On A Mission: The Art of Persuasion

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It was an extraordinarily busy day at the offices of Hammond & Gordon, located in White Plains, New York. In a back room of the building which housed the H&G offices, Ryan Gonzalez rammed his fist against the wall in frustration. Ryan had perhaps the most unenviable job of any person at Hammond & Gordon – Chief of Intelligence Operations.

It was Ryan’s job to figure out a way to infiltrate the major competitors of the corporations that H&G took as clients – when necessary – and sometimes he felt he was stuck between a rock and a hard place in thinking up a plan that was foolproof enough to deliver the information his firm’s clients wanted.

Still, this latest assignment had to be the worst one he’d ever received. The Jansen Group, a large corporation which a nationwide chain of hardware stores (among many other assets), was extremely eager to find a way to find out what was going on inside its largest competitor’s new testing facility in upstate New York, not far from the capital, Albany.

Jansen’s chief executive, Ryan had heard, had been willing to put up a fairly substantial amount of money for the information – provided H&G could deliver it quickly.

Yet try as he might, Ryan couldn’t think of a way to get H&G operatives inside of the Hunt Hardware & Gardens Testing Center. Hunt’s security team seemed to have thought of everything, Ryan mused.

The plant was well-guarded, equipped with metal detectors to scan for cell phones and other electronic equipment, and wired for video surveillance. The buildings didn’t have windows, and the complex was surrounded by a perimeter fence.

Ryan was sure there were other security measures as well, things that he hadn’t heard or read about. The only thing he really knew was where the center was located – and finding that out hadn’t been easy. But how to get inside that testing center and figure out what Hunt’s Research and Design team were up to seemed to be an incredible challenge.

If it was going to be done, it was going to take time. Would Jansen be willing to wait for good information? Ryan decided to ask.

He picked up the phone and dialed the number of Chief Operations Officer Jacob Fulbright, his boss. After a two second pause he heard the phone ring. Jacob picked it up after the second ring, answering with a short, brusque, “Jacob.”

“Jacob, this is Ryan. I’ve reached the conclusion that getting inside the Hunt TC is going to take time, if it’s going to be done at all. I’m wondering if Jansen is willing to give us more time – in exchange for better information.”

After a moment of silence Jacob answered.

“It’s your call, Ryan. I tend to like having more time to work with as well. Let me run it past Jansen’s CEO and see what he says. In the meantime, I want you to work on your plan for getting in. I know Haynes – he can be patient. That’s how he built Jansen into a successful corporation. Let me know when you have something solid.”

“Will do.” Ryan hung up the phone and leaned back in his chair. Now what? Assuming he had more time – what was the plan to be? It had to be bold, for one thing, but also innovative, because the operatives he was sending would have to get in past the heavy security and then out again with the information.

And because the plant was new there simply wasn’t a lot of information available about it. Whoever was going would have to be able to improvise as they went along, and possess the ability to play it cool in a tense situation. It sounded like an assignment for Section Three.

Section Three, headed by a former criminal mastermind named Rusty O’Brien, was H&G’s smallest covert operations unit, but it was also its most successful. The agents in Section Three were all masters in what the Intelligence Operations Division called “erotic persuasion” or “sexual persuasion”. None of them had ever failed a mission, although there had been some close calls.

Yes, the more Ryan thought about it, the more he realized infiltrating the Hunt testing center was a job for Section Three – the champion improvisers. In order to put together a solid plan, he needed to talk to Rusty. He picked up his phone again and used his speed dial to call Rusty on his cell phone. Rusty didn’t like to spend too much time in the office – or on the phone, for that matter.

“This is Rusty. What do you need, Ryan?” answered a gruff sounding voice.

“New assignment for Section Three. A lot of dough’s at stake. I need to put together a plan as soon as possible. When can you be back here?”

“Within an hour,” Rusty said slowly.

“Great. I’ll go have lunch and see you when you get back,” Ryan responded. He heard a beep as Rusty disconnected. Ryan returned his own phone to its base, got up, turned off the lights in his office, shut and locked his door, and headed off to lunch.

About an hour later Ryan and Rusty met in an unfurnished room in the underground area below the main H&G offices to put together a plan. Ryan briefed Rusty, explaining what he knew about the Hunt istanbul escort center, and then asked Rusty if he had any ideas.

