My Holiday in May Ch. 04

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Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry didn’t seem to notice that May’s attitude towards me had changed while they were out at sea. Then again, perhaps they were much too excited to notice — if the previous catch they’d hauled in was large, today’s catch was gigantic by comparison. It was a good thing I’d gone out with May to greet them because there was no way she would have managed to carry the catch back to the farm on her own. Even Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry had difficulty hoisting the bucket over the side of the boat, and May and I staggered our way back to the farmhouse with it.

We took the opportunity to hold hands while we were struggling with the heavy bucket of fish, and on the way back, I remarked, “I wonder if there are any octopi in here!”, drawing a peal of laughter from May. “You hope, cuz!” she grinned in reply. “Anyway, there’s only one thing I want down there now, and it doesn’t have eight legs… just a long, thick one.” I laughed out loud at her brazenness, and simply said, “Actually, what I’d really want is to hold you when I go to sleep tonight.”

May almost dropped the bucket when I said that, and I thought I saw her eyes tear. She didn’t say anything else, she just pouted and blew me a kiss. We did kiss when we were in the yard and safely out of sight of her parents, but we didn’t linger too long because we had to bring the empty bucket out to the boat once more.

When everything had been safely brought to the house, both May and I were wet and exhausted. We headed off in different directions to change and wash up, or at least, that was what it appeared to her parents. We met at our ‘bathing spot’ and changed and washed each other up, taking some time to kiss and cuddle a little before heading back.

Aunt Lucy mentioned that we seemed to be in high spirits during dinner, but the conversation was mostly about the day’s massive harvest and she didn’t press further. Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry were so excited about it that they wanted to set off for the market first thing in the morning. May and I looked at each other, but we didn’t dare show our joy at the news… we simply nodded and agreed that it was a good idea to go to the market as early as possible.

That evening, I had a nice, long talk with Uncle Larry before we went to sleep. I remember going to sleep thinking how I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come along, and my dreams were filled with scenarios involving May — I’m pretty sure I smiled all night long.

The most vivid dream I had was where May suddenly climbed into bed next to me, while her father slept just a few feet away. She was stark naked and although she covered herself with the blanket I was under, I could feel her bare skin pressing up against me. I felt her hands fumbling with my shorts and removing them, setting my erection free, then I felt her cup my balls and stroke my cock most lovingly.

I was both worried and excited. I knew what would happen next – she would put it into her and we would fuck until she screamed the house down. Then Uncle Larry would wake up and…

I cracked open an eye and saw that at least part of that dream had come true. May’s hair was up against my nose, her face buried in my chest under the blanket. She had managed to remove my shorts and was struggling to remove my shirt. Under the blanket, I could feel her nakedness. Fortunately, Uncle Larry wasn’t in the room. I heaved a small sigh of relief. May was determined, and she wasn’t stupid. Uncle Larry and Aunt Lucy must have already left for the market.

I shifted my upper body and let her remove my shirt. She realised that I was awake, and turned her face upwards to kiss me. “Good morning, Charlie,” she grinned as her fingers continued to stroke my erection. It was practically impossible for me to be around May and not be in some state of arousal by now. “I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfil your wish last night… but I thought you might appreciate finding me naked in your bed in the morning!”

“Mmmm… you thought right!” I smiled back at her as my shirt was finally removed and I pulled her back close to me. Her skin was soft and warm, her nipples hard little points that pressed against my chest. “Thank you. This is just as good as it felt like in my dreams.”

She blushed, her cheeks hot as she snuggled up against me, rubbing her face into the hollow of my neck. She had given up on holding on to my cock… instead, she had put it into the space at the top of her thighs and pressed herself down on it. I could feel her labia spreading around the top half of my prick, the little pink valley in between already wet.

She sighed as she rubbed herself slowly against the stem, and I could feel her liquid flesh moving sensuously. “Looks like somebody got a headstart,” I said as I brushed my fingers down the length of her spine, to the top of her buttocks. I played with her fleshy backside, my fingers straying down into the deep groove between her ass cheeks.

“That reminds me, cuz,” she cooed as she arched her back, pushing canlı bahis my fingers lower down and deeper into her ass cleft. “So what were you going to do about my painful ass? Hmmm?”

“Oh ok. Just hope you don’t regret saying that,” I countered as I drew one finger further down, scraping at her asshole and feeling her flinch. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that, cuz,” she replied. “I haven’t done anything with you that I’ve regretted. Yet.”

