Of Cue Sticks , Garters

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Authors note: This story idea was first proposed in the story ideas thread of Lit’s forums by MNGuy. Advice on the development of the game was given by Steve_x and a7inchPhildo, thanks guys! This story is significantly shorter than my norm and not nearly as involved. The idea was to do a story based on the story idea and I tried to concentrate on that aspect of it. I still hope you all enjoy it. If you don’t know the rules of Nine-ball it will be very confusing.


Ingrid Rios drove the cue stick forward in a smooth motion. The cue ball kissed the bumper and grazed the black ball that hung on the very edge of the pocket, causing it to fall.

“That’s a hundred Manny, wanna double up again?” the small woman asked as she chalked her cue.

“Nah, you’re already into me for most of my take on the deal I came here to do. I’ll give the rest to the putas over at Rosie’s, at least I’ll get something for the green,” the stocky Mexican in the greasy biker leathers said as he broke down his expensive cue stick and placed it in a black case.

“Yeah, the clap,” Ingrid replied as she pocketed the cash sitting on the lip of the table.

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” he replied amiably. Manny was a short, stocky, balding Mexican and leader of the feared Banditos motorcycle club. No matter how many times she saw him he always gave the impression of being off, almost like his upper body had been intended for longer legs and somewhere there was a mix up. Whenever he made it to town he stopped in and said hello. They would usually play a rack or two of pool, share a pitcher of beer, reminisce for a bit and then he would be on his way. Manny knew she was a lesbian and there was a comfort level between them that kept sexual innuendo out of their dealings. It wasn’t too curious, considering she had been his old lady for two years before she decided she was really more into girls. The Bandito’s lifestyle made it easy to discover herself and experiment with her sexuality, after all free-for-all orgies were a Saturday night ritual. Manny had been cool with it and she suspected her leaving him had come as a relief. He was a free spirit and anything that tied him down was hard on him.

Ingrid was short and stocky as well, but where Manny seemed disproportionate she appeared to be well put together. Her wide hips and large ass coupled with an impressive bust made her seem lush and inviting. Her face was exotic, a mixture of features from her father, a Hispanic Sergeant in the U.S. Third Infantry Division and her mother, a German girl from the good side of Berlin. Her father had met her mother while he was stationed overseas and they had been married while her mother was pregnant with Ingrid.

After Manny left she moved behind the bar and wiped it down. Tanner’s was her place, bought for her by Manny as a kind of breaking up gift. Tanner had been a Caucasian with a fondness for the senoritas. It had gotten him into trouble and he had been forced to leave Texas in a damned big hurry. The stocky biker had picked the roadhouse up for a song and given it to her the night he and the Banditos roared out of her day-to-day life. Manny usually lost when they played. Ingrid felt like he lost on purpose, wanting to help out, but afraid of offering her charity and rousing her anger. If he realized the tidy sum she had saved since she took over the place he would probably be less willing to part with his ill-gotten gains.

She loved the little place and had proven to be a sound businesswoman. Manny and the Banditos now used the back room for deals and on more than one occasion her private apartments upstairs had served as a hide out or hospital room when things went bad. She was happy to help out, but they paid for it with a cut of the deals or cash for using her place to hide out. She didn’t ask for it, it was just the way Manny was.

The little place drew a good crowd most nights, especially when the local community college was in session. Ingrid never tired of checking out the coeds, but they were for the most part all white, middle upper class and hopelessly straight. Still, eye candy was better than nothing and since her girl Rita had moved back to the old country last year she hadn’t been getting even a sniff.

She poured herself a beer and examined the place. It was small and darkly lit with only a few lights. Two ancient pinball machines sat in a corner near the restrooms and three carefully maintained pool tables occupied a small alcove. A few tables and chairs filled the rest of the space. Most regulars sat at stools along the long bar. Ingrid slipped out from behind the bar and used her master key to free the balls on one of the tables. She racked them up and played a while, sharpening her skills. She had always been good at pool, but now her earnings from the games she played each night almost matched the little places take for an evening. Pete, the bartender came in around five and started getting set up. She had three waitresses on staff, but only Tina and Alice were on tonight. Around canlı bahis seven the place began to fill up.

