My Three Moms

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He had three mothers, and he had all three!

My name is Pete, not Peter; it’s a joke, because I almost was twins. However, something happened early in the pregnancy and it turned out that it was just me that made it to full term. Supposedly, that is the case that twelve percent of us start out as two, and the one is lost early. I guess you could look that up. The point is that my folks were informed by the Doc the ultrasound showed two fetuses originally. While there were some medical concerns, I was born healthy and mom was okay. But my father had a sense of humor. The other kid was ‘RePete’, I know, bad joke.

Most everybody has forefathers, I’m the only guy I ever heard of that has three mothers. Now, of course, I have only one biological mother. That’s Danni, or more properly, Danielle; my step-mom is Susan, everybody calls her Susie; and Danni’s partner is Shannon. They’ve all raised me since I was three. Danni and Shannon live just a block down from Dad and Susie. Me, I live in both houses. Everyone gets along with each other. All the drama was over before I went to kindergarten.

Dad had an affair with Susie when I was just past two. Danni found out about it six months into the relationship. She was pissed and about more than just dad cheating. But then she was seduced herself by Shannon, who she knew from work. Shannon was a lesbian and Danni discovered that she was bi-sexual. She was happier with Shannon, Dad was happier with Susie. It was a friendly divorce; an amiable custody sharing.

I wound up with four parents and two bedrooms. They had the details worked out on everything, long before I learned to play one off the other. Thus, I usually had the best of both worlds. Except on importation issues, and then Dad and Danni would confer and come to an agreement. Susie and Shannon were my allies, unless I really screwed up. In that case, I had four angry adults to contend with. But that was seldom.

Each of the three gals was like a mother to me. They had their strengths and weaknesses, like anyone does. But they were all ‘moms’, mothering women, and that’s what I called them; Mom, or mother, sometimes mommy, when I was little, or got emotional. When any two were in the same room, to avoid confusion, I called each by their first names. If I skinned a knee, I ran to the closest mom. Any of the three would comfort me, and I loved them all, each in their own unique way; Just like a parent loves each child, though they have several. Only I was the single son, to the four parents.

I wasn’t pampered, or spoiled, but I learned to get my way. It was learning family politics, that and my natural charm, which made for a smooth childhood. Those skills were the same things that helped me seduce all three of the ladies who mothered me. I turned twenty-one a week before Easter. Not that I hadn’t lusted after each of them long before then, since puberty, really. It was only happenstance that things started to fall into place right then, which provided the opportunity to make love to the trio. One at a time, no orgy, just your ordinary seduction, times three. Sometimes I was doing the seducing, other times I was seduced sort of; and there was all kinds of fiddling around that went on otherwise which I’ll mention, since they were part of the dynamics behind this story.

Now sometimes the odder things are, the more apt they are to be the foremost to fall. Think of it this way, the more unbalanced of items is the most likely to topple first. So it was with Shannon (I don’t mean that she was unbalanced in any way); however, she was the woman’s woman who turned out to be this man’s first mom to be enticed into incest! That’s right the lesbian. Now I don’t want to get into a politically-correct argument with any ladies reading this that may take issue. The facts are as reported, the feelings told as they were related to me in conversation with the females I had sex with, my three mothers. Just accept at face value the narrative; you are welcome to argue any philosophical points with which ever was the mom of the moment in question. Shannon, though committed to same-sex desires was perfectly capable of fucking a male, just as a gay guy could screw a girl. She better than proficient; if you consider motivations, desires, and mechanics.

I was her first guy. Not bragging, just a happenstance. It might have been dad, except that he was wiser than his son. Pop knew better than to stir up a hornets’ nest, sexually speaking. Once stung, read caught cheating; twice as shy of . . well technically he had the stinger so to speak; let’s say he learned to keep to the honey-pot at home. Shannon, as she shared pillow talk with Danni about former lovers, in grew curious of what it would be like to be with a man. Not that she especially wanted to. Bluntly speaking, some guys may wonder what it’s like to take a cock up their ass, but are not about to go experimenting under normal circumstances.

But sometimes, under special conditions or with extenuating developments, when with a particular partner or in close relationships, those kinds of encounters may happen. türbanlı escort The unusual or strange or even bizarre behavior of humans from cannibalism to self-immolation to mass hysteria is known to happen from time to time. So is it so wild, that maybe a little incest and perhaps a heterosexual encounter with a lesbian might occur? What are the odds of those odd things taking place? Who could predict that Shannon would be bit on the ass by a horsefly while sunbathing? While I happened to be the only other person in the house that day?