“Ok, that’s it,” I said, throwing blanket off our naked bodies. She squealed with laughter and quickly obeyed as I instructed her: “Turn around. That’s it, lie on your front and spread your legs wide!”

I was confronted with a most beautiful sight: May’s firm, round buttocks and pussy lips formed a continuous cleft that opened up with her thighs, revealing a tiny pink anus separated from the pink valley of her sex by a small shelf of flesh. As I looked at it, her asshole twitched, drawing inwards and then reverting back to its more relaxed state. Her pussy was wet. It was so wet I could see the liquid sliding down her cleft to her already erect clitoris. It was a picture of perfection.

I reached out to touch her buttocks and her asshole twitched once more. “What’s the matter, cousin? Getting nervous now?” I teased as I drew my finger towards her nether hole. “No, Charlie, just getting impatient,” she retorted, pushing her hips upwards so that my finger slipped into her rear orifice. “Ooooh. That… is really… um… I’m tingling…”

I didn’t reply, I simply lowered my mouth to the offered opening. She smelt fresh, so I knew she had taken the trouble to wash herself thoroughly before jumping into the bed with me. When my tongue probed at her anal opening, she squealed. “OH! Oh, Charlie! Oh… that… that’s nasty!” I paid her no heed, my hands now pulling apart her buttocks as I pushed my tongue deeper. “Ooooooooo… Oh Charlie! That tickles! Oh! Oh!” she moaned as I pushed inwards.

It tasted of her and nothing else. No shit, just May’s musk. Fuck, it was damned intoxicating. I pressed my face up against her butthole, thrusting my tongue in as far as it would go. “Oh stop, Charlie! I… I can’t stand it! It’s tingling, it… it’s… Oh!” she groaned as I rattled my tongue about, pressing against the clinging rectal walls. I didn’t stop until I felt a small gush of fluid against my chin. Apparently, May liked it in her ass too. Hmmm. This would take some exploring.

When I lifted my head from her asshole, her ass followed me, as if she didn’t want me to break the contact. Then, she turned around, a cheeky look in her beautiful brown eyes as she looked up at me past her shoulders. “Is that all you’re gonna do, cuz?”

“Hell, no, that was just for starters,” I said as I plunged my erection right into her open pussy, making her gasp. “Oooooh. That feels so… good. It’s bigger than I remembered it,” she moaned, closing her eyes and putting her head back down onto the bed. I pumped my cock into her a few more times, making her quiver and moan a bit more, then I drew it all the way out, eliciting a mewl of disappointment.

“What… what do you think..?” she gasped, then she moaned as she felt my cockhead butt against her asshole. It twitched once more. “Oh. That… I don’t know if I can…” she began as I pressed forward gently, my cock dimpling her backside but not sliding in. She contradicted herself by pushing herself backwards, groaning as her anus opened up and swallowed the thickest part of my cock into her. “Ooooogggg! That… that’s so big and hard, cuz!”

“Well, if you don’t like it I’ll stop, May,” I teased her, pulling slightly at my cock. The head was already inside her anal ring, and the movement only made her anus bulge outwards. “Oh no, no, no… no, don’t do that, Charlie,” she moaned. “It… hurts, but it feels good too. Like… the first time… I have to… try it.”

“I just don’t wanna hurt you, May,” I said, pulling my cock out a bit more. Her asshole pulled out into a pout, the pink ring opening and showing just the edge of my cockhead. “Charlie, you’d better put that back,” she barked. “Oooooh. Yeah, just like that.” I complied, sinking half my cock into her rectum. “Are you sure, May?” I teased her some more. “I mean, you did say it hurt.”

“Cuz, if you dare pull it out now, I swear,” she growled, turning to look me in the eye to emphasise her point. “I’m not gonna speak to you again.” I smiled at her. “Alright, my dear May,” I said, gently sawing my cock in her stretched behind. I don’t think I moved more than half an inch either way – I really didn’t want to cause her any pain or injury after all — I was just letting her rectal sheath get used to being penetrated.

