Nobody Becomes Somebody Ch. 1

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Nobody would ever call her pretty…and it really BUGGED her. It’s not as if she hadn’t tried to be pretty. She’d tried every kind of makeup and beauty treatment she could afford, with her limited allowance, but it seemed as if the Forces of Nature conspired against her.

Lucy had hair with the power to absorb any kind of dye or tint and yet remain a drab, mousy light brown. (except for one awful month when she attempted to bleach it blonde, and ended up with hair the color of pea soup…and this was in the late 60’s when green hair was considered unfashionable.)

No amount of conditioner or straightener could remove the seemingly random curliness of her hair. It wouldn’t lie down with any type of symmetry, even when using permanents and rollers, nor could anything be done about the frizz that made her head look like some kind of pot scrubber.

Her eyes were small and squinty even when thickly spread with expensive eye liners, eye shadows, mascara, even false eyelashes. (THAT was a big mistake…she looked as if spiders had nested in her face…eeewww)

Her pug nose was too small and round, her lips too fat…she looked like a Troll! She hoped that having graduated, maybe she could get away from the “cliques” that defined the high school social structure. Maybe people would be a little more “mature” in junior college.

High school had been an endless, lonely torture for her and had left her feeling small and ugly. When she looked in the mirror (which she avoided whenever she could) she saw “Nobody”. That was her private name for herself.

In the summer of 1970, after graduation, she and her Dad and Mom had retreated to “The Cabin”. It was a small 2 story house on a remote little lake in Northern Minnesota, which had been in her father’s family for three generations. Her family spent every summer there, her Mom was a school teacher had the summers off. Her Dad commuted to work a few days a week and did much of his work at the cabin in a little office in the backyard.

This summer they were to “babysit” one of her cousins for 3 weeks, a 19 year old boy named Kevin. Lucy remembered him with loathing. He was from Illinois and she hadn’t seen him in years, but she clearly remembered his fixation on bugs, frogs and snakes … anything that he thought he could scare or tease her with.

Lucy felt it was bad enough that her privacy was to be invaded, but WHY did the invader have to be that bully who had once pushed her face into the mud, covering her little round nose with muck, then he called her “Turd Face” for the rest of his stay. Of course, he had been 9 and she’d been 8 at the time, it was POSSIBLE he might have changed since then.

On the day of his arrival, the family set off in their little boat to the only landing on the lake. The boat was the only way into or out from their property, no roads had ever pierced the thick pine and birch forest surrounding Blue Lake. There was a small tavern/ grocery/ liquor store/ gas station next to the boat landing called, with rural simplicity “The Tavern”. They were to meet Lucy’s uncle and Kevin there, have lunch and return with Kevin to the cabin.

When Lucy first saw him she was filled with intense irritation. He was fairly tall, trim and quite handsome.

“I’ll bet HE was popular in high school.” she thought, “Oh, sure … I really NEED this stuck-up, preppy type at MY cabin this summer … I bet he’s a total idiot!”

As lunch progressed, Lucy’s uncle bragged incessantly about Kevin. He raved about how he’d gotten a great scholarship to a big school, how he’d won a prize for his term paper on (of all things) the life cycle of some obscure BUG that lived in the swamps in Illinois, and how his professor was topkapı escort consulting Kevin, a freshman!, on some paper he was writing for “Scientific American”.

Lucy fumed, especially when her father mumbled lamely, “Lucy’s going to the Junior College in September.”

“Like anyone cares what Nobody does.” she thought, “Only Nobody cares, and even I don’t care that much.”

Out loud she said with a smirk, “Still hangin’ out with the bugs and the frogs, eh? … Some social life.”

She was quite surprised to see Kevin burst into laughter, then reply, almost sheepishly, “I’m afraid you’re right! I’ve never felt very comfortable with people, some of my best friends are frogs.” The whole table chuckled.

This shattered her first impression a bit. She had to admit that there was no reason to believe that he was “stuck-up” or even “popular”. She’d just reacted to his appearance … she’d been as bad as the people who’d decided that she wasn’t SOMETHING enough to be part of their “society”. Rich, Pretty, Smart, Stylish, Talented … there was always SOMETHING she lacked.

