Oily Evenings Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are aged above 18.


I ran up the stairs of our building to our home on the third floor clutching my report card in my hand. I couldn’t contain myself. Mom would be so happy to see this. I took off my shoes in a hurry at the door and flung it onto the stand. Panting, I ran to the kitchen to tell Mom that I’d got all A’s this time. She wasn’t there. Maybe she was in her and dad’s room. Without thinking I burst into their bedroom holding my report card up high.

What I saw stopped me in my tracks! Mom was topless. I couldn’t take my eyes off for a moment. It was the first time for me, seeing boobs. Her round breasts and curvy torso were mesmerizing. It seemed like she was about to go take a bath. She had just taken off her bra and was standing there in her track pants.

I came to my senses when she covered up her boobs with her arms, spooked by my sudden entry. I turned around to face away from her. But I didn’t move out of the room. As soon as she found her bearing, she started yelling at me. I stood there with my back to her, quietly taking the angry scolding.

“Why are you still standing here… and what’s in your hand?” she asked me still yelling, when I didn’t leave the room.

“Uhh… my report card… I got… got all A’s… I’m sorry I didn’t knock. I’m Sorry Mom,” I managed to tell her stifling a quiet sob.

Before I could take a step towards the door her arms enveloped me tightly from behind. She hugged me tightly, her breasts mushed on my back and kissed my cheeks.

I kept mumbling “I’m sorry” still under the shock of the scolding. After one too many long seconds I heard her say “It’s okay beta… it’s okay…”. I melted at her soothing voice and leaned back onto her. My Mom. My Best Friend. I knew she’d be the happiest to see my Report card. She was the one who tutored me in the subjects I had been failing… night after night… patiently correcting my mistakes.

She gave me a few more kisses on my cheek before turning me around to face her.

“I’m so proud of you, son!” she said as she hugged me again. Being a little shorter than her, my head rested on her shoulder. I could feel the softness of her bare breasts on my chest… their slow rise and fall along with her breaths. It felt so good that I lost myself in her arms. I put my arms around her and my palms rested on the soft skin of her back.

“I knew you could do it, my son!” she kept saying sweet things to me as we hugged for what seemed like an eternity.

As we broke the hug my eyes travelled down to her ample breasts for a second. But I stopped myself from staring and picked up her bra from the bed and handed it to her. She had forgotten about her state of undress in her excitement on hearing my news. Now she took the cream colored bra from me and slipped its straps through her arms and pulled it onto her breasts. I don’t know why but I found myself moving to stand behind her just as she was about to pull the back straps together. My fingers took hold of the two straps from hers and pulled them together, hooking them.

As I finished, I turned her around and hugged her again.

“I couldn’t have done it without you Mom!” I said, my voice tender with love.

“You believed in me… you tutored me all those nights… explained all the difficult topics over and over again, making sure I understood them.” a tear slid down my face.

She kissed on the top of my head and listened to me tell her how grateful I was and how lucky I was to have her as my mother. She was quiet.

When I looked up at her face, I saw two pearls falling down from her eyes. She gave me a small peck on my lips and said, “My darling boy”.

I never entered mom’s room without knocking again. That night taught me an important lesson… about privacy… about respecting another person’s private space.

But I started hanging out more in her room. Every evening after I came home from school, I would go to her door and knock.

“Mom, can I come in?” I would ask her permission. Once she let me in, I’d sit on the bed and tell her about my day.

A couple of days later when I knocked on her door she said, “I’m just about to take a bath beta”. I hesitated a bit and then asked, “Do you want me to go?”. She didn’t reply for some time.

A few seconds later she let me in. She had laid down fresh clothes on the bed. I sat down next to them and proceeded to tell her a joke my physics teacher had told us in class. She liked such jokes. She was a straight A’s student and kind of a nerd all through school.

As I went on and on about this kid and that teacher and so on, she brought a small bottle of oil from her cupboard and kept it open on her dressing table. She then pulled her t shirt over her head and threw it into the laundry basket. Sitting down on the chair in front of the mirror, she poured a few drops of oil onto her palm and started applying it on her hair. She had on a white bra and was seated sideways to me. With both her hands raised to apply oil on her hair, I was treated to the view of her breast from the side and her smooth armpits.