Ingrid first noticed her when she came in with a bunch of others. She was tall, not just tall for a woman, but tall all around, maybe six foot one or two. The girl stood head and shoulders above her companions, and what a head! the Hispanic woman thought. She had a high forehead and high cheekbones with flashing hazel eyes and a cute pug nose. Luxurious black hair fell in a gentle cascade down her shoulders and framed her face. Her neck was long and graceful, shown off by the simple black choker she wore. Ingrid shifted from one foot to the other to get a better look at her body as she passed between two tables filled with drunken cowboys. All eyes at those tables were on her as well.

She wore a tight red sheath dress made of some clingy material. It was having trouble holding her impressive bust in and seemed to be straining at her wide hips as they swayed seductively. Her long legs were encased in black stockings and she wore black ankle boots with a four-inch heel. She looked so out of place in a Texas roadhouse that Ingrid had to look again to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. The girl’s five companions were also dressed to the nines and Ingrid remembered that there was some kind of concert going on over at the college tonight. Even as she remembered the concert another couple came in dressed in their finery. Ingrid shrugged and went back to her game, but she did catch herself stealing glances at the tall brunette whenever a shot allowed her to without being obvious.

By midnight Ingrid had yielded her table and was having a long debate with herself. She sat behind the bar at her usual spot, just to the left of the window back to the small kitchen. A tall boy of Shiner bock sat untouched before her.

Now what would a knockout piece of ass like her see in me? she asked herself. Ingrid glanced at her reflection in the mirror behind the big bar. Flat features, nose too broad, lips too wide, kinky black hair she worn in a tight buzzcut. She had really struck out in the looks department she mused. Her mother was a Scandinavian beauty and her father darkly handsome. All three sisters had taken after their mother and both of her brothers looked like dad. She had been the oddball, getting the worst of both she always felt. Which brought her back to the knockout sipping beer with her obviously toasted friends. Why was it that every time Ingrid threw a glance her way she found the girl staring at her? Could she really be interested? Or was it more likely that her own loneliness was playing tricks on her? Well, the bitch was edible, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to go and find out.

No sooner had she made the decision and started to stand than she realized the girl was gone! Their table was empty and Alice was cleaning up the empties. Ingrid sat back down and took a large swallow of her beer. Damnit all to hell, she thought. I’m no good at this being a butch. I ought to give it up and go back to men. The thought echoed in her head for a few moments, causing her to smile. Well, no, never back to men, but a change of scenery might do her well. Maybe over to Dallas or even Atlanta she thought. She had friends in the gay scene in those cities and she would be sure to score at least a few times. The trouble with this small town was that everyone knew what everyone else was doing and no one was out. It was just too dangerous with all the John Wayne wannabes running around.

Ingrid smiled and finished her beer. A vacation then, she would go as soon as she could arrange for Pete to run the place for a week. He was an ex-biker and she trusted him. She had enough on him to send him to Texas’s electric chair a few times over, so he was dependable. Ingrid took her cue from its place behind the bar and returned to the pool tables, she hadn’t made as much as usual tonight and she was in a good mood for the first time in weeks.


It was nearly three in the morning and Ingrid was cleaning up the last of the dead soldiers. She had already sent Pete and the girls home. She enjoyed the place late at night, when all was quite and still. Outside the clear Texas night revealed a million stars in the sky and the low plains were bathed in the soft glow of a full moon. She had already cut off the big neon sign out front when she heard the screen door creak open.

“We’re closed,” she called over her shoulder. When the intruder made no sound Ingrid’s hand slipped into her jacket and closed on the butt of the Colt .45 she habitually carried. She spun with a fluid motion, whipping the deadly black pistol out of her waistband and racking the slide. The weapon centered on the tall girl’s forehead. Her big hazel eyes shot open and her face showed awed surprise.

“Damn girl, you better learn to speak up,” Ingrid growled as she eased the hammer back down and returned the gun to her waistband. The words came out a little harsher than she meant, but she could have killed the girl and that was disconcerting. bahis siteleri The brunette in the snazzy dress still had that “doe caught in the headlights” look and Ingrid felt like a heel suddenly.

