Neighborly Gesture

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Keisha exclaimed as her car came to a stop in the driveway. She sat back in the seat with her eyes closed, drew in a long breath and exhaled all of the stress she was feeling. It had been a long hard week and it was finally Friday. It seemed like everything that could go wrong this week happened.

For some reason, the commute home was excessively frustrating today. It seemed like everybody in the city was on the streets and they were all going the same direction she was going. She had no plans but to relax all weekend and unwind.

On the way home Keisha stopped and purchased some scented body oil and creams to start her weekend of lounging. As she got out of the car she started to reach for her attache but grabbed the bag of body oil instead.

She didn’t want to see anything pertaining to work until Monday morning. She went inside and glanced out of the window to her patio as she passed.

“That darn dog!”

Keisha grimaced as she went out the back door. One of her neighbor’s dog had been in her trash again. They tie it up but he keeps getting loose. She began cleaning the collage of paper and used packages strewn all over the yard when she noticed that Ben, the neighbor that lives behind her was doing the same.

“Hey Ms. Jones.” he greeted her.

“I see you’ve been hit by the trash bandit, too.” he joked.

Ben was a quiet neighbor that kept to himself a lot. He spent most of his time at home whenever he was not working. He didn’t go out much or have many visitors over his house. The only person Keisha ever saw him interact with was her.

They’ve had many long friendly conversations at the back fence. Ben was very attentive to whatever Keisha had to say. She didn’t know it, but Ben had a very strong attraction to her and wanted to get to know her better. But, he kept it to himself.

Keisha was worn and stressed and tired. She really didn’t feel like talking today. So the only reply that she could give at the time was a simple,


“Are you felling alright?” he asked her.

“You look like you’re not feeling too hot.”

Keisha gathered herself and told Ben about the rough week she had just had. And, how it got rougher as the week progressed…how it seemed like everybody she made contact with all week was there to add to her distress…how nothing went right for five whole days.

“Well, you just made my day by showing me your lovely face.”

“Go inside and let your hair down and treat yourself to some ‘me’ time.” he told her

Keisha made her way into the kitchen and threw her mail on the table.

“No need to open the bills until they’re going to be paid.” she said to herself.

She didn’t want anymore aggravations; it was time to rest. She went to the cupboard and grabbed a glass and a bottle of Zinfandel out of the refrigerator. She sat in the recliner in the living room and kicked off her shoes as she laid it back. Keisha laid there with her eyes closed and sipped on a glass of wine and let her thoughts drift off.

Second glass, and she was starting to loosen up a little. By now the sunlight was nearly gone and it was getting dark in the house.

“I guess I’ll get up now.” She thought to herself.

The walk down the hallway felt like she was walking the “Green Mile” She couldn’t get to the bedroom fast enough. Keisha flipped on the light switch in her bedroom as she came through the door. She dropped her bag on the bed and began undressing. Ben, who was sitting in the chaise lounge on his patio, saw the light in Keisha’s bedroom.

In her exhaustion, Keisha had forgotten to close the blinds throughout her house. Ben was looking directly at her from his back yard. He stood up and moved to the back fence to enjoy the show, confident that she would not see him in the darkness of the evening.

Keisha turned on the lights as she entered the bathroom, still oblivious to the blinds not being pulled closed. After losing sight of Keisha, because the bathroom window was six feet from the ground, Ben decided to climb the fence and continue his peep show. He had become aroused from watching her undress and had to see more.

Ben had always wanted Keisha, but had never had expressed it to her. He pulled the trash can underneath the bathroom window to stand on it. He pulled himself canlı bahis up and peered into the small two foot by two foot window.

There was Keisha, removing her bra and panties. She had a glass of wine on the vanity. It was her fifth glass by now and the bottle was nearly empty. Ben could tell that Keisha was starting to feel the effects of the Zinfandel and was not too aware of her surroundings.

She stepped into the shower and let the spray hit her face. She then bowed her head and let the hot water run down her back. The hot water going down her back felt so good, like liquid fingers running down her body. The sight of her bare body drove Ben wild! After the shower Keisha dried off, rubbing the towel in places unseen during the day.

“If I could only be that towel!” Ben thought to himself.

Keisha took the scented oil that she bought and started massaging it into her skin. When she got to her breasts, her hands moved in a slow circular motion. She released a slight moan and Ben nearly fell off of the trash can. She made her way to the bedroom and opened the jar of cream. The fragrance was soft and hypnotic.

Ben was at the end of his wits with desire for her; he had to have her now. Keisha finished rubbing the cream into her skin and left out of the room. Ben took in the sight of her walking out of the room. He studied how her hips moved as she sashayed into the hall.

Keisha was now back in the living room finishing off the bottle of Zinfandel. She lay on the couch with music playing to help finish ease the tension of her week. There were no lights on inside the room other than the mystic blue glow of the CD player.

