My Sister Jen

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My sister Jen called to ask if she could come round for a catch up, she said she was down this way visiting a friend here in London for a few days and wanted to see me. We’d not seen each other for a while so I was up for it. I always enjoy my sister’s company, she’s always affectionate and thoughtful and always spoke her mind. She never held anything back. Jen is a year older than me at 32. About 5.4 and incredibly fit.

Jen moved away to Bristol when her boyfriend’s job relocated about 7 years ago. About a year ago she and her boyfriend decided to split up. Things had gotten stale and they decided there was no reason for them to stay together.

When Jen arrived I let her in and we hugged. After a few seconds I tried to pull away and she hugged me tighter, not wanting to let go.

“I’ve missed you” she said, “I’ve really missed you.”

Still hugging me I was all too aware of how squashed her large tits were feeling pressed up against me. Starting to feel a bit uncomfortable I pushed her back by her shoulders and said “I’ve missed you too Jen, make yourself comfy in the living room, I’ll grab us a couple of beers.”

When I entered the living room I noticed how great her legs looked. She was wearing some very short shorts, what looked like a tank top under a loose fitting lumberjack style shirt. Even when making no effort she was still a looker.

I sat down on the other sofa opposite her, with and we started talking. I was trying so hard not to look at her legs, but she was slouching back in the sofa and her legs were so obvious and there!

We had a few couple of drinks each while talking about our jobs, holidays, and people we’ve been seeing.

“Since I split with Kevin last year” Jen said, “I’ve tried to see other guys, but my luck must have run out. Most of the guys I date have kids and want to settle down. Fuck all that, I’m just looking for the sex. Where are the stereotypes who just want to fuck?”

We both started laughing.

“It’s true, dating was so much easier when I was a teenager, it was just about the sex. Nothing like now where we have houses and other boring shit that gets in the way.”

“I was different when I was a teenager” I said. “I didn’t get my first girlfriend until I was 20, by then I had this house.”

“Fuck! Are you kidding?” she goes, “and there was me telling you about what I was getting up to when I was 18. You told me you were fucking when you were 16. Your mind must have been ready to explode”. She winked and let out a slight giggle when she said that.

“You have no idea sis. I told you I was sleeping with girls because I was embarrassed and somewhat jealous you were doing it and I wasn’t, I was still a virgin.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t have kept telling you about the guys I was sucking off after work, or the ones I was fucking at parties.”

I was starting to blush. Jen sensed this and laughed. I loved her openness at being able to talk about these things. I was always more shy when talking about sex.

“Are you getting embarrassed dear brother? You look like you’re getting a little uncomfortable.”

“Nah, I’m ok” I said and I took a large mouthful of my beer.

“I’m the one that should be embarrassed” she said. “I saw you a few times spying on me getting dressed in my bedroom. I knew you were looking through the door. You know I left the door slightly open on purpose, don’t you? When I knew it was only you in the house. I deliberately spent longer than necessary looking at myself, naked in the mirror with my back to the door so I could see your reflection in the mirror.”

As Jen said this she was rocking her legs side to side, opening and closing her legs a bit.

I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. I coughed to clear my throat so I could speak.

“I bet you also heard me at night sometimes. You must have heard me moaning when I was playing with my pussy” she said, as she rolled onto her side laughing her head off.

“Sis!” I said with a shocked and bostancı escort raised voice, “you haven’t changed, have you. “

“Oh come on, or should I say cum on” she replied with a huge grin.

I did remember hearing her but said “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s OK” she said, “I was never interested in doing anything with you. I mean, you’re my brother. I was just incredibly horny back then and well, I’m still horny now. I was just teasing you.”

“Sis” I said again. “I can’t believe you wo…”

She cut me off.

“It’s OK bro, nothing happened did it, just a bit of teasing.”

“Yeah, but do you know how frustrated you made me, teasing me like that? Especially when I could hear you moaning at night” I said.

“Yeah, but I bet you enjoyed it though” she said, giving the ‘wanker’ gesture with her right hand.

“Erm, well, err yeah” I managed to stammer.

During this conversation my cock had grown to a full erection, I could feel my precum leaking into my briefs. Luckily I had baggy shorts on and the way I was sitting it was not obvious I was sporting a hard on. Jen however was slouching back, almost laying down with her feet on the floor, subtly rubbing her knees together.

“Ha” she said, “so you did enjoy it. Did I make you hard when you spied on me getting dressed? How about those times you came into my room to talk and I’d change my top, showing my tits to you through my bra.”

