My StepGramma Ch. 1

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My father and mother divorced when I was quite young, and they both remarried other people. My father married a much younger woman, only 10 yrs older than me. When I was 18, my dad and stepmother won a trip to Europe, through his job. I was definitely old enough to stay by myself, and was really looking forward to having the house to myself. I was getting ready to make a few calls, to invite some buds over, when the doorbell rang.

I answered the door, and there stood my step granny. She was a thin woman in her late 50’s. She had a suitcase in her hand. “What the hell?” I thought to myself. “Hi hon, she said, I thought maybe you could use the company, and I could cook and clean for you” she added. I wonder if she saw the disappointment on my face, which I desperately tried to hide. “It could be fun” she said, smiling widely. I never really paid much attention to her last comment, and let her in.

She wasn’t really that bad looking, and she had huge breasts, something I had never really paid attention to before. But now, for some reason, I stood there staring at the huge melons pressing against her shirt. She must’ve realized what I was staring at, but she just smiled. “Well, are you gonna help me with my suitcase or not?” she said, sarcastically. I grabbed the bag, and led her to the guestroom. Gramma slapped me playfully on the ass, commenting on how much I had grown up.

I smiled, and felt flushed with embarrassment, having her do that to me. I set the suitcase on the bed, and walked out of the room. Gramma followed me to my room, and I sat down at the computer. “Wow, I’ve never really played with a computer before” she commented. “Wanna show me how it works?” she asked. I agreed, reluctantly, and went online. I forgot that one of my favorite mature sites was my homepage, until it pulled şişli elit escort up. Gramma sat there with a funny look on her face as the pics of elderly women popped up on the screen.

“Wow, some of them are older than me” she said, laughing. I quickly closed out the page, and Gramma asked me if I would bring it back up. “You really want to look at that?” I asked. “Yes, it’s interesting” she said. I pulled the site back up, and Gramma and I sat there looking at pics of nude mature women, and began reading a story together. It was a story about a young man, and his old aunt, and it was turning me on. I felt my bulge pressing against my shorts, and hoped that Gramma didn’t see it. Gramma was breathing a bit erratic, and I asked her if she was ok. “Yes honey, just a little hot” she said.

I couldn’t believe this, Gramma was getting turned on as well. I glanced over, and could see her huge nipples pressing against her shirt. I longed to touch them, and wanted to see them. “Wow Gramma, I bet you’re sexier than any of these women” I told her. “Oh honey, you’re so kind” she said, smiling. “I’m serious” I told her. “I bet you have beautiful breasts” I said, hoping she would show them to me. Gramma was toying with the idea, I could tell.

“Can I see them?” I asked. “Well, it wouldn’t really be right” she said, playfully tugging at the buttons on her shirt. “Well, we’re not really related” I said, hoping to encourage her. “I guess you’re right” she said, but it’ll have to be our little secret” she added. “Who am I gonna tell?” I said. She laughed, and we both smiled. Gramma slowly unbuttoned her shirt, and my cock grew harder each time she undid one. She opened her shirt, and I could see the darkness of her large nipples through her lace bra.

I gasped, and şişli escort my cock was rigid with excitement. Gramma turned around, and asked me if I would undo her bra clasp. I fumbled with nervous fingers, clusily trying to undo it. I finally succeeded, and she let the bra fall to the floor. She turned around, and I got my first look at her massive melons. They were milky white, and had large brown nipples. They were a bit saggy, but they were exquisite. “Wow, they are incredible” I told her. Gramma smiled, and grabbed them with her hands, pushing them towards me.

“Go ahead, and touch them baby” she said. I pinched both of her nipples simultaneously, and Gramma grunted. Her nipples hardened beneath my touch. My cock pulsated wildly in my shorts. I was already leaking precum from the excitement. I leaned forward and took one of Gramma’s nipples into my mouth. She moaned, holding me by my long hair. “Oh baby, that feels nice” she moaned. I continued kissing and sucking her nipples, making her moan with excitement. I looked up at her, and studied her face, wrinkled with age, but quite attractive. Her hair was greying, and had a salt n pepper look to it.

I pressed my mouth against Gramma’s mouth, and we kissed. Both of us were panting from excitement as our tongues met. I held her beautiful breasts in my hands as I probed her mouth with my tongue. She was an excellent kisser, and I could feel small drops of cum trickling from my cock. Gramma’s hand slid between my legs, and she rubbed my enormous erection through my shorts. “Oh my God, what a cock” she moaned. She slid her hand inside of my shorts, and grabbed my cock. Her hand felt so soft and smooth. She began slowly stroking my cock, rubbing the precum all over the swollen head.

Gramma moaned as she began jerking şişli eve gelen escort me a bit faster. I slid my hand up her skirt, and felt the wetness of her pussy through her panties. Gramma moaned as I slid a finger inside of her panties, and touched her swollen clit. She almost collapsed as I rubbed her clit. She climaxed immediately, her juices sprayed from her hot, neglected pussy. I led Gramma to my bed, and we both quickly undressed. I looked at the patch of greying fur between her legs, and could see the glistening pink pussy lips. I pushed Gramma to her back, and spread her legs apart.

I slipped my tongue against her clit, and Gramma moaned loudly. “God baby, it’s incredible” she moaned as she came over and over again. Her pussy tasted quite sweet, and her juices gushed from inside. I lapped up every drop, and continued sucking and licking her pussy. Grammma moaned and I slid a finger inside of her. Her pussy tightened around my finger, as I sucked her clit. I made her cum until she pushed me away. “God baby, you gotta give Gramma time to settle down” she moaned.

“Your turn” she said, pushing me to my back. Gramma did something I had only heard about, next. She removed her dentures, and placed them on my night stand. She then took my cock between her toothless gums. She began doing things to my cock which are almost too difficult to explain, but goddamn, it was the best thing I’ve ever felt. She moved her gums up and down my cock, applying tons of pressure. It was like fucking the tightest pussy in the world. I moaned and thrust against her mouth.

Gramma quickly brought me to my orgasm, which erupted in her mouth. She gagged a bit as my cum shot into her throat, but she swallowed it, and continued working me with that wonderful mouth. Gramma sucked me until my cock softened in her mouth. I moaned as she let it fall from her mouth. A few traces of cum trickled from her lips, and she licked them with her talented tongue. Gramma slid beside me, and we held each other close, relishing the moment. We were both exhausted, and we quickly fell asleep…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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