New Lovers

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Andrea was thirty nine. She was married to a very busy lawyer named Jack. Jack wasn’t the best lover and he hadn’t been around much lately. Andrea had taken to mastrubating in her bedroom during the afternoon.

She loved the sun on her skin while she pleasured herself. She’d make the bed and open the curtains wide. Basking in the warm light, she’d use her toys and creams. Touching and fucking herself over and over until she had exhausted herself.

Little did Andrea know, but she’d been spyed on by her son and his friends. Apparently, her son Jarrod and his friends Skip and Tyrell could see her from Skip’s bedroom window. Skip was twenty and lived at home, Tyrell had his own place since he was nineteen.

Jarrod was twenty one but still lived at home. He had one year of college left and his father had thought it best he didn’t worry about work or rent. He hadn’t been home a lot either, which was why his mother had begun the show she put on daily. She thought she was alone in the house, free to make herself feel good without interruption.

Tyrell had been the first to see her mastrubate. She had been wearing a black bra and panties, lacy and barely there. He’d seen her spread her legs and arch her back, teasing her clit with the large vibrator she had stashed under her pillow. When she’d came, he’d had to go to the bathroom and whack his own cock until he to was pleasured.

Tyrell had told Skip later that week. They’d watched her fuck herself with a big dildo. Tyrell couldn’t help himself, he’d whipped out his cock and jacked off right there at the window. Skip had done the same.

After watching her for a few days, they hadn’t told Jarrod yet. He’d interuppted their jack off session one day and when they couldn’t tell him what they were watching, he’d looked. He’d saw his mother spread out on the pretty bedspread, fucking herself with the dildo.

Later, when they’d talked about it, Jarrod had joined them in talk of her sexy body. Tyrell liked her round ass, Skip wanted to taste her pussy, but Jarrod, he wanted to fuck her perfect tits.

When he’d revealed that to his friends, they’d teased him relentlessly. He laughed them off, not that she’d ever let him fuck her tits and cum on her chest.

This began their daily ritual of crowding around the window and watching her. Then beating off while they fantasized about fucking her themselves.

It was during one of these sessions that Jarrod revealed to his friends his plan. He was going to interrupt one of her sessions, giving her something real to topkapı escort fuck.

The others laughed at him, but Jarrod was set on it. He went in her room early, removing all the good batteries from her toys. He replaced them with dead ones and hid her good dildo.

Later, she went to her room and stripped down to her pink cami and panties. She opened the curtains wide and allowed the sun to warm the room.

She gathered her favorite toys and climbed into bed. Her vibrator would barely turn on. She tossed it aside and reached for her dildo. It wasn’t there.

She was wasting valuable time, so she sunk back into the pillows and began.

Pulling her panties to the side, she revealed her bare pussy to her audience.

The guys were in the window, pants down to their ankles with hard cocks out.

“I’m heading over guys, time for me to play my part.” Jarrod said as he headed out the door. The others hooped and hollered. Wishing him the best.

He approached the door to his parents bedroom slowly. Her reaction was everything, he was going to embarrass her. His plan was to reassure her that it was okay and he was really interested in her.

Opening the door a crack, he could see her. She lay on the bed, naked now. Her cami was tossed on the floor, revealing her large tits. Her panties were off now, she was trying to get at her sweet spot.

It wasn’t working though, since none of the batteries were any good.

He was in the room and across to the bed before she realized he was there. She quickly reached for something to cover herself with.

“What do you think you’re doing? You didn’t even knock.”

“Well ma, I saw you were having trouble with your toys and thought I’d come over and help you out,” he said.

“That’s just crazy! Go, I can take care of this myself. You’re my son,” she rejected him.

He wasn’t prepared to give up though. He climbed onto the bed next to her. Running his hands across her thighs and over her hips.

She backed away and argued, “You can’t be serious. This isn’t going to happen. If you don’t leave, I’ll just dress and finish later.”

He laughed, “I’m not giving up ma, I’ve been watching you for weeks now. Now it’s time I showed you what a real man can do.”

She laughed back, “A real man? You wish you could be a real man. I’ve had a real man and your father sure as hell isn’t one. So you surely couldn’t be either.”

She climbed off the bed and grabbed her robe. Slipping it over her bare skin, she tuzla escort felt his eyes watching her. Before she could make it across the room to the door, he had moved into her way.