“Awww hell, I’m sorry, want a beer?” she said as she walked behind the counter. She opened a pair of bud longnecks that were still cold. The girl slid onto a bar stool at the end of the bar and sipped daintily at hers, while Ingrid killed the long neck and opened another.

“So what can I do for you?”

“I don’t know. I saw you giving me the eye all night and it was getting me hot. I wanted to find out if you were all looks and no action, but my friends rode with me and I had to take them back home. I hurried to get back before closing time, but they live over in Chester,”

“There’s plenty of action babe, names Ingrid,” she said as she extended her hand and the girl took it. Her hand was smooth and silky soft. Ingrid cursed herself for not having something smooth to say.

“My name is Cindy, nice to meet you,” she said. Ingrid just held her hand and stared into her eyes. The tall girl colored a bit and broke eye contact.

“I saw you playing pool, feel like a game?” she asked.

“I don’t play for fun,”

“I don’t either,” she said as she went over to the table. Ingrid followed as the girl selected a cue from the rack. She laid it on the table and rolled it, then held it up and looked down the barrel.

“Best you have?” she said arching an eyebrow.

“You can use mine, what are we playing for?” Ingrid said.

“Ever played strip pool?” she asked smiling.

“Strip pool?”

“Know how to play nine ball?”


“Same rules. Cept each time you sink a ball, I have to give up a piece of clothing,”

“And every time you sink one I do?”

“No, have you ever played tennis?”


“Well, it’s kind of like that, the first rack we play for my clothes. The second we play for yours. After that we alternate, but with a new twist, when you sink a ball you can take a piece of your clothing back rather than take one of mine and vice versa,”

“I got all night sweets, but a game like that will never end,”

“Oh, I forgot, whoever sinks the nine ball picks one item from the clothes she has won and removes it from the game. Flip you for break?” she said producing a quarter from her small handbag.

Ingrid won the toss and broke cleanly, with the three falling in the corner pocket. When she looked up Cindy unzipped one of her ankle boots and handed it to the smaller woman. Ingrid snorted and tossed the boot onto the empty table behind them, and then lined up on the one. It was an easy shot, but she put too little English on it and the cue ball ended up behind the six. She tossed Cindy’s other boot on the table with the first and tried a three-rail bank shot, but failed to hit the two. Cindy took the ball and expertly sank the two, four and five, but her bank shot on the six didn’t work and it let Ingrid back into the driver’s seat.

She sank the six and looked up at the beautiful brunette. Cindy smiled and seductively pulled her skirt hem up, until a stocking top was revealed. Ingrid felt her blood pounding in her temples as the girl teasingly unclasped the pink garters and rolled the fragile stocking down her leg before handing it to Ingrid. The dark skinned woman was so flustered from Cindy’s teasing that she missed an easy straight in shot on the seven and watched helplessly as Cindy sank it followed by the eight and nine.

“My turn,” she said and smiled.

Cindy’s break was clean, but nothing fell. Ingrid had no shot on the one, but tried a combination off the bumper after calling it. The one kissed the three and dropped the red ball in a side pocket. Ingrid felt herself sweating just a little, for the first time in years she was worried about winning. Money was one thing, but seeing this bitch in all her naked glory was something completely different. She had to play another combo off the one before she could sink the pesky ball. The set up on the two was bad, but she managed to kiss it and leave the cue in a bad spot. Cindy failed to hit the two with her shot and Ingrid got a ball-in-hand set up. She got the two, four, five, and seven, before she left the cue behind the nine. Cindy sank eight and Ingrid dutifully passed over her jacket. The nine was inconsequential so the tall girl racked them up again.

“Now it gets interesting,” she said as Ingrid broke. The break was bad and nothing fell. Cindy quickly sank the one and Ingrid waited, but the girl lined up on the two.

“Wait a minute, aren’t you going to take something?” she asked. The tall girl stood and smiled.

“We’re playing for my clothes now. Each ball I sink is really nothing more than a lost opportunity for you. If you sink a ball you can ask for your jacket back, or for something of mine, but I can’t ask for anything until we are playing for your clothes, understand?”