I felt ankara escort my heart flutter. My mom was a beautiful woman. I didn’t need to see her undressed to tell you that. But this feeling was different. I was feeling funny in my belly.

I found myself getting up from the bed and walking towards her. I stood behind her looking at her reflection in the mirror. My hands went to her head and started massaging her scalp. She looked up to the mirror and out eyes met. She smiled and her arms fell to her sides.

I knew I had her permission. So I continued with the slow massage. Her black hair was shiny from the oil and fell over her back like a waterfall, all the way to her hips. She relaxed at the gentle touch of my palms and closed her eyes.

My eyes hooked on the reflection of her bra covered breast in the mirror. Her ample breasts spilling out of the bra had created a deep valley in between. My eyes were riveted on her cleavage. She let the massage last a good long while unknowingly allowing me to feast on the amazing view.

It became a routine from that day onwards. I would head straight to her room once I came home from school. We’d talk about our days while she took off her top and applied oil on her head, sitting in front of the mirror. After a while I’d go stand behind her and massage her scalp, enjoying the view of her cleavage in the mirror.

As days went by, it seemed like I was massaging her for longer periods of time. She’d let me do it for almost half an hour before she got up and went to take her bath, leaving me standing there with my palms glistening with oil.

Since we were usually quiet during these massages and since she closed her eyes, there were no distractions for me. I just looked at her beautiful body uninterrupted. I had noticed a few things over a week. She wore only white or cream coloured bra.

One day the question just slipped down through my mind and came out through my mouth.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

She opened her eyes slowly, drowsy from the gentle scalp massage I was giving her, and looked at me in the mirror.


“Why do you always wear white coloured bra?” I asked.

She looked strangely amused.

“Coz I only have white ones… and some cream coloured ones,” she stopped and hesitated for a bit. Then she asked me, “Why do you ask?”

“It was just something I noticed… I don’t know… commercials on tv show models wearing different colours… so I wondered,” I explained.

“Which commercial?” she asked.

“I saw one yesterday… I think the brand is called enamor… there were black and red and blue and other colours too,” I told her matter of factly.

“Hmmm” she said. She was quiet for some time. I thought that meant end of conversation. I continued with the massage.

A while later she asked, “Which one did you like?”

“What Mom?” I didn’t get what she was asking.

This time her voice was slower and quieter, “I asked, which colour did you like?”

Comprehension dawned. I thought about it for a couple of seconds.

“I think… if the woman is fair, blue would look really good… and… red… red would look pretty on anyone,” I looked at her face in the mirror. She was smiling. She then got up and went for her bath.

There was something different about her manner the next day. As I walked into her room in the evening, her smile looked a bit different. I sat down on her bed and began my usual chit chat.

She brought the bottle of oil to the dressing table and stood hesitant for a few seconds. Then she turned to face me and looked me in the eye. Her hands went to her t shirt and slowly she pulled it up and off her.

I stopped mid-sentence.

“I went shopping today,” she offered.

She stood there wearing a blue bra. This looked very different from the kind that she wore usually. This one looked way better on her. It showed more skin of her breasts and somehow made them look bigger. It also had pretty silver colour patterns that ran through the front.

I was speechless.

“You didn’t say anything,” she said.

“I… uhhh,” I stammered.

“Well, do you like it?” she prodded.

“Yes,” I was quick to answer this time.

She smiled at this.

Encouraged by the smile, I continued, “It’s really pretty… and looks good on you… and I like the silver patterns.”

She looked down as I said this.

“Yes. I think so too,” she said as she ran her fingers over the patterns. She turned to the mirror and looked at her bra covered breasts from different angles, twisting this way and that.

“I better get started,” she said after a while and started oiling her hair.

I gave her a great scalp massage that day. While she relaxed closing her eyes, I let my eyes roam over every inch of the bra covering her breasts committing it to memory like a photograph. I loved the way it pushed mom’s breasts a little up and inwards deepening her cleavage. I noticed how the straps were thinner than her usual bras, both over the shoulders and on her back. Forty minutes later, my hands were getting tired. I stopped the massage. escort ankara When I looked at her face on the mirror meaning to wake her up from her nap, I saw that her eyes were open and were looking right back at me. The way she looked at me, it seemed like she knew I was enjoying the view of her new bra the entire time. Her eyes were silently conveying something… something that made me nervous… and excited.