Those buggers are big, and their bite is bad; very painful. Her bikini was quite tiny, and the spot was right on the rump, very close to the thigh. She was on her stomach at the time, her top loose, and the yelp she let loose, a scream really at full volume, brought me running. Shannon is a statuesque redhead, Irish grin on an elfin face, pin-up body; temper terrible when angry, but temptress when she wishes to get her way with men. Of course, they never do get any compensation they may have hoped for, as she is orientated toward the females, to her own distaff side of the genders. But she can turn on the appeal to either side of the aisle when she wants, claiming it to be her heritage from the Emerald Isle, that certain Celtic charm. As I came scrambling out of the back-door onto the low deck, she was fit to be tied!

Her top wasn’t tied on though; it lay where she had been stretched out. Her rosy nipples and bodacious bust were bare and there for my eyes to capture in a mental snapshot, even as I was trying to discern what her stress was all about. “THAT FUCKER BIT ME ON THE ASS!” She turned so that I could clearly see a big red spot on her very shapely derrière. She looked back at me over her shoulder; it was a pose right out of one of those pin-up calendars of old. My brain imprinted the sight. Hey! I’m only human and male and a horny youth, what do you expect? I told you that I had a thing for my moms. Just at that moment, the big bad bug buzzed me. Only I saw him coming, and WHAM! I slapped the fly flat onto the ground and stomped on him. He was a grease spot on the boards of the patio.

“Good for you! My hero!” cheered Shannon, “OW!” She added as she tried to sit on the lounge chair where she had been sunning. She didn’t seem to notice she was topless in the midst of the action and with the punishing pain.

“I’ve got the perfect thing for your sting.” I said, realizing my supplies from camping, up in my room, had a first-aid stick that contained a neutralizing /anesthetic ingredient designed for just such insect injuries. “I’ll bring it down!”

“Meet me up in my bathroom, instead.” ordered mother Shannon, as she grabbed her sunglasses and bikini top and headed inside. I followed and sprinted up to my room and dug out the ‘Sting-Stick’ medicine tube. I proceeded to the master bathroom off of Danni’s and Shannon’s bedroom. Shannon was running cold water on a wash cloth. She was dressed in an over-sized towel, wrapped like a sarong around her, held up by a twist and her tits. She took the cold cloth and pressed it to her butt.

“This will do better than that.” I assured her. She turned so that I could apply the ointment to the bright red spot on her lower buttock. I took off the cap and bent down to get an angle to smear the waxy balm. I didn’t bobble, but I got a shock. I was looking straight into the split of her buns. She had taken off her swim suit bottom and she was bare under the terry cloth. I pushed the stick on the bite mark lightly and smeared the cure on her hurt. I could see her red fuzz. As she was bent over providing her rear for first-aid and my inspection, I saw the labia, the pink slit, even the puckered ruddy anus! . . Jeez-Louise! .. I didn’t know what to make of the spectacle. Was this on purpose, my getting to view her womanhood, or was I to be like a physician, strictly clinical in perspective?

Or was her familial nudity a non-sexual necessity, like when you change a baby’s diapers. Well, she was the babe, and I wouldn’t mind playing doctor. Even if I did know of her orientation, that didn’t make me less heterosexual in my reaction to the beautiful woman on such intimate display before me. Surely her nakedness was not meant to arouse me? I couldn’t help the erection her exposure evoked, but certainly she was not coming on to me, was she? She had not invited the freaking fly to bite her in so painful a place in order to play the temptress. Surely not Shannon, the lesbian lover of my mother, poor injured lady I chivalrously was administering to. I shivered with nervousness even so, as my hormones made madness in my mind, as my nose was inches from her center of erotic scents.

It was summer. She had been sunning herself; I was in my shorts and a tee-shirt and flip-flops. My shorts were as tented as the canvas we guys had erected on our camp-out, earlier in the season. If I had not been crouching, she could have seen the lodge-pole at my crotch. But now the medicine had been applied and it was time to stand. I did. She turned around. I knew from ümraniye escort the look in her eyes, she knew of my condition, it was a look of understanding and one of sympathy and one of… of…?