“Erm” I said, still not sure what to say. “Yeah, if I’m perfectly honest, I fucking loved it every time I saw you” suddenly feeling a bit more confident, most probably because of the beer starting to system.

“Really?” she said, inquisitively.

“Yeah, I mean, what boy wouldn’t? I was a horny 17 year old, in need of a fuck and all I had was my right hand and some magazines. Seeing some actual flesh, even though it was you, was more than I could handle at times.”

Jen shifted a little on the sofa, looking a bit embarrassed and red cheeked. I quickly changed the subject.

“Remember we use to play Nintendo when we were younger?” I asked.

“Yeah” Jen said reaching for her beer. “What about it?”

“We’ll I found the Nintendo when I was clearing my attic the other day, fancy a game?”

I think we were both pleased the subject had changed, not knowing where any of it was going.

“I’ll go grab it, I’ll be right back, grab us some more drinks from the kitchen if you want.”

When I returned Jen had opened another beer and was now sitting up, ready to play. 5 minutes later I had the console hooked up to the TV and we started playing Mario Kart.

“I use to kick your ass at this, let’s see if I still can” she said.

We played the first race and she won. When the race ended I took off my hoodie. Not thinking anything of it, just that I was hot and couldn’t take it off in the middle of the race.

I loaded up the next race, which I then won.

“The evening feels like it’s getting warmer” Jen said as she removed her shirt, leaving the tank top, which was pulled tight against her tits.

“Is this turning into strip Nintendo?” I jokingly said.

“What do you mean?” She replied.

“Well, you won one race, and I took my hoodie off because I was hot. I won the next and you took your shirt off…”

“Oh yeah, I didn’t really think about that, I was just too hot” she said with a cheeky grin. “Fancy another race?”

We both started laughing.

“You’re on” I replied, reaching for my beer.

I won the next race and I looked over at her and raised an eyebrow. She shrugged a kind of ‘I don’t know’ and slowly kicked off her flip flops.

I laughed what was probably nervous sounding laugh and quickly hit the button for the next race.

I lost that one, just.

Jen looked at me and said “well, are we playing strip Nintendo or what? Take something off.”

“Are you sure? Isn’t this a little wrong?” I stammered.

“What’s çeliktepe escort the matter? Little brother shy? You spied on me when we were younger, remember?”

Not wanting to give in I took my t-shirt off. It’s only a shirt I thought to myself. Guys go topless around women and siblings all the time, there’s nothing in it.

As my shirt came off Jen cheered and said “hurry up and load the next race”.

I looked at Jen and could make out her nipples pressing against the white fabric of her little tank top.

I won the next one and quickly said “one more race?”

“Hang on” she goes, “I’ve just lost.”

And with that she stood up and dropped her shorts.

“That’s better” she said. And flopped back down on the sofa.

I tried not to look. She was now in a little top and a white thong that barely covered anything.

“So where actually doing this then?” I said, realising this was happening and we weren’t just taking the piss up to this point.

“Yeah, why not?” she replied.

“I hope I don’t lose any more then” I said to myself but loud enough for Jen to hear.

“And why’s that? Getting excited are we?”

“Let’s just play the game” I said as I started up the next race.

I won this race. I was so happy that I didn’t have to reveal my hard cock in my briefs to my sister, but then realised Jen would have to either bare her tits or her pussy.

“We don’t have to continue” I said. “It’s gone far enough, you can keep your clothes on.”

“Oh come on bro, fair’s fair. Tell you what, I skip this round. If you win the next race, I’ll take my top and panties off. If I win then you just remove one item. We both only have two things on each, right?”

“Yeah, I guess” I replied. “OK, you’re on.”

We raced again. Jen won.

“Ah bad luck bro, you better take your shorts off.”

Shit, I thought to myself. I have such a hard on right now, I can’t do this, can I?

“Come on dude” my sister said. “Don’t be shy just because you have a boner. Look, I’m pretty turned on too, check out my nipples.”

And with that she pinched her nipples, making them even more prominent.

“Also, if you look closely you might even see a bit of a wet spot on the front of my panties.”

“Sis!” I exclaimed.

“Bro!” she exclaimed back at me. “Just fucking do it!”

“Fine!” I quickly rose to my feet. Undid my shorts and pulled them down and sat at the same time. I leant forward with my elbows on my knees, hoping Jen wouldn’t the obvious bulge and wet spot that I was also sporting.

Jen was slouched back on the sofa again, legs swinging together and apart.

“Very nice bro, but you sat down too fast. I didn’t see anything.”

“That was the whole point” I replied.

“OK” she said, “let’s kick this up a notch. If you win the next race, I’ll take the rest of my clothes off.”