The next day, I found that my hands were sweating as I knocked on mom’s door in the evening.

“Come in beta,” she said.

When I pushed the door open, the sight that greeted me started that weird butterfly feeling in my stomach. She was standing at the foot of the bed facing me. She was wearing a red bra that looked right out of that AD on tv.

It gave me the chills when I realised that mom had been waiting for me to come to her… to show me her new bra… and what a sexy bra it was. She looked like one of those models.

She didn’t have to ask this time.

“I like it… it’s beautiful mom,” I said answering what had been going through her mind.

“Come a little forward mom,” I told her. She took three steps to the front. I started walking slowly in a close circle around her, my eyes glued on her bra covered breasts. This one was smaller and had less material. Her breasts were almost spilling out in the sides. When I was behind her, I reached out with my hand and moved her thick hair to one side to see her back. I heard a quick intake of breath from her. The straps were really thin. I walked slowly and came round the other side to stand in front of her.

“It looks amazing mom… you look better than those models on TV,” when I said this her face brightened up like a movie screen. The smile that she rewarded me was gorgeous.

Then we moved on to our routine. Her applying oil on her hair and me massaging her scalp. Many times I caught her eyes on me while mine were focused on her cleavage or sideboobs. I didn’t make any secret of my admiration. I didn’t think I had to now. I knew mom liked the attention.

Once I finished the massage, she got up and walked towards the bathroom.

“Mom?” I called out just as she was at the door of the bathroom. She turned to face me, a quizzical look on her face.

“Yes beta?”

“Did you get matching panties with this?” I ventured.

Her face showed clearly that she had not expected this question from me. I waited anxiously for long seconds where she didn’t move a muscle.

My breaths gathered pace. Had I gone too far. I didn’t know. Her face didn’t betray any anger. It bore a strange expression. One I couldn’t interpret.

Then I saw movement. Her hands went to the knot on her pyjama bottom. One hand pulled a thread. The knot came undone ever so slowly. Then, a slight snap… and the light material of the pyjamas started falling… down mom’s thighs… her knees… her legs… and fell bunched on the floor around her feet.

The view was divine. A small red panty covered her sacred place… the place where I was born. My heart was beating out of my chest. She looked perfect. Her belly looked so hot with just the right amount of mom fat. Her thighs were meaty and her calf tight.

I looked up and caught her eye. She looked like she had held her breath.

“You look hot mom,” I said unabashed. I saw her exhale slowly, a hint of something that looked like a blush on her face. I held my eyes on hers to command attention and once I had it I dropped my look towards her panty, inviting her to follow the route my eyes took. When she saw what my eyes were intent on, her belly shivered with a sudden excitement. Neither of us moved for long seconds.

“Will you turn around for me?” I heard my shaky voice.

Her body seemed to be shivering slightly. Slowly, she stepped out of her pyjamas and turned around facing away.

Her round ass was luscious. The red panty covering little. I felt my knees going week… and something which I’d been trying to ignore the entire week was becoming prominent… my penis… it was rock hard. What I had ignored all these days between my legs was a kind of curious lust. I only wanted to see.

Now when I had seen what I wanted to, my lust morphed into a more direct, urgent and decisive thing.

Once she’d given me half a minute’s view of her globes, she gave me a sensual backward glance before getting inside the bathroom and closing the door. My right hand moved between my legs to feel the measure of my swollen penis.

After dinner that night I went to the kitchen to help with the dishes. Mom would wash the dirty dishes and hand them to me. I’d wipe them dry with the dish cloth and put them on the rack. We worked in silence.

Somewhere in between, I began humming absent minded, as I worked on the washed dishes. It was a love song that was quite popular. A few lines later I stopped humming as the picture of mom in her red bra and panty suddenly came to my mind.

“Why did you stop?” Mom’s voice brought me back.

“I like that song,” she told me.

I resumed the humming from where I’d left off. The song was about a man singing praises of ankara escort bayan his lover’s beauty. I moved on to singing the actual lyrics to the song, as much as I remembered it. As I sung those beautiful words, I realized that was how I felt about mom… how beautiful she was. Her beauty couldn’t have been described in a better way. I felt like I should tell her that.