“What would my hero, the slayer of the flying monster that attacked me, like for his reward?” I knew that sultry tone of voice. It meant that you were going to get what you wanted, but would have to pay a price. Like when I was a kid and she had asked, “What would you like to be paid, for shoveling the snow from our driveway?” Yeah, the treat was a couple of beers and a back-rub from her. I was a couple of years younger and she knew what I wanted back then. She knew what I wanted now too. So she was using her sexy body for my enjoyment and her purposes. But why? Not that I really cared much at the moment, my male mind having gone stupid at the sight of her gorgeous ass. “Would you like this?” she asked.

With a flick of her fingers, Shannon undid the towel and it dropped. There she was in ALL her glory! The burnished muff, like copper Brillo. The round bright pink nipples popped out like push buttons, the best tits of the six that graced my three moms; their shape, the classic upslope and swelling down curve. Her flat taut tummy, which those exercises at the gym maintained; the legs that were two sculpted pillars of perfect proportions. Even her petite feet were a turn-on. My gaze zoomed up and down in seconds trying to gather it all in, focusing on parts and compiling the feminine form as a complete whole.

How could I blame Danni for falling in lust with her, discovering the beauty of bi, with a babe as ravishing as she? Certainly there was love too, I mean we all loved Shannon, she just had that kind of magnetic personality. She was certainly attractive physically to my biological mother, Danni; and to me obviously, and I had long admitted it. Maybe dad too, though he dared not ever indicated it, except in the chastest of compliments, if he wanted to keep his head (and dick) from being chopped off by Susan. Even Susie admitted the stunning glamour of Shannon. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there might even be a curious inkling in Sue as to what Danni gets from her sexual relationship with Shannon.

So you get the picture, super-model redhead naked, youth having hard-on right next to her. THEN she pulls me into her arms and kisses me. Not a mom kiss, not French either, but a big juicy lip lock so hot that it would melt steel. My bar pressed against her abdomen was oaken and it just ignited. She breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear, “You’ll have to come back later, and see if I need to have a poke in the ass with your stick again.”

Of course my ‘stick’ was actually poking her front, but the double entendre is obvious in its meaning, even if the shift in the needle of her sexual compass is confusing. But who am I, horny guy, to question another opportunity to have even a passing perusal (if not an actual ‘poke’) at any of her anatomy? Something was up, and I don’t mean my meaty member which certainly was. But what Machiavellian machinations Shannon was hatching, I wasn’t concerned with at that point. I simply asked, “When”?

“Tonight, after Danni goes out for her yoga class.”

I actually cooked dinner that evening for mom Danni and mother Shannon, as I was staying in their house for a few days. Momma Susie was doing some redecorating and I was best out of the way for that three ring circus of craftsmen, carpenters and furniture movers. Dinner was a stew that they had taught me to throw together, when they both had been busy and had ‘custody’ of me for the evening. I like to do things for my mothers, it made them happy and had its rewards, usually some privileges or relaxation of rules, or perhaps an extra treat or small gift, like a new CD or gas money. But it’s nice just to do stuff for people you love, even without the return of some kind of reward. But tonight, my hero’s reward might just turn out to be something special. I was hoping, but didn’t have too high of expectations. After all, Shannon was one of my moms.

In any case, I did bring the medical ‘Sting-Stick’ with me. The front door slammed shut as mom Danni rushed off to her two hour yoga session. Almost immediately I heard Shannon call, “Pete, I’m in the bedroom!” I took the stairs two at a time. There she was stretched out on her stomach on the bed, a towel draped over her torso. But her tush peaked out, without panties. She spoke, “I told Danni about out my bug-bite and she looked at it. She recommended ammonia and ice, but I told her you had an anti-sting thing from camping, I could use. But I think that it’s easier for you to put on, since you can see the bug bite better. CAN you see where my boo-boo is?” She pulled the edge of her covering up to expose more of her buns.

“UH . . uh-huh..” I was mesmerized. And getting tumescent too. I moved closer, the swelling had gone down on her injury, but bulge in my loins was returning. I moved next to her on the mattress, I took the cap off and again applied the balm; my personal stick wanted acıbadem escort to touch there as well. She removed the towel, I shucked my shirt. She put her head down on her folded arms and raised her bottom a bit and spread her legs slightly.

“Go slow, be gentle, I’m still tender there.”