But that first meeting set the tone for the rest of his visit. She picked at every detail of his behavior just trying to make him feel unwelcome, and to let him know that she was not impressed by his good looks or intelligence. After a few hours of Lucy’s sarcastic sniping, Kevin started shooting back snide replies in self defense.

Lucy’s folks both pleaded and demanded that they “Stop this constant BICKERING”, not understanding that the two were beginning to have a wonderful time. They never saw the sparkle in the kid’s eyes and the sly grins they passed back and forth as they racked up points against each other.

On the third night of his stay the weather turned hot and muggy, as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” often does in the summer. Lucy’s parents slept in the bedroom upstairs, the second story being much smaller than the first. Straight underneath their room was a living room connecting to two bedrooms, each set diagonally off from the main room.

Their rooms being hot and stuffy … the two kids had met in the living room to play cards, hoping the night would cool enough to let them sleep. Lucy’s folks had a large fan and big windows upstairs, so they were sound asleep already.

“I hate this heat,” Kevin said wiping sweat from his face with a beach towel, “I wish we could go swimming.”

“That would be nice,” Lucy said, “but you know the rule.” referring her parent’s policy of NO SWIMMING without an ADULT’S PERMISSION.

“If we were quiet, they’d never know … C’mon … We’re legally adults anyway.” Kevin rationalized.

“I doubt if that’d go over with the Management…” she said, raising her eyes to the ceiling to indicate her parents. ” ‘Sides they’d notice the puddles under our suits in the morning.”

They looked at each other, eyes widening with a simultaneous revelation.

“Unless we weren’t WEARING our suits…” They chorused in harmony, then broke up laughing.

After several seconds pause, Kevin said, “Well … do ya wanna?”

At that moment, the truth of what they were contemplating hit Lucy. She’d never seen a boy naked, nor had a boy ever seen her. The impact of the idea hit her, like a punch in the stomach, and she felt a wave of nausea.

In a moment she realized that it wasn’t nausea at all. She didn’t know what it was, but it was intense. She reflected for a few more seconds then said, “Uhh … (gulp)YES … yes i DO.” Then whisper-giggled like a madwoman.

Before she had a chance to think further, or lose her nerve, she grabbed her beach towel, which she’d been using to mop her face, as Kevin had. She tuzla escort got up and scampered through the kitchen, quietly opening the back door and slipping into the darkness. Kevin was right behind her.

The cabin was built on a point so they had two beaches at 90% from each other. The one in front of the house was rocky, and had the dock and boat. It was also visible from her parent’s front window. The beach at the side of the house was the “swimming beach”, which had been built up with several loads of fine sand, carted over the lake by boat. It was invisible from all but Lucy’s room and the screen porch in the front.

They headed down the slight slope, lit by a moon that was just “half empty”, as Lucy always said. It was quite dark, nearly midnight, with the moon edging close to the west horizon, reflecting off the lake over the lazy waves. They both knew the beach well, having spent the last two afternoons swimming in the tiny bay beside the cabin.

They dropped their towels on the log bench which had been carved from a local tree with a chainsaw many years ago and worn smooth by dozens of family butts. They stood and looked out at the moon on the lake, each frozen with indecision as to what to do next.

Lucy realized that with the light so dim, she could only really see Kevin as a silhouette, and only if he stood between her and the moon. She made up her mind and began to take off her jeans and T-shirt, then her bikini panties and thin cotton bra, she was already barefoot.

As soon as Kevin heard her jeans unzip, he began to fairly leap out of his clothes, not wanting to seem shy, although he sure felt that way. He was barefoot too, and was done undressing just as Lucy started to unhook her bra.

He headed for the beach, careful not to stub a toe or trip over something. “Be vewwy, vewwy quiet…” Lucy said in a decent Elmer Fudd voice, and it was his turn to whisper-giggle. He slipped silently into the cool, cool water and heard Lucy quietly crunching the sand on the beach as she approached.

The air outside was much less muggy than that in the living room, and they both breathed deeply, sighing at the relief the water provided. For about 20 minutes they paddled around in silence, until the coolness of the lake began to seep into their bodies. With teeth now slightly chattering, they both headed back to shore at the same time.

They retrieved their towels from the bench, and by the time they’d dried off they felt perfectly comfortable. Sitting down with towels draped across the bench and backrest they began to chat quietly, pretty much unaware of their nudity.

