My Party at Home Ch. 02

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Part Two – My Beautiful

There’s a difference between events in the real world and those of fiction. Simply put, those in fiction can lead on to events without consequence and be dismissed at the turn of a page, but real life is not quite like that.

Following my one drunken evening’s series of events, the mobile phone ‘pee video’, my sexual adultery with my young office friend’s boyfriend, and worse, my son witnessing and sharing a masterbation session with me in which I blurted out some very stupid thoughts in the heat of the moment, my life had suddenly become very awkward.

From the following morning I immediately began to regret my sordid escapade.

From a lusty, perverse, alcohol fueled pleasure seeker to a guilt ridden, anxious mother in one sledgehammer like blow, reality check moment.

What had I done and how could I face up to this?

This following day I did not see my son at all, it was as if he was avoiding me for the same reason as I was hoping he would, ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’. I found it difficult to face my husband an daughter without the fear of my knowing what I had done, broadcasting some kind of embarrassing message directly to them. I imagined they somehow knew of my sinful activities.

I afforded little conversation throughout the weekend and managed to avoid social interaction with my family. Without going into too much detail, when eventually I did converse with my son, it was somewhat strained and we would not look each other in the eye as we exchanged basic niceties.

As the week progressed, even my return to work created increased anxiety. Did Jasmine allow any of my office colleagues to view her phone video? Did she know of her boyfriend’s brief sexual encounter with me? What if I bumped into him?

Around me, there was a strange calm, it felt like I was underwater whilst normal activity carried on regardless. I was not fully experiencing the reality in which I lived. I had withdrawn and become slightly depressed.

My friend Carla eventually noticed this and after a while she tried to coax me into explaining what was wrong. She still talked of her sexy encounters and how she was ‘pleasuring’ everything she could lay her hands on. This kind of talk only made me all the more ashamed. We eventually communicated less, she was not wanting her mood to be brought down by me as happens when a depressing person is around.

I was hoping these clouds would pass. I found it increasingly difficult to look at my son, and as for my husband, he had as good as given up on sex with me.

Strangely, nothing had come of the pee video, nor did Carla, Jasmine or her boyfriend after only a few days mention the Party evening again in my company.

But my son and I had truly damaged our relationship and I seen a lot less of him. I still loved him very much and considered him the beautiful son that I would protect and do anything for in the way that all mothers would for their offspring.

I was resigning myself to the fact that this is the reality of a moments lustful stupidity.

At around the three month period I was still feeling down, my sexual abstinence coupled with it’s forced deprivation was creating a turmoil in my mind. I started to have dreams of an erotic nature.

They started as shadowy events in the night. Each evening after my husband fell asleep I would lay for hours gazing into the dark and still thinking about what I had done, eventually falling to sleep.

In this sleep I would feel to be drifting in and out of consciousness. Then from the shadows in the corner of the room, a young naked man would walk toward the bed. I was unable to move or make a sound, my husband would be in a deep sleep beside me. This young man would be sporting a beautiful large erection, carved like a muscular work of art. The engorged head would sway back and forth as he slowly approached as he became ever more close, the angry plum on the end of his shaft seamed slightly menacing. The dim light in the room would only highlight his muscular torso, his face being hidden in the shadows. Just as I would open my mouth as if to speak or scream, the cock would explode lashings of thick white spunk over my face and into my mouth. The young man would lean in as if to kiss my cum drenched face . . .

. . . It was at this point I always awoke.

Never did I see who the handsome teen man was in my dream but he became ever more frequent. It became like the pre-guilt fantasy I had, involving the men from the office, when they would be wanking all around me. Only now my fantasy wanker was one very handsome, mysterious teenager.

The daytime may have been bringing guilty depression, but now, the night was bringing feverish fantasy.

The intensity of my dreams increased and it did not matter what time of the month it was. In these dreams, on some occasions he would approach and wipe my mouth or slap my face with his cock or force his swollen helmet between my teeth before blasting me with kağıthane escort his jism. On other occasions, he would draw the bedcovers back and direct his spurts onto my pussy.