“Yeah, I got it now,” Ingrid said. Cindy wasn’t bahis şirketleri paying attention. She made a difficult cut on the two, sank the five off a combination from the three and then got the three with a smooth bank shot. She hit a two-rail bank to get the four and a combination off the six that got the eight. Ingrid began to get the feeling she was being hustled, these shots were not things your average college girl could hit. The six fell and Ingrid was worrying that she wouldn’t even get another shot when Cindy missed a long straight in shot on the seven. Ingrid sank the seven and then stood up and considered a bit.

“I’ll take something of yours,” she decided. She was frustrated when the girl shrugged and handed over her bag. The ex-biker started to protest, but realized the girl had a lot less on than she did, even with her bag and jewelry counting as “clothes” she would still have to win more to get Ingrid naked. Ingrid sank the nine and took the girl’s bag out of play since she was still angry at not getting another stocking and another look at those luscious thighs.

Since she was holding break Ingrid broke again and this time sank the three again. She started to ask for something, and then remembered that she was playing for her clothes now. The one and two fell easily, but the four was trapped behind the six and seven. Ingrid slammed the stick into the cue ball and banked it off the back rail. The cue struck the four and sent the six into a corner pocket.

“Shit shot,” Cindy said. She took a shot at the four, but missed and Ingrid approached the table again, the four was at a bad angle, but she thought she could get it. The bar owner grunted as she sunk the four. She missed on a tough bank shot trying for the five, but grazed the ball. It didn’t matter, Cindy sank it easily. Ingrid unlaced one of her riding boots and Cindy tossed it on the other table with the jacket she had won earlier. She got the seven and eight before missing on the nine. Ingrid had given up her other boot and a sock and concentrated on the nine, it was an easy shot, but she took her time and made sure she sank it.

“Stocking gone,” she said as Cindy racked. Ingrid took the silky stocking and Cindy’s bag over to the bar where she got them both fresh beers. She then broke and sank the five. Cindy removed an earring. Before Ingrid missed on the seven she collected another earring, the girl’s bracelet, and all three of her rings. She had rushed the shot on the seven, anticipating getting that elusive stocking. Cindy finished the table, taking back both boots and removing Ingrid’s jacket from play.

The girl’s break was bad and Ingrid studied the table. She could easily take the one, but she also had a fairly easy three-ball combo to get the nine. In a money game she would have taken the one, it was the surer bet. She realized there was a lot of strategy to this game. When playing for her clothes she was better off trying to get the nine, but when playing for Cindy’s a quick out removed opportunities for her to win the girl’s clothes. At the same time, as long as she held something of the tall brunette’s she wanted to get the nine and remove it from play. There was a lot of strategy involved in this game that she hadn’t seen before. Her combo shot worked and she removed Cindy’s bracelet since she had already lost the boots.

Ingrid’s break was great; she sank the seven and had an easy combo on the nine. She debated about taking it as Cindy passed one of her boots back over. Fuck it; I want to get more shots at her clothes a lot more than I want to take anything out of play, she thought. The one netted her a second boot. The two fell on a tricky cut and Ingrid looked up expectantly. Cindy smiled and once again seductively pulled her dress up. This time she pulled it far enough up that Ingrid caught just a glimpse of the girl’s panties while she undid the clasps. She took the proffered stocking and then went to the bar to get more beers and let her heart stop racing. Even then she missed an easy shot on the three. Her mind was filled with images of those creamy thighs and the girl’s panty covered pussy.

Cindy seemed to be having her own troubles and missed her shot on the three as well. Delighted with this turn of events Ingrid was extra careful to get the three. Cindy smiled and turned her back.

“Unzip me?”

Ingrid’s hands were shaking as she unzipped the dress. Cindy smiled a little self-consciously and wiggled out of it. Her body was breathtakingly magnificent. The pink satin push up bra struggled to hold it’s charges and her flat tummy led the little butch’s eyes to the pale pink lace panties she wore. A delicate lace garterbelt looked out of place with its garters hanging down and no stockings. It was practically inevitable that Ingrid missed her next shot. Her eyes never even took in the table; they were totally fixed on the near naked girl. Cindy took advantage and sank two balls, reclaiming her dress, which she hurriedly put back on and her boot again for some reason. Ingrid got the boot and dress back with the sinking of the four and five. She had an easy shot on the six, but also had a difficult combo possibility on the nine. She went for the nine, hoping to take Cindy’s dress out of play and missed.

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