Neighbors Ch. 03

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The week after Kathy and I had that wild mother/daughter role-playing party with Caitlyn and her friends we both began to look at mom in a completely different way. We also tried in very subtle ways to get mom to look at us in a new light. We did this by always dressing sexy and walking sexy when ever we were in her presence. We became more affectionate with her than usual, like greeting her at the door with hugs when she came home from work and like volunteering to help around the house instead of waiting to be told. We also became more affectionate with each other, instead of our usual quarreling. She often saw us holding hands, or even kissing each other affectionately—not enough to scare her into thinking that we were 100% lesbians for certain, but just enough to make her somewhat curious as to what was going on between us. To sort of put the bug in her brain if you know what I mean.

Then the following Saturday Caitlyn invited mom to go to the mall with her. I found out later from both mom and Caitlyn what had happened.

“So what do you do when you get horny?” Caitlyn asked mom on the way to the mall after finding out that mom didn’t ever date.

“I try not to think about sex at all,” mom said with a giggle, “so I don’t get too horny.”

“But you can’t deny your body forever. Don’t you even ever masturbate?”

“Well, I guess, once in awhile.” Mom said with a bright red face.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Virginia,” Caitlyn said reaching a hand over to pat mom’s thigh.

“Well, thank you.”

“What you need to do is to let your hair down and dress up real sexy once in awhile. Bet you’d get a lot of stares then.”

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe you’re right.”

“Look, I’m having a lingerie party at my place this evening. A few of my girlfriends are coming over and everybody dresses up real sexy and we kind of model for each other. It’s a hell’uv a lot of fun. Why don’t you come on over and join us?”

“Well, I-I-I-I don’t know . . . .”

“Come on,” Caitlyn patted mom’s thigh again. “You’ll be a smash, and it’s all innocent fun. Nobody’s going to bite you.”

“Well, I guess, if you really want me to.”

“Of course I do.” Caitlyn rubbed her hand just a tad higher on mom’s thigh. “It’ll be so much fun. You’ll see. Some of my friends can get pretty wild, but they’re lots of fun.”

“But most of my clothes are so . . . .”

“That’s okay. We can fix that at the mall. We’ll buy you some real hot and sexy outfits. With that body of yours and those tits,” Caitlyn said taking her eyes momentarily off the road to leer at mom’s prominent breasts, “you’ll outdo all of us other girls.”

They went into a department store and picked out a sexy white girdle thing with garter strap attachments, a cleavage-showing uplift bra, and a short red summer dress. Then they went into one of the dressing rooms so mom could try them on.

Caitlyn helped mom out of the knee-length summer dress she was wearing then undid her bra snaps to take her bra off so they could try on the new one. Caitlyn stood close behind mom as she fastened the new bra, then she reached around to place her hands on mom’s bra cones so as to pretend to help her adjust the new bra. “How do these cups feel? Is it a nice fit for these big knockers of yours?”

“Y-y-yeah, they feel real nice.” Mom admitted later to having enjoyed the feel of Caitlyn’s hands on her breasts and the silky wetness of Caitlyn’s breath on the back of her neck.

“Good, then let’s try on the girdle next.”

Caitlyn helped mom pull the tight elastic thing up her legs and over her hips and ass (giving her opportunity to grope mom’s ass and fondle her hips). Then she continued to fondle mom’s ass a bit more while pretending to adjust the tight material into place. “Wow!” Caitlyn said. “That looks so retro sexy. Like catching my mommy in her underwear when I was a little girl. I can’t wait until my friends see this on you. They’ll go crazy. Look in the mirror and see how sexy you look.” Caitlyn grabbed mom by the shoulders and with her own tits touching mom’s back she turned mom towards the mirror. “Just imagine how sexy you’ll look when you have stockings hooked up to these garter straps.” Caitlyn fingered mom’s garter straps letting the tips of her fingers tease mom’s thighs. Looking at the front of mom’s reflection in the mirror, she could see the front of mom’s panties starting to get wet and was tempted to seduce her right then and there, she held off though, knowing that it would be a lot more fun to make mom wait until she was so horny she was as sex crazed as the rest of us.

Mom, aware that her panties were starting to show evidence of the wetness of her rising state of arousal and feeling the self-conscious need to cover herself up said, “maybe we should try on the dress now?