Some evenings my dream hunk would signal for me to part my legs and ejaculate onto my swollen petals and as he leaned to kiss my sperm covered heaven, I would awake, soaking in sweat and with my flower totally sodden with my own love juice. I would have to delicately but urgently bring myself off, careful not to awake hubby.

The burning lusty dreams went so far, that it was not uncommon that my stranger would appear from the shadows on my husbands side of the bed, carefully approach, then again draw the bedcover back gently, he would then slickly caress his swollen prick and shoot his load on my husbands stomach and flaccid prick. My husband would grown slightly blissfully, unawares that his soft little sausage was awash with white and sticky teen man-cream. As I observed these bizarre events, I would shudder, groan and orgasm in my sleep wishing to sup on the salty cream coated soft cock.

I didn’t need to kid myself . . .

. . . The fantasy figure I was encouraging and willing to enter into my dreams was a representation of my son, Donny. I had shared a real orgasm with my son only a couple of months earlier and my mental state and craving body was screaming out to experience more. Much though I denied it in my waking hours, I wanted my legs wrapped around his tight buttocks and his beautiful youthful penis thrusting into me in the night. I wanted to feel my son in my body after near twenty years. Only this time bringing a different pleasure, the pleasure that had created him in the first place.

I had a problem. I had to get my son out of my mind and return to a normal and healthy loving relationship with my husband.

To extinguish the fire of this taboo perversity I had to re-ignite the passion my husband and I once shared. This I was going to do before I was tipped over the edge and packed off to the funny farm.

There was little reason for my husband to have lost interest in me. I had successfully retained my figure, keeping my legs trim and boobies pert for my age. My looks were still fresh, friends had often commented on how young my skin looked, my face had not aged with the worry lines and scrawny wrinkles like some women I knew. If teenage boys found me hot enough to become aroused by, surely my husband should.

The chance to seduce hubby came one evening when my daughter had gone off to a party with her boyfriend James, and my son Donny was at his friends for the evening, neither of my children were due home until around midnight. This free evening would give me a chance to use my womanly virtues coupled with a sexy negligee to spice up my love life and get back on the track to normality.

After the kids had left, I soaked in a hot bath whilst my hubby placed himself in his favourite chair in front of the box for the evening.

I couldn’t help but think steamy thoughts and as I lay there soaking in the warm relaxing bath, as I closed my eyes, the mysterious visitor entered my imagination. I could picture him entering the bathroom and unzipping his fly as he stood by the side of the bath viewing my naked body. He reached in and freed his fat cock and I parted my legs dispelling the soapy bubbles to reveal my aching pleasure tunnel.

Then without warning, a jet of warm pee shoots forth from his pee hole and splashes on my floating tits. The little splashes sparkle and pop around my face as he sprays the jet to and fro. I slip a finger into my slit and slowly commence a delicate frigging. The final sprinkles of his pee-pee are shaken on my face and I watch the cock slowly grow in size before my very eyes.

He leans in and I open my mouth, taking the swollen plum between my lips. With a precise rocking motion the cock gently pistons in and out of my wanting mouth building in pace until he grunts and convulses and I choke a little, as a warm explosion of creamy fluid happens in my throat, the excesses filling my mouth and flavouring my taste buds with a bitter sweet saltiness.

As my awareness to where I was returned I could feel myself breathing and whispering ‘Donny, baby . . . ohh! Donny make me cum.’ Right then I tightened as a massive orgasm gripped my bathing body. It was like an electric shock and every nerve end was alive with ultimate pleasure.

Now to get dolled up, remove these thoughts from my mind once and for all, and have my husband take care off my needs properly.

I spent an age at my dressing table applying my make up, accentuating my eyes with a dark mascara, then highlighting my lips with a tarty red lip stick. I dressed in nothing more than a very transparent pink baby doll with a light feather edging. The garment barely reached as low as mid buttock revealing my lithe body and exposing the hair in my pubic region to inviting effect. My nipples were erect and kartal escort protruding like two dark light switches. For footwear I selected a nice white, high heeled sandal, showing my well manicured and varnished toe nails.