“The way to get in seems to be to pose as Hunt employees,” Rusty answered. “You can’t really do it any other way or they’ll beef up security – like if you tried to get in by pretending you’re a journalist writing for some magazine. That wouldn’t work.”

“So our agents pose as employees,” Ryan mused. “I think two agents would be enough. What do you think?”

“No more, no less,” Rusty responded. “It’s good to have a team, but I don’t think you want more than that trying to get in. It raises suspicions. But a pair seems ideal. The way to start is to get our agents employed at a local Hunt’s store so they can learn more about how the company operates. Get inside the system. Then at some point we’ll outfit them and send them up to Albany to try and crack the R&D testing center.”

“Do you have any agents in mind for this mission?” asked Ryan.

“Justin Nelson and Hillary Martin. Cream of the crop. I’ve been training them for years – they’ve already successfully completed several missions. They’re young, fairly well built, and incredibly smart. They’d probably fit into Hunt’s corporate culture without much of a problem. They can be a bit reckless and silly at times, but I think they can handle this.”

“Very well,” said Ryan. “We might as well get started and brief them on their assignment. Tell them to report in immediately.”


(Three months later)

Justin Nelson strolled down Aisle 24 of the White Plains Hunt’s Hardware & Garden, adjusting the white and blue apron he was wearing which was stuffed with a number of small tools, a couple of notepads, and some extra pencils.

After over two months of working at Hunt’s, Justin felt he’d gotten a feel for how the company operated, but he still hadn’t figured out a way to get into the upstate testing center. Justin had never asked outright to go there because he was sure that management would suspiciously deny the request. But there had to be another way.

As Justin contemplated his tasks for the afternoon, his partner, Hillary Martin, turned the corner and came walking up the aisle towards him. She pretended to be interested in checking the items on display and writing notes on her pad, but as she neared Justin, she whispered urgently, “We need to talk.”

Justin nodded his assent and took out his own notepad. He scrawled out the words “3 PM break?” and showed it to Hillary. She nodded and moved on down the aisle.

At 3 PM, the two met outside in the parking lot across from Hunt’s lot, which both knew was patrolled by the store’s security team in golf carts.

“What is it?” Justin asked.

“I think I’ve finally figured out a way we can get inside that testing center,” Hillary said in a low voice filled with excitement.

Justin felt his heart skip a beat. “How?” he whispered.

“One of the people who works in my department – Ken Morris – told me he and another co-worker are getting temporarily re-assigned to work in the testing center upstate,” Hillary said. “The manager just told them this afternoon. Ken doesn’t want to do it and neither does Robert, the other employee who’s been assigned.”

“He was planning to spend the weekend with her folks in New Jersey but his first day is apparently this Friday and he doesn’t want to go to Albany. Neither apparently does Robert. I guess Robert has nothing planned but he doesn’t want to do it either. They’ve been here for years and have never been reassigned. Since the new research facility happens to be in NY, they’re pulling employees from the stores in this area and up in New England to help out.”

“So…what was your thinking?” asked Justin.

“I was thinking we could offer to go in their places for the first day, so they wouldn’t have to go up to Albany before the weekend,” said Hillary. “That gives us an opportunity to get inside the place at least once. And if they need some persuasion…I can provide that.”

“Sounds like a plan,” grinned Justin. “You’ll let me know how it goes. Now, it’s time to get back to work.”

“Right,” said Hillary with a wink.

Later that day, after Hillary and Ken were finished with their shifts, Hillary decided to take the opportunity to ask. “Hey Ken,” she called as they left the building. “Want to stop for coffee or something?” Ken, who had been looking downcast, brightened immediately and accepted the offer.

He crossed the street with Hillary and they stopped to get their favorite drinks from the neighborhood coffee shop. At Hillary’s suggestion, the two walked down the street to a park and made their way to a quiet area. Hillary eyed a bench partially shaded by surrounding trees and sat down on it. Ken sat down next to her and sighed as he sipped his iced tea.

“What’s bugging you?” Hillary asked.

“Oh, you know, the reassignment. avcılar escort I’m really pissed. I was going to spend this weekend with my family – my grandparents have come up from Virginia and I was really hoping to spend time with them. I haven’t seen them in ages.” Ken sighed again, wistfully looking straight ahead.