“Certainly,” Caitlyn said, giving mom’s fanny an affectionate pat. Then she grabbed the dress and slipped it over mom’s head. Caitlyn helped mom smooth the material küçükçekmece escort down her body surreptitiously fondling her as her hands moved up and down mom’s body. “Now look at yourself.” She gave mom’s ass another light slap.

“See how this dress only comes down to here?” Caitlyn fingered the hem of the dress letting her pinkie finger lightly graze the tops of mom’s thighs. “And it leaves your garter straps exposed. That’ll look so fucking sexy when you’re wearing nylons. You have no idea. You’re going to be the star of the show.”

“Well, if you really think so.” Mom giggled nervously.

Caitlyn then helped mom out of the new items and back into her original clothes, coping surreptitious feels along the way, and then they went to the cashier’s to pay for the new items.

On the way home, Caitlyn made a point of passing by one of those sex boutiques that sell vibrators and tacky lingerie, as well as porn DVDs and other sex-oriented items.

“You need one of these to help you masturbate,” Caitlyn said as they browsed through the vibrator section. Caitlyn picked out a cock-shaped eight-incher that had an attachment connected to the base for stimulating the clitoris. “Doesn’t this one look wicked and sexy? If you can’t get off with this, then nothing will work.”

Mom giggled and blushed, but agreed to buy it when Caitlyn handed it to her. On the way to the counter Caitlyn led mom through the video section and then paused in front of the rack of lesbian films. One of the jackets showed a group of women eating each other out in a daisy chain. Caitlyn picked the film jacket up to look at it more closely. “It sure looks like they’re having fun, doesn’t it.” She giggled as she handed the DVD jacket to mom.

Mom blushed, then said, “To each her own, I guess.” Then she giggled and handed the DVD jacket back to Caitlyn, and as Caitlyn took it from her she let her fingers lightly graze over mom’s hands while looking her straight in the eye. Caitlyn turned the DVD jacket over which showed individual face shots of the models and a few small shots of additional sexual activity. “Ummm, my Gosh,” Caitlyn said, “have you ever seen such beautiful girls?” She held the DVD jacket up close to mom’s face so that she had no choice but to look.

“Well, Yes,” mom admitted with face now ten shades of red, and lips suddenly dry. “Now that you mention it, they are beautiful—though I don’t approve of what they’re doing in that movie.”

“Well,” Caitlyn said with a smile, “it’s like you said, to each their own. But I think I’ll buy it. It might be fun to watch some time.” She winked at mom.

Mom admitted to Kathy and I later that as the day progressed she was getting more and more turned on, in spite of herself. All the sexy talk with Caitlyn, the trying on of the sexy clothes in the department store, and then going to that naughty store with the vibrators and sex movies for sale. The light touches of Caitlyn’s finger upon mom’s skin as she changed into and out of various items of clothing still tingled. And then when Caitlyn said that she was going to actually by that naughty lesbian movie, mom really started getting wet—or at least much wetter than she already was.

Then they went to the counter to pay for the vibrator and the movie. And mom got another turn on jolt. The young girl behind the counter looked just as sexy as the models on the movie jacket. Her blond hair was done in a double pony tail and she wore a lycra micro mini that made her tight little bubble ass glimmer, and on the top she had on some kind of a sports bra/halter top thing that molded perfectly to her peach-sized breasts and allowed her always-seemed-to-be-erect-nipples to protrude so brazenly. When the girl rang up the items she took a double look at both sides of the movie jacket then looked from mom to Caitlyn and then back to mom again with a knowing smile (which made mom blush again something awful).

But the girl came to mom’s rescue saying, “Nice movie, ladies. You’ll love it. I’ve watched it a couple of times myself . . . in privacy, of course.” She giggled. “You’re going to need that vibrator.” (More giggles).

Then as she bagged the items and handed them to Caitlyn her tongue was sticking out the side of her mouth so sexily. She winked at mom, and then as mom and Caitlyn thanked her and turned to leave the girl said, “have day ladies, and have fun.” And mom’s knees were so weak she barely made it back out to Caitlyn’s car.

And then sitting in Caitlyn’s car in the store’s parking lot Caitlyn took the vibrator she’d bought for mom out of the bag and caressed the phallic shaped thing most lewdly while smiling at mom. Then took the batteries out of the sack and showed mom how to put the batteries in and turn it on. Then she handed it to mom saying “just think of how good this thing’s going to feel when you slide it in and out of your pussy.”

