Nephew-in-Law’s Filthy Undies Pt. 02

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It was the following day that I went back into his room looking for more of his underwear to sniff and wank into. This time around I wasn’t so lucky as there was absolutely nothing in the wash basket or in the waste paper bin. It appeared that washing three pairs of his underwear the previous day had left him without spare ones to change into. Needless to say I made sure the clean ones were neatly placed on his bed that same afternoon.

That night he went off to bed quite early saying he wanted to play on his Xbox. I was a lot more happier than everyone else about this as I was sure he’d use some of that time to play with himself, something I’d hopefully enjoy the remnants of the following day.

The following day finally arrived and this saw them all head out to visit Cambridge for the day. The moment I received a text saying they had arrived safely I headed for his room. Inside the laundry basket I found a single pair of his black briefs which were more of less clean, as was the waste paper bin. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I had spent the night thinking about nothing more than getting my nose up against more of his cum stained underwear.

It wasn’t until I was leaving did I notice a screwed up t-shirt under his bed. Thinking this might contain another pair of his underwear which was being used as a cum-rag, I carefully pulled it from under the bed. My heart started racing as soon as I opened it up and was faced with a condom. Not only had it been used it had a knot tied at the top sealing in whatever he had pumped inside. Before I picked the condom up I turned around and quickly checked the drawer and counted how many condoms were there. And yes, one of the condoms was missing as there was only fifteen remaining!

Without hesitation I bent down and grabbed the whole condom in the palm of my hand before heading for my office. Once there I placed the condom on my desk and just looked at it. It was quite obvious he had cum in the condom recently given some of the sperm was still quite frothy from his vigorous shafting. Putting my fingers on the rim of the condom I picked it up and put it up to the light of the window. I can’t remember how much sperm I produced at the age of eighteen but I’m sure it wasn’t as much as I was looking at in the bottom of his condom .

Obviously, I wanted to know what it felt like to be close to his load, so I put the bottom end of the condom containing his sperm into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue, all the time knowing only a thin layer of rubber was between me and what had spurted out of his young cock. As I warmed the sperm filled condom in my mouth there was an overwhelming desire to pierce the end and drink it all, but I resisted. Needless to say by this time my cock was throbbing so hard I had no choice except to undo my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles.

After about a minute I took the condom out of my mouth and started to undo the knot. Once it was undone I placed my fingers each side of the condom rim and gently opened it up. Looking inside I could see a large pool of his now warm sperm at the bottom, and this was with sperm juices still dripping down the inside. mecidiyeköy escort

The strong aroma of his sperm was already coming up from inside the condom, but I wanted more, so I placed my nose just inside the rim and inhaled. Although I have smelt my own sperm many times, knowing it was from a eighteen year old virgin was a different story. I could have easily shot my own load just thinking about it, let alone now I had some in front of me. Again I resisted the temptation by taking my right hand out from inside my underpants.

By this time it was obvious I only had one thing left to do which was to taste it! Holding the condom in my left hand I pushed my right index finger inside the condom and into his sperm. Within a second it was back out and into my mouth where my taste buds exploded into life as they came into contact with his young salty load.

So many thoughts came into my head about what I wanted to do with his sperm. The first was to taste a larger amount of it, so I put the rim of the condom into my mouth and gently tipped the condom up. Before I knew it my tongue had become a waterfall of sperm, with it overflowing down all sides. I took the condom out of my mouth and hung it from my desk lamp.

As I watched the rest of his juicy sperm dripping back down the insides of the condom, I used my tongue to circulate his young salty load around the inside of my mouth. I thought the taste of licking the sperm stains from inside his underwear was arousing enough, but nothing compared to having it poured in my mouth from his condom.

There wasn’t a huge amount of his cock juices left in the condom but it was obviously still very wet from his successful wanking session. Opening the condom rim I used the first inch of the inside to lubricate the sides of my cock. Again my cock was throbbing from side to side as I was well aware this was the first time my cock had been in contact with someone else’s sperm. As soon as my cock was fully lubricated I collapsed the condom to get all the air out, before then placing the rim around the top of my helmet and slowly pulled it fully over the rest of my hard veiny cock.

The feel of it sliding over my cock was amazing to say the least. Just seeing my cock fully inside the same condom he had previously worn and pumped his load into was an unforgettable sight. Even as I looked down I could see there was still some of his sperm inside which was more than lubricating my cock. Needless to say it didn’t take long before my cock was close to cumming inside his used condom. Looking down I watched as my warm load spurted out and hit the top of the condom before settling over my helmet.

As I slid the condom off I had a firm grip around my cock to ensure every drip of my cum would be left in the condom. My intention was to put the condom back in the same place I found it, as I was sure he was more likely to reuse it than open another one from the drawer. I realised the only way to know if the condom was reopened would be to put a hair in the knot. This is what I did and placed it back exactly where I found it.

The following day I arrived home nişantaşı escort early to an empty house so quickly headed to his room. Under his bed was the first place I looked and it was obvious the t-shirt had been moved slightly from where it was the previous day. Thankfully the condom was still found wrapped inside it, be it with less than a quarter the amount of sperm I left in it the day before. The hair was also gone.