Hillary thought for a moment and then pretended to brighten up, as if she’d just thought of a good idea.

“Hey, I know how you can get out of your first day up in Albany,” she said.

Ken turned to look at her with interest. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean for your first day my co-worker Justin and I could take you and Robert’s places,” she said. “That way you could both enjoy your weekend. They won’t know the difference. Didn’t you say the first day is mostly a tour and an orientation anyway? We could go and then fill you in when we get back so you don’t miss anything. Then you can both enjoy a three day weekend and Justin and I can go up to Albany – we’ve been wanting to go for the longest time.”

Ken looked doubtful. “I don’t think it would work,” he said slowly. “I don’t want to get fired or anything for breaking the rules.”

“Well, rules are made to be broken,” said Hillary cheerfully, concealing her impatience. “Justin and I should have no problem. We’re hard workers. We don’t like to goof around.”

Ken shook his head. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Hillary leaned in closer to him. “Are you sure, Ken?” she cooed softly, a smile hovering on her lips. She slipped a hand around his back. “Justin and I would have such a great time in Albany…and you could spend the whole weekend with your family…”

Ken trembled slightly. The feeling he got from Hillary’s touch was somewhat electric, and it felt very good. He didn’t want it to stop.

“Well…” he said, hesitating.

Hillary leaned in even closer and planted a kiss on his cheek, while nudging her breasts against his right shoulder. Ken shuddered slightly. He felt his penis stir in his pants and begin rising to attention quickly. He turned to look into Hillary’s eyes, and she made her move, gently kissing him on the lips, and pulling him closer with her hands.

As she withdrew she noticed the sizable bulge in Ken’s pants, and congratulated herself.

“Oh my,” she said quietly. “You seem to have gotten yourself an erection. Let me help you with that.”

Before Ken could stop her she had quickly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, and was stroking his penis through his boxers. Then, she began tugging his boxers away from his crotch,. He lifted his legs slightly and she pulled the boxers partway down his legs.

As she did, Ken’s cock sprang free. She took her hand and grasped his shaft, squeezing it gently and moving her thumb up and down it slowly. Ken groaned softly as she began to expertly stroke it, using her other hand to cup his balls and play with them.

“Sit back and relax,” she whispered in his ear. “No one’s around.” She quickly glanced around her to make sure she had been speaking the truth. Satisfied, she returned her full attention to stroking Ken’s cock.

After a couple of minutes, Hillary could feel Ken’s cock tensing up. “I’m going to cum,” he hissed through clenched teeth. Hillary grabbed a small hand towel out of her purse and quickly spread it out over Ken’s pants. She intensified her stroking and fisted her other hand around the head of Ken’s cock.

“Oh yeah….oh yeah….shit,” Ken groaned as his cock pulsated and Hillary felt warm, sticky cum squirt through her right hand and out onto the towel. She smiled, waited a few seconds for him to finish, and then began cleaning up.

Ken opened his eyes and leaned forward. “I’ve never had a hand job before,” he said in a tired but happy voice. “That felt so good.”

Hillary smiled. “I’m sure it did,” she said. “And I’m sure you’ll feel good this weekend when you’re with your family in New Jersey.”

“Yeah,” Ken breathed. “Okay. Let me talk to Robert. I know he isn’t looking forward to this either. Promise me you’ll be careful and take notes so you can fill us in when you get back. We can’t be confused next Monday. And what are you and Justin going to do? Call in sick on Friday?”

Hillary grinned. “You got it,” she said.

Later that evening, Justin and Hillary were back in the H&G offices preparing for their trek to Albany, which was now three days away.

“So how did you convince him?” Justin asked her as he studied a USGS map of the area.

“Hand job,” Hillary replied idly as she began researching hotels on the Internet.

Justin chuckled. “Works every time,” he said. “You’re an expert.”

“Only because you trained me so well,” Hillary said with a smirk.

“That may be true, but each guy likes to be pleasured a little differently. Still, with a little teaching and some experience, a smart and sexy girl like you can figure it out pretty fast,” replied Justin. “In any case, we need şirinevler escort to make our reservations and get some sleep.”

The next morning, the two of them learned that Robert had been only too happy to agree to allowing Justin to take his place that Friday in Albany. Justin and Hillary immediately began working on finalizing their plans to go to Albany, trying to pass each other often in the store to exchange notes.