Ben made his way to the living room window to see Keisha laying on the couch wearing nothing but her beauty. The coolness of the air felt great on her perfumed skin. And she lived by herself so, why put on anything?

Ben watched Keisha’s body in the glow of the light from the radio. The blue light accenting her figure seduced him in a manner that beckoned him.

“She is so pretty. She looks like an angel laying there; I wish I could just touch…”

That was it! He couldn’t take anymore! Ben went to the back door and grabbed hold of the handle. He hoped that in her frustration Keisha had forgotten to lock the door the same way she forgot to close the blinds. Slowly, easily, he turned the knob.

“It’s unlocked!”

He stepped into the door and stealthily traversed to the living room. Keisha lay on the couch with her eyes closed with all her glory exposed. The scent of body oil and cream filled the room. He stood at the end of the couch ravishing her with his eyes. Something about seeing her like that produced a wild hunger for her that was uncontrollable, at the same he time was weakened with sympathy for her troubles.

“I wish I could take all of her problems away.” he thought to himself.

He got onto his hands and knees and crawled over to her face. He planted a soft gentle kiss on her lips. She unconsciously reciprocated before coming to her senses and opening her eyes.

She was startled, “BEN???” “What are you doing in here!!!”

“SSHHHH, let me take care of you… just relax.”

Keisha was beyond surprised but gave in to the advances of her neighbor. Maybe it was the wine. Or, maybe she was too worn out to offer any resistance Or, maybe it was just that it felt so good to be touched, but Keisha just laid there and gave in to her neighbor’s advances. Something in his voice, the way he sounded calmed and soothed her.

Ben grabbed the sides of her face and resumed kissing her lips. He worked his way to her neck, inhaling the fragrant cream that perfumed her skin.

“You really are tense.” he told her as he felt the tightness in her neck.

He took her by the hand and pulled her up from the couch. He led her down the hall back to her bedroom and told her to lay on her stomach. Ben found the oil that she had been using and lay it next to her. He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed a few drops into his hands. He placed his palms on her shoulders with a firm but subtle grip and began kneading the knotted muscles in her neck and shoulders.

Keisha let out out a quiet sigh of relief as the tension started to melt away. He worked his way to her sides and then to the middle of her back. It has bahis siteleri been so long since Keisha’s body had been manipulated this way. Her breaths of relief soon turned to silent moans of comfort.

As Ben squeezed and mauled the the naked flesh of his neighbor, his lust for her grew to a raging flame. The mere sight of her laying there before him like that was something he only saw in his dreams. With every touch from his hand, he studied the body part that was in his possession.

He made his way down to her hips. When he grabbed hold of the fleshly mounds of her butt a quiver of passion shot down back. As he massaged and molested her backside the thought of it made his mouth water. Then her thighs were next on the odyssey of her body, then her calves and then her feet.

Ben notices that Keisha wasn’t making anymore noises. He stopped and listened. She was asleep. He pondered on whether to wake her or just leave. He sat there and watched her for a moment. The entrancing scent from the body oil and the mesmerizing view of the angel sleeping next to him pulled his lips to the back of her neck.

He had gone past the point of no return. His lips worked her neck and shoulders. Soon the kisses involved the tip of his tongue. He found the back of her neck and traced his way down the center of her back. Keisha had begun to wake up now. She felt the warm kisses and fluttery licks on her back.

“MMMMM”, she moaned.

A welcoming feeling to her. Ben was now rubbing and squeezing her body while he tasted the different areas of her back. His passion was out of control. As long as his mouth was tasting a part of her body, he didn’t care. He had made his way to her left buttock. The lovely lobe of seat-filler jiggled in his hands. His lips found their mark.

He transitioned from one cheek to the next with butterfly kisses, relishing every second of it. He slid his tongue down the back of her thigh to behind her knees. When he placed a fluttery light tongue flick, she inhaled sharply. That was something new to her. She had never felt anything like that before.

Ben rolled Keisha over onto her back while never removing his lips from her thigh. He pulled himself up to eye level with her. He at stared her with an intense look of passion. He came down to meet her lips with his one more time and then to her neck. By now Ben had one of Keisha’s breasts in his hand.

His finger traced around the nipple then across. He lowered his head to the other breast and continued his tasting session. His lips had gone from kissing to sucking now. Keisha was now ignited with desire and passion. She hummed and moaned in pleasure from her body being used as Ben’s personal buffet.

“OOO, yesss.”, she moaned.

The sound of her approval was a long waited invitation to Ben. He saw the erect nipple of the breast that was in his hand. He gently came down on it with a soft suction. When the nipple passed his lips, he grabbed it between his teeth with expert precision. He gently held the firm nipple between his teeth and mildly flicked it with the tip of his tongue.

Ben’s hand was playing with her clit at this time. The multiple stimulation shot sparks through Keisha’s stomach. She pushed Ben’s head lower to her stomach. He stopped at her navel with the same delicate tongue flicks. Keisha was ablaze and ready for anything now.