May’s vaginal fluids were doing a good job of lubricating her asshole, so much so I didn’t feel like it was too tight. But it certainly felt different back there… her asshole was a taut ring on my cock, and her rectum was more clingy. As I carefully probed deeper into her backside, I could feel bahis siteleri her flesh resist before giving way to my prick. I had no idea of whether or not it still hurt, so I was careful not to push too hard. On her part, May did not complain. Nor did she coo or moan like she did when I was fucking her vaginally, so when I’d sunk my cock as deep as it would go into her ass, I’d made up my mind to vacate her ass and just carry on in her pussy – I knew that May was really too much of a trooper to let me know she was in pain.

But as I pulled out my cock and her anus snapped shut after it, she turned around and looked at me once more. “Cuz, are you really so tired of me that you don’t want me to talk to you anymore?” “No, of course not, May,” I said, keeping the tip of my cock in contact with her anus. “Then what the hell do you think you’re doing?” she retorted. “I’m… um, I wasn’t sure I wasn’t hurting you…”

“Fuck, I told you it hurt a bit,” she growled, flipping onto her back. She left her legs cocked high on either side of me, leaving her nether orifices still open, however, so I knew she wasn’t that angry. “It takes getting used to. Everything takes getting used to. I was just beginning to enjoy it too, until you took it out. Idiot.”

“Actually, May,” I said, suddenly thinking of a good way of explaining myself. “I took it out cos I was looking at your back… and while it’s a beautiful back, I missed looking at your face and in your eyes. That’s what I love the most, looking into your eyes while I’m fucking you.”

“Come here, silly,” she said, her eyes softening. “Come to May now.” I paused, letting her raise her hips. I knew what she intended to do, so I reached out and put a pillow under her hips. Then I put my cock at the entrance of her ass again, and slowly pushed forward, drawing a long, low moan from her. “Ooooooooooooooooooooh, yes, Charlie,” she moaned as her asshole opened up to my prick once more. “That… really hits the spot!”

I was less gentle than before, but she didn’t seem to mind in the least. When my cock finally sank balls deep into her backside, she hooked her legs on my shoulders, hoisting her hips up higher. I felt the flesh around my cock relax and found the space to drive it in a bit more. “Oh! Charlie! Oh… that… feels so good,” she purred into my ear as I sank down onto her. “I like having you inside me. In here as well as in my pussy.”

Then she licked my ear and set me off. I began with a slow shallow pumping and increased depth and tempo only upon her urging. May seemed to really enjoy having me in her ass, and after a while, she was screaming at me, spurring me on: “Come on, cuz! You can do better! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Harder! Harder!”

Honestly, how long can a guy go on when the girl whose ass he’s fucking is going on like that? I tried to hold back because I didn’t think she had come yet, but I simply couldn’t – the tightness of her ass and her loud screaming undid me and I rammed my cock as deep as it would go into her before spurting my come into her backside. She came almost immediately after me – I felt her vaginal spasms through the walls of her rectum and her fluids splashing against my lower belly and collapsed onto her.

May’s ass was just as incredible as her vagina, and I told her so in so many words, after I’d finished panting and gasping from my exertions. She was still panting and groaning, so it took her a while more before she told me that she came the moment she felt my semen splashing in her belly. “The idea that your stuff was inside me, that my… holes had been filled with my cousin Charlie’s seed… and the feeling of how hot it was inside me… was enough,” she explained.

“So which one do you prefer, May?” I asked, not really expecting an answer. “You like it in your pussy or your ass? Or do you prefer me to be licking you down there?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then declared that she liked “all of them”. Each was “different”, she said, in a way she could not explain. “I just like… the idea of you inside me, Charlie,” she confessed as I pulled my semi-flaccid cock out of her anus, the suction causing a large dollop of semen to slide out from the plundered orifice. “I want you inside me all the time.”

“I like being inside you, May,” I said as I reached for the box of tissues to clean up May’s asshole and the bed. “But mostly, I like making you scream like that.”

“I just wish…” she began, then she turned her head to one side so I couldn’t see her eyes. But I knew she was tearing up, so I dropped the tissues, lay down beside her and pulled her into my arms once more.

“May, don’t be sad,” I began. “Things have a way…” “I’m sorry, Charlie,” she cut me off, sniffling as she rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand. “I guess I’m just being…” “No need to be sorry, May,” I interjected. “As I was saying, things have a way of working out.” She suddenly sat up and pushed me away. “There’s no need to try to placate me with false hope, bahis şirketleri Charlie,” she said abruptly. “In fact, I’d really rather you didn’t.”