They decided to head up on Thursday afternoon, after they finished their shifts at Hunt’s.

After reporting in to Rusty O’Brien, that evening, the two discussed plans for making Hillary look like a guy – for both Ken and Robert were males. Justin thought Hillary ought to cut her hair short – but Hillary disagreed.

“Once we get inside and checked in I don’t think anyone will notice or care,” said Hillary. “I can tie it up inside my Hunt’s cap and nobody will be the wiser. I could wear a fake mustache or something too.”

“No, that’s a bad idea,” said Justin. “It’s too obvious you’re up to no good. You have a woman’s figure. With the right clothing we can address that problem but you’re not getting a fake mustache.”

“All the better, I guess,” said Hillary. “It’d probably be uncomfortable.”

“The thing I’m worried about the most is your 36DD breasts,” Justin said. “Hiding them won’t be so easy but I guess we’ll manage.”

“I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve – er, bra – we’ll be fine,” giggled Hillary. “It’s not like I’ll be waltzing up to the door wearing a bikini.”

“As long as it’s taken care of,” said Justin. “And we need a backup plan in case we can’t get in – it’s your turn to think of one.”

“Fine by me,” said Hillary. “We ought to start packing.”

After talking with Rusty O’Brien and receiving a final briefing from Ryan, the two agents headed off to get plenty of sleep before the first day of their mission.

The next day’s shift at Hunt’s was fairly uneventful. Justin and Hillary, having put all their plans together, stayed as far away from each other as possible in order to avoid looking too conspicuous the day before both would have to call in sick.

After the end of the shift, and being wished good luck from Ken and Robert, the two set out for the three hour drive to Albany. They had their Hunt’s uniforms, Ken and Robert’s ID cards and paperwork, as well as an assortment of small, useful tools for picking locks and penetrating safes. Justin also had a CD-ROM and a pair of USB flash drives containing programs that he could use to hack into the testing center’s computers. Hillary had a very small, specially designed digital camera.

The evening drive to Albany wasn’t particularly exciting. Justin and Hillary did not want to get stuck in traffic so they had left after rush hour had largely abated.

Upon reaching Albany, they checked into their hotel, QualityChoice Inn & Suites, and began going over area maps and satellite photos of the area to get a better idea of what it was like. They retired early, for they were supposed to report in to the testing center early.

The next morning. (Friday), Hillary and Justin separately phoned in to report that they couldn’t come in for work because they were sick. They got dressed, packed up their tools, and headed out to the facility. It was located to the northwest of town, but not too far away from their hotel and the retail area.

Hillary and Justin drove up to the gate and scanned their borrowed ID cards. They were admitted through the gate and drove into the parking lot.

“Well, we got through one barrier,” Justin observed wryly. “This will be easy.”

“Yeah, right,” Hillary retorted. “We haven’t gotten past any guards yet – don’t get cocky. And we need to start using our notepads to communicate once we get inside. Or use sign language if we’re alone.”

The two approached the main building with some apprehension but kept walking forward. Following the signs, they walked in through an empty courtyard and saw the double doors up ahead. Justin pulled one open, and allowed Hillary to walk past him, then he turned himself to go in.

The doors did not have windows, so neither could see what awaited them inside before opening the doors – but now they saw. A burly looking security guard was sitting behind a small desk to the left side of what appeared to be a secure set of double doors.

He looked up as Hillary and Justin approached. “Let’s see your Hunt ID,” barked the guard. “You look like employees, not those stupid people they bring in for the focus groups.”

“We are employees,” Justin said as he handed over his ID to the guard. Hillary did the same. The two waited.

“Your ID checks in OK,” said the guard. As he lifted the second card from the scanner he noticed that the picture on the card didn’t appear to depict the person standing in front of him very well. He switched on his desk light and studied it for a moment, then looked up at Hillary. He frowned.

“You don’t look like Ken Morris,” the guard said suspiciously, eyeing Hillary’s chest. “In fact…”

Before Justin could say or do anything Hillary stepped forward and leaned over the counter. “Oh, I can explain,” she said. “Ken sent me in his place. He’s feeling awful today. I promised to report back to him. We’re very good friends, we work in the same department at our store.”

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