Oh My! Such Naughty Family

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Chapter One: I Cum So Far For Tit-Fucking

The men in my family are all simply hunks! I knew this at a very early age. So big and muskular, so ruggedly handsome. Especially my Father. They seem to dominate all women in their presence.

Daddy’s brother, Uncle Colt, looks just like him. Only a tad heavier with a beard. His joyous personna is opposite of my Father’s quite demeanor.

They also have a beautifull sister, Aunt Precilla, who has a son Robert. That is where it all began…

I was excused early from freshmen college courses and entered the house from the back door. I knew that my father was gone so I was shocked with what I heard.

“Give Auntie a nice tit-massage, with that lovely big fucker of yours!”

Oh my! Mother? I couldn’t believe my ears. Sure enough, my own shy mother was laying on the lounge chair.

Except for the last few days, I’d find her here sleeping when I came home from school. But the last few days…

“Just because you find me sleeping is no reason to flop your fat cock on me!”, my Mom moaned. She obviously teesed, for she was holding a tight cleavage of her massive titties around his naked hard-on.

Robert was in awe even though it must not have been his first time. He remained silent as he slid his reddened cock thru Mom’s tits. His hands envelopped as much tit-meat as they could, her bullet stiff nipples between his fingers.

“You can fuck Aunty’s titties today Robbie, just like yesturday…” mother wispered with anguished lust masking her face. Robbie seemed to ignore her permission as he jerkily humped her, his fat mushroom capped cockcrown squeezing out between her smooth milky white mounds. “But you know where to go when you cum!” His fat knob nudged at the hollow of her throat, before tilting her chin istanbul rus escort upwards. Silk smooth wetness layered her chin and neck.

Oh shit! my pussy was throbbing! I never would imagined. Some boys at college had made me hot before, but this was incredible. I had seen Mom fucking with Dad but, I never seen him leaking cum so close Mom’s face!.

Apparently it was making Mom hotter than hell.

“Fuck my big titties Robbie! My daughter will be home soon! Fuck them a little more so you can jack your big fucking cock off in the garage!”

His bloated balls slid up her belly as he shoved his hot cock thru her tit tunnel. Mom hand came around to lift his huge balls, as if to weigh the jism load they contained. She squeezed lightly ’till he protested.

“No! Aunt Patrici…Don’t touch…”, his cock flying faster with her hand on his sensitive nutts. “Ya make me cum…”, he warned.

My barley used cunt was spasming harder than when having sex with my boyfreind! I couldn’t wait to see my cousin blow. Mother would surly adheed to his warning!…

Mom kept her hand massaging his nuts. The boy was going crazy now. He knew better than to soil his gracious Aunt however, and held back best he could.

“You better not Boy!”, Mom yelled. “Not on my body!” But hot milky pre-cum was already coating her rock hard nipples, and pooling at her neck.

“I won’t let you tomorrow if you…Unngghh, just run to the garage when you’re…Ohh shit Robbie! fuck them”. Mother’s other hand had gone between her thighs now as she urged the boy on. As if titfucking her nephew was not shocking enough, her face reddened with shame only when needing to frig her pantied covered pussy. So she urged the boy to leave right then.

“You kadıköy escort can’t cum on…Hurry! My daughter is coming!…not my face Robbie!” Mom spoke in incomplete sentences, frigging her cunt and rubbing his balls.

Just as his balls were ready to blow, he abrubtly raised from her body and tried to escape. But Mom had not released his nutts.

“I got to…, gonna…!” he warned.

“Go Robbie!, but…let Auntie kiss…Ohh!, kiss it goodbye!” she moaned, nearly begging.

“Nooo! I got…you can’t!…”

But Mom was not to be denied as she tugged his ball towards her, she and I both transfixed by the bobble of his huge cock, dangerously close to her face.

“Nooo!”, he warned as Mom grabbed his quivering flagpole of a cock to steady it. With dreamy eyes she shoved her face at it for a wet juicy kiss from her waiting puckered lips. My quim exploded as her lips loved the tip of his cock.

It was over before it began however, and…

“Thanks Robbie! That wasn’t so bad. You can go ja…Ohh! Agghfuck! Ulmp! Nooo!”

As my Mom was thanking Robbie, she thoughtlessly shanked his cock once, and splat after uncontrolable splat of his cock seed was stinging her in the face.

Mother tried to scold him even as he unloaded endless rockets of cream, milky white and thick, covering her eyes, nose, and chin.

“Robbie!…ulmp! grrlgl!”, was enough to convince Mom to shut her mouth. Even it, was now tainted with young stud fuckjuice.

After a half dozen of long thick ropes of jism, Mom no longer wailed. She resigned herself to his urgent behavior, as his cum-rockets neared a dozen.

Mom was estatic, frigging her covered pussy even harder.

“I’m sorry…Aunt Patri…I didn’t…shit!” he offered, kartal escort terrified for the thick clumps of cocksap completely drenching Mom’s face. Each lake of cum-puddle ran multiple rivers of seamen in every direction.

“Get out of here! You son-of-a…You Bastard!”. Mother had genuine anger as he tore his cock from her grips and ran from the house.

Ironicly, Mom had milked his long cockmeat thru every face flooding spurt!

When I returned from my near black-out, Mother was still laying there, frigging off perfusely as she lick her lips in search of cum!

Fuck! I needed to be naughty! Just lick Mom.


At dinner, I ardently wondered how I would seduce my Mom. She was always beautifull to me, but I certainly had never thought that way before. It was more like jealous possiveness, that someone other that Daddy, could use Mom’s body.

Well, we had always been a close family. The three of us. I mean, we belonged to one-another. I was a little hurt to be left out. I wasn’t in to women, but I guess that if anyone would have either of them besides the other, It should be me.

Blackmail, charm, aggression…I pondered. I loved her too much to turn her in to Daddy without giving her a chance.

Believe seeing her with Robert!?

Robert was the only man in the family that I liked. I mean, I had the hots for all of them deep down, but Robert was different.

Being the son of the only girl on my father’s side, Robert resembled her. The other men had ruggedness in their appearence and actions, but Robert had femanin qualities just like his Mom. Tall and angular, but soft facial features with thick wavy hair and big brown eyes.

I had time to think about comfronting him, for I was locked out from seducing my Mother the entire night. Right after dinner, Mom dragged Dad to bed early, and I heard her fucking his brains out all night long.

The next day, I made it to lunch before I just had to go have a word with my tit-fucking cousin. Even while infuriated with him, I’d have to ignore the curiousity of having my own tits fucked.

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