I quietly descended the stair and walked into the lounge, crossing to my hubbies side. As he cast a glance upward at me he raised his eyebrows, scowled slightly, shook his head and immediately reverted his gaze to the TV. I sat on the arm of his chair crossing my legs and pointing my sandaled foot out before him. I turned my body to him and placed my hand on his chest, fumbling for his shirt buttons, I manouvered to kiss his kneck.

He simply turned and asked ‘What do you want?’ in a suspicious tone.

I couldn’t believe it. Rejection. I thought it was obvious what I wanted, and here was my loving husband dismissing my advances as if I was nothing. I continued to try and seduce him, kissing his ear, his kneck even on the lips, to which he commented with a simple; ‘I’m trying to watch TV thank you’.

I was deflated.

My trying continued for no more than five minutes or so before I decided to return to my room and put my dressing gown on. The evening was such a wash out. I returned to the lounge and sat watching TV in the quiet and boredom of our non communicative void, passing the time by drinking glasses of wine.

The evening dragged with not a word spoken between us.

When eventually my husband retired to bed I felt almost relieved. I watched the late night movie alone, sat until around midnight, then decided to retire to bed knowing that my grown children would be returning home soon. And hopefully they would have enjoyed a better evening than I.

I lay in bed reading a magazine under the dim light of the bedside lamp whilst my husband, to my disgust, snored his head off beside me. I couldn’t have been in bed for much more than twenty minutes when I heard the back door open and close, some activity in the kitchen and footsteps come up the stair.

As the hall light went on I softly whispered – ‘Is that you Donny?’

‘Yes mum’ came the quiet reply.

‘A good night?’ I asked.

‘Yes mum’

‘Well, Night! Night! I’ll hear all about it in the morning’ I added

‘Night Night mum’.

As the hall light went out again and the sound of his bedroom door closing reached my ear, I found myself wondering what would happen if I were to go to Donny’s room in the same baby doll that I now sat in bed wearing and my white high heeled strappy sandals that I wore for hubby.

Would he be shocked? Would he reject his mum like his father did? or would he welcome me and share in another magical moment like we shared together on that evening of the party.

I found my hand smoothing it’s way across my tummy to my tingling clitty and stretching out my legs, I began circling my fingers and working my excitement button and encouraging my tunnel of love to moistness.

My ‘son sex fantasy’ would not leave me. Donny would be in his room right now with his beautiful youthful cock in his hand teasing the end and working it between his forefinger and thumb. Wanking. I could sense him thinking about me, wondering what I would feel like to love. How nice I would feel on his hard cock. How warm and juicy I would feel sliding up and down on that marvelous pleasure pole of his.

The thoughts were too much. It wasn’t long before I had to stifle my moans as I tensed my body and orgasmed, thrills shooting like lightning bolts of energy, through my body – I could feel myself spasm and jerk. My god, I hoped I wouldn’t wake hubby.

Following the orgasm, I must have dozed off to sleep, as about one hour later I was awoken by the sound of a car door slam shut. This was followed by some footsteps in the gravel of our drive, the sound was heading towards the rear of the house. I heard the door, then a little mumbling and the sound of someone bundling into the house. I turned the bedside lamp off and decided to quietly slip downstair in the dark to discover what was going on.

Slipping my housecoat over the top of my semi-clad body I quietly sneaked downstairs with only a shard of light coming from the slightly opened lounge doorway. As I arrived at the lounge door I could see through the small gap and carefully looked inside without entering. I could see James helping my daughter onto the settee. She was very drunk and slurring and mumbling in an incomprehensible manner.

She would not let go of his hand and giggled slightly. I was about to walk in on them but motherly instinct told me not to interrupt this young lover moment, rather, just to watch and monitor how it was handled and to ensure everything was OK. In her sitting position, my beautiful daughter was rocking her knees back and forth, apart and then together, repeating, apart and then together. Her little mini skirt had risen up around her upper thighs and each time she swung her lovely young legs küçükçekmece escort the skirt raised a little more. Her white panties were clearly visible when her legs were spread, in fact so much so, that the cleave of her teen pussy as defined by the fold of the panty gusset was clearly visible.