“What happens if you win?” I managed to choke out.

“If I win, you take your boxers off and show me what you have hidden away in there. But, I’ll also take off what I have left on. Deal?”

“Fuck it, you’re on” I said. We’ve come this far, why not I thought to myself.

The race started. She was leading after the first lap. I was leading after the second lap. We were just coming up to finish the final lap and I stupidly glanced over at Jen. I missed the final turn and went straight into a wall. Jen came past me and crossed the finish line in first place.

“Noooooooooooo” I cried out.

“Yeeeaaaaaah” she screamed and with that she jumped up and pulled her top over her head and fell back onto the sofa.

Her tits were fucking amazing. They were huge. Pale with big aereolas that were just a little darker that the rest of her pale skin, with very hard nipples. Just as I’d remembered them from when I use to watch her.

“So big boy” she said tracing her fingers over her hard nipples, with her legs open, are you ready to show me? I did win after all.”

“Fine” I cihangir escort managed to say as I was staring at her boobs, “but you still have to take those of as well.”

“We’ll both do it on 3. Come on, stand up” she said.

As I stood I felt my legs wobble. I hadn’t been naked around anyone for a while. I stood there with my cock bulging out my briefs. I hooked my thumbs inside my underwear.

“1, 2, 3” she said.

We both dropped our underwear at the same time. I could not believe this was happening.

We just stared at each other. Jen couldn’t take her eyes off my cock as it was twitching uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop looking at her hairless pussy.

I looked down at my cock and saw a string if precum falling from it. My dick twitched and the precum swung and landed on the inside if my leg.

“Fucking hell” my sister said, “that’s fucking hot!”

I sat down on the edge of the sofa and laid back, my cock pointing straight up to the ceiling.

Jen stood for a moment, squeezed her left tit in her left hand, pinching her nipple and rubbed her flat stomach with the other. She turned around giving me a view of her arse and said “so, brother, do I look as good as you remember?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I said “even better!”

She then sat on the sofa and laid back, her eyes staring right at my erection as it twitched. Jen’s legs were spread and she ran a finger between her glistening lips. She was such a beautiful sight.

“How much would you have loved to be in this situation with me when we were teenagers?” She asked.

I didn’t say anything. I pulled my foreskin back all the way, exposing all of my cockhead which that forced some more precum to appear and run down the underside of my shaft.

“You have a beautiful penis” Jen said, as she rubbed her pussy faster. “Show me what you use to do after spying on me all those years ago.”

I wrapped my hand around my dick and slowly stroked down to the base. My other hand reached down to squeeze my balls.

“You were such a tease back then sis, nothing has changed” I said, increasing my pace.

I closed my eyes for a moment. Suddenly I felt something on my foot. It was one if Jen’s feet, she was sitting on the coffee table in front of me. She was only a couple of feet in front of me now. Legs spread, one arm reached back supporting herself, the other furiously rubbing her clit. He boobs wobbling in time with her hand that was on her pussy.

I could feel myself getting close and I slowed down.

Jen sensed this and said “no, don’t slow down, keep going, I’m nearly there as well.”

I could feel my balls tighten as I was about to cum. Jen started moaning louder. Her foot nudge against my and that contact sent me over the edge. I came and erupted on my chest and stomach with more force than I’d experienced for a long time.

“I’m cummmmmmm…” Jen managed to say.

I was still slowly wanking my cock as I watched Jen shudder with her own orgasm.

“Holy fuck!” I panted.

“I know” Jen sighed, “that was so good!”

Jen stood and walked out of the living room. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she disappeared from sight. When she returned she had a bunch of paper towels from the kitchen.

“Here you go, clean yourself up” she said, grinning.

Jen got dressed as I was wiping my cum from my chest.

Jen glanced at me as she was dressing and said “does that thing ever go down?”

“It’s your fault Jen” I said as I stroked my cock a couple of times. “I haven’t been with anyone for a little while, guess I’m just extra horny.”

“‘I’m glad I could help. Listen, I need to ask you something, but I guess tonight’s fun got in the way of my reason for visiting you. Do you want to go out for dinner tomorrow and we can talk? I need to shoot off now.”

“Yeah, sure, where do you have in mind?”

“How about the steak place that mum and dad always use to take us to?” Jen said. “I’m running about most of the day tomorrow, shall I meet you there at 7?”

“Sounds good Jen, but what is it you want to talk to me about?”

“We’ll talk tomorrow” she said as she leant in to me, gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Looking at my still full hard on Jen said “enjoy the rest of your evening, I’ll see myself out.”

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