As mom took the sex toy from Caitlyn she felt so naughty, kurtköy escort and the vibrations of the instrument tingled her entire body—but most especially her already rather wet pussy.

“Yes,” she said as she turned the gadget off before she crammed it up her dress right then and there. “I can see what it could do for a woman.” She giggled as she put it into her purse.

Mom spent the rest of the day on pins and needles thinking about all the sexy things and innuendos that she had been bombarded with that day. Between thinking about the sexy girl at the counter and wondering if Caitlyn was really going to show that nasty movie at her party that evening (while secretly hoping that she would, at the same time she dreaded it fearing that she’d get so horny that she’d make a fool of herself in front of all the other women)—all of that made mom desperate to give her new vibrator a ride. But she was afraid to with Kathy and I in the house. She was afraid that the tell tale buzz of the toy would alert Kathy and I to what mom was up to—even if she did it behind her closed bedroom door. So she held herself and spent the rest of the day like a cage leopard, nervous and fidgitty.

But above all it was the scenes on the jackets of the lesbian porn flicks that had affected her the most. She just could not get those images out of her mind. By the time it was time to go to Caitlyn’s party that evening, mom was so wet and horny that she was starting to wish that Caitlyn’s friends weren’t coming over so she could watch the naughty movie alone with Caitlyn and see if Caitlyn would really go all the way with her.

She was visibly nervous when she had dinner with Kathy and I. Then after dinner she went into her bedroom to get dressed for the party, then she came into the living room where Kathy and I were sitting watching TV. Mom was wearing the outfit that Caitlyn had picked out for her, and Kathy and I were mesmerized. We’d never seen mom in a dress that short that exposed most of her thighs—and those sexy garter straps. It all made her look down right slutty, and it made both Kathy and I wet thinking how nice it’d be to put our faces between those thighs of hers, to feel her leg-filled nylon stockings clamping hard against our blushing faces, and then to nuzzle one’s face up under her hemline to explore her secrets. And then there were her tits all pushed up and out by that bra that Caitlyn had picked out for her.

“Wow, mom!” I finally said with dry throat. “You look so sex . . . .uh, beautiful. That’s a great outfit you’ve got on.”

“Why thank you dear. Caitlyn, our new neighbor, has invited me over for the evening. She’s having a party with some of her friends. I don’t know when I’ll be back. You girls’ll be okay?”

“Sure mom, there’s a bunch of shows on TV tonight that we want to see,” I said with my fingers crossed.

“You have fun, mom,” Kathy said, “and don’t worry about us.”

Kathy and I watched with baited breath as mom stepped out the door to go over to Caitlyn’s. Then we hugged and kissed each other.

“God, I can’t wait!” I said. And we both giggled. But we did wait—at least a little. We waited until we knew mom had had sufficient time to get settled in Caitlyn’s den, and Caitlyn had time to get the party rolling, then we stepped out of the house ourselves to hide in the back of Caitlyn’s house to watch all the proceedings in Caitlyn’s den as previously arranged by Caitlyn. We were so excited, and nervous as cats ourselves just thinking about all the hot things Caitlyn had planned for mom that evening. And at the same time we were also afraid—afraid that mom would chicken out and leave the party early. Boy were we in for a delightful surprise!

By the time we took up our positions by the window, Big busted Brenda and the two big blonde twins, Candy and Sandy were there along with mom and Caitlyn. And they were all watching the naughty movie that Caitlyn had purchased that day—and mom was right there with them looking totally fascinated by it, and “ooohing and ahhhhing,” along with all the other women.

Sensing that everyone was getting sufficiently warmed up Caitlyn turned off the movie and turned a small light on. Then she brought out drinks on a tray for everyone as they were all now standing around talking (all of their pussies were twitching too much to want to sit still).

The two twins were dressed in identical bright red one-piece latex mini-dress outfits that looked like they had been poured onto their bodies while still molten. The outfits were sleeveless, leaving their arms bare, but molded to their mountainous breasts so that their puffy auroles clearly stood out—not to mention their always erect nipples. The rubber skirt parts came down to almost cover their butts while allowing the very bottoms of their ass cheeks to peek through. And in front, the lower portions of their fat pussy lips were also visible. They wore high heels to further accentuate their butts maltepe escort and to make their long legs seem that much longer.