Taking the condom I headed towards his dirty basket and looked inside. There wasn’t much inside apart from the same black pair from yesterday. On reaching in to grab them I noticed they were a lot wetter than they were the day before. This puzzled me. Even so I opened them up and gave the inside a deep sniff. The distinctive smell of wet sperm and sweaty cock once again got my cock throbbing inside my trousers. It wasn’t until I returned to my desk with both items did I think about what had happened to my sperm inside his condom. My thoughts were he had either swallowed my sperm whilst wanking into his dirty black underwear, or he had tipped the sperm out of the condom into his underwear, before putting it back on and pumping his load into it again. Either way, he had enjoyed using my sperm thinking he was enjoying his own. The thought of him doing any of those things was a big turn-on.

Once again I undid my trousers and pulled them down to my knees quickly followed by my underpants. Unknotting the condom I placed the rim in my mouth before putting my tongue deep inside to lick out as much sperm as I could. My tongue wasn’t able to get to the pool of sperm at the bottom so I used my index finger to push the bottom of the condom into my mouth, inverting it as it went. As the remaining sperm drained from the condom onto my tongue I held the ribbed end and slowly pulled the condom out of my mouth, hugging the rubber with my lips so as to remove any remaining sperm. Once out I swallowed the sperm and then turned the condom inside the right way I slid it over my cock ready to catch a fresh warm load. I opened up his underpants and placed my face deep inside them. Once I found the wettest patch I brought the fabric in between my lips and sucked out all the salty juices. After my mouth was filled with more of his salty sperm I started shafting my cock which again didn’t take long before I found myself spurting my load. Knowing he’d notice more sperm in the condom I went into the bathroom and emptied some out. I then returned the knotted condom and underwear to his room fully knowing it was just my sperm inside the condom this time.

I woke up the following morning knowing they were leaving for the airport late that evening. It was going to be a busy last day as they had arranged to go visit Oxford with us. I didn’t want to go as there were far more enjoyable things to do, so I made a few excuses about needing to do some work instead. It was a Saturday so it wasn’t an unusual thing for me to do. This seemed fine to them and they happily got into the car and spent the day there. Once I knew all was clear I again headed straight for his room. I first searched his laundry basket and found a light grey otele gelen escort pair I had seen him wearing that morning before having his shower. Needless to say I didn’t waste time getting my head inside them and taking a deep breath. With his underwear still up against my face I went to the t-shirt and pulled it from under the bed. Not only was it clear the condom had been used again, it had more sperm inside than the first time he used it.

Just looking at the contents of the condom had me realise it was far too much for him alone to have produced so he had obviously put his cock inside the condom whilst my sperm was still inside! Best of all was knowing it hadn’t been long since it had been freshly pumped out of his cock, and given the large amount of froth still in his sperm, it was probably only a matter of hours.

Once at my desk I hung his underwear on the corner of my monitor and then opened a new condom from a packet. There was no way I was going to let him take away all his sperm in that condom so I emptied half of his sperm into the new condom which I then put away in a safe place.

With my trousers and underpants off, I stood up and gently slid his sperm filled condom over my cock, whilst at the same time making sure his sperm was away from my cock and just dangling on its own at the end of the condom. After sitting down I got hold of the sperm filled part of the condom and lifted it up. I sighed with pure pleasure as I felt all his fresh sperm flow over the whole of my helmet. Looking down I could hardly see the helmet of my cock as his milky sperm was covering it from all sides. Although I had had a small amount of his sperm on my cock the last time I played with his condom, to have an entire load sloshing around my cock was pure heaven.

After shafting my cock for a while I grabbed his underwear off my monitor with my left hand started sniffing them. They might not have been the dirtiest but they still had a strong aroma. I kept sniffing and shafting my cock for quite some time before I could feel my balls getting a little wet from his sperm seeping down and out from the bottom of his condom. Reclining my chair I balanced his underwear on my face and then used my left hand to massage his sperm around my balls. Even though my balls and hand got quite wet, there was still lots of sperm in the condom which was sloshing over my cock as I shafted myself. It wasn’t long before I found myself not being able to hold back from cumming. Looking down I watched as my warm load shot up like a fountain through his sperm, hit the top of the condom and dripped down to mix with his. Even after I had spurted my load into his I was still shafting away until it was too sensitive to continue.

It was nice to wave his mother and him goodbye as I thought about how we shared our sperm, be it without his knowledge. Although we still visit them once a year I do wonder if he continued to wank into the condom once he got it back home. There is a part of me which hopes he did as loved the thought of my sperm sloshing around his cock a few more times.

Needless to say the new condom I kept with some of his sperm in was well and truly wanked into many times afterwards.


P.S. As unsafe as the above story seems, I am a strong supporter for safe sex. I regularly have blood tests due to a non sexual medical condition and always include a test for STD’s which has always been clear. Being as my nephew-in-law was still a virgin there was no risk involved.

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