James spoke to her softly attempting to convince her to go up to her bed but she simply closed her eyes and smiled. He stood before her for a moment and as I watched, it was as if she simply blacked out, mouth open and slavering, and legs splayed in a very unladylike manner. James reached forward and nudged her, she grunted but did not stir.

I couldn’t believe what was happening when James slyly surveyed the room looking toward where I was standing at one point, causing me to step further back into the shadow hoping he would not notice me. His actions suggested he did not as I saw him then kneel afore her and sniff at her dampened panties.

I wanted to rush in and call him all the perverts of the day but I was fascinated. He proded her arm gently to see how awake and aware she was. She did not stir, instead she simply moaned. And then James carefully moved her knicker material to the side revealing her smooth mound and the little pink slit that was her sacred place. He leaned in and delicately began licking at the tight gash.

This vision was sending crazy signals through my mind. I couldn’t help but feel concerned at my daughter being taken advantage off but at the same time I was insanely curious as to what was developing here. I was wildly aroused in my mixed up state as James slobbered between my daughters slim and shapely legs.

I dropped my hand to the front of my robe undoing the cord and allowed the garment to fall open. I parted my legs slightly bending at the knees and dropped my hand to tickle at the pleasure developing between my legs. James stood and unfastened his trousers, all the while looking around him like a petty criminal. He let the trousers fall to the floor, then with his hand he fished his erect penis from the fly of his boxer shorts.

I drew a deep breath amazed at the actions unfolding before me. James’ erection was surprisingly small and thin for such a handsome lad, fully hard, it was no more than a large man’s middle finger with an end that resembled a smooth strawberry. The appearance of his small cock was slightly bizarre and I was captivated. I wanted to touch it, I even had the desire to enter the room and start wanking and sucking on him, my daughters boyfriend, to taste this unusually small manhood in my mouth.

James then carefully knelt before my beautiful daughter, placing his erection at her opening and slowly sheathed into her. She moaned then mumbled his name in her semi-conscious state. I opened my mouth and quietly sighed in delight as I savoured the unstopable moment. Slipping a finger into myself, I began keeping time to the thrusts of my daughters boyfriend. Oh, if only I was experiencing the small warm cock.

In my mind I was urging his ‘fucking’ on, willing him to enjoy my young daughters enveloping muff, to use her for his pleasure. My nerve ends were alight, tingling with excitement, enjoying the voyeurism. It was crazy, here was history repeating its self, a member of the household home from the party and involved in risque sex, the rest of the family tucked up in bed or like previously – not.

Suddenly a shadow to the corner of my eye made me turn with a start. Standing half way up the stair wearing nothing more than a white T-shirt and his raging hard-on was my beautiful son Donny. The boy who made me so proud, his athletic body and liked personality. My fantasy lover. He had come to me again. Slowly I raised my finger to my lips in a ‘sshhh’ manner, urging quiet.

I then moved my hands to my shoulders and let the robe fall to the hall floor, revealing my transparent baby doll. His eyes darted around my form and I watched as he drank in his loving mums body, spending most of his time ogling my breasts and burning hot pussy. He scanned my legs and watched as I took my hand back to my tummy raising the flimsy material to give him a view of what was in-store for him. I motioned him forward as I turned to look again through the small gap in the door. Taking my fingers I re-inserted them into my ‘vag’ and started working my juices to a lather. Each slow step Donny took toward me was a step closer to heaven. I was screaming with lust in my mind as Donny’s big cock bobbed and swayed toward me.

James meanwhile was thrusting like a jackhammer, unawares of his girlfriends, mothers approaching moment of perverse erotic fulfilment. Closer and closer James came to exploding his boiling seed into my precious teen baby.

Donny came to my side and peered through to the lounge to witness his sister sleepily receive thrust after thrust from her handsome ‘small dick’ lover. Donny’s eyes were wide with the same hot sexy desire I was experiencing. He wanked his beautiful sculpted cock beside me. Us both sharing in another hot family moment. Donny increased his wank pace as he filled his mind with the image of his gorgeous sisters spread legs and small titties bounce under her trendy, flimsy blouse, her sleepy face smiling with her disco make-up smudged by earlier drunken activity.

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