As Ben made his way even lower with his oral massage, he came out of his clothes and dropped them on the floor. Keisha grabbed his hand and placed it back on her burning clitoris.

“Don’t stop!:” she commanded.

Ben rubbed and played with Keisha’s pussy some more. She was dripping wet and squirming from his touch. He brought his tongue down onto the crease where her hips met her abdomen. He ran his tongue up and down the valley and then stopped completely.

He looked up into Keisha’s eyes; she lay there breathing heavily. She moaned in protest of the abrupt end of his activity. Just as she was about to speak, Ben’s face dove onto her hot and juicy pussy.

“UUUNNH!”, the sudden touch brought of his tongue out a grunt of sexual release from her bowels.

Ben attacked Keisha’s clit like a hungry wolf devouring its kill. Her juices were flowing, producing a river of lust. Ben put her legs on his shoulders and lapped at her clit with a feverish bahis şirketleri assault.

He sucked the lips of her pussy in combination with with her clit. His tongue was like a lingual whirlwind. Keisha felt an orgasm coming. She wrapped her legs around Ben’s head. As she hit her climax she squeezed Ben’s head in a vise- like grip with her legs.

“OOOOHHH!”, she out a squeal of satisfaction.

Ben, realizing that Keisha was cumming, locked his lips on her clit with tongue underneath it and sucked it like he was sucking a milkshake. The feeling was unique to Keisha. She had never felt anything like that before. She grabbed the back of Ben’s head and crammed it into her crotch.

“AAAAAAHHH!!!”, Keisha screamed with a high pitched squeal.

She was cumming harder. It was like an orgasm inside an orgasm. Her hot juices were exploding from her. The intensity of her pleasure encased her body like a cocoon. Keisha collapsed, weakened from her orgasm. Ben jumped up with Keisha’s limp legs in his arms. He lifted her legs and guided the head of his penis to the entrance of her love cave.

He glided the tip into her, just past the entrance and held it there. He stopped and took in a breath. He contracted his taint to pulse the tip of his dick just inside the opening of her cunt. With every jump of his penis, Keisha let out a soft moan.

Ben savored the heat from Keisha’s sugary walls. He delighted himself in the feeling of her velvety love hole. He took in a deep breath and pushed his painfully bulging love muscle into her garden.

:This is what heaven must be like!” he thought.

Ben buried his face into Keisha’s neck and began slowly pumping into her. Keisha let out grunts and moans as Ben filled her with himself. He pushed in deeper and faster, the feeling getting better with every thrust. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and wrapped his arms around them.

His fiery lust was in command, controlling his actions. He kissed her feet while he pumped between her thighs. Keisha was having her second or third orgasm. Her legs shook and quivered as she screamed in ecstasy. Ben was beginning to feel that he was about to cum, so he withdrew penis and let Keisha’s orgasm take over.

Being a butt man, Ben had to take her from behind. He rolled her over onto her hands and knees and grabbed a handful of glute in each hand. He took a few seconds kneading and squeezing the bulbous mounds of seat meat. He then spread her cheeks apart wide and buried his face in between.

He stuck his tongue out and gave her pussy a tongue lashing for a few seconds and then impaled it again with his rock hard member. He drove his body into her butt cheeks. So warm, so soft, so beautiful. He slammed into her rear over and over again. The vision of his dick sliding into her, and then seeing her booty jiggle as he collided into it turned up the heat in his body.

Ben felt the tightening of his pelvis and knew what was about to happen. Just as he was about to cum, when he was at the point of no return, he pulled out and sandwiched his dick between Keisha’s cheeks, like a human hot dog in his mind. He crashed his body into hers and they fell forward. Ben continued sliding his dick between Keisha’s ass cheeks, grinding and pumping.

“AAAAHHH!!!” he grunted as his climax came.

He let go like a cannon, releasing the hot river of seed in the butt crack of his companion. His cum shot out with a violence onto Keisha’s asshole. Keisha invited the lava like flow and puckered her hole to get it to cover her hole.

They laid there in each other’s arms in the afterglow of their passion until they both fell asleep. Ben woke up to Keisha on top of him. He was already erect and ready to go another round. Keisha rode him until he came. She ground her hips into him and until she came and went back to sleep.

The next morning Ben woke Keisha with a kiss on her forehead.

“Good morning, ma’am” he said to her.

“Good morning, sir.”: she replied.

“I’m going to home and get some breakfast and I’ll be back.” he said.

“Why not stay here for breakfast? It’s all you can eat.” Keisha joked.

“Okay, let me get a shower.” he was more than willing to stay over.

Ben hopped out of the bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He turned on the water and poked his head though the door to see Keisha straightening the room, still naked.

“Oh, by the way,” he said, “is your tension gone?”

“It is now.” she said. “But I think it’ll be back later this evening”.

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