“You know this is really nice … I’m usually so tongue tied around girls that I’ve never really had a chance to talk to one.” Kevin said, “I don’t suppose you’ll believe this, but I’ve thought about you a lot in the 10 years since we last met. “I always thought it was so cool that you were never afraid of my little ‘creatures’. And the way you didn’t cry when I pushed your face in the mud that time … just blazed at me with those pretty green eyes, waiting to get your revenge. “I guess you still owe me one…” he said playfully.

“Did he just say ‘PRETTY’? … to ME!?” Lucy thought, stomach full of butterflies again. Her mind did some kind of loop the loop, and she thought, “Dear God, I’m gonna be sick!”

Kevin went on, not realizing the effect his words were having, “If other girls were more like you, maybe I wouldn’t spend so much time in the swamp. That’d be nice … I think. You know, I’ve never even kissed a girl…OOPS! What am I saying? …You didn’t hear that.”

“You mean it’s not true?” she asked, as her mind shrieked, “I’ll do it! Pick me, pendik escort pick ME!”

“Yeah … it’s true, but I didn’t mean to tell you that.” he said slowly.

At this point, it suddenly occurred to them that they were sitting there completely naked.

Lucy jumped up saying, “Well I’m cooled off now…I think I can sleep”. Both statements totally untrue.

Kevin agreed, also lying, and jumped up too. As they began to fumble in the dark for their clothes, they realized that they’d been sitting on each other’s clothes.

Of course, things got tangled, more than just their clothes and several times they bumped together, apologizing, both thinking, “Ooh … that’s nice … I’d like to do that again.” and both of them hastily rejecting the idea. Neither of them bumped anything “important”, just arms and legs, and heads once.

Once their clothes were sorted out, Lucy, for reasons she barely understood took her clothes in her hand, and headed back to the cabin saying, “It’s so nice out, I think I’ll dress when I get to the back door.”

“Good idea.” blurted Kevin, who did understand. He wanted to catch a glimpse of her naked too. He realized with horror that since the cold dip his penis had shrunk to hardly more than a bump, and his scrotum was shriveled to the size of a walnut, but he wanted to see HER, so he followed her up to the cabin, also with his clothes in his hand. It seemed only fair somehow.

They raced up the hill like little kids on Christmas Day, only the packages had already been unwrapped. As they approached the back door, between their night vision and the light streaming from the living room, all was revealed.

They stood in awe, trying not to stare, but failing. They kept looking back to each other’s eyes, as if they didn’t want to get caught looking anywhere else. Finally Kevin gave up, he openly stared at Lucy’s body, his jaw falling toward his chest as he gazed upon what seemed to be a sculpture. Yet he knew that she was really a living, breathing woman.

Lucy’s body was perfectly proportioned, exquisite from her delicate ankles to her graceful neck, breasts just a little larger than Venus di Milo’s, legs long and slender, meeting with a fluffy puff of pubic hair. She’d always been so fixated on what she thought was wrong with her face, that she’d never even noticed her strengths.

Any part of her could have been used in an art class as a model of elegant perfection. Now in the mirror of Kevin’s eyes she could see herself, and liked what she saw.

“You are so … beautiful.” he said worshipfully, breathlessly.

Lucy almost collapsed at the words. She’d always wanted to be pretty, but she’d never even hoped for this. She actually had a kind of orgasm in that moment, but she wouldn’t realize that for over a year. She could tell that Kevin was not joking or trying to get any kind of response from her. He was simply speaking the truth.

For him, the experience was not sexual, he didn’t get an erection, any more than he would get an erection looking at the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. He was just overwhelmed by the natural, wonderful magic of what he saw.

At that instant, an owl hooted and one of the neighbors dogs began to bark in the distance. The moment was broken, but not forgotten. They both whipped on their clothes, and quietly hurried back into the living room. Lucy nearly stumbled on legs which trembled.

Everything was still, they could hear Lucy’s Dad snoring softly. They’d gotten away with it! Hurriedly they went back to their separate rooms, but neither one slept for hours.

Lucy lay in bed, in the darkness, her mind a turmoil. A thousand thoughts clamored for her attention. “I didn’t even really get a LOOK at him dammit!” she thought, “I think I kinda saw … Nuts … his Balls.” her mind fumbling with terms she’d heard, but never used.

All the while, below the surface a powerful rhythm echoed her heartbeat…


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