No Strings Ch. 01: Arrival

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I am English and you are American. We live five thousand miles apart.

We met on a webcam-based chat site that pairs random people together for conversation. We spoke for hours, sharing intimate details and secrets that included our sexual preferences, experiences and desires. Then we exchanged emails for a few weeks and played some games during video calls. Finally, we had the mad idea of meeting in person to indulge in some of our fantasies – with no strings attached.

Like a small kid waiting for Christmas, I have hardly slept since.

I have a business trip coming up that will allow me to spend five days with you. At the end of those five days we have agreed we will go our separate ways and not contact each other again.

Chapter 1

I fly in from London. Unusually, the flight is on time and I arrive just after 4pm. Picking up a rental car at the airport, I drive to my hotel and book into a large and comfortable room. Impatiently, I text you the room number and confirm our meeting time. I am both nervous and extremely excited as the minutes drag by.

You come to my room just as it starts to get dark outside. I open the door immediately on your soft knocking. Meeting for the first time in the flesh, I lean towards you and we enjoy a gentle kiss. I invite you into the room. Discarding your light jacket, you sit down next to me on the sofa and I open a bottle of iced champagne that I had room service deliver almost as an afterthought just before your arrival. As we enjoy a glass of the wine, we continue to share gentle, intimate kisses. Our tongues explore each other’s mouth and our hands begin to explore each other’s body.

We haven’t exchanged more than a few words but we are carried along in the clear knowledge of why we are both here.

Slowly, I begin to remove your clothing. Each time I remove something I cover the exposed skin in small kisses. Soon you are naked and I gaze at your beautiful body.

I take you by the hand to lead you to the huge walk-in shower and turn the water on full. As you start to bathe I strip and come in to join you. We soap each other as the warm water cascades down over us. My soft hands slip over your body, caressing and massaging your breasts, your shoulders, your back and bottom. I run my fingers over the soft smoothness of your bald pussy, brushing softly against the fleshy lips.

As the soap washes away, you kneel down in front of me and hold my dick to your lips. You suck me into your mouth, running your tongue around the head. As you take me in and out of your mouth I start to swell, getting larger and harder. Once I am fully erect, we ataşehir escort get out of the shower and dry each other gently with the large white hotel towels.

I pick you up and carry you out to the bedroom. I lay you gently on the bed and blindfold you with a brightly colored silk scarf I had ready for the purpose. You are lying there, naked and exposed with not so much as a hair on your pussy. The room is silent. You cannot see or hear anything but the low hum of the air-conditioning.

I take a glass of champagne and pour a tiny amount of the cold liquid onto your breast. Thousands of bubbles explode on your soft skin, tickling as the liquid runs over your nipple. I gently lick the champagne from your breast. Then, kissing your mouth, I pour a little more onto the other breast . I am alternately kissing your mouth and then licking champagne from your breasts while you lie back totally relaxed.

After a while I take a cube of ice from the bucket and brush one nipple with it. You shiver and your nipple instantly becomes small and hard from the coldness of the ice. When it is hard, I take it into my warm mouth. Sucking, kissing and licking it until it become large and soft again. Time and time again, I make your nipples hard with the ice, then kiss and suck them back to life. At the same time I am running my fingertips lightly up and down your stomach from your breasts to your pussy – sometimes making soft circles around your belly-button.

After a while, I move to the end of the bed and take your foot in my hands. I kiss your toes and then run my tongue up the sole of your foot from your heel to the toes. You let out a small giggle and your foot curls up as my tongue tickles it.

I start to place little kisses on your ankle, then move up your calf to the back of your knee with more kisses. I slowly trace a line with my tongue from your knee up your leg to the inside of your thigh. Slowly moving your legs apart, I inch closer and closer to your pussy. As I get to the top of your leg, I place my tongue at the base of your pussy, between your pretty pussy lips. You shiver a little in anticipation.

I move up your slit ever so slowly, easing the soft lips apart. I can taste your sweetness as the juices ooze from your beautiful pink pussy, coating the tip of my tongue.

As I get to the top, my tongue circles your clit. I concentrate on the surrounding area licking round and round, occasionally flicking across the top. Using my tongue like a paintbrush, I write the alphabet in light strokes across your most sensitive area. Up and down the sides, around the small hood from ümraniye escort which the pink little button is protruding.