“Mom?” I called her sweetly.

She turned to look at me.

“This song… the lyrics… I feel like it’s about you… you are truly beautiful”

I swear the colour of her face changed right then. A reddish hue spread on her cheeks… and she couldn’t help but smile that gorgeous smile of hers. She didn’t say anything, but I knew it had made her happy.

We didn’t talk for the rest of the dishes. But even in the silence, I felt invisible particles of love or vibrations or whatever you call it… I felt it course through her body and them jumping onto mine and filling me up.

Once we were done with the dishes, she turned back to face me. Both of us leaned back on the kitchen counter. As she leaned, her back straightened, pushing her chest out a tiny bit. That caught my eye. My eyes roamed on her body.

I was the one who broke the silence.

“Mom, did you buy anymore… I mean other that the blue and red?” I asked her.

She nodded ‘No’.

My face showed disappointment.

“But I think I’ll buy a few more from the mall tomorrow,” she said.

I brightened up instantly.

“Can I come with you?”

“Don’t you have school?” she asked.

“It’s sports day tomorrow… I don’t want to go and stand in the sun all day,” I told her… almost pleading.

She thought about it for some time and then nodded.

The next day around noon we reached the mall. She walked into the lifestyle store, me following behind. Being a weekday and noon time, there were only a few customers. She led me to the lingerie section. She looked around to ensure no one was nearby and then spoke.

“Okay now… you look around quickly and choose three pairs that you like.”

I immediately started rummaging through the pieces on display. Then something occurred to me.

“But mom… what’s your size?” I smiled cheekily.

“You look at the design and colour only… I’ll find the right size,” she said not being able to hide her shyness at her son asking her bust size.

“It’s 36B… just so you know,” she added.

I felt that weird funny sensation in my stomach again.

I made fast work of going through the pieces on display and finally settled on three pairs of lingerie. I had deliberately chosen ones with less cloth so that I would be able to see more of her gorgeous body.

She looked around for the right size and put them in the shopping bag.

“Come with me,” she said and started walking. I followed her.

I noticed that she walked past the trial room nearest to us. She walked to the far corner, where I now saw a trial room quite hidden from view. No one was there except us. My heart started beating faster as the implication dawned on me.

She put the bag inside the trial room and peeked out.

“Stand here and watch if anyone’s coming… I’ll knock on the door before coming out… only if there’s no one near, you say ‘Yes’. Alright?” her instructions were clear and her confident tone caused a stirring in my pants.

I waited with bated breath… constantly looking out if people were coming this way.

I heard a knock… and immediately said “Yes”.

Then the door parted a little and she peeked out. Satisfied that only I was there, she opened the door all the way.

My jaw dropped. My mom looked so god damn hot. She had on a pair of grey bra and panty. The bra fit her so snug that it looked like the straps would snap. The cleavage was so deep it showed a bit of underboob. Her breasts were jutting out at the sides too. The panty too was hot. Save for the small triangular piece at the front, the panty was threadlike thin on her hips. I felt my penis stiffen. She had tied her hair up in a bun and it seemed like she’d put on some fresh lipstick. She looked amazing. All that was left to see was her ass. I knew the panty wouldn’t have much material in the back too.

Almost as if she’d read my mind she asked, “Do you want me to turn around?”

I nodded. She turned around quickly. The way she stood, her ass was thrust out a little. She was enjoying this little private show that she was giving. The panty left little to the imagination. The globes that were her ass cheeks were on show prominently. The hottest thing was how the panty thinned as it went down and disappeared into her ass. I was in wonderland.

She turned back and looked at me expectantly.

“You… you look hot mom… you look amazingly hot… you are… the most beautiful woman… I have ever seen,” I stammered.

She jumped in her excitement at hearing that. Then she pulled me into a hug. The feeling of her soft bare skin against my body was otherworldly. I laid my head on her shoulders and closed my arms around her. My hands caressed her bare back from her shoulders to her hips. I could see my hands touching her back on the mirror inside the room. Her ass looked so inviting. All I had to do was drop my hands and grab. But I stopped myself. I didn’t want to hurry. I liked the slow pace that we were taking.

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