I didn’t have to be told to get rid of my shorts. I had wondered, I had hoped, I had not worn my jockeys-undies just in case. I knelt and straddled her legs; the target was clearly sighted and open, ready, glistening. Even though she still had her feet only about a foot apart and my knees were on the outside of her thighs, the opening at that angle was an easy mark. I placed my hands on each side of her buns and moved my hips forward. I leaned over a tad and the tip made contact with the cavity that it sought. I pushed and with some small adjustments on both our parts it dipped in. It slipped in and slid deeper. Once I was sure of the aim, I let the full length drop slowly down, until I was balls to butt, encased in the steamy vagina of my mother Shannon.

Then with great deliberation I began to move, I drew up and pushed in, I pulled back and hunched forward. I used my pelvis to create the motion, and with every entry and half exit it was better and better. We began to be partners, her hips rocking to match mine and our coordination had rhythm and syncopation. Shannon made little ‘u h – u h’ sounds as I was going ‘ah – AHH!’ Her noises grew higher in pitch, while mine went lower. In and out I went, in and out and quicker and harder now! I couldn’t last much longer I was so strung tight with the erotic tension. She started with, “Yes! YES! YYEESSS! Now N O W W!” and I let out a quiet cry, almost a silent sigh, exhaling a gasp of gob-smacked convulsion. My cock gushed the wonderful load I had saved up since that moment she kissed me in the bathroom. I jammed it in as deep as I could and let loose!

I let myself down on her back. For a few minutes we just lay there. As I softened somewhat, she moved and with gestures she indicated she wanted me on my back. Turning our positions topsy-turvy, she now was riding on my thighs, playing with my mast that was getting a second wind, working to cock my pistol which was reloading. In short, my putz that was putty in her hands was rapidly becoming a solid length of Pete’s peter. She looked down at me and a sly smile came over her features, “You just became my first man. What do you think of that?”

“Jeez, Shannon, I’m the first dick you’ve ever had in your cunt?”

“First live one. I’ve had dildos of course. I wondered what it was like.”

“So, did you like it?”

“Yeah, but I want to talk about something else for a moment. She moved up so she could mount my saddle-horn. As she slid down and I slipped up her pussy once more she placed her hands on my chest. I reciprocated with my fingers grasping her tits. “I know what you waannt, what you reealllyy waanntt!” In the sing-song of teasing, her voice chanted and taunted, as she was screwing with a rolling motion. I was having a great time, so I took the bait, which of course was her plan.

“What?” I grunted, trying to thrust up and have some input to the action.

“Yoouu want to fuuckk Danni! Don’t you naughty boy? You want to fuck your mommy!”

(Yeah, no duh! What’s was new?) “I love fucking you, mother Shannon.” No fool I, to not compliment the lady on my prick at present.

“But you got the hots for your real mom, don’t you? I know you do. Maybe I might help, if you do me a favor. We could help each other. Think about having your big cock in Mommy Danni, darling Pete. Doesn’t that turn you wild; wouldn’t you love to put it into her?” My answer was in the bucking I was doing, as the turn-on of getting to make love to mother-prime was filling my imagination. “That’s it, fuck Danni, put it in your first mommy, let her have your seed, cum in Danni, Pete, come on, C U M in her N O W W!”

Zoom! Did I ever blow my wad! I didn’t think I would cum as much as the first time, but that second climax was spectacular as well. All because Shannon had played hob with my lust and I had let myself enter the fantasy. She seemed to have another orgasm too, but not as shattering as her first time when I balled her initially.

“Mmm,” mother Shannon murmured as she bent and rested her wonderful pillows on my furry chest. Then she rolled off and said, “I want to be in the kitchen when Danni gets back. Get dressed and meet me there. I’ll get a couple of cold beers from the fridge. With that she bounced off the bed and grabbed her robe. By the time I got myself clothed again and down there, the brews were opened and she was sitting at the kitchen table. I joined her.

She spoke after having a long pull on her drink, “To answer your question, about how well did I like fucking a guy? Well, first of all, you were fine, very nice and considerate, especially taking me the first time. I admit I was a little nervous, just the same. But I trusted you. That’s why I picked you. Danni has talked about what it is like to be with a real male, the heat and the difference that no dildo can truly imitate. So, I was curious. I didn’t plan the bug bite, that was serendipity, but since we sort of got intimate with your first-aid, I decided that you could be my first that way too.” She paused. “Did you ever see the movie, ‘The Graduate’?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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