He knew he couldn’t let her leave the room without seeing what he had to show her. Doing what he so desperately wanted to do to her. He took a few steps closer. She backed up further, now she was against the wall. Literally.

He moved closer, resting his arm on the wall next to her head. She was breathing heavily, he leaned in close. His lips brushed against her neck, she tasted so good. Before she could move, he whispered, “Just let me fuck you ma. I can make you feel better than dad ever has. Just give me a chance. You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen and I can’t stop thinking about having my way with you.”

She started to refuse, “You’re my son, this isn’t right…” But he was kissing her neck. He made his way to her cheek, then her earlobe. He nibbled and kissed her. His free hand traced the outline of her, down to her waist before undoing the tie and allowing her robe to fall open.

Her tits were round and looked perfect for titty fucking. His favorite thing to do to a woman. He cupped one of them, lifting it to his lowered mouth. Her nipple was hard now. He ran his tongue over and around it. Flickering back and forth, feeling it become harder.

When she couldn’t take it much more, he moved over to tease the other one. Making it harder than the first. Pressing them together, he suckled one then the other. She breathed out a long sigh. Happy already.

When he brought his lips up to hers, there were no more words of refusal. She was now Andrea, his lover. He was Jarrod, her lover. They would become one and begin a long torrid affair.

Jarrod’s friends couldn’t see them from where they stood, he didn’t want them to miss this for the world. He slipped the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. He lifted her into his arms.

When he lay her on the bed, he couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful naked body. He had to control himself though. He had to make her see how wonderful their love making could be.

Slipping his shirt over his head, he revealed his tanned, muscular build. His jeans were next, he was wearing only a studded thong. Standing before his new lover, turning so she could admire his hard body.

Her grin was enough for him, she was ready. She opened her legs, showing him her small patch of hair above her wet pussy.

He leaned over and breathed pendik escort in her scent. Running his tongue over her pulsing clit. She tasted as sweet as Skip had imagined. He used her dead vibrator to fuck her while he teased and licked her. Making her cum before he’d stop.

He stood, looking into her hungry eyes. She eyed his hard fuck stick. Crawling to the side of the bed, she tugged at his thong. His cock sprung out and she gasped.

His cock was large, almost nine inches. She couldn’t decide whether to taste it or fuck it. She decided on tasting.

Her tongue flicked at the head of his cock. She lapped at the tiny droplets of cum beginning to spit out. Her mouth over his cock, he gripped her hair. Pushing himself into her. She was a trooper, no gagging or coughing. She swallowed all of him, deeper and deeper til his balls slapped her chin.

Suddenly, he pulled back. “Sorry babe, Gotta slow it down or you’ll have a mouthful before I’m ready to be done with you.”

She reached up and kissed him. The most passionate, sexy kiss he’d ever gotten. He couldn’t believe the little sex kitten his mother was being with him.

Helping himself to the bed, he pulled her into his lap. “Dance for me Ma, Please!”

She spread her legs, straddling his rock hard cock. Slipping his dick between her ass cheeks, rubbing up and down on him. It took every ounce of him not to explode all over her. He liked watching her tease him like that.

Suddenly, she lowered herself onto him. Riding his cock like he was a horse she was riding to a fire. Her pussy was so warm, his cock was so deep in her. Thoughts raced through his head. He had to think of something to keep him from filling her with his cum.

Her pace quickened with each plunge on his cock. She was bouncing on his cock, her tits shaking in the air. When he thought he couldn’t take another moment, she came. Hard too.

Her wet pussy cream on his cock. She slowed herself to a light rubbing on him. Trying to catch her breathe, breathing close to his ear, “That is like a real man, exactly like a real man.”

Before he exploded in her, he flipped her to her back. Straddling her chest, he pressed her tits together. His cock slid easily in and out. Her cum still keeping him lubricated. She let him enter into her mouth.

The warmth of her tongue, her wetness made his orgasm come. He couldn’t hold it back any longer. When she released his cock from her warm hole, he exploded.

Cum shot across her face, chest and when he pulled out to control it, her tits too. She lay next to him, naked, covered in his cum. He kissed her forehead, “See you tomorrow Lover.” He left her bed, gathered his clothes and headed for a quick shower.

He had already looked over to his friends. They had shocked expressions and cum everywhere. He’d had a good day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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