucking on my dick as her mother buried her face in Kate’s ass. She licked Kate’s wrinkled anus and slowly put two fingers in her ass while her other hand rubbed Kate’s pussy.

After a couple minutes of this Ann looked at me and said “come down here and fuck my daughter in the ass.” Well I surely did not need to be told twice, and I walked my ass down to the end of the bed and Ann took my cock into her mouth and moaned as she licked her own juices off of my prick. Getting it nice and slobbery she guided my prick to her daughter’s asshole and I slowly pushed it in. Slowly at first and only a couple of inches at a time but soon I was plowing in and out of her asshole with reckless abandon. Kate absolutely loved having her ass fucked and her mother was adding to her pleasure by rubbing her clit and smacking her ass cheeks while I fucked her. Kate had two orgasms during our ass fucking and after the second Ann pulled my cock out of her daughters ass and took it into her mouth, deep-throating the cock that been plowing her daughter’s asshole only seconds before. She looked up at me and said that it was her turn and with that she put her fingers in her mouth and then rubbed them on her asshole and turned around offering her ass to me. In the meantime Kate had gotten up and went to her dresser drawers and she brought out a medium sized vibrator and she began to diddle herself with it.

I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my dick and then slid my dick up and down Ann’s ass crack to lubricate her enough to get my dick in there. I slowly started to insert my dick in her asshole when she thrust herself against me and buried my dick in her ass. It was wonderful, not as tight as Kate’s ass but the fact that Ann was thrusting back to meet my cock made it great. After only a couple of minutes I was nearing my orgasm and so was Ann. I pulled my cock out of her asshole and she turned around and took it into her mouth. She sucked it all the way down to the base and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I started to dump my load down her throat and she pulled away and let the rest of it shoot on her face and chest as Kate came over and started to lick it off her mother’s body.

I fell back on the bed spent. I was completely drained and still not entirely convinced that this was not a wet dream. Kate and Ann continued to kiss and share my semen while they fondled each other’s pussies. After a few minutes of this Kate looked at her mom and said “see, I told you he was good.”

Ann replied “Yes dear you were right. Maybe tomorrow you should introduce him to your sister Jenny.”

But that is another story entirely…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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