Brenda wore a tight-fitting brown T-shirt and a blue tennis type of skirt that was short enough to allow fleeting glimpses of her white panties whenever she moved just so.

Caitlyn wore a single piece, knee-length evening dress that might look conservative enough to wear to a symphony concert—except for the two holes in the chest which allowed her white bra cones to completely protrude out from the dress. And what bra cones they were! As they too had little holes in the end allowing her erect nipples to stick out and be exposed. Heels and hose completed her wardrobe.

And then there was mom—looking just as sexy as the others. We were so proud of her.

I could have almost cum by just from looking at how sexy all these women looked in their outfits.

At first they were all standing around chatting and holding drinks in their hands. Then Caitlyn put on some light music in the background, and announced. “Okay, let’s get this party started. Since we have a new member for our modeling club tonight, we’ll make her go first.”

“Alright Virginia!” Brenda said as the four other women sat down side-by-side on the two couches that Caitlyn had arranged for her party. Both couches, of course were on the opposite wall facing Kathy and I so we got a great view as the four women sat down. Since all of them were wearing skirts, they flashed us real good as they crossed their legs. There were Caitlyn and Brenda in their white panties, and then there were the two giant twins with their naked and shaved pussies—their fat, hungry lips pouting at us.

“Such a sexy outfit you have on, Virginia,” Candy said.

“Yeah, please come a little closer so we can get a better look,” Sandy said.

Mom stood in front of the two twins, turning around to face away from them and wriggle her butt back and forth in front of their faces.

“Way to go mom!” I whispered into Kathy’s ear. I pressed up real close behind her so I could rub my cunt on her ass while we watched mom get seduced by all those sexy women in there. Kathy and I had come dressed for the occasion. Tight-fitting T-shirts on top with no bra so our nipples could poke out freely, and on the bottom the skimpiest possible minis with no panties.

Knowing that we had complete privacy here in Caitlyn’s yard I pulled up the hem of Kathy’s skirt in back and the hem of mine in front so I could fuck her ass with my clit while watching the twins finger mom’s garter straps and fondle her jiggling butt.

I placed my hands around Kathy to play with her erect nipples while rubbing my own little hard-ons against her back. And Kathy reached her hands around to play with my butt cheeks while I fucked my clit into her ass.

Mom giggled as one of the twins, playing with her garter straps, let her hands sneak up under mom’s skirt.

“Don’t forget about us,” Caitlyn said. “We want to see your sexy outfit too, especially Brenda since I’ve already seen it.”

“Yeah,” Brenda said, “the twins can play with you some more later, but let me have a look now.”

Giggling, mom worked her way over to the other couch. “You all make me feel like a young girl again,” mom said as she stood facing Caitlyn and Brenda while waving her hips back and forth.

“Well, you are a young girl, Virginia,” Caitlyn said, “with these legs of yours.” She ran her hands up and down mom’s legs.

“And this nice ass!” Brenda said reaching one hand around mom’s hip and the other up under her skirt and between her legs to fondle mom’s ass.

Mom giggled again while her face turned bright red, but she continued swaying her hips back and forth. And by this time she had found enough courage to start fondling her own tits while the other two women continued to fondle her nylon enshrouded legs and her butt.

And Kathy and I got so fucking hot watching mom acting sexy in front of all those beautiful women we could hardly stand it. We wanted to rush in there and start fucking her and sucking her. But Caitlyn had given us strict orders to wait until she gave the signal.

“I think it’s about time for one of you to take your turn,” mom said to Caitlyn and Brenda.

“Brenda?” Caitlyn said, “why don’t you trade places with Virginia and give her a break?

“Love too. Why don’t you have a seat here, sweatheart while I try to strut my stuff.” Brenda said patting the cushion right next to Caitlyn as she got up. “But you’re going to be a tough act to follow.” She patted mom on the ass before mom could sit down.

When mom sat down on the couch she crossed her legs like the other women had done not knowing that she was giving her own two daughters a bird’s eye view up her skirt—right to her panty-covered crotch. And Kathy and I both let out light gasps when we saw how wet mom’s panties had gotten just from that little bit of horsing around with the other women. And what a beautiful erotic sight that was looking up between mom’s nylon-enshrouded legs and seeing the tops of her nylons connected to those garter straps, and then those white panties—very wet white panties I might say. In fact her panties were even wetter than Brenda’s and Caitlyn’s which thrilled Kathy and I to no end.

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