You gasp and clench a little each time my tongue touches your swollen bud. Then, moving lower, I slowly push my tongue deep into your tight young pussy. I press hard to see how far in it will go. Pushing my face against your pussy, I force my tongue in deep, moving it in and out and from side to side, exploring every inch of the inside. You grunt a little as I invade the soft flesh and I feel it getting hotter and hotter in there.

Relaxing again, I start to lick up and down your pussy lips. As I move up and down with my tongue your pussy is getting wetter and wetter. You start to moan a little, quietly. I move my tongue back to your clit, licking and gently sucking it, faster and faster. As you get more excited, I push one finger deeps to your wet pussy as I continue to lick around your clit. I massage with my finger and lick faster with my tongue as you get hotter and louder. Faster and faster I go, until I bring you to a shuddering orgasm. I see your pussy muscles twitching as you let out a long moan. Your pussy juices are running all over your lovely hairless, pink pussy. Making it glisten in the light.

I turn you over onto your stomach and get you up onto your knees. I can now see your beautiful, round ass and the slit of your pussy from behind, fully exposed and welcoming. I hold your ass with both hands and place my rock-hard cock just into your pussy lips. I slide it up and down that slippery channel several times. As I hold it at the entrance again, you push back against me and I slip deep into your pussy, filling it with my hard, throbbing stiffness. I pull back until the head is just about to come out of your pussy and then thrust back in hard and deep.

I slide it slowly but firmly in and out. All the way in deep and almost all the way out, again and again. Gradually I increase the pace of my strokes We are both getting very heated now, as I thrust in and out, faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

After a while I pause and take three melting cubes of ice from the champagne bucket. Reaching down I push them slowly, one by one into your ass. Your puckered hole stretches open as each cold cube pops in then closes with the ice deep inside you. Your ass feels absolutely full. I begin thrusting again, deep and slow. You can feel the cold ice filling your ass, while my hot cock fills your tight pussy. I can feel the lumps of ice in your ass through the wall of your pussy, pressing against my cock. The ice is melting quite fast and kadıköy escort it’s dripping cold water from your ass, down over your pussy and onto my dick.

Pushing in and out, I lean over your back to take your breasts in my hand and start to massage your nipples . Your breasts are full and firm, nipples standing out proud. Rubbing, pulling and pinching them as I slam my cock into your pussy, I am fucking you faster and faster. You cannot hold out any longer and your whole body shudders as a second orgasm floods over you. I can feel your muscles contracting as your pussy grips tightly around my dick. I pull out so as not to blow my load just yet.

I turn you around onto your back again. My dick is still standing hard and hot. I take your legs and put them over my shoulders as I lean forward. You are bent double and your pussy is up in the air, allowing me to push my cock even deeper into you. You can feel it reach right to the very back as I slide in and out with long, deep strokes. As I get faster and more frantic, you feel my balls banging against your ass with every thrust I make. In this position I can watch your face as the ecstasy in your body builds again.

I know I will not be able to hold out much longer before I have to come.

I slow down and roll onto the bed. I lie on my back, my hard dick standing straight up in the air. You climb onto me and guide my dick into your hot, tight pussy. You lower yourself so that it completely fills you. You start to ride me, slowly at first, lifting yourself up and down. Lowering one hand to your pussy you start rubbing your clit with your fingers.

You start to ride faster. I watch your tits bobbing as you bounce up and down. You are rocking back and forward at the same time. My hard dick is stretching your pussy, rubbing hard against the top while you are grinding into my groin. The room is cool, but we are both sweating. I can see the beads of perspiration trickling down your breasts and stomach. Every time you slide down my dick, I am pushing up to meet you.

You are riding me hard, grinding your pussy and rubbing your clit as another orgasm sweeps over you. I feel your pussy contract, gripping my dick like a vice and I can’t wait any longer.

We both shout and scream as the feeling becomes so intense. I explode and my come floods into your pussy, mixing with your own juices. I don’t remember ever producing so much come. It feels like it will never stop. Five, six, seven bursts until I can relax, totally spent.

We stay like that for minutes until our panting reduces to no more than heavy breathing. I sit up and kiss you hard, crushing your lips, pushing my tongue deep into your mouth. We both collapse back onto the bed, exhausted.

You lie on your side and I lie close behind you. I hold you in my arms, stroking your hair and watching the slow rise and fall of your breasts until you fall asleep.

Just as my eyes begin to close, I realise I don’t yet know your real name.

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