I sat up and tried to gather her in my arms again but she moved away quickly. “We’ve got chores to do, cuz,” she said, striding out of the bedroom and not looking at me. I knew her enough to know that she was more upset than angry, because the next thing I saw, she was walking out into the yard, still stark naked, our clothes hanging on her arm.

“Damn, girl, what do I have to do to get to talk to you?” I muttered to myself. But she was right. There were chores to be done. So I went out the door just as naked as she was, fed the animals quick as I could, then I set off looking for her. I didn’t know where she normally went to wash the clothes, but I had a pretty good idea — I made my way to the river where she had found me swimming naked so long ago.

I was right too — she was there, crouched on the same rock I’d been on so many years ago. Her back was towards me, so she couldn’t see me coming, and it also afforded me another beautiful view of her ass cleft. It was a deep groove that opened slightly each time she bent down to dunk the clothes into the water, slightly exposing the smaller valley of her sex below, and the tiny rosebud which I’d only just plundered.

As I approached, I realized two things: firstly, that a dribble of whitish come had leaked out of her anus and was drooling its way down the side of her labia with each movement she made; and secondly, that she remained unaware of my approach even though I was practically on top of her.

I thought it was a great opportunity for me to get her attention so I made my way forward and pounced at the exact moment she bent over, her ass spreading. No, I wasn’t aiming for her asshole again… that would have been too ambitious given how tight she had been… I was aiming for her still wet pussy, whose lips still gleamed wetly at me.

I hit it right on target too… my hands descended on her hips the moment I felt my cockhead slip past her labia. Her reaction surprised me, though. “What the… fuck, stop that!” she yelled, twisting about as my cock sank halfway into her. I dropped down onto her back, my mouth next to her ear: “Hey… hey, May, it’s me. It’s Charlie! Relax, May!” I tried to soothe her, afraid that her wild gyrations would snap my cock right off. Her vagina was tightening around my prick like a vise.

As suddenly as she had started protesting, May stopped at the sound of my voice. “Oh… oh, it’s you, Charlie,” she said as she stopped trying to push me off. “You… you’re an idiot, you know that? I thought…”

“Who did you think I was?” I asked, surprised at her response. Surely, if she was so used to being naked around the farm, she couldn’t have expected there to be anyone else?

May’s reply was to sigh and arch her back, allowing me to slide the rest of the way in. “Ooooh, Charlie,” she cooed as I reached the end of her sheath. “It feels bigger today. You’re… stretching me out inside. Oooooh!”

Yes it did feel different plugging her from the back. Maybe it was the angle of her hips or it was the way her ass felt against my pelvis… whatever it was, it felt damned good. It was so good I couldn’t think of anything else but fucking her tight little pussy right there on the rock. I pulled back and steadied myself to ram it all the way in again, but she stopped me.

“Wait… wait a while,cuz,” she said. Then, with my cockhead still embedded in her pussy, she curled her right leg up to her chest and swung around to face me without letting my cock slip out. The sensation of her slippery wet vagina sliding around my cock was enough to make me come, had I not been so surprised by the move.

“There, much better,” she smiled at me. “Now I can look at you while you fuck me.” I saw that her eyes were a little puffy from crying and felt a little bad. “Listen May, I…” “Shhh!” she cut me off. “Just fuck me. And make it good.”

I badly wanted to tell her, but when a beautiful, naked girl is looking up at you asking to be fucked, you fuck her good. Especially if your cock is already inside that heavenly pussy of hers. I don’t think I even stopped for a moment when she said that, I just began pumping into her with all my might, plowing her willing cunt with my throbbing tool. I honestly don’t know how I had the strength to fuck again so soon after our morning fuck — it might have been all that seafood I’d been eating — but I seemed to be getting stronger, or at least, my cock seemed to be getting harder. May confirmed this by squealing about how big it was every time I slammed it hard into her.

We came at the same time. I knew she was about to come because she suddenly arched her back, presenting her breasts to me. I sucked on her right tit, feeling the familiar sensation of semen rushing up from my balls and into the stem of my prick. May wailed as her orgasm hit, her body spasming in time with the convulsions of her womb and pelvis. I howled as I felt her pussy grip my cock so tightly I couldn’t do anything but leave it in there, flush against her cervix while I pumped out gallons of my sperm into her welcoming cunt.

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